When I was about 12, my aunt told me there is no problem that cannot be fixed with $5 worth of gas and a book of matches. My aunt was a former Panther-affiliate in Atlanta. She was red, beautiful and strong beyond measure.

She was my Afeni.

Without getting too deep, I want you out there to understand there’s a storm coming. This country is quickly becoming one where there is only rich and poor. The citizens feel abandoned, abused and scared. I know hip-hop says we OK… We ballin’… We doin’ it better than those other niggas, but, sigh, we are not.

As Americans we are now poorer, angrier and more violent than ever. It is only a matter of time before the people call institutions to task: schools, prisons, churches and politicians. When this has happened in the past—French and American revolutions, Cuban uprising, Haiti—fire and blood have followed.

For the first time in my life, conservatives (Tea Party) and the oppressed (nearly everyone else) are all shouting that something’s wrong at the same time. I fear if our country does not fix its relationship with citizens, fire is soon coming.

Here’s some video of “Burn,” a new track I’m working on for “Pledge 3.” Please know it’s super rough. SweatBox Music did the track, and we’re crafting more heat. Maurice Garland is responsible for the footage, and unlike most artists, I want yo opinion on what else I should talk about in the final album version of this record! Salute and gone! Fin.

MAURICEGARLAND.com Previews Killer Mike aka Mike Bigga's "Burn" from www.mauricegarland.com on Vimeo.