It's one thing for rappers to sing a little... But a whole other thing when singers rap.

I know this isn't necessarily new. We've seen it before—R&B singers trying their hand at rapping. Remember R. Kelly’s attempt at etherizing Trey Songz on “I’m a Beast” or Ne-yo taking his turn on the oft-remixed "A Milli" beat? But I didn't like it any better back then than I do now.

I am, however, willing to play devil's advocate on the subject for the sake of this post...

If absolutely forced to choose, which R&B crooner would you say is the best at rapping?


Dear Virginia, Do you want your Chris Brown back? Signed, Los Angeles.

I’m just sayin. He's jerkin, wearing a matching Raider's hat and jersey (a nod to the early '90s teenage rap duo Kris Kross, but still) and rapping alongside L.A.'s Tyga. Out of everyone on this list, though, Chris might be the nicest... Plus, he gets unrelated G-points for sending a resounding "fuck you" to his critics when he sang the National Anthem at the Mayweather fight this past weekend (who else peeped that Mosley came out to Rihanna?)


Is Flo Rida responsible for this?

That's all I really want to know. You can't just go taking former teen pop stars and turning them into rappers, Flo. But honestly, I'm not too worried about it. As often and as quickly as her mom sons her every time she even begins to mention her desire to pursue rap on the Brandy/Ray J reality show, I have no fear of her taking her attempts any further than YouTube (I'm turning a blind eye to this). But low key... She ain’t terrible. Although you might want to fast forward to the 2:21 mark to save yourself some Timbaland-inflicted agony.


Trey is the veteran out of this singa-ternt-rappa crew. He’s been freestyling over everything from “Run This Town” to Drake’s “Over” [above]. And making sing-songy remixes to everything from M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”  and Gucci Mane’s “Lemonade” to Jasmine Sullivan’s “Bust Your Windows” [skip to the 3:05 mark] to Beyonce’s “Ego.” But is he nice, though?


We know she can ride but can she rap?

Actually wait no, who am I kidding, we know she can't and honestly I'm really confused as to why she's even trying. All those hours in the gym and all this time spent on highlighting her sex appeal in hopes of boosting her album sales and resuscitate her floundering career and she goes and does this. Ciara, to be honest, your singing, those sneakers and fitted hats you're so attached to were never our most favorite things about you. Am I wrong? —Brooklyne Gipson