Don’t tell me Jamie Foxx is on the DL

“I heard you were the real Superhead.”

– Karrine “Superhead” Steffans to Jamie Foxx, that time Superhead was on Foxxhole Radio

Crap, not another prominent black man on the DL.

I should have known, back when Superhead let that shit slip, that she had some dirt on Jamie Foxx, just like she had that dirt on Big Tigger. I would have looked further into it at the time, but it honestly didn’t occur to me – probably because I’m in denial about so many prominent black men being on the DL. No homo. So many of our proudest brothers have turned out to be closet cases that my brain just can’t stand it anymore. I’m the straight equivalent of that woman you see on COPS who swears she fell down a flight of stairs, when she obviously just got the crap kicked out of her by her fat, drunk redneck husband. Another famous black guy is a brownie hound? I’m not trying to hear it.

I was only reminded that Jamie Foxx might be on the DL just now, when I heard audio of yesterday’s Howard Stern Show, where Howard, who’s been beefing with Jamie’s Foxxhole Radio re: his comments about how Gabba Ray Sebadoh will never have a real career in Hollywood, suggested that he has dirt on Jamie that Jamie might not want out there, then proceeded to riff on the curious title of Jamie’s radio show. Obviously, that was his way of suggesting to the audience that Jamie takes it up the coat, without actually saying it – especially since they had George Takei in the studio yesterday, and he’s very sensitive about that kind of thing. He’s a real fag about it.

The real question is whether or not Howard has any real dirt on Jamie, other than just hearsay, the size of his lips, the fact that he used to dress up like a woman on In Living Color (I know the drag thing is some of the main proof against Tyler Perry), so on and so forth. I wouldn’t put it past Howard Stern to come up with something, even if he doesn’t have anything at present. He’s resourceful like that. He got three of Tiger Woods better-looking jumpoffs to compete in a beauty pageant, showing off their stripper-like bodies in tiny bathing suits and describing Tiger’s needy to say the least sexual appetites in graphic detail, when none of these other media outlets could get more than one of them at a time. Plus he’s desperate. His show has obviously been in a state of decline ever since he went to satellite radio. It’s cool that he can curse, and have chicks ride the Sybian and what have you – but his audience is way smaller than it used to be, so he can’t get very many a-list guests. And things have just been kinda weird and sad ever since Artie pulled an Elliott Smith on his chest, just to have an excuse not to wake up so early.

Howard might try to find a guy who claims he fucked Jamie Foxx in the ass, even if Jamie drops this silly little beef they’ve been having, just because he could use the publicity. Especially if he’s seriously contemplating re-upping with Sirius. I never can tell with him. Of course he wouldn’t want to let on that he’s interested in extending his contract, before they agree on an amount, and I’m pretty sure his supposed talks with the American Idol people were mostly just about fucking with Sirius. But I doubt Sirius could pay him anything like what they paid him back in ’06 (a veritable fuckton) even if they wanted to. Haven’t they been like thisclose to going out of business ever since? And Howard’s cachet just plain isn’t what it was going on five years ago. If ever he was considering bowing out gracefully, this would be the time. A post-2010 Howard Stern would be like Jordan wearing the 45, getting pwned (or whatever the basketball terminology is) by Allen Iverson. The fact that he’s even carrying on like he has been lets me know he’s willing to go to certain lengths to protect his career, and hence his ego.

Jamie Foxx therefore finds himself in the odd position of having to decide whether to keep on with Howard Stern. Normally, it would be a no brainer: If you’re beefing with a guy, and the guy suggests he’s got proof you’re teh ghey, and you know good and well no such proof exists, of course you’re going to call his bluff. But I’m sure Jamie’s handlers would insist that his best move at this point is to not acknowledge it one way or the other. If the Faurisson affair (google it) has taught us anything, its that some battles you just plain don’t want to enter into. Even if you win, people are gonna wonder why you were fighting in the first place. I’d never suspected anything about Jamie Foxx, despite the size of his lips, Wanda, the naked pictures of him that keep turning up on the Internets, so on and so forth, until Howard Stern said he had some dirt on him. I consulted the Google, and wouldn’t you know there’s page after page of salty hoodrats coming up with conspiracy theories having to do with some teh ghey who was supposedly stalking him, some teh ghey guy who sexually assaulted him in a club, some teh ghey guy he supposedly beat up in a hotel room…

That’s a lot of coincidences.


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  • The Unknown

    The REAL story is……………”We are very close to finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!” -George Dubya. Bush

  • Apollo Moses

    Dude Bol you puttin in work bruh with the posts…stay winnin


    i miss artie in general but especially for times like these….the show needs some good ole fashion black jokes

  • geico lizard

    Jamie is a confirmed bachelor like George Clooney but if Foxx jumps up and gets married to kill the rumors he will look guilty.

  • DownSouth

    Man, I hope it aint tru. What’s wrong with dudes. It’s way too many fine women in the world for a dude to want anotha dude. SMH



    Ever since i found out Jamie was hooked on PCP or some shit, I just never knew about dude. He came to Hollywood to change his name to Jamie (of all names), then there was that Soloist movie, his role as Bundini in “Ali”, Wanda on In Living Color, and numerous other roles where he did a great job of playing a sick, deranged, fuckjob-of-the-mind character… i can’t call it

  • Pierzy

    That was funny as hell yesterday. Howard made about 50 references to dude being on the DL.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Really Jamie doesn’t have shit to worry about if the secret Howard is holding is of him being possibly on the DL. How many people rumors have been made about Tom Cruis, Diddy, Jay-z and John Travolta about them being gay. Shit Ricky Martin recently “came out” of the closet even after selling millions of records while everyone knew he was on the Latino DL. Plus Howard Stern is like the equivalent to Wendy Williams, they’re more opinionated gossipers who even when right can’t be taken seriously.

    • macdatruest

      LMAO@ The “latino” DL hahaha so what race is the DL??? And nobody ask the simple question, how close are these DL guys to their biological fathers??

    • Coueratete

      nicholasd– ur comment was perfect. :) couldn’t have said it better. i’m glad u did.

      this post was well written/articulated :)

  • MisterMcFly

    i would have never suspected Jamie until i saw that pic of him staring at Plies like Gabby Sidibe staring at a steak dinner…you just cant explain that shit away…

    • valdez



    Let’s not forget he’s “friends” with Kanye.

  • sealsaa

    “I should have known, back when Superhead let that shit slip, that she had some dirt on Jamie Foxx, just like she had that dirt on Big Tigger”

    Diddy as well. So far, his DL status has been publicly alluded to twice. Once in Superhead’s book, and once by Xzibit. Knowing how greedy the bitch is, you’d have to wonder how much she’s getting paid by either of or both of them to keep quiet.

    • valdez

      “Knowing how greedy the bitch is, you’d have to wonder how much she’s getting paid by either of or both of them to keep quiet.”

      straight TRUTH there!!

  • latino heat

    things i learned reading this post and comments,

    1) Big Tigger is on the DL?

    2) Jamie Foxx is on PCP?

    3) Ricky Martin came out of the closet? (although i’m not at all surprised by this one.)

    as far as Foxx being gay, i don’t believe it. didn’t he have a sex tape or at least some naked pics of him and Dollicia Bryan and another girl a couple years ago?

    • Lowedwn

      For real Big Tigger’s on the DL? This is news to me. Someone break it down for me ’cause I’m late. The PCP thing too.

      • $yk

        Lowe google that song Tigger has w/Busta. That’s what they mean by ‘that book’.

  • $yk

    I don’t know Bol. Stacey Dash already went on record real recently, before this spat popped off, saying her & Foxx are friends with benefits. Men be cuffing Stacey Dash.

    Didn’t Hallie Berry just slob this dude down on broadcast TV like ‘he can have it if he want it’? I’m not saying it’s impossible, there is BI-, but even before Wanda Sykes came out, she always talked about her dislike of men, Jamie stay talking about boinking broads.

    I just think Howard’s throwing darts because Jamie’s coming for that crown. And Howard’s your boy.

    • Pierzy

      He’s my boy too, $yk.

      • $yk

        I know this, maaaan.

  • Enlightened

    Look y’all, I sincerely hope Jamie Foxx is not gay, but why do y’all keep bringing up women?

    That’s why they call it DL because these niggas are still fuckin women. Him fuckin Stacey Dash or having a sex tape has absolutely nothin to do with whether or not he’s fuckin dudes too.

    • $yk

      “That’s why they call it DL because these niggas are still fuckin women. Him fuckin Stacey Dash or having a sex tape has absolutely nothin to do with whether or not he’s fuckin dudes too.”

      $yk says: “I’m not saying it’s impossible, there is BI-,”

      ^ ???

  • King B

    SMH@ bol checking out jamie foxx lips….

  • Beeyo

    I’m mad at myself for even have an opinion on this gay shit.

    • Beeyo


  • RudNare

    “Another famous black guy is a brownie hound? I’m not trying to hear it…I’d never suspected anything about Jamie Foxx, despite the size of his lips…”

    BwaHaHaHaHa! *shaking-uncontrollably* :)

  • icon (trillbert arenas)

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, or not, but back in the day, there was a semi-confirmed story that Jamie played naked basketball with his “homies” (google it, n/h)…he been suspect since then, at least to me…

  • heji

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  • caino

    it doesnt really bother me one way or theother if Jamie is gay, or on the DL, ever since Miami Vice the dude has been suspect!

  • Town Biz

    Foxx isn’t gay he’s bi. Not much of a difference to me but people think just because he like women doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to pitch or catch. I can see this being true. Would surprise me at all. All R & B singers have to have a little sugar in there tanks to be good.


    As a “sista”, don’t have any problem with gay men (they have way other issues then what I may think), the problem is when they put up this persona about how they only love and stick it to women and know good and dam well they gettin it in whereever it fits in. Dam Homies! Give us ladies a break. On the other end of the spectrum, for the most part, ladies don’t front when they take it upside, downside and all the way around from either sex. If you’re a public figure and you’re screwing both ways, you have sum ‘splaining’ to do! IMO!!!!

  • valdez

    this is HARDLY a surprise. especially once u begin to understand the way hollywood works. u HAVE TO engage in homosexual acts if u are a member of the buole. (supposedly) u HAVE TO become a boule member to be a prominant, successful entertainer, ESPECIALLy as an actor, or musician, and sometimes even as an athlete.

    as far as hollywood goes, rumor is u HAVE TO sit on the director’s “casting couch” to land certain huge movie roles, like star wars, transformers, and those types of mega hit movies.

    as far as foxx is concerned, back during his wanda days, there was a clip of him backstage with lenny kravitz and foxx was coming onto him HARD (no pun). he did in under the pretext of comedy, but that shit was more than suspect. i say all that to say, i already figured foxx was a fruit, along with the rest of black (and white, especially white) hollywood.

  • df

    Redman & Busta are gay too.

  • Pharoethegreat

    Redman aint no where near gay man. Is he? lol

  • incredulous

    Is this really all you have time to do…Sit around and blog about other people, particularly Howard Stern and Jamie Foxx. Really Mr. Crawford. It’s sounds like your unpleasant looking behind (have you looked at that picture next to your blog title?), is really hating on Mr. Foxx on the down low. Whether Mr. Foxx is gay, straight, down low, or straight confused, he’s doing so as RICH, OSCAR winning/nominated Jamie Foxx. Not some broke down, wanna be WRITER. Your taking up space with your nonsense. Go away please!