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B.o.B, The Adventures of Bobby Ray Gets an XL

The Adventures of Bobby Ray
(Grand Hustle/Atlantic)

Beats: XL
Lyrics: L
Originality: XL

B.o.B’s path to success was not without its false starts, but thanks to his breakthrough single, “Nothin’ On You,” the Atlanta rapper finally gets the chance to detail his journey on his long-awaited debut, The Adventures of Bobby Ray. Utilizing his duel talents (rapping and singing) B.o.B reveals the thoughts of a musician trying to make it in the music industry.

The voyage begins on the album’s melodramatic intro track, “Don’t Let Me Fall,” where B.o.B uses a rock-tinged production effort to plead for help as he attempts to live out his dreams. It peaks on the hopeful “Airplanes,” (Check for Eminen’s scene-stealing verse on Part II of the cut) as the rapper teams up with Paramore singer Hayley Williams to remember the days before he had a record contract. And over the ominous keys of the self-produced “Ghost of the Machine,” Bobby Ray sings about struggling to find his place in the world. “Where am I supposed to go and who am I supposed to believe?” he croons. “If only you knew what I knew, then you could see just what I see.”

B.o.B’s eclectic approach on pop-friendly efforts like the Dr. Luke-produced “Magic,” featuring Rivers Cuomo, and experimental songs like the guitar-plucking “Lovelier Than You,” likely won’t appeal to fans of his early work. But he also demonstrates that he’s still more than capable of holding his own lyrically alongside revered wordsmith Lupe Fiasco on “Past My Shades.” Likewise, he’s slick enough to trade verse with Grand Hustle boss T.I. on the braggadocios “Bet I.”

While Adventures of Bobby Ray is B.o.B’s story, the feeling he conjures makes it easy to relate. It’s safe to say this genre-blending debut is a step in the right direction for the young rap star. —Chris Yuscavage

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  • mystalkerisfat

    are you kidding me? only an XL?

    XXL for sure. at MINIMUM. you guys are WHACK

    • Change

      Thank you XXL for realizing true talent and a great collection of Music which is now The Adventures of Bobby Ray. I would have game him the same. It truly presents you with that real hip hop. Forget the Southern rappers and all the other commercial rappers he truly gave us a gift of Music/HIPHOP.

      If this offended anyone about the southern thing sorry its true, begin to look at picture if you don’t get it then adjust it. An keep bloggin’ like its mind boggling lol.

      An if you don’t approve well sorry, this album is the best thing since, Kid Cudi.

      • Anonymous

        If you foget southern music you would be forgetting bob because B.O.B. reps decatour/atlanta, which is pretty far south

      • graysonapollo

        If you foget southern music you would be forgetting bob because B.O.B. reps decatour/atlanta, which is pretty far south

      • Joe beeZy


      • PZ

        best since kid cudi? Honestly then bruh…that aint sayin much cuz if you ask me…kid cudi was one of the most disappointing..over hyped since I can even remember.

        • Mack. T

          You must be chasing the dragon. Kid cudi whack??? let me guess you like trae the truth….It really doesnt matter. What does matter is the average music listner. Doesnt look past radio and wont see there are many forms of hip-hop. overrating someone sounds asinign why? because its almost like someone selling you a fake diamond who doesnt research or know what they like??? take some musical initiative and be an individual knwo what you like and why…..mofukas be killing me wit this over hype shit

        • PZ

          Damn fam…ya butt hurt? Lol naw…like I was sayin playa..’if you ask me’..which means ‘in my opinion’. And trust..ya boy is a fan of good music. With that said…trae gotta few good tracks but his delivery is too monotone and his lane is too narrow.

          as I said in my original post..i believe…based on the predelivery hype of kid cudi…the emphasis placed on him being ‘next up’…and the fact that he has basically not delivered anything to capture the attention of the mainstream outside of ‘day and nite’..it is my belief as supposrted by the case I make above…that kid cudiwas overhyped.

          smh at having to defend an opinion regarding whack rappers as tho I’m in front of a judge. Lol

          since it gotta defend my case for having an opion…state urs then defend it playa. If not…mind ya own opinion and don’t have one regarding mine. Lets go!

          PS: the bob cd aint half bad…runs circles around that bore of a cd from kid cudi.

      • Dukes


    • rodney tucker

      Go get that TWAN MAC shit
      THE HUSTLEMANN 2 its dope my niggaz
      Fuck dat he shit on this garbage

  • romil


  • 9tregoon

    this album is a classic for sure they should have gave this album a XXXXXXXXXXXXXL

  • Andre Leone

    I bet Drake gets an XXL rating just cause of hype

  • gaddic

    XXL should be for creativity not XL
    That was the only blunder
    good review though
    Good creative album
    just wanted more raps

  • Alex Grant

    i must say i havent got a feeling from a debut album since college dropout u gotta give this an XXL

  • mayo

    the album dope hope he does well he has a good white followin dat always helps but him and cudi album smiliar his is just less dark

  • jlabella11

    Illmatic got an XXL… do you guys really think this deserves the same rating as Illmatic? Is this really a perfect album in every single aspect? I understand you love BoB and couldn’t wait to get onto this comment board to praise it, but put your biases aside for crying out loud.

    • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

      Dude, you act like Illmatic was the only fucking cd to ever come out. Why in the fuck would you compare everything to Illmatic? Nigga he aint Nas. He deserves XXL in his own right. Shit 99% of the mutha’fuckas out here in the South suck. He’s holding it down and he’s not on this swagg surf shit. In that defense? YES —> XXL. Oh! I hope you know there are other people out there who are better than Nas. Rakim is one of em….

      • Mel

        Dude Rakim 70 yrs old and can`t go bar for bar with Nas, you made a good point til you said that ra was better than nas, for one it`s 2 different errors of rap… Rakim ain`t had a GOOD album out since Let the “rhythm hit em” NEXT!

    • Enlightened

      And for the record homie, Illmatic was far from “a perfect album in every single aspect”

      Some of those beats were not cool at all.

      The Chronic was way better and it got 4 1/2 mics because the Source couldn’t put their biases aside.

      Maybe you should put your bias aside – for crying out loud.

      • Joe beeZy

        REAL SHIT! EVERYONE COMPARES ALBUMS TO ‘Illmatic’ & i didnt find illmatic all that either & the Chronic WAS Way Better!!!

  • RDS

    I actually didn’t like “Lovelier Than You” until about a minute into it. “Magic” and “Lovelier Than You” came so far out of left field, I literally had to retune my ears toward unbias just to give them a chance. “Lovelier Than You”, “Ghost In the Machine” and “Airplanes” (both 1 and 2) are my faves on this, but everything is completely solid, all the way around. The only thing I DON’T like about the album is that a few of the songs were on previous mixtapes, so I’ve already heard them. T.I. doesn’t really add anything new to “Bet I” and honestly, I think Playboi Tre steals that one because it was kinda unexpectedly. The mixing, btw, is superb. Whoever is B.o.B.’s engineer deserves a f*cking grammy for that work, alone.

    This is album is worth buying though and a great album to tide you over until the next big debut.


    • PZ

      Tre’s up next I hope. He’s a dummy..good stuff. Still laugh at his skit with bohagon on that old lil jon. HILARIOUS

    • matty21

      man u crazy “T.I. doesn’t really add anything new to “Bet I” …. cool as sum dudes on dem waves out in malibu… niggaz say dey do it like us, u shittin me? ’96 ’97 in Atlanta, didnt we have more blocks than Mutomobo, Dikembe…n i’m still representing, for the niggaz on the prison yard tuned in listening… i’m back 2 doin big things, a sucka lookin 4 me, start in ur bitch dreams, i’m 20 feet tall standin on da big screen, get dough, big green, my flow sickening, its da king nigga! classic verse, he did it big for B.O.B. ..maybe nothin “new” but he killed it lol u crazy, i like da other 2, n i’m not gonna compare but c’mon lol

  • http://rockcandydiva.wordpress.com Jaz

    I believe it deserved an XL. Just heard it on itunes. I’m a huge B.o.B. fan and this new album really wasn’t what I was expecting. It’s a great debut because it’s relatable to the masses but I definitely hope he returns to some of the same style of music he was doing on his mixtapes. I like “Fame” a lot. “Kids” I like. I don’t like “Don’t Let Me Fall” but the track with the Paramore chick is dope. I am so excited for him but I think if he’s gonna be in the spotlight like this from now on he might have to sidestep the whole “I wanna be a rap rocker” trend. Cudi and Lupe are already beating that dead horse into a ground right now (also…two artists I like…I’m just sayin’). He’s so versatile that for ALL of the tracks on his album to have that same pop rock sound, I was like “okay we get it”. But I am completely happy for him and hope that he continues to get exposure.

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    I didn’t like “Magic” much, but other than the only fault I see is that this album is a bit short. Oddly enough I read there was supposed to be three bonus tracks, but considering that this album only cost eight dollars, I’m not even tripping on that. I tip my hat to B.o.B.

  • M. Baby!

    I agree with Andre Leone, only an XL. WTF. This album is ridiculous. There’s a message in the songs, something you rarely hear from most of these new artist today. He combined almost all of the genres into one album, now that’s creative. But I bet when Drake album comes out it’ll get an XXL rating just because of the hype.

  • Brahsef

    Overrated. If people ever complain about overproduction, they should bitch about Airplanes.

  • http://www.eminembase.com EminemBase.com

    B.o.B is insanely talented and this is one of the best debuts and albums in a long time.

    He’s so versatile and such an adept writer / raper / singer already, he’s amazing.

    But I think XL is right. This album isn’t PERFECT and not a stone-cold classic. But it is SUPERB. I definitely think he’ll make some XXL albums in his time.

    But XL is fair guys. MMLP and Illmatic are XXL’s, this isn’t that.

  • http://yahoo.com Jdubb257

    Ever since he dropped Haterz Everywhere I knew B.o.B. was gonna make it. I haven’t bought the album yet but i heard some of it and loved it. I’m buying it later today. I wish him much success.

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  • nellz

    You can’t have an XXL album with “bet i bust” on there. The rapper on the end of that song is the only feature that didn’t outshine him. I was expecting something a little different, but it’s still a good album.

    • http://K1ngEljay.com K1ng Eljay

      Funny, because Playboy Tre was dope to ME. All three were fire on that song, although it is over a year old…

  • jtm

    i just got the album yesterday. a great album.

  • Nick in Ft. Walton Beach

    are you guys afraid of giving out XXL’s anymore? I’ve heard a lot of hip hop in my day, and this one is CLASSIC. You want lyricism, this album has it. You want obligatory “club bangers”, it has it. You want a mix of all genres, this album freaking has it. The album follows the simple concept matter of great production, great beats, but most importantly, great subject matter. With guys like B.o.B, Kid Cudi, and Lupe, hopefully the theme of hip hop will finally change for the better, and the lazy, no talent hacks like Wacka Flocka will FINALLY start being weeded out.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    i would say it is a xxl. its a classic album and in these days…it way above ur average album. no they dont’ give xxl’s anymore. Why? Fear. Afraid to go out on a limb. It would be cool if xxl would go back and admit when they were wrong on reviews. Also, Em did not steal the show. I hate when Em comes on any song and starts his lil rant and all his stans get their panties in a bunch. Dude said the same thing he always says.


    pretty dope cd id say its only in XL but all acrossed the board how da hell u gunna rate the lyrics an L when that was the best thing about the cd was the damn message… i mean dayum i thinku guys gave gucci an XL in lyrics maybe B.O.B’s Chain aint heavy enough.. but this is what real life and challenges is really about not that fake shoot em up, cars and jewels BS i dont have dat stuff so im tired of hearing about it finally something i can relate to has an artist my self and as a fan of hip-hop and r&b… most u rappers are fake ass selfish wannabe frank lucas get over ur self!

  • http://defjam.com Gutta

    The album is good! It’s not anything that I would pick up ten years from now, and play again! The dude could be big! He has the heat, but when you have faggot ass publicists and marketing directors fucking up you shit “what can you do”! Atlantic Records is the gay man’s paradise! Shit! Them homos take styles from real ass niggaz in NYC, and apply them to their artists! Mr. Samuel leave this comment up!

  • Crispy

    This review, like so many…no all…of the reviews in XXL these days is straight garbage. Why is it that very other music publication and newspaper has better written more informative reviews of rap records? Ignoring the fact that in XXL 95% of records get one of two ratings (L or XL), the actual words in the reviews is linear rubbish. There’s a real argument to be had about this record…for the, uh, record, it’s junk…but none of that is here. None of that is in any XXL review. I dig Bob but this album was a lame commercial mess. Please XX stop giving us reviews that read like 5th-grade book reports and show your critical metal, that is, mettle. Got any? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeelk!!!

  • kedordu

    lyrics xl , beats xl , originality xl .its an xl . what are u talking about . it can never be an xxl . calm the fuck down

  • fastflipper

    album is correct

    nothing to jizz in your pants

    for sure not a real classic

  • http://www.last.fm/user/pamento Dante


    • ladidadida


  • Will

    Album was cool. Kinda hard to listen to it straight through for me, cause one minute he’ll kinda have me amped with the Bet I, then the whole mood of the CD will change. Not sayin the whole CD should be one type of music, but at least put some transition in there

  • OfficialDeejayW

    This album deserves a PERFECT SCORE! Best album of the year so far! Way original! Ya’ll didn’t say anything bad about it and still it didn’t get a perfect score??

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    Although he’s compared 2 Ceelo a lot 4 his crooning & rapping style……I personally don’t think dude is a copycat…kid is different & his debut is on my playlists right now.

  • Anonymous

    crazy ass album for a debut!! lovin the diversity

  • Anonymous

    crazy ass album for a debut!! lovin the diversity

  • willboy

    This album’s eccentric nature makes it so good especially because there aren’t many albums on the shelf like it

    follow me @ twitter.com/purplewingz10

  • Ladidadida

    I bought this and it was ehhh… like 5 solid songs but this is not front to back for me. too pop

  • 4mat

    starts great but gets boring later

  • nutsoe2kpow

    is it me? cause im not feeling this dude that nothing on you song is on top and i think that is one corney ass song i herd some other shit but its bout as irratating as that song so what ever. niggas proably hating on me cause im bout the only one on here said that he is wack but FUCK YALL BITCH!!!!!!

  • pt

    this album isn’t even rap RAP, i was expecting some dope shit…it was pretty wack. type of album you just skip through. it should have gotten an L or an M.. it wont even matter to the game in like 3 months..yeah im straight hating but only cause its true

  • http://hiphopfiend.wordpress.com/ Grant

    Check out my track by track Thank Me Later review on my website

  • Vansur

    No @ nutsoe2kpow, were hating on cuz your wack, and @ pt. your wack too, of course its not a rap album you fuckin idiot, go listen to waka flocka or oj or that travis porter fuckin trash ass A town garbage

  • pt

    who the fuck is waka flocka and oj or travis porter????????????? the fact u can name those dudes says it ALL. hahaha. C.A. ALL DAY SON!! .eat a dick

  • fes

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  • Anonymous

    The album is worth a listen and no doubt I played it back to back a few times.
    Although I don’t agree that it deserves a perfect XXL I do suggest the lyrics are deserving of atleast an XL.

  • Stregano

    This album got what it deserved. It is an incredible album, but I personally feel that XXL should be saved for a perfect album. This album is near perfect. I am already anticipating his second release. I mean, BoB vs Bobby Ray was also incredible, but just did not have the nice production value of this.

    BoB is amazing. He is going to be around for a very long time, and has just begun. If you think this album is perfect, I promise you that his next one will be better.

    Even going from mixtape to mixtape, they are getting better and better as he goes, so with his first album, you don’t honestly think this is his best? Sure, it is the best we have heard, but let him grow into the industry a little more and just sit back and enjoy his albums for the next 15-20 years.

  • http://www.myspace.com/djservinervin Dj servin ervin

    Dis dude is ariight but if yall want sum new Slappz !!!!!Check out my dude TWAN MAC from the BAY AREA http://www.myspace.com/twanmacmusic


  • calvin

    well xl is just fine… only 6 / 24 albums reache xxl right?? haha

  • Concerned Citizen

    Rivers cuomo and Haley williams all on one album….. …….. …..

  • Yung Narc

    I love the cover…DANG!

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  • http://www.BobbyRayHQ.com Bobby Ray HQ

    There goes Bobby Ray Doin his thing!! you alll ready know ..

  • http://www.terracottapots.net/feed/ kumaran

    good work done by Bobby Ray. i like him very much and waiting for his next release.

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