Mac Miller vs. Some Producer Dudes Tryna Get a Rep

While surfing this here Internet this morning, I stumbled upon a video (not using Stumbleupon) of Mac Miller after his SOB’s show the other night. Although I wanted to make it out, I wasn’t there. #Fail From what I read and heard, it seemed like he did his thing inside. Outside, though, was a different story.

Mac got confronted by some dudes who, at first, it seemed to be there to interview the kid. They told him the track “La La La” released shortly before his recent mixtape, K.I.D.S., was dope, and wanted to know who produced it. The young spitter from Pittsburgh said he didn’t know. Then, on some David Copperfield/Criss Angel shit, the interviewers revealed that it was they who were behind the boards for the smooth track.

Shit then sorta escalated. Mac seemed a little caught off guard. The production crew seemed a little tight. Understandable on both ends, I think. Pretty soon, there were talks of e-mails gone unanswered, there were cameras getting touched, and some pushing at one point. It seemed like things could have gotten even worse, but no one was there to actually fight. A shake down, at most, was the goal.

These dudes wanted credit for producing the track. They wanted it on YouTube, where there were almost 300,000 views. I don’t think that’s asking too much. That said, people do joints on mixtapes all the time without giving proper credit to the producers. I think you can kind of get away with that on mixtapes. Doesn’t make it right, but it happens. I’m curious how Mac got his hands on the beat initially, though. Maybe these dudes shouldn’t let their creations float around so liberally. I dunno. I’m just speculating.

At the end of the video, the production team was back in front of their computer and showed what looked to be their e-mail exchange with Mac. Turns out, he did receive and return some e-mails. Then there was some name-calling and friendly suggestions not to return to New York.

Like the homie Rob “The Deputy” Markman was saying when we were talking about this earlier, if Maino tells me to stay out of New York, aight, maybe I’m gonna think about my next move (even though the dude maybe isn’t even really that tough ‘cause he clearly can’t do push ups). But who are these cats to tell Mac Miller not to come back to New York? And, even more so, the bigger question I’m wondering is why they’re calling him a “bitch” and “fake.” That track is dope. Clearly Mac thought so, clearly his fans thought so. Why not just keep building together? The sounds of the production and his flow/voice/delivery went together harmoniously once, so why not try again.

Mac seemed genuine in saying that he wasn’t tryna slight them, and it turns out he did add a credit to them after the fact. But I guess that wasn’t enough. I’m not sayin’ it shoulda been. I honestly don’t know how I woulda felt in the shoes of the producers. Clearly, they’re tryna get on and build a buzz, too. From the video, it just seems like getting their credit wasn’t the most important—trying to mess with Mac Miller’s name and rep was. —Adam Fleischer

Were these dudes justified in getting as riled up as they did? What do you y’all think?

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  • K-Mo

    all these guys accomplished was to show how unprofessional they are. There’s a right way and a wrong to conduct business and they were clearly out of line with this one. They are nobody and will remain that way.

    • Dinero

      “all these guys accomplished was to show how unprofessional they are. There’s a right way and a wrong to conduct business and they were clearly out of line with this one. They are nobody and will remain that way.”
      Shouts to K-Mo…..

      Tha tracc is dope but they jus showed they cant handle this thing professionally… Music is not everything (otherwise u hav no Soulja Boy), professionalism is garaunteed… Ur beats are not garaunteed to remain relevant in tha industry (allow urself a chance. let mac money of tha music and u get royalties in tha end) otherwise, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Pharell, Just Blaze, Kanye run shit and we dont get new dudes like Bangledash….

      They will remain local, cuz no one will contact them now.. No matter how dope tha beat is, no one wants to work with people they might have to hurt over some music that both parties need to come up off of.. If anything they should of did watt adam (tha blogger for slow folks) said and asked Mac to get in tha studio with them and cut some records… They might of been able to do a compilation with other artist on tha come up besides jus havin Mac… They fucced themselves, cuz now Mac has more people reading about him… if they didnt, we dont hav this blog… I think Mac can appreciate the favor… I would…

  • Ghost Producer

    I understand these guy’s frustration. The song has almost 300K views and they are not getting their props. Who knows if they have other heat, but they should use this credit to at least explore options afforded by producing their song.

    This should of been handled months ago; Up North Production tried to do it the right way by the email exchange with Mac Miller.

    Now the “U can’t come back to NY” part is a lil overboard, but the expression on Mac Miller’s face and his crew is quite priceless.

    I checked the youtube clip, and Up North’s credit has still not been given.

  • Sean

    you said it perfectly. Instead of trying to scare this dude, they should have reached out and told mac it was their beat, and maybe try to do more work with them.

    These dudes are fools for trying to act tough. Telling this dude not to come to NY..thats should make anyone LOL on the spot

    • kali

      They did reach out to him and asked him resptectfully in email. MAC acted like he had no clue when they approached him in the street. Even then they were not rude to MAC until that wanna be thug started touching people. Get your facts straight.

  • producer James Moore

    this is James Moore, I produced 3 songs for Mac Miller, of the 2 songs that were released (“New School Pimp Shit” & “Somethin’ About You”) I got credited & he said my name on “Somethin’ About You” … I never had any trouble with him or his team

  • Chilly Willy

    “(…)I ain’t do all this work for shit
    my style’s my child I gave birth to it
    Like an immaculate conception, clean I came
    Went through label pains, didn’t give shorty a name(…)”

    Were they justified in getting as riled up ? You goddamn right !

    Was it the right way to handle it ? Not so much…

  • $yk

    over @ bboycult dot com, under “the rap alphabets”, I discussed ways to totally avoid scenarios like this…

  • 6 100

    C’mon Adam Fleischer. You know the producers were justified.

    1)They had to come in with the guise of conducting an interview, or else they would have never been seen by MM.

    2)The producers were being calm until MM’s camp got involved. The Bald Guy chewing the straw was the biggest instigator. The whiny black weed carrier didn’t help either.

    3)The producers didn’t get rowdy until hands were put on them.

    4)Point blank-The video has 300k views on Youtube. That means Partnership with Youtube where you get $2(minimum) for every 1000 views. That means Mac miller probably got AT LEAST $6k. The only reason to listen to the SONG is the beat. I doubt Mac Miller would have had that many views with just Spoken word.

    • 7 200

      i doubt they wouldve had the same with just an instrumental. people view those videos for the song and visuals. that includes the rapping and the beat.

    • wiff!

      im sorry. these dudes went at mac Super sideways. why did they need to record this? that alone shouldve got them knocked out. business is on your government name. not an alias… its personal …and thats bad business.

  • trev412

    yo this is like dat episode of southpark where dey want the youtube dollars these dudes are wack mac is jus getting promoted from this…..mac is tight hold down the 412! T.G.O.D.!

  • Fellow Producer

    Yea they were justified in their methods since trying to contact the camp through normal means wasn’t working. Well it worked they were just being jerked around. A lot of artist now days act the way that mac miller did. They think they can just take a beat spit to it and go without any thought to how much time it may take to compose a track worth spitting too. The don’t comeback to ny was excessive, but i think they were completely justified….i mean fuck they weren’t asking for quap just a lil recognition….same thing a artist would want if someone used their lyrics….

  • big_verga

    Mack Miller did not act professional cuz these producers had to confront him to get a credit. That just shows Mack Miller was trying to do these guys dirty. Overall, it made both teams look bad, but that just means I would rather roll with the producers cuz they brought the heat. Mack Miller is just a rapper. He will easily be forgotten. It’s hip hop

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Yo, Mac Miller…

    …Stay the FUCK out of Atlanta. Bitch.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • The Decatur Dictatur

    Producers deserve credit if they did the track, I don’t care if the track was put on a elementary school chorus dvd. I’m sure the artist (rapper) makes sure his name is known, why not the one who did the instrumentation that you put the lyrics too? I hate thieves, and that is a thief move. All you gotta do is holla at the producer(s) and let them know what’s going on. What if the producer takes his lyrics and puts them on some of their other tracks and doesn’t give him credit for the rapping…he would be salty.

  • Boise Idaho

    common now Mac … why didn’t you give credit .. smh

  • P. Harris

    how else are you going to handle that…

  • Anonymous

    Somebody got their game twisted cuz I bump KIDS{dope as fuck BTW} damn near daily and that track did not make the cut….

  • KenDodd

    So-called “white”, so-called “Americans” should be herded into concentration camps and exterminated like the vermin they are – perfectly vile stoner wiggers would go first. Please write me to receive a pamphlet containing many other practical, humane, and ultimately final, solutions to the many troubling and complicated problems we increasingly face in this wretched “global village/slum” we are forced to inhabit.

    • i get it in kendodd’s girl

      eat a dick

    • wiff!

      @KenDodd …dont take your white guilt toooo seriously.

  • $yk

    Let’s keep it 100…

    All the blame doesn’t rest on Mac. These dudes didn’t publish their catalog. Ascap would have did the work to get these dudes credit/paid for their music.

    Did they f^X their careers up with the strong-arm routine? Maybe. A lot of industry people are pudding pop squishy soft and will refuse to deal with “real” cats.


    You can’t put 5 mil in a bank when only 200K + of it is insured.

    ^ read that again

    • BIGNAT

      look at the sign on the wall again my friend it’s only 150k. how you been man i have been slacking have not been making it to your site.

      • $yk

        Nats I’m good family! How you brethren? Love, peace and happiness.

        I diversified my funds earlier this year and have been getting hella disclaimers in the mail so I need to adjust. These sheep (real sheep beeatches) I have r gonna get me paid this year.

        Ur always welcome 2 come thru my dude. dP is coming back to bless us with that realness I heard from a close birdie…

        • FaceBlaq

          Good afternoon folks. This one’s for $yk. Whats going on mayne? Got a few questions for ya if you dont mind me asking. This is kinda of a long read. I broke it up for ya to make it easy on the eyes.

          I linked up with ASCAP a few years ago for a CD I released, but honestly I’m still unfamiliar with how the publishing works. I joined the military and the shit fell by the wayside. Pretty much just forgot about the shit.

          How does ASCAP know when your music is somewhere being played? I’ve seen my shit on the internet so I’m figuring it sold a few here and there maybe.

          First off, I would assume you have to send them a copy of the cd correct? Shiit man, I cant even remember if I even did that, lol.

          I also created and produced a second CD recently, but I know for a fact I didn’t send that one in to ASCAP (that is what you have to do right?) but I also didnt put that one in stores or on the internet either so I’m not really stressing that right now although it could be out here cause the cronies and I spread that shit like butter.

          In the meantime in between time I’ve started production again and I’ve sold a few beats. These beats have not been sent in to ASCAP but they are registered with the library of Congress.

          I would like to know, if my work starts poppin up out here with folks rappin over my shit, how do I ensure I get my recognition and money? Thanks in advance. One.

        • $yk

          What’s good Face?

          “In the meantime in between time I’ve started production again and I’ve sold a few beats. These beats have not been sent in to ASCAP but they are registered with the library of Congress.”

          ^ LOC is cool, cause it’s copywritten and can’t be stolen. But send that in so an ASCAP rep can follow the work and get you royalty bread if any of the music is being played in a public forum. If it’s out there, they will find it.

          “although it could be out here cause the cronies and I spread that shit like butter.”

          ^ seems like the same scenario these guys encountered w/Mac. It’s always the harmless way that causes problems. Ya never know.

          “I linked up with ASCAP a few years ago for a CD I released”

          ^ did you LOC that? Still send it in, you know how music gets recycled.

          And don’t forget ASCAP can find you work for that music too. Those workshops they have get cats ghostwriting, commercials, and soundtrack jobs.

          Send them music works in, so you have someone working for you to ensure you’re getting your proper due. And if you have someone with you, they need to do the same, or you’re gonna have to split your money with them. And that never works out correctly.

          Because if these guys in the story would have done this, that beat that has 300K + views would equate to a couple of stax for the homies, and probably some Atlantic recognition for future projects, instead of c-section ire for trying to strongarm Mac, who’s getting a really good industry look right now.


    these guys had the wrong tactics but they needed to handle there business. i didn’t know who mac millar was music wise. i thought he was just a taylor gang roadie or some shit. i thought he was wiz’s personal weed roller or some shit but i do now they fucked up and he getting bigger.

  • big mac


    • Jerod

      Stop actin’ hard. ^^^
      Claymation ass nucca.

  • Jerod

    How are you supposed to give credit to the producer when you don’t know who the producer is?

  • Jewels

    hey WAC MILLER get ur sh#t right b4 u get ur wig split

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  • Ay Ta Z

    You can understand where these guys are coming form every producer is tryna get their beats to get noticed but if they make a dope beat and the artist dosent credit them then they’ve wasted time by giving Mac the beat

    I’m not a hater I just a struggling producer who to sees it from their piont of view

  • DaProfessional

    Hell yea they was right for confronting this dude. He didn’t give them credit where credit was due and clearly played them by saying he will put it in Twitter. And yea it don’t matter if they are nobody, they from N.Y, and when one New Yorker tells a non-nw yorke not to come back…New Yorkers pay attention. So he’s gon have to make amends for that grimy shit before going back to NY

  • Brian

    Hard in the morning making a body sweat from head to toe going hard with my 1 inch asian dk on her azzz like yoooooo and she moaning like uhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhuh and we do it harder than ever beach

  • CoMtnHigh

    First off i’ve never heard of this Mac Miller, but that doesn’t mean he is not up and coming talent. Now that I have heard this bullshit song i know why i haven’t. Second off dudes all blown out on coke in that video, thats why he was looking dumb,caught off gaurd, sniffly, crazy eyed. Bottom line is white kids can’t be packaged into marketable material. Eminem and a short mircomachine sized list of others have made the cut. everyone else is just trying to hard like this bitch. end note: the producers need to take a online course at devry of something and brush up on how to market yourself.

  • yourfather

    all this shit is wack anyway. who cares


    Fuck Mac Miller hes just another lame suburban nerd wigger turned rapper via the internet and gangsta rap videos. He just woke up one day and decided he would try to be a hipster and tone the huge clothes and bling down after that went out of the style in the kids suburban cul-de-sac.

    This is what happens when suburban white boys try and act like theyre real niggas from the hood. Go to any real hood and these niggas dont play by the rules and this shit is not the internet. Show some respect, faggot.

    • Anonymous

      He’s not suburban dipshit
      do ur research before u talk

  • $yk

    C’mon y’all.

    That white sh^t and that NY stuff has nothing to do with it. If these dudes would have done the Library of Congress or ASCAP, or BMI, they wouldn’t be going thru this. This is a clear case of cats not knowing the business.

    ASCAP would have hollered at Mac’s people to ensure they get/got their proper production credits and discussed royalty rates. Realistically Mac ain’t gotta do a damn thing except rap. Why do you think dudes want their credits on websites? So they can get their fame on? LOL

    Bangladesh didn’t get his fee, not royalties. Em sued because there should be a different rate for digital, instead of iTunes giving you the standard LP rates.

    At the end of the day these cats better hope they don’t get blacklisted off of this, their career could be over before it started. pull your pants up and cover your ass, or expect to get f^Xed. Bottom line.

    Good luck all aspiring artists.

  • mucho cali

    mac millers a lil b***h. whyd he act like he dont know shit whenhe got confronted. Mac’s boys are the ones that made it a big deal. o well hes pretty shetty and will never make it anyway

  • 93P

    This is ’93P. I produced Track 3 “Get Em Up” on K.i.d.s for Mac, and another joint that isnt released yet…Just wanted to add my 2 cents in and say these guys went outta their way to make sure I got credited the right way….I know it has to more to it, or just a genuine mistake…Cause not only have these guys given me chances to work WITH them, i’ve actually done plenty more business through them as well.

    #respect to the most dope team…they held me an my people down.

  • M.C. Lovin

    If you dig Mac Miller’s MySpace maybe you’ll dig mine? Idk fellow XXLers the choice is yours? Take the M.C. Lovin pill or the one Neo would be like oh that’s so lame now you’ll never see the oNe. ;)

  • Anonymous

    This isnt mac fucking up but his crew fucking up…. Find a new crew like Wiz did when he made it big. Lets keep it real all youll rappers now adays arent real.

  • js

    “dont come back to new york”

    wheres your goons toughguy he look like a bitch anyways

  • avenger xl

    I agree with Syk on the Ascap/BMI thing, However the problem with many of these new school producers is they put out beat cds as if nobody is ever going to rap on them. I agree they could have given them their credit especailly if you have a indie machine going like Mac Miller. It is only right to give the producer their credit in cases like this.

    The producers should have handled this legally and not gully because in business keeping it real generally goes real wrong. What if Mac rolled with some real raw security to get some extra cred or what if it was a more thuggish type of rapper would these two idiots have approached them the same way? If so would one of them be dead because they general have an entourage with nothing to lose unlike Mac. Who has a bunch of Nintendo Thugs. If you are going to be professional you have to be professional throughout does the original copyright holder on a rare groove catalog send the drummer and musciains out when rappers sample their shit and not give them credit? Can you image that if Ric James would have run up on hammer back in the day or if he was alive to get jus blaze for using the super freak sample LOL

    See the copyright holders send out the court papers and everything is handled within the scope of the law. Also the nets lets shit flow freely all the time if you hear some small scale hobby rapper spitting over your beat and he doesn’t give you credit with 10 veiws are you going to attack or are you going to just monitor them to see how far it goes because once the genie is out the bottle as far as a creative work goes it tends to move quickly nobody know who ends up using their shit at the end of the day but if it bothers you or you think you are missing money keep it professional with your approach.

  • $yk

    “See the copyright holders send out the court papers and everything is handled within the scope of the law.”

    ^ real g b.i.

    ‘Cause when dude goes back to perform in NYC, these cats ain’t gonna be within a 1000ft to even pass out another CD.

  • AM1580KDAY

    The producers handled this badly. Its not like Mac claimed HE did the beat! Its not like its on an album that’s sold a bunch of units. How many mixtape videos on YouTube list credits anyway? Why lie to the kid and pretend you’re doing a legit interview and then turn it into a confrontation?? That’s just stupid. Nobody wins, and who would want to work with those guys now? Why not just be straight up and tell the kid “hey, we did that track and we’d really like you to give us some love on YouTube!” Maybe he doesn’t manage his Internet? Maybe he meant to give them a shout out and just forgot? Looks like dude’s pretty busy. WTF?

  • Anonymous

    You all are dumb… His crew should of done it and they didnt…. Shit if i made a beat and some dude wasnt giving me credit for it id be pissed, Also the other guys saying dont come back to NYC it little extream but they where just shit talking at this point. Mac drop your crew and pick up a new one they may be your boys but shit if you make it you can still show them love. Do whats good for you not just everyone else

  • worse_nightmare

    the sad thing is that ya’ll would suck off an industry producer for doing the same thing and entitle it something with “Justice” in it

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  • dynamicwayne

    These dudes should have been credited from the start those 300,000 views at least 10% of those viewers were probably potential clients.

  • peter a

    hahaha i love how in one of the emails he goes “if your looking for any more beats..” hahahha

  • Chris Jackson

    yo fuck that shit dudes using beats but can’t give the credit to the producers, that shit is wack. Them dudes deserve the credit, plus the beat was hot.

  • hot to buy stocks

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!

  • Chase

    You guys are ridiculous. They did what they had to do….When emails go un answered, you show up. How professional was Mac by using someone elses music then NOT giving them credit for it??

  • Taylor Mc

    tru story. by doin that they showed that they wak as hell and r lookin for a hand out. sorry he forgot to throw some credits on a you tube video….big deal…. there fake ass wanna be gangster tough guys prolly from a rich part of NY where mommy nd daddy buy em all the nice beat software tryin to b hood. and threatening him to not come back to NY shows how desperate they are for attention tryin to start beef.even if some shit went down im sure mac miller knows alot more people than those dudes, im from delaware and never met Mac but im friends with this girl who chills with him so im sure Mac is DEEP “all them lames r the same, prolly never even shot the yammy at the gun range, worth less than a penny on the street mane so Mac next time u see em call em loose change, just let em play their game cause we kno who comes out on top.(You hear that?)…there screamin Macs name”

  • CaAl2Si2O8

    These producers are quite pathetic. Creations get stolen in every profession very frequently. If this one beat is all they have, then it might be wise to find another job. Regardless, now they are getting the publicity so they better come out with some hot beats or songs to prove that this B.S. was worth it.

  • Portable Gas Generators Guy

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  • Harris Kuy

    Justin is just so amazing. At a young age, he has come this far. He is simply exceptional.

  • Millertheshiller

    Wack ass! Stealin beats’.

  • Burgh

    The beat is damn good. But it isn’t that good. Waste of time for the producers of “the beat.” Dj pauly paul is comprable in talent to these fake italian gangsters. 412