We Don’t Need No Water… Let it Burn

When I was about 12, my aunt told me there is no problem that cannot be fixed with $5 worth of gas and a book of matches. My aunt was a former Panther-affiliate in Atlanta. She was red, beautiful and strong beyond measure.

She was my Afeni.

Without getting too deep, I want you out there to understand there’s a storm coming. This country is quickly becoming one where there is only rich and poor. The citizens feel abandoned, abused and scared. I know hip-hop says we OK… We ballin’… We doin’ it better than those other niggas, but, sigh, we are not.

As Americans we are now poorer, angrier and more violent than ever. It is only a matter of time before the people call institutions to task: schools, prisons, churches and politicians. When this has happened in the past—French and American revolutions, Cuban uprising, Haiti—fire and blood have followed.

For the first time in my life, conservatives (Tea Party) and the oppressed (nearly everyone else) are all shouting that something’s wrong at the same time. I fear if our country does not fix its relationship with citizens, fire is soon coming.

Here’s some video of “Burn,” a new track I’m working on for “Pledge 3.” Please know it’s super rough. SweatBox Music did the track, and we’re crafting more heat. Maurice Garland is responsible for the footage, and unlike most artists, I want yo opinion on what else I should talk about in the final album version of this record! Salute and gone! Fin.

MAURICEGARLAND.com Previews Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga’s “Burn” from www.mauricegarland.com on Vimeo.

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  • http://xxlmag.com bill cob


    • Mike Bigga

      @Bill Cobb Sorry to waste yo 3mins but i’m sure as a guy u like me ad a ton of others dudes have wasted a womens three minutes and she was much more disappointed than u are right now. Hope u! check back next week!

    • southcakc23

      Dear bill cob,

      get your turrets syndrome under control homie….we don’t want to read your moronic outbursts regarding your opinion of your parent’s conception of YOU!


      1LT SouthCakC23….. TRIPLE BANG GANG!!!

  • pro-rican

    Killa Kill! Grind Time rap game, bang bang

  • Anonymous

    mike is dope… track sounds nice


    I agree with the general sway of this statement. But why no attempt to explain WHY the rich are getting richer, the poor poorer? I guess that’s what happens when you assume that these things are “philosophical” in nature.

    • Mike Bigga

      Homie I wuda jus bored the watchers to def so i jus got to the music. I am always open to dialog and Ustream coming soon. Thank u for the comment Gone!

  • El Tico Loco

    I’ve always thought that they’ve been trying to kill off the poor, especially lately since conservatives especially the tea party ones that always want to complain about their taxes going to the less unfortunate(healthcare)but at one point didn’t mind funding a war (that’s a whole different I can go in on).

  • these posts are racist

    Real. Real. Real. Thank you.

  • Moving Sideways

    I’m calling bullshit on this reductionistic argument that, “As Americans we are now poorer, angrier and more violent than ever.” Compared to when? Shit, people today aren’t even as violent as they were in 1990. Which is when violent crimes peaked in the United States.

    Trust me, as long as flat screen TVs and the internet are cheap, the populace will be docile and appeased. The royalty in this country said let them eat cake, and we deep-fried that shit and put it on a stick.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    dude came in the door spiting fire and the truth…only right let it burn. this reminds me of one of his illest/realest lines. only dumb niggas in jail or something like that. its funny cause so many people think being hard and doing stupid shit is cool BUT its quite the oppossite.

    for an entertainer, just speakin on it is a good thing. making music about it is even better because if it reaches one then we’ve already won.

    yeah, america the beautiful the land of the free that held slaves and only projected skinny white women as the idea of beauty for centuries is in some serious trouble. on shallow levels and deep ends. this problem with oil is going to spill in to a fiery unfourtunate future. the level of moralitity has shifted. divorce rates high. the list goes on. the good news is that we can change.

  • avenger xl

    The revolution is a pipe dream. America is not going to go through the same kinds of revolution as the french and any other empire in history, we are going to a paradime shift look it up. Folks are less violent,The Tea party is more nervous old white people concerned about the future of whiteness in america and claiming it is all about taxes yet it is ok to pay taxes for endless war and give tax cuts to the wealthy.

    Secondily we are all greedy as a nation, everyone talks shit about how the rich is getting away with murder but everyone wants to be rich and once you get it your mentality changes for the most part. The poor and uneducated are facing the same shit they always face just for a new era. Stop overhyping the norm man. I too am in the streets helping with community service programs etc… we need that kind of revolution i.e. a revolution of brotherhood,kindness and philanthrophy rather than massive chaos and blood shed to trade one tyrant for another. Wake up from your bloody dream bigga

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    At the end of the day, a lot of people are going to defend this way of life, because it’s all they know.

  • Hanch

    Everybody but Mike seems to have the wrong idea of what the Tea Party is about. Poor and The Tea Party are talkin about the same thing but since it seems to white ppl saying it most of us dont want to follow just because their white which is freaking retarded!! Listen and Research Ppl and actually rsh not just listen to what freaking Msnbc and Cnn tell U do your own Research, The Tea Party has nothing to do with Race!!

  • ri067953

    ^^^^Yo, you must be crazy if you think that the tea party is not chock full of racist people. The media and the proproganda spread by the party portrays them as blue collar workers who are concerned about the country. However, most of them are really concenred about the loss of power of the white man in this country. For the first time, whites are starting to be treated as the minority and they are not going to let that happen without a fight. Where was the tea party when GWB was in office? Why where they not voicing their concerns for tax breaks that benefited the rich? The tea party only came about when a black man was put into office. For the first time, “White America” saw their worst nightmare come true.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    “Poor and The Tea Party are talkin about the same thing”

    ^ no they are not. And that party movement has EVERYTHING to do with race. Like many are saying, where were they when GWB was doing his dirt? When Clinton was getting dome? When Reaganomics was cutting checks?

    If they weren’t racial, they wouldn’t have nooses & monkeys & black face posters at their rallies. There would be other forms of expression.

    Seems like you may need to do more research. Their “we” has nothing to do with you, unless you are one of them.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    cosign $yk by the way i was just on ur blog and trie dto leave a comment and got an error.

    But ya, i mean ur either with them or against them. thas how the tea party thinks, and even if u are with them they might just use you.and u best believe they are moving rallying and protesting. they are willing to die for what they stand for. Thas a major problem because alot of their beliefs are outdated. ignoring it wil lead to self desturction. just on hip hop, they want to shut it down.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “…alot of their beliefs are outdated. ignoring it wil(l) lead to self dest(ru)ction. just on hip hop, they want to shut it down”

      ^ ha!

      I’ma check out that error double f.

  • smojo

    guys guys guys! it’s kind of shocking to me..but it just hit me. money is not real. it’s artificial paper running our world. and we really don’t need it to live or have incentive to do things. think about it. a number separates millions of people from life and death everyday, while the rich have so much more than they could ever need.

    it also happens to be the achilles heel of the federal government.

    what now?

  • http://www.myspace.com/bkattmuzik Bumpy Genitalia


  • Mike Bigga

    Well cot damn fist week back and the comments are active! Preciate chall i’ll chime in after i read! Again Good or Bad Hate or Love thanks for ya comment! Gone!


    killa kill good to have you back on here big homie. last verse i think you should go in on what you think can be done to fix these problems. the challenge would be to make it easy to digest for the average person. also not to bore anyone to death i am sure you can do it. you did it on thats life

  • sway-z

    I believe the niggas of today are too weak to even begin to think about a revolution. These are the same “poor” niggas that allow police to come in and denigrate our communities, but turnaround and shoot a motherfucker if he grab your bitch in a club. Especially in a capitalist society, the “rich” are only getting richer because the poor are too busy making excuses. Niggas gotta get they mind and money right before trying to rage against the machine

  • Darth H8ter

    $yk, please. The tea party is poliitcal. They were trying to impeach CLinton, silent with GWB for the most part and now Obama is in office spending a boat load of money on everything in addition to the military. Bush spoke to them, he spent as much as any liberal, but talked values, cut spending, etc

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “$yk, please. The tea party is poliitcal them same traditional thinkers I’m (Darth is) talking about”.

      Credit is a downfall, not a plus. You may not have that Friday when you are supposed too, and not even due to your circumstance. The vig is too high, you’re financing the movement but not paying the bill. What’s next G?

      There is NO booming industry on deck, we already overpaid the dotcom wave for sh^t that we “Go Daddy” for hogie money now. Who’s buying a Chevy? USX is bum status, Pontiac is obituary status. War, intelligence, surveillance, and oil are the new commodities. Even coffee and tobacco are outdated (shouts to my NYC cats paying up to $15 for a pack, hold ya head).

      That ‘net/tellytube gold sh^t is being ?’d.

      But thanx ’cause I’ve been thinking about leaving.

      p.s. U are a fool if u see water as a necessity, instead of a luxury.

      • John Dough

        “War, intelligence, surveillance, and oil are the new commodities.”
        This is the realest thing I read today, and the wildest part is that I first heard about America’s industrial-military complex in a video game called Metal Gear Solid. The crazy part is some outlandish video game plotline doesn’t seem so outlandish after all. Blackwater in Iraq was just a test run, these so called “security companies” are the next bubble, but they don’t just trade stock prices.

      • John Dough

        “War, intelligence, surveillance, and oil are the new commodities.”
        This is the realest thing I read today, and the wildest part is that I first heard about America’s industrial-military complex in a video game called Metal Gear Solid. The crazy part is some outlandish video game plotline doesn’t seem so outlandish after all. Blackwater in Iraq was just a test run, these so called “security companies” are the next bubble, but they don’t just trade stock prices.

  • Master CHeef

    The answer to 1984 is 1776!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corbin

    Bigga, do the remix with Dead Prez! This is the shit we have been missing. Reminds me of Amerikkka’s Most Wanted by Cube. This is G.

  • Avenger XL

    Of course the the tea party is political darth H8ter they represent the far right and the boomer hold outs they say they are values voters who want to cut spending well fine lets cut spending, social security oh wait most of the tea party gets it, hmmm lets see how about medicare ahhh dang it they are against cutting that too. The military industrial complex can’t do that there are terrorist boogiemen everywhere ooohhh! How about the prison industrial complex and spend moremoney turning nonviolent offenders into tax paying citizens instead of career crooks who we continue paying for nahhh taht wouldn’t be tough on crime right? Clinton did more budget cutting than any conservative president in decades and Bush blew through the fuckin surplus. Now Obama has a choice to do nothing and hope a recession doesn’t become a depression while the republicans play politics with fools like everyone who think the tea party isn’t just a bunch of hyper passionate middle class white voters from the far right with xenaphobic leanings, who are trying to protect their america not all of america. Or Obama can spend as you have to during these types of crisises and find the courage to cut the programs mentioned above and raise taxes to pay off the debt and balance the books.

    The poor are in the same boat they are always in during a recession or not. They are voiceless and at the mercy of the system the tea party have a load voice and have high jacked a politcal party. They do not have the same objectives nor do they have the same means.

    We are not headed for revolution pipe dreamers (cocaine is a hell of a drug) we are in the middle of a paradime shift. Why do we beleive we can run a economy up up up without any downturns? What goes up must come down as old industry die and new ones are born. workers need to learn to save and consume less garbage. Our problem is primarly overconsumption and overpopulation. But nobody touches these things for obvious reason they power the matrix (no tin foil conspiracy theory rabble)

  • http://www.theeducatedvillains.com Whiteboy D

    burn that shit to the ground if it dont support the people….

  • Allhiphop dot com

    Whiteboy D is obviously a moron

  • Question?????/

    How many of you website gangsters actually paid for Killer Mike’s Music or actually are going to one of his upcoming shows?????

    • Mike Bigga

      I count 3 i have personally met 2 white oneis Rican but looks black with “good hair” (Dominican.lol) Shouts out to Tico. I gotta another pack o loud homie! I only interjected cuz i appreciate my supporters and do not want u to think all commenter’s are phony and suckas (jus most) .lol Gone!

  • southcakc23

    @whiteboy D, CHUUUUUUUUUCH!

    @anyone confused as to the mantra of the tea party…….they are afraid of losing power to a minority and they associate minorities with social federal programs that are wastes of money in their opinion. Now that we have a minority as president…..they think anything he proposes is going to blow the deficit out of control. The fact is, the majority of the programs and government agencies the tea party is in favor of are or have been responsible for the bulk of the national debt that my grandchildrens’ grandchildren are going to be dealing with (thanks to the reaganomics and military-industrial complex of the right wing of our government and country)

    The revolution is not a pipe dream…..its real… and it VERY possible. The problem is who is going to be there to fight for their stake in the fight. The Tea Party is filled with a bunch of ignorant rednecks who now have an excuse not to wear a damn sheet over themselves. They can openly espouse their racism and bigotry and will sooner than later have the chance to act on their hatred. If the tea party gains any true traction in Washington (in the form of Tea Party candidates winning seats in the house and senate…..we will likely see an attempted political revolution (which could easily lead to a full blown attempt at a revolt by the Tea Party supporters) and we will have no one to blame but ourselves for allowing the Tea Party to receive validation.

    as for the song…..DOPE SHIT! and much needed DOPE SHIT! That’s all there is to say about it. Plus, once the song is mixed and mastered….this shit is gone be knockin suckas out the box “weekly, monthly, yearly….til you punk mufukas learn to fear me” or “daily…or weekly, monthly, yearly…until them dumb muthfukas see clearly”

    Shout out to Ice Cube for inspiring a BEAST of an MC!


    • avenger XL

      The reason I say the revolution is a pipe dream is because everyone in every country cries out revolution when faced with shifting tides of paradime/social currents. But revolution is usually a mindless reaction which replaces one form of tyranny for another. It will depose one madman or faction in the hands of mobe rule and another slick talker ready to rob the people and sell them the false hope that all of their dreams are possible if only they are willing to give them all power.

      In the U.S. the people are the government even with the corrupt. representatives we send to office. If we sit back and don’t truely keep score of how things play out and let the media feed us bullshit on what to do against our own basic needs and best interest then, whoever makes the most noise and raises the most moeny wins the day. That is why you have to hold those in power accountable. The tea party has gotten traction based on the fact they are riding the waves of xenophobia,recession woes against washington, sensationalizm, stupidity, liberal laziness, republican politcal gamesmanship, media love for paranoia/social pathology etc… all the way to a bull pulpit powered by far right supporters desguised as so called independents. They are disgusied as such to get the so called independent vote. When most of the mighty undecided in the u.s. are often the knee jerk uninformed and what ever politcal group out of power simply panders to there fears energizes their base and boom they get a second chance to profiteer at the tax payers expense.

      The tea party are just unwitting and some fully realized puppets of the far right and a hope to continue or reignite of repubilcan revolution i.e. contract with america days of gingrich. But their teeth only lies in the conplacentcy of liberals and ignorance of independent swing voters who vote based upon how they feel at the moment rather than what they need in the future.

      Chess not checkers folks!

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    Sum things will never change,it is what it is..the gap between the rich & poor will just continue 2 stretch!!!

  • WestEndAD

    Yes a few people acted foolish in the tea party movement but thats not accurate representation of the whole party. There are quite a few minorities in the tea party movement also. You should really do your research on what the party is about before making your comments. You might find that you agree with some of their views.

    • avenger xl

      Micheal Steele is that you? Really are you serious? What do we have in common? Concerns about spending is something many folks share but as I stated above everybody wants the next man to take a hair cut but keep their own government subsidies. When a elected offical talks about making cuts to the military industrial complex,prison industrial complex, adjusting the entitlement programs including medicare,medicade and raising taxes until we pay off these debts then they are all full of bullshit. The tea party is a off shoot of the far right plan and simple and the far right has minorites too Alan Keys is a damn birther. Do I need to mention Steele and Thomas. Hell Rush limbaugh even has Keys and another black guy sit in on his show from time to time.

      So fuck what you heard act like you know!

  • http://theorganizegrind.com musicconnoisseur

    Good shit Killa Kill… A rapper speaking on real issues of today… Burn it down!

  • SouthSide Shawty

    Yo Bigga! My nigga! This your bruh bruh from Ben Hill shawty! All I gotta say is that its sooo much shit in the game, I dont know where to start! Most of the points made in these comments are good & valid! As far as the topics to include in your verse(s), one must understand the reason why we are here as oppressed ppl! Yeah dependence on oil, over indulgence & no self control as a country are vivid reasons for America’s problems, but researching our history as well as theirs(Anglo-Saxons,caucasians,crackers,etc)will give these ppl who have made comments against what you’re trying to convey, more vision to the overall mission, which is to uprise & overcome the bullshit!! So I say to these lames to start by researching: The Isis Papers, The Willie Lynch Letter, The Committee 300,The Tavistock Institute,Behold A Pale Horse,1984 By George Orwell for starters! Then if you’re still thirsting, google the movies Zeitgeist,The Esoteric Agenda,The Corporation, The Rise to Power & The Matrix Unplugged! Keep doing what you do best bruh! Uplift the ppl. Dueces!

    • avenger xl

      Don’t forget to get off your ass and do something like get more educated on how our political system works. Vote on a local and national level to prevent the tea party from continuing the southern strategy(look that up bitches). Don’t consume shit reckless actually save money when possible and stop going broke keeping up with the man.

  • PZ

    @ Bigga…lemme ask…aint the whole world designed on a set of systems that you gotta work the best you can for yo own benefit…and learn the ins and outs by using the advantages and disadvantages TO your advantage in order to come out on top?

    can anybody name me one social structure in the world or history where this aint been a true statement?

    and one further…im a believer in ‘it was written’…so what impact does THAT have on the view we have..BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY…the action we take?

    Bigga…id love to hear a whole storyline mixtape from you travelin through the generations from way back to the future..highlighting the consistency of the struggle…the fight to change it…and the ultimate acceptance of ‘it was written’ and follow that bitch up with a part 2 telling the youngins the right way to move within what’s real.

    much respect



      All of mans systems are loosely based on the law of the jungle principle. Predator eats prey etc… Most of our systems are built on our base nature. If you break things down social structures moved away from just working for the survival of the group/tribe to becoming obessed with symbols and ornamentation of high social status. America has become a huge pyramide scheme, the very thing they sent Maddoff to jail for can be seen in some government practices. They sell people false dreams to replace their real ones and keep you on a tread mill until you collapse chasing a fake carrot on a stick. But blind revolution won’t fix anything. The revolution that is needed starts with a more educated consumer, not seeking to over populate or over consume and ready to discuss the problems that lay ahead without throwing up a million night mare scenarios to scare the dumb.

  • PZ

    ..and if they don’t like my post Bigga I say fuck it he a pussy throw a skirt on em!

    naw..im playin…that lil line kills me…i remember them days like yesterday…the storytellin is masterful.

  • Nic Hochstedler

    Raw shit bigga. I tell em again and again that youre the best in the game today. The politicalization/socialization of the black population is an achievable aim, but first we must know who to trust. We also cant completely depend on instiutions most likely orchestrated by the wealthy white elite; we need to combine the grind and go ghetto-owned; thats the shit we on.