Cocaine: A Helluva Drug

As a part of my ongoing list of personal hypocrisies, I have a deep and slightly obsessive infatuation with crack rap despite the fact I’ve actually never seen crack in person (that’s not on my bucket list), particularly when it’s done right. Clipse can do it effortlessly it seems. My favorite Scarface album, The Fix, could have doubled as the soundtrack to Rocky Lockridge’s episode on Intervention. Young Jeezy is the public’s choice for crack rap consumption.

Thing is, my fascination with all things basehead-related starts at Traffic and ends at hip hop’s musical interpretations, and I’ve never been interested in actually using or being around the stuff. I’m quite content with alcohol, nignorant music and violent video games as my vices; I don’t need to add coke-eye-eena to the mix. If there was one thing we can all take from our younger years, it’s that crack was one of the worst drugs you could do. I may not remember much from my childhood (including how to swim and eat a meal without thrusting the plate into my face), but staying away from cocaine – thanks in part to Nancy Reagan’s hypocritical stance on the drug – forever stuck in my mind.

Apparently, however, that seems to be the drug du jour for today’s rapsters nowadays. Kanye’s “Power” line raised a few eyebrows, while his protégé KiD CuDi was arrested and charged with, alongside felony criminal mischief, possession of a “controlled substance” (one could only wonder what that really is, because if he got caught with weed the news would say he did), and Wayne has rapped about nose-fucking a couple lines since he realized that that “wobbledy-wobbledy” crap wasn’t cutting it anymore. And that’s just a small, surface sample; who knows exactly how many rappers are actually doing coke.

I mean, if they’re doing something that destructive, I at least hope they do it Neil Patrick Harris-style and snort it off of a stripper’s body. You know, something respectably debauched. But I digress.

Rappers doing crack was one thing, because cocaine is considered a “designer” drug, and diluting it with that box of Arm & Hammer originally meant to keep your refrigerated foods fresh also diluted its “value.” But once successful rappers aren’t trapped by the same financial restrictions average Joes such as myself and the ones reading this post right now, I suppose they’re not limited by, well, drugs used by the lower rungs of society as well. While I enjoy Pusha T rap about crack as much as anyone else, the thought or sight of him actually smoking crack – especially when he can afford cocaine – would just break my damn heart.

I guess in a weird, quasi-detrimental to society kind of way, I supposed being able to afford cocaine (especially when cancer sticks sell for over $10 in New York these days) is kind of an accomplishment given the sad state of economic affairs. Let me find out rappers are doing heroin, though; I’d give up on rap and retreat to my Jefferson Airplane collection forever.

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  • $yk

    “despite the fact I’ve actually never seen crack in person (that’s not on my bucket list), particularly when it’s done right.”

    ^ if you’ve never seen it, how would you be able to grade it?

    • actually literate

      he was referring to crack rap, no crack..

      • $yk

        I knew that.

        So again, if dude knew nothing about it, how would he know what Pusha or what was said by many to be right & exact and say they were good at it?

        Foxy was way off in that song.

        • DV8

          that song being “Affimative Action” for those who are wondering what song Syk is talking about.

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  • M.E.A.N.

    I used to find rocks in my pocket, got shit scared when i found it, turns out my brother gave me the wrong jacket and that’s when it started…….. I was 10.

  • Sha

    Shit…. This was a dumb one. This blogger is exactly the type of dude that would get busted for selling Coke and say,

    “I heard Jeezy say it in his song.”

    Nigga. You want to write about something? Write about the suburbs…. Write about getting a traffic ticket…. But write about you. Write about anything other than your experiences and you sound stupid. You even admitted you didn’t know anything about Coke in your article.

    Matter of fact…. Why am I even writing this? CLANK!!!!

  • ChanfnB


    you sir….are a fool indeed

  • Devi Gargon

    Im from the suburbs and there are just as bad drug abuses there, because more money and less supervision of parents paying mortgages.

    First, I dont understand the 2010 facination with crack, because we just spent 25 years going through that shit tearing up families and neighborhoods. The first time I saw a feind, I vowed I would never be that! So to think thats cool, is just stupid if we know history!

    Second,most of these cats need to stop even talking about it, crack dont move like it used to, prescription drugs and crystal meth are taking over, thats facts!

    Third, yeah Ive heard rumor of rappers of today being on that shit, and it seems to be the ones who “missed the 80′s”! The other demographic are the rappers “from” the 80′s, but again time moves forward. Either way, Im related to several feinds, sad to say, and if your out now and have paper, and thats what you want to do with it, I dont feel sorry for you, and Im not gonna be on your dick when you get out of rehab! No DMX

  • SmokinAces

    It not automatic they would say he got caught with weed guy. Marajuna is still technically considered a controlled substance so maybe we should wait for some actual proof to pop up before we label someone a coke head friend.

  • Devi Gargon

    First, I hate these city/suburb cats. Dont you know that there is just as much of a drug problem there as in the city. It aint sweet cause you live in a house and pay a mortgage.

    Second, I have crazy family that are career fiends, and I vowed to never be like them.

    Third, most of these cats shouldnt even be talking that shit. They seem to be the ones who seemed to have “missed the 80′s”, or are rappers from the 80s,(Melle Mel,Grandmaster Flash,etc.). If your in the game now, and that’s how you wanna spend your bread, I dont feel sorry for you. We had 25 years to know what this shit does!

    Finally, crack in 2010 is not what it was in 85. Meth and prescription drugs hold a lot of weight these days. So when I listen to these cats, it all sounds ficticious to me!

  • Anonymous

    “…Wayne has rapped about nose-fucking a couple lines since he realized that that “wobbledy-wobbledy” crap wasn’t cutting it anymore.”

    Lol at this sentence.

  • jayel

    “…Wayne has rapped about nose-fucking a couple lines since he realized that that “wobbledy-wobbledy” crap wasn’t cutting it anymore.”

    Couldn’t stop laughing at this sentence.

  • And Won

    Rappers are doing dope, pharmaceuticals are running rampant, how many people are addicted to Oxycontin aka legal heroin? I bet Weezy is doing oxys or at least Percocet.

    Coke is alright but anyone with half a brain will figure out that its just not worth the money for such a high.

    I did coke and I got sick of the come down, it gets worse and worse. I don’t see cocaine becoming a hip-hop staple, it just doesn’t fit the culture.

    • $yk

      “I don’t see cocaine becoming a hip-hop staple, it just doesn’t fit the culture.”

      ^ blow is/has been a music industry/entertainment industry, hood staple for years. And the ‘burbs dudes have more time on their hands and more money and better access to do more drugs than the ghetto hoods (‘burbs have hoods too).

      If anyone out there saw “Greek” you will understand what goes on behind the scenes (the furry wall part).

      “I did coke and I got sick of the come down”

      ^ that was the cut.

      • Sincere

        cosign ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ completely.
        niggas is not doing special k or shrooms or droppin tabs in the hood. u can find anything, anything in the burbs.

  • Jizz

    The Wu’s been making great music on the slopes for years.
    This post sounds like it could be a non-smoker complaining about weed.

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  • guest

    meka your a loser, this post was so lame

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  • Jamal7Mile

    I always thought that Red Balls was something that Dave Chappelle made up for a skit. Obviously, Kid Cudi got his hands on some. How else could someone his size rip a door out of its frame?

    A random thought… Remember the crack baby epidemic in the mid 80′s? Those babies didn’t all die at birth, you know. The oldest of them are about 26 year old adults now who…rap? Could that explain the downslide of lyrical content, effort, substance, etc? I KNOW it explains why a lot of other things in the hood are fucked up. It’s a fucked up thing to think about, but there’s gotta be a reason for such widespread decline.

    I don’t think any rapper could function with an active heroin habit. The vise grip of heroin is just too paralyzing. Anyone on that shit is not rapping right now.

  • DV8

    “I always thought that Red Balls was something that Dave Chappelle made up for a skit. Obviously, Kid Cudi got his hands on some. How else could someone his size rip a door out of its frame?”


  • Stan-Layy

    Immediate family members behavior during my childhood made trying anything coke related a no-no. Drug use goes in cycles. The kids always think their doin’ something new. America is definitely pill nation right now though. You got old folks hustlin’ pills out here

  • the1&only

    kid cudi got caught with liquid cocaine. and this article wasnt really that good.

  • just some nigga

    oh my gosh! I cant believe you used my word… “nignorant”

  • dat k00n nigga

    i be on dat woooooooooooooooooo high


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  • chronwell

    Jamal7Mile , your crack baby theory sounds solid. No cocaine, I dont wanna I dont wanna go insane!


    1st cocaine is a hellava drug.

    Crack and rap don’t just rhyme. they are too many metaphors for crack and rap. In addition, this is the crack generation. rappers grew up around it. they were effected in some kind of way. I can remember when crack hit the scene. Man, it was like zombies literally woke up and tried to take over the city. Drugs have always been around BUT crackheads did stupid crimes and were in broad day flaking out.

    At last, people should realize that hip hop is entertainment. as young bul said, its drugs in the burbs. In fact, the burbs are the new hood. Is it really deeper than rap?

  • Anonymous

    if u a superstar, millionaire or wat have u and it gets to the point u start smokin crack (by all means to each his own) vh1 celebrity rehab is knocking on your door i’m 27 and i never even came close to thinkin about smokin crack i do indulge in my sweet maryjane but crack i’d for real kill myself if i ever got that tore down to get a fix

    • Anonymous

      i’ve sold crack didn’t really care to do that cause dopefiends are weird like everybody thought they smoked crack in high school but didn’t wanna belive it until 10 years after high school and they show up to class reunion wearing a mister brown outfit


      • $yk

        Millionaires smoke crack. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, big executives. Freebase has always been a fave.

        Recognize this info. Once you cats realize what I’m saying to be actual fact, you will see this drug thing in a different light.

  • hey

    u heard oxy’s? synhetic heroin buddy.. they are pretty much doin it

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  • Wrenaissance

    Props on the Jefferson Airplane recognition.