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Few things excite me nowadays. The smell of newly purchased, unworn sneakers. The first bite into a meal I’d been anxiously waiting on since I read it off the menu to my server. A game-winning play to end a really close, action-packed game. Needless to say, music is closer to the lower end of that totem pole.

So when I originally heard Lauryn Hill was going to perform at Rock The Bells a few weeks ago, I actually got excited at the possibility of seeing her live for the first time ever before quickly realizing that it’s 2010 and the Lauryn I followed mentally died about ten years prior. Now, after reneging on performing at Rock The Bells then reneging on that, I’m not really gassed to see her that much anymore. Premature ejaculation for the soul, I say.

However, the remainder of the headliners has piqued my interest greatly. I’ve seen DJ Premier perform plenty of times, and I’ve also seen enough Gang Starr-slash-Guru tributes in the past few months to last me a lifetime, yet Primo’s dedication to his craft and catalog has always and will always command my respect. The few times I was at an event where all four… errr… three-and-a-half members (Jarobi was only on their debut. How does that make still make him a full member?) of A Tribe Called Quest appeared I always ended up leaving prematurely, so it’s a bonus to see them perform Midnight Marauders in its entirety. I haven’t really liked a Snoop Dogg song since “The One & Only,” and that was ironically for its DJ Premier-produced beat, but seeing him perform Doggystyle is much better than seeing him do any of those songs he made when he was signed to No Limit.

Most of all, the Rock The Bells concert series has become more or less the preeminent concert for the nostalgia-ridden, aging rapster fan such as myself who stopped looking for Summer Jam moments years ago, and wouldn’t care even if DJ Khaled brought out Jesus, Muhammad, Joseph Smith and the rest of the Super Best Friends on stage at Summer Jam every year. Needless to say I care more for the music I used to plot capers to when I was used to work at Macy’s, and less for 45 various rapsters sharing three microphones and screaming back at the audience with a quasi-vengeful fury and other such Summer Jam moments.

It’s interesting to see how this year’s Rock The Bells will turn out, as its predecessor last year was infamous for one of Raekwon’s goons punching Joe Budden in his eye. I’m not anticipating more black-on-black violence to amuse me, but if this year’s lineup is any indication I won’t have secretly wish for someone to catch an eye jammie to make the show better.

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  • ReyTheHussein

    That lineup looks awesome, and cosign them thoughtses.

  • OA

    Mwhaha, That was exactly what I thought when I saw dozens reposting/retweeting how he brought back Jesus:P

    • Beautiful

      Susan recommended me a nice community , ______ B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m ______ where black & white singles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with…. :D

  • these posts are racist

    “and wouldn’t care even if DJ Khaled brought out Jesus, Muhammad, Joseph Smith and the rest of the Super Best Friends…”

    This is a poor analogy. To my knowledge, none of these figures rap. All of those DJ Khaled brought out on stage at Summer Jam, rapped and gave an awesome show. So, try again.

  • ri067953

    TPAR is gay…the point he is trying to make is that the current climate of rap is pretty much wack to those of us who still remember and relive the days when music was indispensable and didn’t consists of “goons” rapping about slanging cane and screaming on the mic about how great they are, even though they haven’t contributed anything significant to the artform.

    Call us old (I am in my 30s) but nothing about Rick Ross, Jim Jones, or DJ Kahled resonates with me. It’s pretty much garbage and is just re-hashed content that has already been covered. Ten years from now, nobody will be talking about Rick Ross or Plies. They will be sucked into the vortex of obscurity. However, the classic albums of Lauren, Snoop, and DJ Premier and Gangstarr will live in my heart forever. That is the point of this post.

    • these posts are racist


      I am pleased to see you are a homophobe…Anyway, I am 31, and agree that Lauren, (early) Snopp, Gangstarr, Illmatic, etc are classics and timeless. However, as a student of history, I also know that with each generation comes a new style and that those in their late 20′s/30′s grow nostalgic to their high school music…It’s as old as time.

      More importantly, name a song from your golden era of hip hop that didn’t talk about goons, drugs, and how great they are? Illmatic? Reasonable Doubt? The Chronic? Doggstyle? Come on playa…Even Guru spent a considerable amount of time bragging.

      Other than L Boogy…i ask you to prove me wrong.

      • epinz

        tribe called quest- midnight marauders, low end theory, peoples… la soul- de la is dead, pete rock & cl smooth- mecca and the soul brother, brand nubian, black sheep,ect, ect……

  • $ykotic Don McCaine

    Pierzy says: (on JUNE 8th, 3:51 pm)

    Rock The Bells >>>>>>> Summer Jam


    I see you’re avoiding your homie Lil’ B catching that 7pc…especially after that co-sign…

    • Pierzy

      Good looks, $yk!

      When I saw the headline, I was like, “I swear I typed the same thing on this blog yesterday.”

      Meka – I really enjoy reading your work and respect your pen (keyboard?) game, but I was hoping at least for a shout. If you want to discuss other topics to pursue, I’m in. (HA!)

      • these posts are racist


        You need to reach out to the OG’s of this comment section. Shout out to $yk and Pierzy!

  • ri067953

    TPAR…there is nothing wrong with being a homophobe, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    The problem with my argument is that you prove my point exactly, the artist that resonate with me are the ones who have already covered the material that these newer artists are still covering, however people like DJ Kahlid or Ross are now doing it in a sub-standard fashion. Compare the lines and concepts of Illmatic or Resonable Doubt to those of a Rick Ross and you will undoubtedly see the difference. Illmatic and Resonable Doubt are a reflection of the passion for the artistry that Jay and Nas had at the time. I don’t see the same passion in the music that is out today.

    The music is now cartoonish in nature and as a lover of hip-hop I find it frustrating that mainstream hip-hop is littered with poseurs and imitators which is the antithesis of what hip hop is supposed to be about.

    • these posts are racist

      “…nothing wrong with being a homophobe…”

      Really? Bigotry is OK? Intolerance on a hip hop site. Wow.

      • Pierzy

        There is so much wrong with being homophobic. Just like there is so much wrong with being racist or sexist.

        What’s good, TPAR? How’s things?

        • these posts are racist


          What’s good brother! Things are OK…sort of re-inventing myself in a lot of ways and thinking through things. I’m 31 and thinking of a career change, got some interesting stuff in the works…we’ll see.

          How’s the MBA program?

        • Pierzy

          I hear you, man. Passing the 30 mark really helps one to evaluate things in life and prioritize. I’m sort-of doing something similar.

          I actually graduated in January, good looking out for remembering. Similar to you, since graduating, I’ve been interviewing and trying to make that next move. A few years ago, it would’ve been a no-brainer but since the market collapsed, jobs in finance (and every other walk of life) are scarce.

          Keep me posted on the life changes…

      • ri067953

        Yeah, you’ll see it all day on here…no homo, [II], etc. That pretty much equates to being a homophobe. Regardless, people have their opinions, and just because you accept homosexuality doesn’t mean your view is right, it is what it is. Anyway, I’m not asking you to be my homie and kick it so it really doesn’t matter, right?

        So stop being so self-righteous my man and relax.

  • $yk

    “I find it frustrating that mainstream hip-hop RAP is littered with poseurs and imitators which is the antithesis of what hip hop is supposed to be about.”

    ^ realest thing you said.

    Been there already tpar, thus the reason I’m on the left coast now. Traveling helps fam.

  • Crackee

    ima be at Rock The Bells. shits gonna be crazy!

  • epinz

    cant wait to see the tribe perform. ive been dien to see these nggz do they thing for a long ass time.

  • Brooklyn

    rock the bells > summer jam if you’ve got good taste in music, regardless of age. i have the misfortune of coming from the generation that produced most of those headlining niggas from summer jam, and i barely listen to any of their music. i’d much rather be listening to some early 90′s rap than the shit that’s out now. i’d kill a schoolbus full of mentally retarded 5 year olds and their pregnant mothers and puppies to get to rock the bells.

    • Chrissy chris

      Babe…just buy a ticket. no murders necessary.

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  • Worley

    The lineup at Rock the Bells is much better but I’m not one for paying $200 to stand out in the hot ass sun (or rain), use filthy port-a-potties and pay $5 for water. I tend to catch rap shows on the chitlin circuit where there is protection from the elements, admission is more reasonable and the facilities are slightly better. Water is still $5 though.

  • Clay Co

    Wish I could get to Rock the Bells, guess theres always Birthday Bash

  • mujahdean


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  • swype-matic

    Rock The Bells > Summer Jam

    Well I was last in high school in 2005 and know that damn true. Summer Jam is just what’s “hot” and current. You might see Waka Flocka, Nicki Minaj, Gudda Gudda and Juelz Santana, and that’s only cuz Juelz lives donw the street from where Summer Jam usually is. Rock The Bells on the other hand is music you can actually feel. Bout 3 years ago when they it was in Houston, they had Nas, Pharoahe Monch, David Banner, UGK (4 Life), Wu-Tang, and some other good shit. It don’t get any better than that.