Further proof this is no longer America

A man can’t make a song about how a woman who works at a radio station has a disgusting body? I thought this was America!

Trae the Truth had to find out the hard way that this is clearly somewhere else. His music is now banned from 97.9 The Box, the only hip-hop station in his native Houston, TX, just because he made a song about how on-air personality Nnete Inyangumia has a fat ass, and how she’s so far gone she’s in the past, so on and so forth. Roffle.

The two of them had gotten into it during an interview to discuss a charity event put on by Trae that ended in violence after it was shut down by 5-0 for overcrowding. Eight people got shot while waiting in the parking lot for traffic to die down. Nnete Upenya, or whatever her name is tried to claim it was Trae’s fault, because the violent nature of his music was bound to bring out a certain element. She was only half-right. I’d never go to some shit like Trae Day, for fear of getting shot, but I’m pretty sure the same shit could have happened at Trey Songz Day. Nhjic. It’s not the songs themselves, it’s the people who listen to them. Was there, or was there not crime long before there was a such thing as shitty southern rap? I rest on your face.

A few months later, Trae put out that hilarious song, and now he’s permanently banned from 97.9 The Box. Which wouldn’t be as much of an issue, since who gives a rat’s ass about terrestrial radio, in 2010, but the ban has had the effect of making Trae untouchable, like Indian people who have the black dot on their foreheads, as opposed to the red dot, via Ras Kass’ “Nature of the Threat.” Since the ban went into effect, 97.9 The Box DJs have been fired and reprimanded for all kinds of crazy shit, including saying Trae’s name on air, playing Trae songs (no Trey Songz) at events that don’t have shit to do with the station, playing songs by artists who collaborated with Trae, and even for mentioning Trae on Twitter. Tha fuck? #censorship

The only thing I can think is that one of the white managers at the station must be involved in a sexual relationship with Nnete Upenya, and she told him he had to enforce this ban, or else he couldn’t have any more of her huge black ass. I’ve heard they like ‘em big down there in Texas. How else to explain the fact that they went through so much hassle just protect this woman’s ego? They could have gotten rid of one person and avoided having to get rid of four people, or however many people have been let go behind this Trae BS. A radio station firing an on-air personality at the behest of an artist is hardly unheard of. Ask my colleague Charlemagne the God. Then again, don’t. He might go off on another one of his rants about how all hate is just confused admiration. Roffle.

If I were Trae, I’d have my lawyer look into whether or not this is the case, and whether or not this is allowed. Though it could be one of those things where there isn’t a specific applicable law, because who could even fathom such a thing, like the fact that, up until fairly recently. there was no law in England against a woman raping a man. (Nor should there have been.) It might be a long shot, but from what I understand, this entire case is a long shot. It says so in the article about it in last week’s Houston Press, though I’m not sure if that’s because radio stations are pretty much free to ban whoever they want, for whatever reason, or if Trae is definitely in the wrong here. The station might be obligated to distance itself from Trae, if he’s creating a hostile, Source magazine-style work environment for its employees. Perhaps TPAR could enlighten us. You guys know I was pre-med. Either way, it sounds like some ol’ bullshit to me.

To think, this wouldn’t even be an issue, if Nnete Upenya had the self-discipline necessary to keep her body in decent shape.

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  • Capital G

    This shit went down in Texas. Trae should be happy some rednecks didn’t want to have a drag race with him. Word to James Byrd Jr.

  • these posts are racist

    You raise several issues. What’s your question(s) to me?

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Damn Bol I thought you were gonna thrash Rosenberg for getting slapped by that broad…

  • stoned cold

    a few years ago, the new phenomenom was white women with ass.

    In 2010, it’s white dudes liking black women with big asses. Just tried it out myself the other day. That shit is fire!

  • Sha

    FlameThrower 5.0…….

    I am one of the few people to believe that SOME censorship is a good thing. Government definitely has a responsibility to police us sometimes because some of us in society are on some SERIOUS SHIT!!!

    This particular situation is a no-brainer. You definitely can’t bite the hand that feeds you. Everyone knows radio is corrupt. Everyone knows about pay-to-play and radio programmers with tremendous egos. But if you get into this shitty game, you need to recognize a few rules.

    First… You need to be able to see the big picture. You need to be able to see past the cruddy small argument and realize that if your goal is to take over, don’t win the fight and lose the war. Take this DJ’s comment and keep it moving. You definitely can’t take over the game if you have thin skin.

    Secondly…. Every dog has it’s day. These corrupt radio stations are about to get their’s. Just ask Cathy Hughs. She owns most of the urban radio stations and has become filthy rich off of years of pimpin’ the artists. But now Uncle Sam is comin’ for that ass. Now all radios will have to pay royalties to all of the artists played on the radio station. Cathy Hughs is running full ad spots preaching against the artist tax. Why? Because it will be a lot harder for her to take $100 dollar-bill baths on the backs of the artists.

    Long story short(yeah right), see the whole battlefield. If you are stupid enough to get angry and do a diss record over a DJ’s opinion of your music, you probably can’t see the other battles to burn them in. And… you are probably in the wrong business. Now this cat has to literally MEGA GRIND just to get his shine. And I say MEGA GRIND because he has no other venue other than the internet, car trunk selling, internet, or move out of town… See the battlefield before you attack. Dummy.

  • thatguy

    this is literally one of your best posts in a while, the ras kass reference was cold

  • Worley



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  • kid video


    …and then she said, “Goonie,Goo,Goo.”

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk



    (66% dropoff)

    6.THE ROOTS DEF JAM/IDJ 49,320

    ^ taken from hitsdailydouble

    • SansBeach

      I saw that drop off coming sad thing is it will continue to drop. Too bad (not really)

  • geico lizard

    “Was there, or was there not crime long before there was a such thing as shitty southern rap?”
    Hitler was a big Gucci Mane fan.

    Bol can you direct us to some pictures of this radio chick so we can decide if that ass is legit.

    @stoned cold…Its not hard for a white guy like you to get black women with big butts just spend money or make them think you have money and the pussy is yours.

  • Lhc

    What he needs to do is get together all the artists that have also been banned for collaborating with him and call on all their fans to boycott the station.

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  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    this was actually worth reading and informative. America is physically here but it has lost its soul. Much like hip hop. It doesn’t look good for the future. Just remember, wat goes up must come down.

  • KQ

    This whole post was hilarious, same as yesterdays one.

    “To think, this wouldn’t even be an issue, if Nnete Upenya had the self-discipline necessary to keep her body in decent shape.”

    Killer finisher, (esp coming from you) haha.

    But yeah, you need to do a drop on Peter Rosenberg getting Charles Hamiltoned.

  • caino

    ‘To think, this wouldn’t even be an issue, if Nnete Upenya had the self-discipline necessary to keep her body in decent shape.’

    On Point Mr Crawford!!

    someone high up int he station is defo banging this broad, to take this thing so far!

  • Otto

    LMAO @ “She was only half-right. I’d never go to some shit like Trae Day, for fear of getting shot, but I’m pretty sure the same shit could have happened at Trey Songz Day.” Real talk! Haha. One of your better posts in a while.

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  • P. Harris

    I’d like to see some pics of this chick and/or hear the song that was put out…

    People are always to blame for the violence… you can’t say that the music made them shoot each other. It might have served as a backdrop for that gathering of where there was an environment conducive for someone to get popped. But by no means did the music pull the trigger(s).

  • Sam the Man

    i dont understand, they ban him for dissing a woman that works there, but they dont ban him for promoting violence in his music….uhmmm does any1 see a problem here?