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So dig this: by now I’m sure most of you have heard or heard of Talib Kweli’s curiously far-left-of-center cut he did with Gucci Mane, “Poltergeist.” It’s not necessarily the greatest or worst song in the world, but in the hip hop world but it certainly fits in that “WTF” category of music, similar to when all those Bloods and Crips joined up and made that awful rap double album shortly after the Los Angeles Riots. It’s not even the most random rap collaboration ever; that title still belongs to M.O.P. when they linked up with LFO.

Awful. Simply awful.

But as is the norm in hip hop and its separatist nature there was some listener who, in my opinion, falsely took the song for task and credited Talib Kweli for effectively killing the “conscious” rapper with that song, writing some long, drawn out diatribe about it. Talib, being the prideful man he is (as is the case with most Black men), responded in kind, claiming that it’s due to labeling in rap which is why black women can’t seem to find the promised land, or something… I stopped reading it after a while to fix my DirecTV. I’m not missing Sunday night’s episodes of True Blood and Entourage because some guy would rather try to buy a broken gaming system off of me than fix my shit.

But I’m straying away from my point.

I’m actually going to have to side with Talib with this one, or at least what I read from his response. I feel we spend far too much time labeling and criticizing our own music, sometimes under the pretense that we deeply care about the music and wish it not to fall to the doldrums. That may be fine and all, were it in regards to the genuinely bad music that still gets processed every day (word to BET Uncut “alum” Joker The Bailbondsman). However, we’re too quick to judge anything that doesn’t fit the mold of any rapster, ready to claim blasphemy if the artist even looks at another artist.

Labeling an artist some way is essentially the kiss of death in their career. Once they’ve been marked as something that has even a modicum of negativity to go with it, that artist is essentially pigeonholed into a category they’ll almost never escape from. Even I couldn’t hear a song about bitches and bum wines from Black Thought without thinking it being some sort of cautionary tale.

Besides, don’t get things twisted: so-called “conscious” artists are some of the biggest whores in music (and I don’t mean this in an insulting manner). Erykah Badu has a trio of children by a trio of fathers. The Roots’ ?uestlove convinced Sasha Grey to appear in the video for “Birthday Girl” a few years back. Hell, even Talib’s sometimes-running buddy in Black Star, Mos Def, has at least six concubines in his harem. So seeing Talib jump on a track with Gucci of all people should be the least shocking thing in my eyes. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see J. Cole jump on a track with Ace Hood. But then again, that wouldn’t benefit anybody.

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    • Master CHeef


  • $yk

    The curse of the Jigga co-sign.

    Wasn’t Jay the one who said he wanted to rap like Talib, thus boxing him in?

  • Worley

    Bol just did a post on this yesterday. Either someone from Gucci Mane or Kweli’s camp cut Harris a check or you have fallen to an all time low.

  • Cents

    Meka man you really keep disappointing your readers with this stuff lol…how does all of what you’ve mentioned, have to do with an above average emcee pairing up with a shitty one? All of the stuff you’ve mentioned was all personal stuff that we as fans shouldn’t even give two shits about.

    I don’t care if Mos Def tries to beat Chamberlain’s record or Erykah becomes babymama of the year- I just want to hear some good music.

  • PhillyRutts

    i agree wit cents, just want to hear some good tracks, sometimes its a good thing when something comes out of left feild keeps things fresh whether it sucks or not, gets us all talkin.

    • mikal

      kid cudi opened my eyes to thinking outside the normal hiphop box. i say keep it coming as long as its good.

  • Bklyn

    cot damn meka are you going to write essay’s on what ever dumbshit comes to your mind? like seriously you chose a topic on talib kweli and gucci mane did song together wow. No offense your grammar and writing is good but your topics are fucken bullshit, can some interesting shit come to your mind for once?

  • Shake

    Meka, you are a babbling idiot. Your writing sucks.

  • harlem

    yo honestly, i would love to see ace hood and j cole. ace gets no respect hes nice

  • Someone With Good Taste

    You watch Entourage?


    That show’s fucking horrible.

    If this was during the first season or second season, or even third…yeah, sure. Okay.

    But in 2010? Entourage? Get the fuck out of here.

  • hipadv

    Ayo, Harlem is slightly right.. Ace has a few good ones I’ve heard in the past but for J.Cole’s sake, let Cole first get ‘established’ established before he starts to try to resurrect careers.. Today I was happy to hear J.Cole on the radio. Fuego


    again, this doesn’t make sense. let talib breathe. more importantly, let hip hop grow.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I feel what your saying from your last comment on Bol’s post but here’s the thing I’ve noticed: a lot of these so called respectul, concious rappers often give cosigns to a lot of the ignorant, silly rappers. When Oprah had that town hall meeting on hip-hop, Common was definding not only rap but even the so called silly, LCD rap that includes Gucci, Wacka Flocka, Soulja Boi, ect. Nas even defended Soulja Boi and claimed hip to be just as much of hip-hop as him, Queen Latifa supported Three 6 Mafia when they won the Academy award even though she came from the so-called “Golden Age” of Hip-hop, and BLack Thought even gave Wayne some props even when Wayne is often the most hated rapper. But when do you hear any of these “minstrel” rappers ever give acknoledgement to these so called concious rappers. The only rapper I can think of doing this is Bun B but he cosigns everybody.

      My point is that people are upset about this collaboration because Talibs fans think that Gucci is another one of those get rich-scheme rappers who don’t necessarily think of rap as music as they think of it as a hustle. Why wouldn’t you be mad if your favorite artists goes out their way to acknowledge and show respect to another artist that may not even acknowledge their music. This isn’t hatred for Gucci more that it’s hatred for a lot of these hustler rappers that view rap as the new crack game. I don’t think many people hate Gucci for his music. It’s the preference the industry has for the type of music he makes than others. It’s a shame how dudes like Gucci and Ross can get album release dates and cover s on XXL but rappers like Talib who have toured internationally and show respect to the rappers that don’t even appreciate them get ignored. Shit Lupe has to get have a petition for his album to release but Ross can get an expensive, over-produced album that can only sell 150K.

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  • Casso

    What does “took the song for task” mean?

  • Fukc a Meka

    I thought billy sunday was bad…. Meka your fucking horrible

  • k town

    I thought billy sunday was bad… meka your fucking horrible

  • swype-matic

    “word to BET Uncut “alum” Joker The Bailbondsman”

    hahaha!! “Let me see that ass drop, let me see that ass drop!”

  • Kennith B. Inge

    @nicholasdelorejo You made some very interesting points. I totally agree with the album cover reference. It should remind us all that at the end of the day, this whole industry is run by money. Period. Take away Drake and Niki Minaj’s fiscal backing and they are still tolling away on the “underground” circuit. So yes, Talib and all the other nice MC’s won’t make the cut because guess what, most people or the “common folk” don’t care to hear what they have to say or their music. That’s it. Gucci, Wacka, Soulja, and more are the ones that can push magazine sells. Sad but true. I was shocked and surprised by the collab but let’s be honest, a lot of industry figures like Gucci Mane. It is what it is.

  • Ben

    XXL is in the shitter. Joker the jail bondsman, when i was 15 me and my homies would watch uncut high as hell. “Let me see that ass drop” was hilarious.

  • Bol’s #1 Fan Stan

    Bol did a post on this the other day that was also more entertaining. u get an A for effort tho, it seems like u tryin.