Posse On Trendwatch: Odd Collaborations

Whether you like it or not, both 50 Cent and Soulja Boy have been able to retain a middling sense of relevancy, despite being years past their prime, if for all the wrong reasons. Long removed from running the streets and airwaves respectively, both Curtis and DeAndre have accumulated a shitload of backlash from fans and musical peers alike, dwindling record sales other such collapses. It has even seemed as if they’ve been in the news for the wrong reasons to boot, with Fiddy reduced to (allegedly) burning down one of his homes to force his baby mother out of it and picking on Shyne during a conference call and Soulja being labeled as hip hop’s pariah faster than you can even spell “Superman” and (allegedly) being exposed as a coke sniffer by Kat Stacks of all people.

So it would only make sense that the two of them would make a song, right? The end result of said pairing, “Mean Mug,” features the young pup dropping the bubblegum raps in exchange for an unexpected barrage of goon talk, obviously at 50’s behest. I’ll refrain from sharing my opinions on the song, but it would have easily been my pick for the “weirdest collaboration of the year” had Talib Kweli beaten them to that, trading in longtime partner and fellow Black Star Mos Def for Atlanta bamma Gucci Mane with “Poltergeist” a few months back.

Most of us are still struggling to understand that particular tag team, even after Talib defended himself on it.

Artists from entirely different spectrums of music coming together isn’t really new, as Run DMC made it trendy to do so before anybody on “Walk This Way” with Aerosmith. Assuming that either the artists truly have some form of respect for one another, or that they simply need a means to keep up on their mortgage payments, rap music ends up taking the brunt of this experiments, resulting in audio catastrophes such as “N 2 Gether Now,” Limp Bizkit’s bizarre match up with Method Man and DJ Premier, and “Life Is Good,” that mess of a song from Brownsville madmen M.O.P. and decidedly un-hard, pop-hop trio the Lyte Funky Ones.

I’m still trying to figure out who the hell green lit the latter.

Like it or not, circus freak-style collaborations in rap will forever remain to confuse the masses in an attempt to bridge a so-called gap between the dichotomy of rapsters. Unfortunately, the rest of the world has to suffer through the shit more often than we deserve to.

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  • n2gethernow

    Fred Durst and method man were cool wayyy before they did that song together, and it wasnt as random as u think…. family values tour?

  • Anonymous

    I’m in heavy moderation???



  • Brother man

    N 2 Gether Now was a very good song. Dont know what you’re smoking

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  • Q461

    Co sign. That beat was hot and Method Man killed it. Fred Durst can’t rap, but that song was dope anyways. I dont think the aerosmith/run dmc was weird, just genre crossing. 50 and Soulja Boy just sound weird together, weird and not good. Same with Talib and wack ass Gucci Mane. It;s cool to experiment, but only if the end result is good music.

    • Curtis75Black

      The story of Run-DMC should’ve been known already that they just wanted to use the beat. It wasn’t gonna to be a collaborate effort until Rick Rubin brought it to their attention to do so. That track with Meth and fred was hot though.

  • Notorious AGC

    eh..your better of blog in 5 months…4/10 rating…still kind of bounce around with people and the subject of the blog..but it’s your LEAST douchiest blog all in all…

  • specialdelivery

    cmon shun.

  • Anonymous

    anonymous can post but $yk can’t…do the knowledge y’all…lata

  • http://www.songzige.com Jemar Meezy Souza

    You’re buggin with the N 2 Gether comment. That song is dope.

  • Teddy

    n 2 gether now was a dope song

  • Technique

    Co-sign everyone that thought N together Now was sick.

    How about Tech N9ne rappin with Lil Wayne? Shit is gonna be bangin!

    • Notorious AGC

      Fuck Lil Gayne


    got the next niggah bout to blow out the south…he is the realist nigga I ever seen in my whole career…google,myspace,youtube COFA BOY!

  • Risrob22

    Man for 50 Cent to be so irrelevant he sure is one of the most featured artists in your blog. This is at least the fourth of fifth time I’ve read an article you wrote that mentioned 50 Cent…… I think your a bigger fan of him then you let on!!!!!!!!!

  • EonWallace

    method man + DJ Premier = Win

    • Dick B.

      Anyone + DJ Premier = Win

      The weirdest was Justin Beiber, Kanye West & Raekwon. I mean I could picture Kanye & Beiber doing a song, but Rae?