There was a time when 50 Cent could do no wrong. Every mixtape was insane, every hook was catchy, every feature was automatic and every album was an event. Too bad those times are long gone. This was once the guy who was considered the biggest bully in Hip-Hop. Crossing him meant an endless barrage of disses in interviews, songs and viral videos. Fif really didn't have a conscience, and really still doesn't to this day.

But, as time changes so does luck. Recently, Curtis announced he'd be experimenting with a new form of music. Techno. For a guy who's music hasn't been consistently great in years, attempting to "branch out" into another genre isn't the greatest move he could ever make. Judging by his most recent numbers (which were "disappointment" in his standards), if people aren't that interested in his music anymore, switching to another genre isn't exactly the smartest move. I can't imagine what a 50 Cent techno song would sound like, but chances are it'd be more "train wreck" than "cruise line." Imagine Fif harmonizing over some weird ass instrumental that sounds like people should be popping X to in the club.

And wasn't this the same guy who ridiculed Kanye for his experiment with auto-tune on 808's & Heartbreaks (even though he clearly used the effect on "Rider Pt. 2")? If people who wanted to listen to Kanye's "experiment" were "depressed," then who wants to hear 50 Cent doing his best techno rendition? Hardcore fans who still wear G-Unit clothing everyday?  At some point, it's not "growing as an artist." It's being a hypocrite, point blank. Period. As a fan of 50's for ages, I've always admired his ability to do be himself and simply not give a damn. But how this move benefits his career in the least bit is missing me. Seeing him being subjected to stuff like this only reminds me that no one stays hot forever.

Damn homie, from '02-'06, you was the man homie. Fuck happened to you?