Will Drake’s Thank Me Later Sell a Million in a Week?

Thank Me Later, first week I’m taking all bets/Because a million copies isn’t really far fetched!” —Drake, on Birdman’s “More Milli

When Drake spit that line last fall it seemed a lot more easy for the rap rookie to do a milli his first week than it does now. While fans may hold on to the idea that the Young Money standout is hotter than ever and possibly poised to run the summer, skeptics are whispering that Drizzy’s buzz may have long since fizzled out. Plus, the album leaked two weeks ago, which could potentially dilute his sales.

Either way, it’s Drake’s debut LP Thank Me Later (in stores today) is certainly one of the most anticipated this year; but where will it place?

A few southern rappers recently placed their bets. Bun B predicts Drake will do atleast 500K, while Slim Thug predicts “over 500 [thousand].” Juve is more optimistic: “He could go platinum the first day.”

The next few days will tell the story.

Until then take a look at the XXL staff’s predictions for the Toronto star’s debut disc, then place your own bets. —Brooklyne Gipson

Drake, Thank Me Later – 450K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 465K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 625K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 325K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 475K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 215K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 485K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 520K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 605K

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  • CrunchyBlack187

    He switches between two different styles/flows on the whole album and the beats seem pretty similar as well.

    • http://gmail.com freeweezy15

      drake will sell 750k and his second will go platinum in a week… and lil wayne didint go platinum in a week til the carter 3 so give drizzy a break the niggas raw

      • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=82521 ryde

        ya but if any1s gonna sell a mil again itll b eminem he has the high sellin record in a week 1.72 mil and folled it up with 2 more albums that sell more then a mil drizzy wont sell a mil if em cant do it again ps drake isnt raw hes like another chris brown

    • John O’Rhia

      His rhyming scheme is more simplified than a fucking nursery rhyme. AA BB CC DD…FUCK OFF Drake.

      Seriously, THIS is considered skilled rapping?

      The beats are so boring you forget you’re even listening to the album if you are doing anything else at the same time.

      • eddy

        the beats are nice and smooth hip hop beats wtf are you talking about and his schemes are nice and smooth like jay or nas and hes trying to sell records like hes said numerous times “ou know hip hop shit dont sell if you wan to hear his best flow and bars go listen to his first 2 mixtapes room for improvement or comeback season

      • jasmine

        if your gonna shit talk drake then why the fuck are you on here you piece of shit. shut the hell up. and ^^^ drake is NOTTTTTTT another chris brown are you kidding me? chris brown SINGS and is like fucking ringtone rap. drake is nothing even remotely close to drake. ryde and john orhia you dont know SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT.

  • stuckfresh

    600k at least!

  • these posts are racist

    He’s selling 1 million.

    • Chris S

      not when Eminem comes out the day before

  • gaddic


    • Anonymous

      ughhhh T.I mufuka im just sayin he is one of the greatest….that nigga might have sold 12,000 his first week so watch out with that shit u seem like wun ofthose hatin ass niggas who are jus mad cause everybody is feelin his music

      • YourAnIdiot

        yea your an idiot…no1′s hatin on his music, but the fact is that “thank me later” is a piece of shit compared to other rappers who had amazing debuts. Hell, “So Far Gone” was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than thank me later…if only he had used that mixtape as his debut he woulda sold like 2mil in the first week! Besides, Recovery is coming out like a week later, and I for one will definetely wait for that to drop, rather than wastin my money on TML.

  • Knock

    Are you guys on crack? No one will ever sell million in the first week, ever! And even someone does, it’s definitely not going to be Drake.
    I think it’s safe to say probably close to 500k.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      You mean ever AGAIN, right? Because Em did it twice and Wayne did it too.

      I think he sells about 280K…maybe 300K.

      • Knock

        Of course, many artists sold million plus in a first week… but I really think that’s the thing of the past…

    • Anonymous

      people already sold 1 mill in a wk idiot

      • Limp

        are you retarded? of course they did, he said they will never do again

    • YourAnIdiot

      yea i hope you mean “no1 will ever sell a million AGAIN”, cuz a ton of people have sold a mil in the first week. Highest ever first week RAP album was…Marshal Mathers LP i think, with 2.7m in the first week?
      Second was either The Eminem Show, or The Carter 3…but yea, its harder to sell a million nowadays, cuz i dont think they count downloaded albums (off Itunes and such), towards the copies sold.


    True true, I don’t see it doin’ a mill the first week at all, though he may go platinum in the long run, what people fail to be mentioning is Eminem’s album drops next week which will do heavy numbers the first week and it will hurt his overall sales badly.

  • General

    I think he is in a better position than any artist since Wayne last sold a million the first week, but I really don’t see it happening. I don’t think he will struggle to go platinum though in a month or so…

    I think his and Em’s numbers will be very similar

  • Knock

    I agree, he will probably go platinum eventually, so will Eminem.

    • YourAnIdiot

      Considering “Relapse” sold 650k-ish in the first week, i think “Recovery” is going to do a whole lot better and definetely hit that 750k+ mark first week. Em won’t have a problem hittin the 1m, and nor will Drake in the long run, but no1 cares about the long run, its all about first week sales.

  • infamous1


    • Deadly MIME

      Why would you be shocked? This is what the culture has gone to now. Hip-Hop has dug a hole so deep that we cant even get out of it. I do agree with you when ppl say that his music is refreshing when its not. Its just a promotional tool to convince Drake is about the hype. Hip-hop has gone to the bitches and the faggots. I’m sorry dont know how to put it any other way. In a good 5 years, I’m gonna give up on hip-hop and move on cause there’s no room or space for an intellectual individual in a culture run by ignorance.

    • MikeRoCc

      lmao u say he only talks about cars money and girls like veryone else doesnt do it dummy even OG’s in the game like snoop and jayz still talk about that stuff plus biggie and pac did it R.I.P. pac, but nigga sit down with all that and so far gone is just like tml on both on them he sings more then he raps really so thats realli ignorant of you to say…..750k-million first week. Bet

      • YourAnIdiot

        Yea your a fucking dumbass. Don’t ever compare Pac, Biggie or even Jayz with this fool. Name fucking 3 songs of Pac which were actually popular, and had everything to do with cars, girls and money? The point deadly mime was tryin to make is that songs nowadays ONLY talk about cars, money, and girls. Pac wasnt known for that, he was known for being political, gangster, and fuckin carrying emotions in his songs, not just fuckin autotuned repetitive bullshit they call rap nowadays. Eminem is the only real rapper alive right now…and maybe Jay z with BP3!

  • http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/16/magazine/16Leviev-t.html leviev

    who cares we all know its not going to do that good!!!

  • jonny bizness

    i know this sounds crazy but 750k even without the big single!!!!

  • The Purple Giver

    300k if the 14 year old girls get their pocket money for the month. but anyway lets leave drake behind and look forward. J. Cole debut LP should sell a mill, proberly wont though, he hasnt got the buzz of these lame ass young money bitches.

    • tim

      j cole is raw too but drake is raw 2 just because hes in YM dont mean hes wack the dude is real crazy lyraccly and if your a real hip hop fan you like drake. his newer material is more mainstream because he is trying to make money but if you want hip hop go listen to Room For Improvement or Comeback Season and youll really know drake. GO COP THE ALBUMMM

      • The Purple Giver

        drake is raw, but since hes been YM his done the mainstream shit, he needs to learn that you need to continue doing the shit that mad you big in the first. ive been on drake a couple of years since so far gone and room but its since his YM he making this trash. i know J. Cole wont do that, he knows that the come up and warm up have made him but hes gotta go bigger and rawer with the new album. im just hoping that Cory Gunz doesnt get put in the YM mainstream machine and turn out like drake. people, not just drake, need to learn to keep it real and do hip hop, not this r’n'b shit

      • YourAnIdiot

        yea true say, Drake isnt all bad, tho Thank Me Later is a peice of shit. He woulda done better to sell Comeback Season, Heartbreak Drake, or the best mixtape of all, So far Gone….fuckin tml is crap.

  • ff1one@yhaoo.com

    i think some people need to read research or just don’t comment. 1. a mill has been done before and it has been done within the last four years. thas not far fetch. 500 k has been doin recently. if old man jay can come close, i think Drake and his young money cult like following can do the mill.

    as for the album. is it great? for our genration no its not. for their generation, it maybe a classic. overall its good music for the summer. hip hop has become a buisness. this guy could have made an ob4cl2 and did those numbers for the “real” hip hop fans.

    so, for all the haters…make a constructive critisim. if you can do better, manage somebody and make them to the top, or you go gold.

    • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

      I agree with you. I think the issue I have with so many artists of the past few years is that they get SO hyped up and we’re always told “________ is the next great artist!”

      Unfortunately for the artist him/herself, that creates completely unrealistic expectations. Drake would NEVER be able to please everybody waiting for his album and please everyone because we’ve been told that it’s going to be so great for almost a year.

      Let the artist be an artist…

  • Rap24

    Fuck drake.Im buying Recovery,the album is great.Im gonna be blasting that shit all summer long^^,

  • kingequality

    We all hate when our favorites fall off. The mass programming they try to subject us to miss me all together. He Probably will sell more than 500k, he’s like the only rapper getting his songs played on the radio every five minutes. I cant get with a dude from cananda with a non authentic dirty south flow.
    They couldn’t find another em so they got the closest thing to it a swirl baby, he’ll be able to get money from both sides. It kinda makes wayne and baby look like geniuses

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    I really wish B.O.B. had the hype that Drake does, i think it would be a lot more worthy of everyone’s time. BOB’s album was so good, Drake’s was so-so with a few bangers on it. Em was really impressive with a few exceptions.

    • nomad

      that was the point I was going to make. I actually like both albums, but I wonder if B.O.B had the same pub would he be able to push the units that his album should have done.

  • beto

    just got mine… lets go drizzy

  • http://yahoomail.com Official!

    800k-850k, the album is on point really fits the title bc after listening to it more and more is dope. Just like BP3, i didnt really vibe with it at first nut after listening it was a classic.

    • deshawn

      true dat man very true at first i was like WTF another 808s n heartbreaks then i listened to it more n its like a COLLEGE DROPOUT

  • Nomad

    just a question:

  • Anonymous

    i think if drake just makes and album thats pure rap and not as much singing it wud sell 1.5 mill in a week

  • Javito_1

    My bet is drake will sell around 400k, be #1 for a week,and then get knocked off by Recovery. Any takers?

  • Anonymous

    what he should do is make a pure (RAP) album and not tell anyone about it, then release it out of no were. that would put up some crazy numbers

  • treezy

    the album is aight but no way is he pushin a milli his first week…em??? theres a good possibility!

  • http://1600microsoftpointsforfree.com ryan s.

    record sales are part of the past

  • avenger xl

    This guy hasn’t got the crossover appeal of the blackeye peas and the crossover songs he made aren’t even sticking witha all of the payola the labels paid for this shit sandwich of an R&B debacle. Hip-hop better hope he is forced to rap again or we are in for a rash of even more bitch made half ass crooners raping pseudo personal jibberish when they are obviously as shallow as a wading pool.

    Manufactured rap stars who claim they came from the streets wait a minute didn’t vanilla ice already do that and he sold a trizzlion oh no …….that’s right nobody buys shit anymore

  • biggamike

    We better all hope that this boy sells because if he doesn’t, labels are not signing anybody anymore! Think about all of the money they put into this “product”(cuz thats all it is) He probably has to go platinum just to break even. While I don’t believe he’ll sell a million in the first week, I would expect him to sell around or slightly above 500k


    100-250K…Fuck Drake

  • smokey berra

    why are these numbers so high?the way this shit is nowadays he lucky if he do 100k.I hope he does a mill first week cause he do ok music.like a few joints hes done.

  • beetKillah

    400k from the fans…

    600k from his label.

    1 milli! lol

    • Anonymous

      lmao this comment had me dyin cuz baby proly but a million copies himself lol

  • Axeo


    Look at So Far Gone EP it hasn’t gone gold and it’s his best work so this milli thing is absurd

    This album will sell but his next album needs to explode minds

    • http://quebishop.deviantart.com qp


      What you have to keep in mind is that So Far Gone was available as a free mixtape for the longest and then they released it as a physical copy with less songs, and it still sold 474,000 copies. Most folks already had it so some didn’t want to buy it, but people still went out and bought something they could get for free.

      Drake won’t make a Million in the first week, but he will do some high numbers.

  • katt

    Anonymous, you my nigga and all but, that’s a horrible idea, all rap, no advertisement.. not a good look

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    Its either listen to Drake or listen to this new fucking “Teach Me How to Dougie” song they got out in Houston right now. Compared to how niggas in TX are spittin he’s a fucking lyrical beast lol. But no I….plat?…it aint hard to reach. OB4CL2 went platinum…..no promo… :)

  • Anonymous

    200,000 through 700,000

    somewhere between there he will sale, I would of said 500,000 but the extra 200,000 coming from Young Money…lmfao

    solid album, not a classic by a long shot though and whoever say it is is di*kriding Drizzy forreal

    find your love is my favorite song by Drake where he sings the whole time but I hate usually when he does cause I’m all about the lyrics

  • gf

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    I strongly recommend ______ B l a c k W h i t e D a t e * C o m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What’s kind of relationship do you want?

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  • PokChop

    A milli first week. no qestions asked

  • Eddy

    Thank me later is a great album and it sticks to its concept the whole time, come on now all you real hip hop heads know that. album wise its great the worst song on it is miss me cuz wayne came weak but every other song is raw and his barz are on point man good flow (i aint going to lie his flow is the same on like 4 songs) but come on now first album for the “most hyped” dude ever come on now its a good album. and if you saying drake aint hip hop go listen to “Room For Improvement” or “Comeback Season” that will please all you Hip Hop heads. And this album was made to appeal to everyone gots rnb pop hits hip hop rap everything.

  • Q!thaGreat!

    look, I don’t know why people expected something different from a guy who doesn’t sound all stupid on the mic like wacka flacka whatever the fawk his name is!! i mean seriously, who has had an impact on MUSIC in general in the last couple of years? Kanye, Wayne, and Jay (Em trying to get back there)Drake is a refreshing change from all the BS that has come out and sold off of a stupid dance and a stupid club single! so miss me with all the hating and overly critical thinking! ignorance breeds ignorance!

    Thank Me Later is a great album and it has solid production all the way through, a multi-talented artist who can actually write, rap, and hold a decent singing note! c’mon what else u want!! some fake ass gangster talking about shooting and selling drugs? we had that BS era already! or some ignorant ass fool who can bare speak english telling u to do some stupid dance me made up while he was drunk in the club!! we had that era already too! c’mon hip-hop nation, wake up!!! We losing our artform and if you care about the $hit, you would regonize the importance of supporting Drake right now! stop hating and elevate! I’ll thank the dude now, job well done Drake!

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    That comment was too large, it felt like a novel.

    @Nomad – THANK YOU homie.

    BOB > Drake

  • Slvrshot

    Drake is nice on some tracks but he needs to work on his flow. That shit be too basic at times.

  • Anonymous

    Yo the only good track on this album is “Light Up” & that’s cuz it got Jay Z on it, that’s it, & u know Jigga killed it……….!

  • Anonymous

    Damn the tracks sound all alike they all go the same way it does get boring after the 4th song, he’s got the same rhyme patern all the way, versatile or not, & the singing is horrible, ya’ll gotta kill all that noise, if does sell any of those #’s it’s bcuz of all the hype, the album is really disapointing.

  • that nigga

    Album fuckin sucks. Like 3 hot songs, and its more like an R&B album. This shit aint rap. He’ll do well first week, bout 600K then after everyone gets a whiff of this whackness……..
    I’TS OVER, pun intended.

  • LZ

    Man look at u dudes. Drake is a different dude just cuz he ain’t flashin his gun or sellin crack u think he ain’t got life lessons to teach u or talk about. He don’t claim to b something hes not like a lot of cats out there now. He the realist dude out there now. I’m tired of these dude boring me. Drake still new incase u forgot. Everybody been sleepin on this dude for a min
    “I could relate to kids going straight to the league,when they recognise that you got what it takes to succeed,and thats around the time that your idols become your rivals,you make friends with Mike but gotta AI him for your survival”

  • D.linnkquents

    Im listening to one of the songs on “thank me later” and drizzy kills that shit, its’ “fire works” for ya’ll wondering….drizzy before this album was comming out with alot of mainstream sounding stuff and people started questioning if he sold out and shit…..this album shows all you bitch hatters drizzy’s still drizzy no matter how big no matter how much money

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  • Jessica(:

    drake didn’t thank his fans once during the album. eminem thanked his many times.

    both deserve to go platinum their first week, but it’s more likely em will than drake. after all, em’s presales alone were over 200,000.

    at the end of the day, both albums will be very successful. i would rather pay attention to the sales after, say, a month, to get a true grasp of the reception; as opposed to just the first week. week 1 usually just mirrors the album hype (which is huge for both artists)