The Single Dilemma

There’s a gift and a curse that comes with what I do. On one hand, I largely get the chance to drop songs that I for the most part enjoy and hope others will as well. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the “business” (trust, there is a certain way about things, despite other sites suggesting otherwise) I drop cuts that I tend to forget about sooner than later.

It’s these songs that I fail to recall that sometimes end up being singles for many artists, indie and mainstream alike, and it makes me wonder why they were chosen as“lead singles” to begin with. The label glorified financial backer will pump thousands of dollars into a song, flooding the world with single artwork, remixes, behind-the-scenes videos, behind-the-scenes pictures, interviews and more before finally dropping a music video for the whole thing, only for the whole thing to crash and burn worse than any of those people who were dumb enough to mess with Sasquatch.

Meanwhile, some songs that get the least amount of attention from their benefactors end up making an even bigger impact than the designated cuts. A case study would be current femcee/oddball Nicki Minaj. Originally she started off as a Lil Kim clone, but I think she dropped that angle once she realized that she’d probably had to have sex with a fat Black guy with a wonky eye and dense lyrical dexterity. Now reborn as a surgically crafted, anatomically correct, urban Mattel doll, she dropped her formal commercial introduction, “Massive Attack,” which, more ore less, failed like that Nigerian who tried to blow up an airplane headed to Detroit and instead burned his balls off, despite the push it received. However, the single she let loose via the Internets, “Your Love” shot up the charts and gave her a number-one single for the first time with little to no fanfare promotion before a video ever surfaced.

Nicki’s not the only one; that type of support (whether or not you see it in this case) occurs all the time, even with artists we actually like. It’s just another sign that the people truly dictate the music, and that it can’t be forced on us to enjoy. Our power is what convinced Def Jam to take a chance on a Method Man, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon album. It’s how Jay Electronica briefly took over the world with “Exhibit C.” It’s the reason why many independent artists are sharing television time with the A-listers. It just proves that perhaps they should just listen to us more to figure out what we do and do not like, so they don’t lost a shitload of money promoting something that everybody avoids like the chick with a cold sore on her lip at a party.

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    • Fire Meka ! ! ! Hold tryouts for his Job ! ! !

      The Single Dilemma
      “I don’t get how these things work anymore.”

      -Meka’s take on vagina

  • Notorious AGC

    Damn i stopped reading the bloggers sectiong for 3 months only to see YOUR still here with your DUMBASS blogs..

  • Jim

    Yo real talk Meka, you can’t be serious with these blogs, it looks like you take 5 minutes to write this shit….

  • HomieOmey

    You pretend you’re going to give insight into why singles are what they are, but you don’t really shed any light on the actual subject. The article does seem a bit rushed.

    I agree that I much rather see artists look to the people for their hits, but you really only needed a sentence or two to get that point across if you weren’t going to say much of anything else.

  • 6 100

    Start the Petition

    Fire Meka!

  • fastflipper

    u kidding me right…

    its suppsoed to be a blog…

    not a 5 minutes quick txt

  • killa

    he just simplifies shit that people over analyze. thats worth my read, good job meka

    • Notorious AGC

      @ Killa – Meka is that you? LOL

  • s00k

    this is a trash article for a trash magazine.

    *going over to complex magazine website now*

    • 6 100

      Thanks for the idea, fam.

  • noles506

    I would be probably the first to point out faults in a story / editorial…this was pretty well put together to be honest, people commenting negatively crack me up…If you don’t like the man’s opinion or body of work, then why do you come on & read it? Not only read , but feel the need to comment?

    • Notorious AGC

      cause’ we’re in America dumbass.

  • $yk

    “she dropped her formal commercial introduction, “Massive Attack,” which, more ore less, failed like that Nigerian WALE”

    ^ add on fix

    I will admit Meka do be dropping dookie noodles (© Nahright) for blogs, but he is saying some realness with this one. Like how a lot of stuff cats are hearing is corporate financed, basically telling you trying to get in the door cats that you don’t stand a chance. But if we could get that Wu collabo & Jay Elect played, we could get more if we said something (bitch-fit).

    The irony is the bitch fit is for Meka. I just wish with his position in the game right now that he would elaborate.

    But you need to get a spell checker fool…


  • NikeTalk

    I will say that this is Meka’s best article yet. I would have actually liked for you to have either stuck to the topic you chose or reworded the article to fit what you wrote but it was nonetheless pretty interesting…if not spotty…

    ah fuck it, you were all over the place.

  • Ashim

    So… You’re saying instead of labels trying to dictate to people what songs they should like, or what songs should be singles, the bloggers should dictate it instead? Forget it about be self serving, half the time you bloggers are out of touch ya damn self.


    the blog was aight. i dig meka’s writing style. it does have some typos and its scatterd but its a damn blog. good points and great topic. i’m sure if it was a fourmn then the details would have been deeper