Don’t Blame Your Fans, Blame Yourself

Let’s keep it real: all of us would choose Michael Jordan over Dickey Simpkins any day of the week. We’d always choose Kobe Bryant over Harold Miner, Lew Alcindor over Michael Olowokandi, Brett Favre over Kelly Holcomb or Randy Moss over that guy who went by “He Hate Me” in the XFL. Plain and simple, we’re always going to have our own respective favorites, each of which varies between the individual.

My favorite Wu-Tang song of all time is Raekwon’s “Incarcerated Scarfaces” from my favorite Wu album, Only Built For Cuban Linx… While I’m sure there are a few others who feel the same way, I’m well aware that there are many others who have their own seminal Wu-Tang song and album. Does that make things problematic for the ones we don’t choose? It’s only to their egos, which seems to get frailer by the day. In this rapster world particularly, pride (as much as money, drugs and groupies) can often lead to the downfall of crews. Well, that and anybody who is affiliated with Wyclef Jean. I mean, damn: Lauryn has been on a decade-long road to redemption, that one guy from City High ended up on an episode of Intervention, John Forte got caught with all kinds of liquid crack, and Pras and the Product G&B have gone missing in action.

But I’m straying from my point.

Earlier today here at the house of Harris, T3 of Slum Village – or whatever’s left of that team nowadays – waxed poetics on how we, the fans, are the cause to the split of rap groups when we, the fans, tend to gravitate toward one particular member more than the others. I almost didn’t believe he said that in the quote provided by the email blast my benefactors so graciously load my inbox with every week, like when people send “remixes” of songs knowing damn well they weren’t even in the same studio much less the same zip code as the artist whose song they’re “remixing.” But in the video T3 comes across rather pickle-faced (you know: green, sweet and salty) when stating that instead of appreciating the entire rap group as a whole, fans would rather single out one member to latch on to.

I really wish artists would have more media training sometimes.

Regardless of the artist we pick in a group, fans are not, should not and will never be responsible for the disintegration of a group whose members are practically like brothers, and suffice to say T3 looked… well… rather bitchmade trying to make rapster fans the scapegoat to his group’s problems, not the changes in creative direction, unfortunate deaths, beaf and other such turmoil that’s afflicted Slum Village like a hip hop bubonic plague of sorts. Rather than pointing the finger the second shit hits the fan, real groups will trudge through the muck and still come out fine. I mean damn, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young are still around and they’ve done lord knows what kind of shit in their careers. If more rapsters followed their lead… absolutely nothing would change in rap. We can all dream, however.

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  • tom

    your shits hit and miss. this ones a definite miss.

  • $yk

    Yo T-3:

    SV is done yo, you lost Dilla & Baatin. Stop blaming others because you can’t hold it down for dolo.

    Go film a documentary, or write a book, but cut this out fam, you’re coming off very Jermaine-ish right now.

    Reflect more on the homies you lost, and give some credit to the youngin’ who came in and helped when you needed him.

    The $ykotic Don McCaine

  • Lo$ Angele$

    Product G&B used to be one of my favorite duos.. I remember them making a youtube video in like 07-08 and I haven’t heard/seen them since.

  • Sha

    This is probably the best blog I have read from dude.

    I checked what T-3 said about the ending of SV….
    It was the equivalent of me blaming the garbage man for my telephone bill being late.

    Today, T-3 showed me, full fledged, why Slum Village is dead. And the reason is, POOR LEADERSHIP AND EGO.

    To me, personally, SV has been dead since Dilla left. But I and the other people that thought as I did had to admit one glaring fact. SV fans had continued to financially support the crew.

    To turn around and shit on those fans is the equivalent of throwing a bucket of piss out of the window of your car going 85 on the high way. You are only hurting yourself. And this speaks volumes on the leadership of T-3 (or lack thereof).

    There have only been a few crews to remain together throughout their careers. But even the ones that had beef, knew they would ultimately be hurting their legacies if they got into public spats (Gangstarr, ATCQ, Etc..)

    T-3 needs to man up. Take responsibility. Protect your legacy. And please… For the love of your crew…. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • ianism

    i can understand T3′s point. people following a group (or any public figure really) will pick favourites and that can inflate egos that lead to disagreement within the group. i mean fuck! we’re just fans – we’re not involved – so we don’t know shit about how exactly SV came to finally fall apart!

    THAT BEING SAID, artists in groups have to take responsibility for their actions in a way that solo artists don’t – they are held accountable for them by the others in the group. they need to like adults and be mature and honest about what is going on their heads. communication is vastly more important. they have to learn to deal with the fans’ attention being focused on certain members. sports teams certainly go through something similar.

    cunninlynguists are a pretty good example. kno gets more attention than deacon or natti because his beats are pretty damn unique and gorgeous-sounding. natti and deacon are great at rapping but they tend to get overshadowed – and it doesn’t help that to the untrained ear their accents sound similar. it also helps that he’s white and talks to the media more (natti doesn’t seem to say as much in interviews from what i’ve noticed for example). but through it all they’re managing pretty fucking well from the sound of things.

  • http://www, EmCDL

    Damn, T-3 F’d up saying that mess. Its up to the group to stay together and put aside differences, don’t blame the fans for your downfall. Good luck selling that last album pimpin…

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  • Lod Finesse

    Blame Shake

  • Ay 2 Z

    wat about Clipse?

    everybody rate Pusha higher than Malice when there both hard spittas

  • grzi

    Well, it’s obvious he has a problem with being a much worse MC than Elzhi. He should try more.

    The reason Malice isn’t bothered by people rating Pusha higher than him is because he is a dope MC and he doesn’t need anyone to tell him that.

    T3 obviously has confidence issues (he should, because Elzhi is destroying him lyrically and flow-wise) so he needs people to acknowledge him. Fuck him.
    Waiting on the new Elzhi solo album…

  • JetLeg

    Elzhi is one of the top spitters out right now, T3 needs to “Scotty Pippen” up and take what he can get.

  • Bronxbomma

    I remember people used to rate malice higher than Pusha T in the beginning. Pusha just stepped it up lyrically.

  • j

    Couldn’t agree more with what the dude Sha posted.

    Shake this is definitely one of you better articles – or at least one that I can not only relate to as a fan but agree with.

    In general I think we need to get over this shit. I was disappointed just as much as everyone else when Little Brother split and SV was just as bitter for me. I just hope this doesn’t lead to the extinction of rap groups. Personally, I don’t see much faith in them anymore (except for Pac Div) but nonetheless I think its these groups that create some of the best hip-hop music. I don’t know if its the chemistry of a group working together or what but a lot of good music is usually the end result. I mean if you look at Dilated Peoples, even though Alchemist went on to (in my opinion) become the favourite and pursue his solo career, nothing appears to have fallen out with them. They still work together in what seems to be a functioning family, and in the end the music speaks for itself.

    Basically I say we just get over this drama bullshit. It sucks to see these groups call it quits but fuck it, lets move on.

    And villa manifesto is still an incredible album so go support it.

  • P. Harris

    smh @ T3

    I don’t even really have a comment other than… T3, you’re ruining Slum Vill’s legacy saying that shit.