Dealey Plaza will never be the same again

Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX was already the scene of one great crime.

It’s where, in November 1963 (when it felt like the world would freeze), John F. Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, a quiet loner with a wife and two kids, from the sixth floor window of a nearby book depository building. Or was the real assassin a CIA agent on a grassy knoll? That’s never been clear to me.

Part of the reason could be that I belong to that weird generation where pretty much everything I know about the JFK assassination comes from the Oliver Stone movie JFK. Having only been born during the Reagan administration, I’m not even sure if I knew who JFK was before I saw JFK. Of course, people who are older than I am, like Jay-Z, might actually remember that time. And I’m not sure if young kids today really fuck with JFK like they did back in the ’90s. So who knows what they think about who killed JFK, or if they think about JFK period. As far as I’m concerned, it was the CIA, because they were concerned that JFK might have pulled out of Vietnam as early as 1965, and members of the CIA had a big stake in the arms industry, and hence stood to benefit from the Vietnam War going on as long as possible, regardless of whether or not there was a good reason. In fact, I’m not even sure what Lee Harvey Oswald’s official motivation was supposed to be? Was he jealous of Jackie Kennedy’s ass? I guess I could kinda see that.

Speaking of women with huge asses, Erykah Badu must be obsessed with the Kennedy assassination, either because she grew up in Dallas, TX, or because she’s crazy. Possibly both. Her new video, for the song “Window Seat,” is a sort of remake of Matt and Kim’s brilliant video for the song “Lessons Learned,” in which they strip naked and run through Times Square, but set against the backdrop of Dealey Plaza, the site of the Kennedy assassination. And lest you think this was because she just so happened to be in Dallas, and Dealey Plaza is their local equivalent of Times Square, at least in terms of interest to tourists (what else would you want to see in Dallas?), she gets shot in the neck right at the very end, just like JFK. (BACK AND TO THE LEFT!!!) Then she says something or other that sounds like it may have been lifted from “It’s Just a Ride” by Bill Hicks, who, oddly enough, was also obsessed with the Kennedy assassination. I wonder if Erykah Badu listens to Bill Hicks. Maybe she picked up on both Hicks and that Matt and Kim video from following me on Twitter. Stranger things have happened.

Or maybe this is all part of her plan to inflict me with that Baduism. I’m not gonna lie – when she pulls off her pants, I can see how dudes like Common, Andre 3000, and seemingly about a third of the male hip-hop community of a certain age got caught up. The milk is obviously not as fresh as it was back in like 2000, but it hasn’t gone completely bad either. It’s a trip to watch her walk past so many unwitting tourists, including several children, with her junk hanging out like that. At first, it looks like she might be hesitant to take certain things off in certain places, but when the video gets to the end you realize she just had certain beats she was trying to hit. The video is timed so that the neck shot takes place right at the end of the song, and there’s something written on the sidewalk where she lands. She didn’t want to take everything off to soon, but she had to make sure she had everything off by the end of the relatively brief (by Erykah Badu standards) song, regardless of who happened to be standing around. It’s not like they could have warned people beforehand, and it’s not like they could have shot a second take.

She’s lucky 5-0 didn’t show up. They could have charged her with exposing herself to a minor, which would have caused her to have to register as a sex offender, at the very least. I know guys have been hit with that shit just for taking a piss on a sidewalk, or walking around naked at home, with the blinds open. You don’t hear about that happening to women that much, but that’s because more often than not, when a woman gets naked in public, it’s the kind of woman pretty much everyone wants to see naked, even (admit it, ladies) other women. The best shit ever is when you’re in a bar, and some woman just randomly decides to show everyone how well her boob job turned out. Anyone who would complain about that is just jealous. What Erykah Badu did was a little bit different, because she went full-on naked, and like Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl in ’04, she’s past that point where there’s community-wide interest in what she might look like in the buff. If she had been arrested, she probably would have tried to claim that it had something to do with her being black. In that sense, I guess we’re all kinda fortunate that she didn’t.

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  • william dyno

    Shits wack!!

  • dat koon nigga

    so a ghetto nubian queen flashes her cans

    big fucking deal

  • David Ferrie

    Bol– you’re forgetting what’s by far the most likely scenario, one you don’t need to listen to Alex Jones or read Jesse Ventura to know–

    Oswald was a CIA patsy

    He ** may ** have been the lone gunman but that doesn’t mean he was, in fact, a loner. Remember too, he defected to Russia, TRIED to get into Cuba (and was turned down), had at least three different Feds on his ass (FBI, CIA and Office of Naval Intelligence)– it’s a puzzle, still.

    Don DeLillo’s novel “Libra” is excellent version of what was possible ** but **, since the CIA has NEVER– repeat NEVER– turned over it’s Oswald files… there’s still a lot we don’t know.

    People need to understand too when you CIA it’s not like CIA in D.C. was in on it; the game you play is keep things very compartmentalized. But let’s say CIA operatives had a lot of reasons to want Jack dead.

    Or at least plan the hit.

  • cmoney91

    that video…got dang! No wonder Common and Andre made her babymomma. Oh btw and off-topic but there is somewhere you can go to in dallas,and that is six flags over texas lol.

    • JihaD


      Its DOC, Stacks, and Jay as the official baby daddies… them other niggas was just smashing.


  • sealsaa

    Much like Kelis, I believe that Badu would fuck you like no other woman could.

    • geico lizard

      Jennifer Lopez should be on that list because all of her exes still love her. J Lo boned her way to the top because thats her only talent. Diddy and Affleck would take her back if she wanted them. Badu is the only one of the 3 who seems like a nice person. Kelis and J Lo seem like money hungry whores.

  • Mister Ricky

    I heard her say that they shot the vid guerilla style in one take. Great timing, and bold as hell! Like the sign says when you cross the state line “Texas! Fu%k up if you want to” or something like that. What up Killeen!

  • latino heat

    i just watched the video for the first time right before reading this. i kept thinking to myself that she must have got city permits and those were extras in the video. i could be wrong about that but, if you saw a thick ass broad walking down the street stripping wouldn’t you be following her with your camera phone? i think most of us would, and nobody in the video even seemed to notice or care that it was happening. leads me to believe that everything was planned and coordinated.

  • hate

    her babbydaddy jay elec might have put her on to the kennedy shit, or vice versa.

    he stay rappin about that shit.

    i think he even suggest jackie did the hit.

    i seen a music video of his with footage of the assasination that makes it look like she capped him.

    maybe he ain’t put that video together himself. i don’t know.

    shit is dope though. its prolly on youtube

  • mazemayhim

    If you’re a man complaining about Badu strippin nekkid in public while walking, you’re gay! There’s no other way to color that crayon. Douches have really been crying “double-standard” cuz if a man wouldn’t get away with that without getting arrested. My son betta not ever get terrified of a nekkid woman. I don’t care if he a toddler, nekkid woman comes in your vicinity you better pull baby dick out & see what it do. She might be widdit

    • Real Spit Dun Dun Dun

      Congratulations. That is by far the most ignorant shit i’ve ever heard.

      • Brass Tacks

        Yea thats the shit that gets social services called…

  • Worley

    I have yet to see the full video. I just skimmed through to see more clothing removed. Erykah definitely looks better from the back with no clothes on. Otherwise, she bears a striking resemblance to an alien.

  • sealaa

    @Real Spit Dun Dun Dun

    You think this is bad? Go to Sandra Rose’s blog. Bunch of salty, lonely black chicks complaining about shit. It gets no uglier.

  • El Tico Loco

    I can see how dudes like Common, Andre 3000, and seemingly about a third of the male hip-hop community of a certain age got caught up
    My exact thoughts.

    She hid that(fatty)well.

  • $yk

    Minaj should notes from Erykah if she really wants to promote that ‘Martian’s Attack’ song…

  • macdatruest

    They told Bol he couldnt write about the LL Cool J/Fox News controversy thats right up his alley. This is his back up story. Fox and Sarah Palin tried to use and diss LL Cool J all at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avenger Xl

    She is just trying to show the world that good good that turns dope emcees into artsy weirdos or does she just give up the goody good to artsy weirdos who happen to be dope emcees hrrrmmmm the world may never know.

  • Will E. Will

    damn she DO got a fat ass. My gawd. And she only about what? 5’5″? about 135lbs? I swear black women be built so ill! U will never find a white chick wit the same height and weight wit a ass like that. EVER! well maybe a few but its rare! If u know a white chick wit ass like that and the same height, she usually weigh about 190 lol. I hear she gettin brought up on indecency charges for this shit. True or rumors?

  • nicholasdelorejo

    @ Macdatruest

    And its those moments that make me believe in the Illuminati or at least a single, shadowy government that controls both parties. It seems like everytime Obama gets some negative press, Sarah Palin or some outrageous ass right-winger says some divisive shit and get folks more inclined to vote for Democrates or at least the party that’s promoting the plans of the NWO. Blacks, latinos, gays, hippies, and independents were really the driving force for Obama getting elected. You gotta make the opposing party unappealing so that the Dems can continue to recieve the support needed in making the elite rich.

    Anyway Erykah got body like no other. The women that are bitching about her are just mad because they spent so much time lives following the superficial Beyonce route (wearing sleazy-like outfits, perming their weaves, lightening their skins, ect…) hoping dudes would check them out when a chick like Erykah (you know those Afro, all-natural chicks) managed to get dudes to do doubles takes after she merely removed those funny clothes and exposed the ass that changed literally changed the minds of Common and Andre. The meaning of life must be hidden between her legs. Erykah has three kids from three different dudes and to me is more smashable than Beyonce. Beyonce’s probably like those tablod, celebrity chicks like Britney Spears:banging body on the outside but when she steps out of a car and opens her legs, you see she got some wrinkly, smug, old man pussy lips.

    • geico lizard

      Hot women like Beyonce are usually bad in bed because they want to look so good all the time. Badu would light some candles and ride you until you fall asleep.

  • valdez

    yes, it’s true. erykah def. has what bol would refer to as a ridonkulous!! man o man (and this ain’t like me), but me, her, some alchohol and some free time = me burrying my face in that big ol’ ass!!

    on another note, the “blood” that spills from her head at the end of the video reads: “group think.” at surface value, i took that she is trying to say that ppl kill what they fear/don’t understand. but after further review, it is safe to say that our beloved badu is now also pushing the illuminati agenda.

    keep in mind that before she is “assassinated” she is dressed bummy, hair a mess, busted clothes, etc. when she is resurrected, u notice the beads/head garb?? she is now a goddess. let’s not forget that with this album and the last she is saying there is a “New Amerykah.”

    with the illuminati/freemasonry, getting to a higher conscience level, or becoming illuminated ALWAYS has to with a SPRITUAL REBIRTH where the old person dies and the new illuminated person is reborn.

    let’s also examine her new album cover which has her depicted as a robot. this is an obvious reference to the transhumanism/borg agenda.

    also, i recently discovered that the weird, and down right disuturbing chanting on the last album is actually some ancient egyptian dialect (enochian, if i am not mistaken).

    keep in mind, sade and badu are my favorite female artists EVAR!! that said, these revelations really make me sad. especially considering badu is very well educated as far as what is going on in the world (this we know from here music) in which case one could infer that she knows exactly what she is doing. hopefully i am wrong and just overanalyzing this (but i doubt it).

  • mav

    im suprised bol likes badu ass dont he like white hoes anyway im definitely gon check that vid out i never knew she had ass but i always had an atttraction to her thats my sixth sense i guess

  • RudNare

    “Of course, people who are older than I am, like Jay-Z, might actually remember that time…The milk is obviously not as fresh as it was back in like 2000, but it hasn’t gone completely bad either…I know guys have been hit with that shit just for taking a piss on a sidewalk, or walking around naked at home, with the blinds open.”

    BwaHaHaHaHa! *choking-then-collapsed* :)