Delicious Irony

The problem with trying to appease everyone is that you, quite simply, can’t do it. Most of us spend years trying to figure out why exactly were your thoughts – in your opinion – were viewed in a light different than its original intention, so most simply “do them” and revel in their ability to do so.

I could give a 2,000-word treatise on We Can’t Be Stopped, Bl_ck B_st_rds or any other obscure piece of vintage rap memorabilia ten times over at the main hustle, but quite frankly I won’t because a: there’s not enough hours in my day to do so without ultimately giving a “fuck effort”-like middle finger and stop caring; b: most of the visitors there are either too young or fickle-minded to really give three-eighths of a shit about that; or c: only a nominal amount of heads truly, deeply care about that shit, and said heads aren’t likely to help me maintain a roof over my head. Suffice to say, we live in the ADHD era of hip hop, where 140 characters have replaced the in-depth diatribe, and today’s artists are only as hot as the length of time their content stays on the front page of your favorite website you visit to gank music from.

We tend to get caught up in the rapture of page views and uniques, myself included. Websites have changed from being the antithesis of the radio and its entire ringtone dishonor to a form of the radio itself, and as they grow and change so does the content splayed upon them. Rather than looking as a website adapting to the tropical climate changes of music, its editors are simply dismissed as brainless “industry” tools and sell-outs. It’s a catch-22 of sorts: we’ll draw the ire of slick-talking, self-important, elitist music snobs who’ll disguise mundane insults with a #noshots hash tag, yet will be looked at as salty, emotional wrecks should we ever respond. Twitter has become the new rap diss song.

I spent my years over at the good ship Amistad knowing how to push enough buttons in a reader to garner a response, and by the time the shop went out of business (seriously, that section shut down months ago, and my “works” there vanished off the face of the Internets) I’d regressed from a faux-incendiary, half-witted scribe to a full-time cynic. I never envisioned that in the wake of print journalism’s fall from grace that the weblog would be viewed as a significant source for information retrieval. What started as a means to express personal opinions have transformed into a quasi-credible news forum where said opinions are null and void. The weblog is dead. Long live the weblog.

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  • Maya

    well, that was depressing

  • Dale Kinkaid

    Long live independent thought in whatever medium it becomes. Keep doing you, as cliche as it is now, that statement still remains true. As long as people speak their minds there will be an outlet to be heard. So yea long live the weblog, as right now it’s all we have in this digital world. Soon enough thoughts and ideas will come down to a few words/pictures, something people can quickly glance at and catch the meaning. Thoughts will be transmitted, literally. We are getting closer and closer to instance information, smart phones, the web, tv’s now with built in apps. As tiny as you seem in this huge web of information, there are people who are still taking the time to read your thoughts and ideas, as long as those ideas are coming from the heart. Keep doing you Meka. People will read you.

  • $yk

    It’s like this blogging sh^t be making n^ggas miserable.

    The only fun cat out there is dP (Dallas Penn).


  • OG Matt Herbz

    Weblogs are dead, but weblog comments will live forever.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • $yk

    OG Matt Herbz says:

    Weblogs are dead, but weblog comments will live forever.


  • Jonny GTFOH

    Wtf is this post about? He threw in a lot of unnecessary words and went on a couple tangents.

    Was this his way of saying that 2dopeboyz and all their counterparts are worthless?

    If it wasn’t for the last couple of sentences, I’d be lost as a motherf*cker


  • FuckGotti

    so if weblog is dead whats alive and poppin right now?

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  • Da Best Ofs

    Web blogs arent dead its just that most hip hop blogs are recycling the same shyt you go to 10 different blogs and see the same stories, mixtapes, videos etc…….thats why I do my shyt different……

  • Thomas

    “It’s a catch-22 of sorts: we’ll draw the ire of slick-talking, self-important, elitist music snobs who’ll disguise mundane insults with a #noshots hash tag, yet will be looked at as salty, emotional wrecks should we ever respond. Twitter has become the new rap diss song.”


    Uh….yeah to this.


    nah,, i feel u. its hard t’give a shit when nobody else does. ‘specially when theres bread on the line. thats the one drawback from earning a living from ur passion; the inherent principle of commerce. it will always lead you to an area of compromise. and that area of compromise isnt always a good area to be in.

    what i think is the SHIT about it all, is that it has rendered the opinion making power to those that have a more intimate understanding of the culture the chance to tell it how it is. traditional journalism is tied by the pressure of advertising. look at XXL and its descent into blah-dom. it was once heralded as a meaningful and influential entry point into the culture. now do u see the shit that they cover? sheeesh. but billls have to get paid. its all perspective. but the blogger is not tied down by that same dilemma unless he accepts it. so it goes creativity to commerce to compromise to consequences. accept it.

    i think what separates us that didnt grow up in this era of jingles masquerading as art is a feeling of value. it meant(s?) something to us. nowadays, the artists dont even think much of their own shit. they just give it away like it aint shit. and thats why it sounds like shit. its up to the opinion makers, the taste makers, to separate the good shit from the bullshit. from what i’ve seen on ur site u do a good job of that. its a lot of shit out there. people need someone with a clear view point to help navigate this shit for’em (get it, for’em/forum?).

    so mistrust ur disgust and get back to work, pahtnah…


    What he is saying is that its a lovie but dead. Its like HIP HOP and much of society nowadays. Its a live because its actually thriving. Anybody can blog. Anybody can create a webpage. Hip hop is alive because its thriving. Anybody can rap. Anybody can create a song. Weblog is dying because nowadays people blog just because. The tangent that he went on was the inital reason weblogging was so awesome in the beginning. The internet itself. HIP HOP, it was so pure and free…it was the greates form of expresion but now its about a buisness more than the art. Likewise webloging is becoming more techinical. Shoot, people use twitter and facebook in everyday convo on cnn in a college syllabus. Its alive but dead.

  • thoreauly77

    what up, meka soul?

    good to see you around these parts. keep bringing your perspective, no matter what.


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