Hurry Up & Wait – Remember When Release Dates Mattered?

Fomer XXL employee Jackpot and I were talking about how no one’s album comes out on time anymore. Didn’t it feel like back in the day rap albums would come out on, you know, a schedule? Nowadays you’re lucky if your ish comes out at all, let alone on time.

Think about it, Big Boi’s been promoting his sophomore solo effort, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty for close to three years—with his latest date being July 6. How about The Game, he was supposed to drop the R.E.D. Album last year only to get moved several times before yesterday’s announcement of June 15 (which I highly doubt will come out on the same day as Drake, who was also pushed back). Drizzy was initially set to put out his much-hyped Thank Me Later around Valentines Day, before being moved to May and then June.

It’s nothing new, though, 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct had a handful of different dates kicking around for over a year, while his label head Eminem failed to deliver Relapse 2 in 2009 as promised. And let’s not even talk about Dr. Dre. Detox has been in the works for close to a decade, and when Jimmy Iovine said the disc’s Jay-Z assisted lead single, “Under Pressure”  was going to drop last Friday (April 9), they couldn’t even premiere one track on time.

The king of push backs last year had to be Lil Wayne, though. Universal changed dates on his experimental Rebirth album so many times, messed up and shipped it out months in advance.

Albums aren’t the only things that get pushed back. Rappers have been neglecting to even drop their mixtapes in the time period promised. Fabolous, Cam’ron, Game and Jim Jones are all guilty.

Question is, with all these album push backs, whose album (or mixtape) do you think is really worth the wait? —Jesse Gissen

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  • Californ IA

    I’m waiting on that “Free Indeed” album by Minister Blak-It’s time for some Gospel Hip Hop to do the thing.

  • Sha

    It’s not if it’s worth the wait. It’s artistic and record company pimpology 101. Artists and executives now know how to manipulate the mixtape circuit. 50 and Drake opened their eyes on that. Nevermind the fact that most successful albums only have 5 good tracks. Back in the day, the streets were the barometer. Now the corporate boardrooms tell the artists and the streets what is hot. And don’t get me started on Radio and magazines. This scenario has been played with every successful music genre. It’s just Hip-Hop’s turn to get pissed on.

  • $yk

    ‘Wu-Massacre’ could have used a push back.

    • EmCDL

      Hell it should’ve been opushed back so they can add more tracks on there….

      • $yk

        Other roles play a part in this push back thing.

        A good example is you may just meet B.o.B. tonight and y’all go in the booth and record a heat rock. Your release date is 1st week of May. The label is gonna push this back to get the song on the CD, you can piggy back B.o.B’s popularity. With this scenario I presented, cats will also have to realize that mastering requires scheduling, you can’t bump another project being mastered out of the way like that. Release dates are popping up for 2010 so the mastering studios may not get to your new collabo w/B.o.B until the 1st week of May.

        And at the same time, that song you had w/Jada that got trashed because of the sample clearance, now can be cleared and used, you will want to get this revived Jada song with the B.o.B. song you have to be mastered and make the album.

  • raazi36

    cant wait for the next RZA album, id like to see him do all the production on it w/ other guest spittin on the MIC, a la Pete Rock soul survivor series, or Hi Tek. yea i wanna see that !

  • General

    Detox will definetely be worth the wait simply based on Dre’s track record. As far as anybody else, I guess we will see. I think in the market right now labels are so worried about trying to make sure all the stars are aligned before they release something, but many times find that the buzz or interest in the project has fallen off because they waited too long…

  • AZ40

    I think there’s gonna be let down especially when an album is pushed back so much it’s like I waited 3-10 years for this no matter how good it may be it’s still like damn

  • HU

    We need to go back to when there weren’t all these damn mixtapes and “singles” that don’t even end up on the album. Artists need to record 14 songs and release the album. Twista recorded 13 songs for Adrenaline Rush and that was the album. Same with Reasonable Doubt, etc. Now people record 100 songs and try to please everyone and have a #1 single before releasing an album.

    Albums worth the wait:
    Dr. Dre – Detox, Bone Thugs – Uni5: The World’s Enemy, Rhymefest – El Che ……fuck the rest

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    something i noticed is that kanye and jays albums never get pushed back, they get pushed up
    graduation was supposed to come out after curtis and 808s was gonna come out in december but got moved to november
    im waiting on ems new album, recovery
    he has a good reason to push it back because he changed the direction on the whole thing
    i can wait for everyone elses though

  • Tovaaa

    pushing an album back is worhtless now. If the album is being pushed back because the content sucks i understand, but to create a buzz? albums dont sell anymore so why wait? Give the fans what they want, and no artist is worth waiting 10 years.. fuck wut is this guns n roses or some shit?


    The problem with pushing an album back is the lyrics are out-dated. You can always tell when a song was recorded a long time ago.

    Punchlines are out of whack and old.

    The only way an album is successful after long push backs is a crazy worldwide hyped single. Just like Waynes “A mili”.
    Or, Jay-Z’s “Run this town”.
    T.I’s “Swagger like us”.
    “Drop the World” was the reason why Prebirth went gold.

    Big Boi, 50, Drake, Game…better have tight singles or an album could flop. 50 cent flopped with “Baby by me”.

    Dr Dre knows that he can’t drop detox without a crazy single. Hopefully, they come through.

    Big Boi

  • nibs

    It’s because labels AND artists are now terrified their product won’t sell. They need to keep leaking records hoping that something will catch on and get huge.
    Years ago an artist would drop. If it is dope, like it’s supposed to be, then slowly people will be picking the album up, and by their 2nd release they should have a bigger fan base, etc. I think the last artist to properly do this is Young Jeezy. His 2nd album was garbage, but people bought it because the first album was so dope.
    Anyways, nobody has faith in their own shit anymore, and rightfully so, it’s mostly garbage now.
    I could talk about this all day. And it’s no secret. Just throwin in my 2 cents.


  • Escobar9300

    Only album right now that is worth waiting for to me is Immortal Techniques Middle Passage. That is going to be insane when it drops this summer.

  • gaddic

    Eminem never pushes back and so does Kanye

    Why announce the release of an album if you can’t release it yet?

    Hyping up a release and then not dropping only angers the fans and public
    Music is losing it’s respect due to easy bootlegging and downloading

    Push backs only cause frustration nowadays
    I understand the labels have to make money but dropping experimental singles and NOT promising an album release date is a good method

  • ms_spittuh

    I’m waiting on that Crystal Meth from Method Man and that Reggie cd from Redman…and I’m waiting on another RZA. Am I the only chick on XXL who loves Wu Tang? Oh…and I’m waiting on that new EPMD….

  • valdez

    personally, i think NONE of this shit will be worth the wait. there’s a reason all this shit is getting pushed back: b/c it isn’t worth a shit!!


    I am a loyal Dr.Dre fan and have waited and waited for Detox , and then finally we here “new single Under Pressure friday” when that didn’t happen i said who cares ? I forgot about Dre !

  • caino

    People hating on Dre cos his album is taking years to come out, yet y’all know you will cop it when its eventually released!

    But this year l’m looking out for Lupe – Lasers!

  • Federal Ranga

    Niggaz should’ve been listening last year to them five steps to keep that shit from happening, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…


    E-1 up!!!

  • oskamadison

    At this point, if Detox is a pubic hair short of a classic, it will be a major fail. Here’s a little something that’s been floating around on the low for years, to little fanfare: DJ Premier’s “Man of Few Words”.

  • oskamadison

    Me myself, I’m waiting on that collabo album with U-God, Taylor Swift and Lance Bass, featuring production from Prince Paul, R. Kelly (for obvious reasons) and Phil Spector featuring an unreleased verse from Freaky Tah. What y’all know about that?

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