Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – Crews, Posses, Clans & Clicks

The GS Boyz broke up. No, really, they did. It’s a press release in my spam inbox and everything.

Feel free to take a minute to try and remember who they are. I still don’t.

It is a reminder of something the hip-hop world has known for years: crews don’t last. Whether it be money, fame or something as simple as growing apart, happy endings usually aren’t the case. Let’s run through a few.


This story has been told countless times over the years and it’s still sad regardless of how you look at it. Eazy made it out the hood, met this guy named Jerry Heller, got a little money and was never the same. At least that’s how the story goes. AND to make matters worse, we still don’t have Detox.

Bad Boy

Such a great story during their heyday. Even after Biggie’s murder, the label thrived for about another good year. Diddy dropped a helluva album and so did Ma$e. Then Betha found God (for the first time), Shyne got locked up and the stories of Puff’s alleged greed ran rampant. Anybody seen Carl Thomas?

Death Row

From the most infamous record label around to being auctioned off. Many people forget, in 1996, Death Row was already on a downward spiral. After Dre’s departure and Pac unfortunately found himself on the Vegas strip, Snoop moved down south and Suge checked in the big house. Life’s a bitch. Still, in their prime, you’d be hard pressed to find a label who put out better music (and better urban legends) than D.R.

The Fugees

All I can do is shake my head at this one. The only thing that seemed to overshadow their talent was their egos.

Ruff Ryders & No Limit

They were the big movements after the Bad Boy/Death Row glory days. Both were led by two big names in DMX and Master P. X made you wanna kill, while P made you wanna hustle. You either wanted to be a Ruff Ryder or a No Limit Solider. There’s was no in between. Both ran their course though and I’m not sure if either label is still in operation.


The label that brought us Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, the Young Gunz, Kanye West and Armadale vodka also had one of the ugliest endings. Jay was mad at Dame. Dame was mad at Jay. And Biggs just stood quiet the whole damn time. Fast forward to the present, Beans is more concerned with flipping Jay’s bars than putting out his own work.


At one time, they were, as they referred to it, “the only movement moving.” Hate ‘em or love ‘em, there weren’t many days better in hip-hop than vintage Dipset. They were young kids from the hood making money while creating anthems, smoking blunts and sippin’ “purple punch.” Then it all went downhill. Jimmy was too busy “ballin” to remember loyalty. Cam disappeared after a run in with Tru Life. And Juelz assembled the New Jersey Nets of rap crews aka Skull Gang.

Thankfully, there are always exceptions to the rule. Hearing the legendary Goodie Mob would be touring again was one of the best feelings I’ve gotten in hip-hop in a long time. Some people just sound better together. That’s all it really boils down to. Now rumors are beginning to surface that the Queens ensemble, Run-DMC, may reunite for the first time since Jam Master Jay’s passing. That’s some powerful stuff. Especially when you take into account the rarity of groups pushing aside their pride and letting bygones be bygones.

I guess the real question is, what group is next? And which one do you miss the most?

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  • Worley

    “Juelz assembled the New Jersey Nets of rap crews aka Skull Gang.”

    Hilarious. I could never take those dudes seriously especially the skinny, alien looking dude with the glasses. FOH.

  • patkilpat

    No A Tribe Called Quest? Was this article written by a 22 year old?

    I’ll miss Little Brother

  • Deadly MIME

    Yea thats what happens in Hip-Hop groups come and go. Far as the GS Boys, that made me laugh. They only came out with 2 songs and already broke up. LMAO!!!!! Anyways, one of the hip-hop crews I do miss though is The Lost Boys. Lots of dudes forgot about them.

  • John Cochran

    Everytime I think of high school (class of 04) I think of The Roc,Dipset, And Double R. That’s all I did all day was play that shit. It was really heartbreaking to see that powerful movement die. I felt Jay Z did the Roc dirty, he just took his money and ran. But maybe crews are not meant to last. Maybe they’re just meant to help artists master thier craft until thier good enough to stand on thier own. Most of these crews had that break out star that did just that.

  • mazemayhim

    A Tribe Called Quest, Leaders Of the New School, Little Brother/Justus League, even Slum Village had line-up changes smh Pete Rock & CL split up. Treach put hands & Hi-Tek boot on Kaygee’s 4head smh De La Soul is prolly the only crew that’s STILL 2gether. Lemme know who else I 4got.

    • latino heat

      @ mazemayhim

      “Treach put hands and Hi-Tek boot on Kaygee’s 4head.”

      can anyone please elaborate on this story?

      • Jamal7Mile

        NBN is still touring. Their website and Twitter page is still active. All 3 seem to be doing fine. I haven’t heard of any breakup or fallout.


        • latino heat

          @ 7Mile

          i know at one point Kaygee had left the group. they even released the album IIcons without him.

          didn’t know he was back with them though. also never heard about Treach stomping him out. i guess that story is just a rumor.

        • mazemayhim

          @ latino heat

          It was on “Beef.” Treach beat Kaygee up. It was around the time they did the “Icons” album & Kaygee left the group to do that Divine Mills label

        • supersupreme

          i seen naughty in australia perform bout a month ago.
          they still holding it down. the truth

  • Jamal7Mile

    I was upset when EPMD broke up at the TOP of their game. Everyone in the Hip-Hop Community dropped what they were doing and let out a collective “WHAT??!!” Although they got back together it wasn’t the same.

    As far as what group is next to break up, take your pick. None of them last.

  • CrypticOne

    I knew all kinds of people that were down with No Limit and Ruff Ryders.

  • Eddie Blanco

    Fuck em all!! Money became their downfall…

  • AZ40

    Besides NWA,Fugees, and Dipset those others were labels not really groups. well dipset was like wu-tang in a sense b/c all of them were solo acts that could come together in group form…money ego and drifting apart will be any groups downfall, but look at the Lox and M.O.P they don’t make music consistanly but they are still together

  • Jon Dog

    Bone Thugs still goin strong…. Well, after goin through a whole shit load of hardships I guess, but it’s good to see them together again. Goodie Mob should make one more album for the fans. Any word on if Out-Kast is ever gonna make a hip hop album TOGETHER AS A GROUP again? Lost Boyz, I loved those dudes too, got all their albums. Haha, what about Kris Kross or Fu Schnickens. Das-EFX, Lords of The Underground, Rottin Ralskalz, The Comrads, Low Profile, WESTSIDE CONNECTION, Anotha Level, Odd Squad, The Click, 187 Fac, Facemob……

  • Jamal7Mile

    ^^ The Odd Squad are still doing their thing. They just changed their name to The Coughee Bros.

  • ChiquitaB

    Wow Jamal7Mile :), not many people know about the odd squad, but i do :).

    • Jamal7Mile


    • Ikeberg $lim

      The Shit Pit was my song. Funny as hell.

  • Tupik

    Wu-Tang still rockin’ it though.

  • Lowedwn

    I miss the entire Dungron Family, Death Row camp, Def Squad & Fugees.

  • BluBlack


  • Mr. Wattz

    Not sure watt to say about the Wu, too. Seems they had an agenda, as ODB went on a benda, GFK traded “Coke” for splenda, the Genius and God put out records that no one remembered, till Meth and Bobby gave everybody the finga!


  • El Tico Loco

    Speaking of Odd Squad what about most of the original Rap A lot roster? (the pre-Zro rap a lot) 5 Ward Boyz, TMT, I know besides Geto Boys the rest were solo but that was some good southern hip hop. What happened?

  • $ykotic Don McCaine

    This is why you have to respect the foresight RZA had/has, and got dudes their own situations. A 10 member rap crew is hard to maintain.

    D12 should be next, it seems like this is Em’s last go-round with the crew.

    @ Tico

    IMO when the feds had their knee on J-Prince’s neck is when Rap-A-Lot cooled off.

  • latino heat

    Cypress Hill. they’ve been together for about 20 years now. i haven’t listened to them in years but their early stuff was classic.

    Boot Camp Click is celebrating 15 years which we can see from the banner on this site.

    DPG and their revolving members. the core has always been Snoop, Daz, Kurupt and Nate Dogg though, still together.

    C-N-N has been together for 13 years now.

    i miss 2002 – 2005 G-Unit.

  • raazi36

    I Will Miss Little Brother after they drop their last album “LEFTBACK” Phonte an Rapper Big Pooh, I’m looking foward to the solo joints tho ! ! ! !

  • raazi36

    yo what about the Firm? ya know NaS, Nature, AZ, and Foxy Brown, yo does that count ???

  • Mr. North

    Outkast is like the only group that never officially broke up that I can think of. Wu-Tang is still together too. and when the Dungeon Family came out every single person from 1994 was on the album even though Goodie Mob was broken up. And the Firm doesnt count..

  • General Yopeck

    Wu-Tang??? Juice Crew?? Boot Camp Click?? Where??

  • G-Rider

    Outkast, anyone?


    L.O.X. still together

  • DV8

    “AND to make matters worse, we still don’t have Detox.”

    “Jimmy was too busy “ballin” to remember loyalty. Cam disappeared after a run in with Tru Life. And Juelz assembled the New Jersey Nets of rap crews aka Skull Gang.”

    there you go Ms. Civil!!!!!

    *stands up and applauds*

    How does it feel to throw a few darts every now and then huh?

    I knew you had it in you.

    My list is as follows:

    Eric B and Rakim
    Goodie Mob
    Bone (when Bizzy got kicked out)
    The Luniz
    A Tribe Called Quest
    DPG (back when Kurupt left and BadAzz got stomped out by Suge in Vegas and Kurupt was there and didnt do anything)

    • DV8

      oh yeah and Cam didnt disappear after the Tru Life beef it was during the beginning stages of the 50 beef. Dudes mom got sick and he fell back to take care of her. I dont blame him at all because I would have done the same thing.

  • Teddy

    bone thugs all i got to say they were brilliant together when bizzy left man just wasnt same keen to hear their new album see if getting back together will give em that old bone feel they used to have

  • The $ykotic Don McCaine

    Now did I lie?

    Ain’t it better to have the blog hits and a good coupling of comments on the subject?

    These names are the core following. Holler at us, we will holler back.

  • Southside

    Where the Hot Boys at?

  • clowning

    no one seems to be mentioning The Roots. probably the only mature group in hip hop. or are they considered a band?

    • DV8

      Roots never broke up they have a new album coming soon.


    One word: Gangstarr (or is it two?)

  • yoprince

    ha @ “the new jersey nets” quip. good one.

  • youngin

    what about the hot boys?

  • South_GA_Legend

    what about the HOT BOYZ & BIG TYMERS

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