I hate the Twitter more often than not. I hate it because it inexplicably convinces its participants that they are suddenly prophets, constantly barraging yours and my timeline with shitloads of ass-backward, listless “words of wisdom” that is more often than not a thinly veiled, desperate cry for attention. Seriously, I’m doing just fine with my life, and I don’t want or need any “enlightened” sensibilities clogging my timelines like they were grease-laden fast food blocking my arteries.

Where was I again?

Yeah, so anyways I’m not a fan of the Twitter for a variety of things, but it’s at its most irritating when people start thinking they’re Plato when they’re not even smart enough to clean Morpheus’ daughter’s feet (see what I did there?), dropping valueless jewels that are dimmer than a dead light bulb, which in turn compels other folks to retort to said verbal cubic zirconium, which ultimately kicks off this largely nonsensical online “debate” where nobody – including those foolish enough to watch even small portions of the damn thing unravel – wins.

Today’s topic of discussion disgust happened to be one Clifford “T.I” Harris catching drug possession charges alongside his wife in Los Angeles last night.

The family that stays together...

I’m not really in a spot to speak on the situation unless I have the full details, but I will say that Clifford and Co. fucked up. Again. Regardless of whatever truly happened that night, Tip should at this point be much more wary of his actions, especially considering her just got out of prison less than a year ago for far worse. At the very least, don’t run around in public with that stuff; keep it at your hotel or, if you really need it, get Young Dro to get it for you. Look at his name; it emanates the term “weed carrier.”

However, leave it to the Twitter conglomerate to turn lepers into lawyers, with some even alluding that what he did wasn’t even wrong in the “victimless crime” sense, when in actuality a “victimless crime” is still a “crime” in the “crime” sense. Jaywalking and riding a bike without a helmet are also “victimless crimes,” but they’re still provocation for cops to cite you for technically breaking the law (especially in California). Driving through a city known for having some of the most lax drug laws while holding quite possibly helped Tip more than harm him; if he were caught in New York, where people get sent under the earth for having even the smallest amount of weed, Tip would likely be sharing closet space with Lil Wayne and Fleece Johnson. Yet it doesn’t make it any less “illegal.”

Eventually T.I and Tiny will beat the charges because let’s face it; celebrities are technically and “unofficially” above the law in most cases. Imagine if that was one of our “broke” asses in that situation; you probably would be reading this days later, after the jail just let you go because you posted the bare minimum of your bail. T.I and Tiny should have both known better, and while it likely won’t do any irreparable damage the last thing a guy who was already knee-deep in his own troubles a few years should do is have the police on his ass for meaningless shit, no matter what the Twitter would suggest.