Hold Your Head, Wayne

Heyyy, Wayne.

How’s it going in there? I hope they are treating you as well as they could be, there at Rikers Island. After all, you are in my town now, and as much as I wish it wasn’t a jail representing us, I would hope that the City of New York Department of Correction would treat you (and everyone else in there) right. Needless to say, we hope everything is as good as can be in there. And if it ain’t, you can always let us know, we’ll get the word out. But we’re guessing Baby is holding you down.

Moving on, though, this was some issue to put together. Okay, you’ve got two big artists signed to Young Money/Cash Money, but this shit kicked our asses. I mean, we really put in work getting Nicki and Drake on that cover and then making the interviews happen. Looks worth it, though. I hope it sells as well as when we put you on the cover (something I haven’t gotten to do yet myself…hint, hint).

Not sure how much you remember me, since you’ve had to have met so many journalists over the years. I first caught up with you back in 1999, when I was just fascinated by, and mildly obsessed with, Cash Money and the Hot Boys (still am with both). My boss at the time allowed me to do the most amazing thing: my first cover story, on the four of you (see below). You had braids back then and told me during one of the interviews, at some old Cash Money office, that you were going to grow dreads. As weird as it sounds, my career has grown with your hair. Ha! (Your career has definitely grown with your hair, also, but that’s not so weird.) Your locks are kind of like a time marker to me. And when you started braiding your dreads, I really felt old.

But your hair is not the topic here (it could be in Juicy, our new celeb-style and life mag). It’s how amazing (and cool) it is (to me) that it’s so many years later, and Cash Money—or, now, Young Money/Cash Money—artists are still here on XXL’s cover, and it’s with the hottest new artists in the game. Sure, it was a killer to put together a Cash Money cover back then, so it makes sense it would be similar with Young Money/Cash Money now. Nicki and Drake are some busy people. Even their publicists are busy. We gotta thank Kia Selby and Sarah Cunningham for their help putting this cover together. It’s all worth it. Your artists look great. And I just love finally having a new woman on the cover.

But the Nicki and Drake stories and photos (senior editor Benjamin Meadows-Ingram did the dope Drake interview, and Jonathan Mannion shot those beautiful images) aren’t the only great things in this month’s issue that you might like. With a new rapstress in the game, Ben Detrick explored why there haven’t been any other lady MCs with buzzes like Nicki’s over the past decade (page 70). Senior editor Matt Barone (who seems to love the same hip-hop artists as your boy Drake) got down to the bottom of the Little Brother split (page 76), while Chris Yuscavage checked in on Reflection Eternal’s reunion (page 44). And with complaints of no New York rappers on our 10 Freshmen for ’10 cover, the XXL staff decided to investigate what’s really been going on in New York rap. I’m not too sure how much you’ll care about this one, since you’re from the N.O. (maybe—let me not be so close minded), but the guys around you definitely will. And they might disagree with some of it, but we always welcome letters! And of course, check out page 90 for Eye Candy. This month’s a hot one. You might know her well, she’s been in three videos with Drake to date.

It has to be tough to be locked up right now, when your first two artists are preparing to release their debut albums, and you can’t be there directly to be part of it. But rest assured, from our perspective, it seems like they’re holding everything down for you out here just fine. (Even though it’s almost like you never went anywhere yet, with all the new videos.) Hold your head.

Hot Girl (in my mind, at least) 4 Life,

Vanessa Satten

P.S. I, too, will stand up for marijuana any day.

Be sure to pick up the May 2010 issue, featuring Nicki Minaj & Drake, which hits national newsstands tomorrow, April 20.

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  • caino

    Really!!! WTF !

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    If you send this to him, I hope you fold it in that weird way girls in junior high did and put hearts and smiley faces all over it.

    So much for “journalism.”

    • Capital G


      I’m fuckin astonished your comment made it past the moderators. Shit like this is the exact reason I let my subscription lapse, well this and the Gucci Mane covers. Harris publishing really can eat a bowl of dick.

  • abdulnasir

    this SUCKS! How much do the T.Is pay u to write this?

  • bigleg

    ^STFU punk, u aint bol – dont jack

  • Deadly MIME


  • E-Man

    wow xxl yall really do be on wayne dick alot lol
    I mean I like wayne and all but damn, yall making me get sick of him

  • A.K.

    Young mooola babay!!

  • Kingroy

    Yoh before I even finished this I gotta ask…where was this for Gucci? Don’t even like him but still…

  • AfrikaBlack

    Honestly didnt read but why yall aint do dis for Gucci, TI, and whoever else. I was a lil wayne fan from block is hot til carter 2. After that he jus changed up his style and got wack i dont give a damn how many ppl did songs wit him. Im a big Curren$y fan and he is way more “hip-hop” than this nigga and da whole YM crew. Drake is weak as hell, and Nicki jus a new sex symbol in the game, dats y she get props. In 5yrs she gone b a memory. Most wayne fans is dick-riders and have never heard old school rap/hiphop but act like he jus startin trends all over the place wen shit he doing and tryna do already been done. Not a hater but fuck wayne, 2-10 of his songs his AIGHT. JET$ FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fly Society. Curren$y, Wale, and Chip tha Ripper is REAL Hip-Hop.

  • AfrikaBlack

    by the way i still got that cover wit da Hot Boys on it. Them boys was da shit.

  • Cal

    “Who the Fvck cares?” is my response to this post!!

  • PanoramicProductions

    What the fuck, this shit is more like fan-mail than a article
    And everyone knows waynes gonna come out the joint and still have ill rhymes for days…. YMCMB

  • Just Sayin

    XXL please hurry and do a post on one of these bitter a$$ negras favorite artist so they can say “props”, “co-sign”, “good drop” or something along those lines. Preferably someone from the northeast region. Then they’ll be happy.

    • El Tico Loco

      Obviously you don’t see this as blatant dickriding, no they’re not throwing shots at Wayne but at XXL if this was 4 years ago the subject on the letter would’ve been 50cent from the “Northeast region” (if he was ever locked up) and people would still be mad. True heads(of any style of rap) don’t take to well to being forcefed any act no matter who it is, we will get tired of that person. Oversaturation is double edge sword

      • Just Sayin

        Yea man I see where you coming from but at the same time you and I both know that a lot of the people that come to this site cant wait to see wayne name on a blog so they can shit on him and whoever wrote the piece. If you dont want to hear about a certain artist then dont click on the link bearing their name.

        • El Tico Loco

          Can’t help man it I’m in it for the comments, because lately XXL.com posts haven’t been entertaining nor informative. But this here is shameless I don’t care who she was talking about.

  • J.6oo

    wayne should make the most of his break and finally get his skills together again…

    plus roundhouse-kick all artists off his label – i mean, who needs dudes like nicki, gudda or tyga?!

  • SuperNi**a

    Here they go again, is XXL ran by some 16yr old girls?

  • SuperNi**a

    Here they go again, is XXL ran by 16yr old girls or something?

  • beaver

    wtf is thiss..
    i stopped after the 2bd paragraph..
    whack shit..
    ooh wayne is in “your”city..nigga who the fuck cares..

    bol is the only real blogger now..

  • G

    XXL needs to fire this man. You need to be fired. Stop writing.


    This fanmail sucks. Demote this dickriding hoe.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    this use to be my favortie magazine/hip hop site.

  • Axeo

    Wow 1 month and lil wayne getting more love/dickriding then shyne mystikal and any other rapper put in prison combined. Shyne got two (three? can’t remember) covers over what was it 8-9 years in prison so by my estimate wayne should get 4 in less then 7 months.SMH @ our love for people who commited even the smalleset of crimes just because they can rhyme.

  • Jay

    As shameless a form of dickriding this is, I’ve come to expect nothing less from XXL when it comes to Wayne. None of us should be surprised…

  • http://www.realcavsfans.com Powerslave

    He doesn’t remember you, you just another ho

  • Jon Dog

    Who hired this Vanessa Satten??? Fuckin’ fire this bitch. Everything she writes is absolute shit!!! And as you can see, I ain’t the only one who thinks so.

  • Avenger XL

    This is horrible horrible. nobody cares what happens to a pop rap star who makes bad decisions sorry!

  • Avenger XL

    This is horrible horrible. nobody cares what happens to a pop rap star who makes bad decisions sorry!

  • Avenger XL

    This is horrible horrible. nobody cares what happens to a pop rap star who makes bad decisions sorry!

  • jay oh

    “Hold your head?” For what? Didn’t he commit a crime? It’s not he was put on the back of a paddy wagon for just walking down the street.

    I hope while he’s “inside” that he stops using drugs (yeah right).

  • sparkcity911