Thank Me Later, first week I’m taking all bets/Because a million copies isn’t really far fetched!” —Drake, on Birdman’s “More Milli"

When Drake spit that line last fall it seemed a lot more easy for the rap rookie to do a milli his first week than it does now. While fans may hold on to the idea that the Young Money standout is hotter than ever and possibly poised to run the summer, skeptics are whispering that Drizzy's buzz may have long since fizzled out. Plus, the album leaked two weeks ago, which could potentially dilute his sales.

Either way, it’s Drake's debut LP Thank Me Later (in stores today) is certainly one of the most anticipated this year; but where will it place?

A few southern rappers recently placed their bets. Bun B predicts Drake will do atleast 500K, while Slim Thug predicts “over 500 [thousand].” Juve is more optimistic: “He could go platinum the first day.”

The next few days will tell the story.

Until then take a look at the XXL staff's predictions for the Toronto star's debut disc, then place your own bets. —Brooklyne Gipson

Drake, Thank Me Later – 450K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 465K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 625K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 325K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 475K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 215K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 485K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 520K

Drake, Thank Me Later – 605K