50 Cent: How Times Have Changed

There was a time when 50 Cent could do no wrong. Every mixtape was insane, every hook was catchy, every feature was automatic and every album was an event. Too bad those times are long gone. This was once the guy who was considered the biggest bully in Hip-Hop. Crossing him meant an endless barrage of disses in interviews, songs and viral videos. Fif really didn’t have a conscience, and really still doesn’t to this day.

But, as time changes so does luck. Recently, Curtis announced he’d be experimenting with a new form of music. Techno. For a guy who’s music hasn’t been consistently great in years, attempting to “branch out” into another genre isn’t the greatest move he could ever make. Judging by his most recent numbers (which were “disappointment” in his standards), if people aren’t that interested in his music anymore, switching to another genre isn’t exactly the smartest move. I can’t imagine what a 50 Cent techno song would sound like, but chances are it’d be more “train wreck” than “cruise line.” Imagine Fif harmonizing over some weird ass instrumental that sounds like people should be popping X to in the club.

And wasn’t this the same guy who ridiculed Kanye for his experiment with auto-tune on 808′s & Heartbreaks (even though he clearly used the effect on “Rider Pt. 2″)? If people who wanted to listen to Kanye’s “experiment” were “depressed,” then who wants to hear 50 Cent doing his best techno rendition? Hardcore fans who still wear G-Unit clothing everyday?  At some point, it’s not “growing as an artist.” It’s being a hypocrite, point blank. Period. As a fan of 50′s for ages, I’ve always admired his ability to do be himself and simply not give a damn. But how this move benefits his career in the least bit is missing me. Seeing him being subjected to stuff like this only reminds me that no one stays hot forever.

Damn homie, from ’02-’06, you was the man homie. Fuck happened to you?

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  • harmen

    50 is still the shit IMO curtis was not very good but it was meh.. still tho before i self destruct was flames
    ..that being said i’m not on board with this techno idea but hey…u have new experiences they change u i guess? this guys been around the world like 10 times he must’ve soaked up the culture somewhere along the line?

  • Kung Pow Chitlens

    He’s a closest homo (yes, homo)that should stick to his homo thug snitch ass ways

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  • General

    They funny thing is people will come on here and try to defend the shit. He is and always has been the biggest hypocrite in hip hop. It took a little while for the buzz and hype to wear off and now that we are left with nothing but his music we find out he’s really not that talented…

    I found it interesting that he said he didn’t want to put himself in a “box” musically, but honestly he put himself there by ridiculing any other artist that tried something that he didn’t consider “street”…

    I really think he has seen how the B.E.P. have stayed in the Top 10 on Billboard for damn near a year now so he is trying to cash in on their sound the same way he did with Ja’s…

    There isn’t one thing original about 50

    • allhiphop>xxlmag

      he invented the mixtape format that your favorite rappers use
      used beef to promote albums
      branched out into other ventures after music
      made people take notice in soundscan
      started the unofficial remix of hot records

      • DV8

        “he invented the mixtape format that your favorite rappers use”

        “started the unofficial remix of hot records”

        not true. He wasnt the only rapper putting out mixtapes like that at that time and I remember on old Flex, Clue, Tony Touch and Kid Capri mixtapes people redoing songs in they own way.

        “branched out into other ventures after music”

        Do the names Puff and Jay-Z ring a bell? Master P anybody?

        “made people take notice in soundscan”

        which eventually did him in. I bet you he would take that back.

        “used beef to promote albums”

        1) BIG said he asked Pac what the hell was he doing (during the beef) and Pac replied (allegedly) Im just trying to make some money”

        2)Canibus inadvertly against LL Cool J

        Know your history my friend.

        • allhiphop>xxlmag

          everyone follows 50s format for mixtapes these days
          jay puff or master p didnt sign vitaminwater deals, act with well known actors, write books, make a condom line, and a successful website
          still used soundscan to his advantage
          50 used beef to promote all 4 of his albums
          know your recent history my friend

        • Jon Dog

          Fuck are you dumb. Typical 50 stan. Shut the fuck up “faggot”

    • Afi K. James

      You got that right, there is not one thing original nor good about 5-0, he is really on my leading contender list of the worst of all time, he hasn’t done anything but fucked up more of this industry, him & soulja boy should be locked up for making crappy music like this and take gay-unit with them.

      Glad game and buck finally saw the deceiveness that gay-unit really are and left while they can.

  • http://bit.ly/aM6rGQ NewTracks

    Funny how people start to the hate the man because he doesn’t sell records in the millions anymore…He is still a bully to rappers, he will still tell someone where to go and how he feels regardless of whose feelings he hurts and he still puts out good music.His mixtapes in 2009 all did very well, lot of downloads and a lot of talk about them….his album sold pretty well for 2010.Wheres all the hate coming from?

    Look at other genres of music, The Rolling Stones,U2,Aerosmith,The Beatles and a long of big acts have changed there sound.People change, people evolve and they wanna try new things, so what>?

  • Worley

    50 should branch out into something and it should not be techno or anything musical. At this point, music is a baby step for that guy. People have started empires with a lot less than what he has in the bank. There is no reason why a multi-millionaire should still be singing and dancing.

  • foolio_iglesias

    Hey,Rap been contradicting itself since 1998.Rap is as Rap does,this is nothing new.Say one thing,do something else….that being said,Fifty has the flow for that Tech-no stuff,real Ayo Technology,na’mean?

  • caino

    Shout out to general !! he speak the truth!

    Fiddy was a character in HipHop and he played that character to the fullest! he got his rewards from playing ‘said’ character. But his ‘fans’ (well the ones at the begining) have all grown up and are bored with his endless pursuit to beef with everyone. If he just branced out a few years back he might be relevant now. Instead he is talking about techno!!! Techno !!! what is he moving to Germany or somthing !! and wanst it his stablemate Em that rapped: ‘ and noone listens to techno, so lets go….’ when dissing Moby!!

  • Rich bwoy

    its funny that while yesterday discussing with my friends the opportunity of starting a website we viewed the statistics of these “urban” sites and found that the readers were individuals 18 – 34 not college educated and have the lowest income 0 -30k a year. It seems however for companies to benefit of those numbers they need to hire writers whose vocabularies are minute and blog topics consist the same old crappy story routines ( happy when a new record comes out sad when when a crappy one does and hating and smearing the names of artists they used to love ). Curtis Jackson however an actor , rapper , entrepreneur, investor and multimillionaire doesn’t need the approval of people below a particular tax bracket to feel appreciated.
    And to the writer of this post no you are not getting a raise to pay your rent lol

  • wtf is this??!!

    wtf??!!! if 50 fell off then how da fuk does he still make millions every year???…he’s worth $440 million for fuks sake!!!! and let me tell u this 50 made BISD which was a great hip hop album in a time where dance music n techno shit is takin over…50 is jus tryin new shit man…he is not going to change from gangsta rap to dance loool thats ridiculous…anyways times is changing I heard Dre is goin to make his first single from Detox a dance record…and u can do nothin about it…50 as a person ain’t changed but his strategies and business plans ALWAYS CHANGE….thats why he is soo succesful to this day…cuz he ain’t afraid to try new shit….and thats an artist to me…versatility is the key…

    • El Tico Loco

      Hey you! wtf?
      They say he fell the fuck off, nobody said he was broke.

      • Justice4all

        Exactly, Oprah is falling off in her ratings now, but we ALL know she is nowhere near broke.

  • JihaD

    Byron Crawford, Mike Bigga, Elliot Wilson, Ron Mexico, Tara Henley, Dallas Penn, The “Late, Great” Noz… Karen Civil??? Who the fuck are you and how are you allowed to write for this site?? Seriously, you suck ass, your topics suck ass, and your writing isn’t even subpar– that shit is middle school level. You can’t even put together a coherent argument that Curtis is a hypocrite. First of all, he didn’t “ridicule” Kanye for making 808′s– he said that how was that acceptable as a form of hip-hop (the album full of auto-tuned singing and love songs), which was a question quite a few people were asking. He also said if he did that, he would have been laughed out of hip-hop, which is also true. As far as techno– did you not hear AYO Technology? or the Boom Boom Pow remix? Those were techno infused hip-hop songs! What is the big fucking deal? People were calling Kanye a genius for rocking over a Daft Punk sample, so why is Curtis suddenly getting grief for trying to expand his sound? Gimme a fucking break! First, he was boxed in by GRODT and the constant comparisons to his first work; then, he got shit for having similar sounding music, which is completely sideways—how the hell do you want the same sound, but different? I mean, fuck outta here with this dumb shit! This sounds like one of those dumb ass SOHH dot. Com blogs; maybe you need to apply over there.

    No stannery, just real fucking talk.


    • Escobar9300

      Co-sign all day @ JihaD. Civil…you’re straight trash. Stick to Myspace blogs, you’re better suited for it. XXL fan want and need more than the bunk you’re putting out. Can somebody PLEASE pick up the phone and call the homie Dallas Penn? Please? Smh

  • http://www.incilin.com Incilin

    The closest 50 ever came to techo on an album was “Ayo Technology”. If he made more of that, I wouldn’t be mad. However, he also did that awful ass song with Esther Dean so…

    I will say one thing, 50 might be trying to score on the European market where I hear 50 is still enormously popular (50 is still one of a handful of rappers with true international appeal) and European rap has a lot more techno and trip hop influence in it. It might not be the worst idea.

    {Sings “London Girl”}

  • Justice4All

    THE BIGGEST SCAM IN AMERICA!!!! 50 cents-disses Ja Rule for singing on his hooks and then comes out and does the same thing on his next 3 albums-He also talks about Jay Z by saying he’s a fake corporate thug in a suit, then…he suits up and does deals with vitamin water in a board room. This dude has consistantly pulled the wool over the eyes of yall Hip Hoppers, BUT-he never fooled me-this dude is garbage and his decline was emminant. 300 bars was the beginning of the end-yall should have listened to The Game when he try to told ya’.

    • TRU TALK

      ^^^LOL Dude,get out your mom’s house!!!!!!

      • Justice4All

        As you type from your grandmother’s kitchen….Get outta here boi! I wish I was in my mother’s basement(it’s actually nice, marble floors, cherry wood cabinets)-but unfortunatly I’m in an upside down mortgage with an 7% interest rate ( Country wide will getcha son)-so no, I’m not in my mom’s house, but If you want to buy my house you can have it. In this economy I will gladly go half on the rent with my moms.

        • macdatruest

          TRUE TALK is a failure.

          He is the type of nigga that thinks if you have an opinion other than what they shovel up your ass on 106 and Park or on 50′s own site or ot his own mouth-you must be a nerd.

          Nigga still wearin that fucked up baggy 5x tony yayo autographed G-Unit sweater wit three doo-rags and a fitted cap “in da club”. LAME!!!!!

        • TRU TALK

          ^^^Man,i’m laughin at your clown sorry ass.Catchin feelings and dreamin about how other niggas who you don’t know,look like.Also replying to a comment aimed at another man.Standin up for another grown ass man is fruity,macdaloser.

          Shouldn’t you be at one of those sites for down low hoes like yourself?It’s a shame that i knocked a bitch like you off your square without even sayin shit to you.You bitch made fool ass faggot.

          Do me a favor,go find that fat bitch who plays Precious,find a straw,stick it in her ass and suck.

    • Afi K. James

      You speak the truth here.

      I Think really one of the worst decisions hip-hop has ever made was to let this monster name 5-0 run the industry, I’m telling you if pac and biggie and pun were alive today, we wouldn’t listen to this gay-unit bullshit and 98% of the mess of today,a at least 98% of the mess gets a pass for being crap unlike this one, gay-unit and 5-0 are a huge cancer to this genre and they should defintely hold accountable for tricking the public.

      Disgraceful, truly disgraceful.


    Big ups to everyone leaving comments today,but the only thing i ask is for people to wait until 50 releases a techno song.You can’t judge something that you never heard or seen.

    It could be a hit or a flop,we’ll never know until it’s official like a refs’ whistle.

    • Justice4All

      He’s a fake, so after Lil’ Wayne release a Rock esque album, he wants to try his hand in trance music? He’s always following in someone elses’s lane, never his- Then, he caps on the one he copied!? For real, do we really want to listen to this guy anymore? No we don’t. Dude needs to go apologize to the american public, then go and chill in Costa Rica or something. He’s run his course (or should I say someone else’s).


        Justice4all,I understand your viewpoint and i respect and value your opinion.

        Before i respond i want to ask that we keep this civil and don’t go the worldstar route of ignorance.

        My point is two things.
        1.Until we hear his techno debut,we can’t judge.Just like when people said that Kanye would flop if he made a album of auto tuned tracks but when 808 came out,it was a hit.

        2.If you want your money to grow,you have to invest it.That’s why Jay z and 50 have to suit and tie it up.If not,they wouldn’t have the money they now.You said we should have listened to The Game but 50 continues to eat off of The Game 1st album.


        Justice4all,I understand your viewpoint and i respect and value your opinion.

        Before i respond i want to ask that we keep this civil and don’t go the worldstar route of ignorance.

        My point is two things.
        1.Until we hear his techno debut,we can’t judge.Just like when people said that Kanye would flop if he made a album of auto tuned tracks but when 808 came out,it was a hit.

        2.If you want your money to grow,you have to invest it.That’s why Jay z and 50 have to suit and tie it up.If not,they wouldn’t have the money they have now.You said we should have listened to The Game but 50 continues to eat off of The Game 1st album.

  • Justice4All

    Dude is a copy cat-a fake-a stan-a phony a fan.

  • RedBlue

    If he goes techo i aint buying shit from him anymore.Ayo technology was fucking awful and if he does something like that again im not a fan anymore.BISD was a good album

  • RedBlue

    If he goes techno i aint buying shit from him anymore.Ayo technology was fucking awful and if he does something like that again im not a fan anymore.BISD was a good album

  • justice4all

    Re “SOMETHIN NEW”: I truly understand what you are saying, but you brought up a key point: “Investment”. Why invest in an area that will yield a subpar return? You surely don’t think something like that(trance) will do better than his rap albums do you? Well here is why I say it won’t; #1)He has had a tough outing on his last two albums with his current following from his own genre, that in itself makes it hard to ask for hip hop heads to cross over to that genre (trance music) and give support to his ‘new’ movement. #2) True followers and supporters of the trance genre will surely feel as if he’s disprespecting what they do (kinda like lady gaga dropping a full rap album). Would you buy her album? I wouldn’t. #3) He has lost credibilty with his fans, they are scared to def to buy anything else from him short of a super free mix tape or something. Just saying.


      Everthing you said is true.But let me give you an example of switching up styles.

      Sade’s hit single Soildier of Love.Sade is known for coming out smooth.But this time she came out over a hard ass beat that shocked everybody.I think if she would’ve stayed the same,some people would yell she’s becoming predictable and stale.And that’s the problem right now in music and everything in general,it’s stale.It’s time for people to try things and see do they work.

      Most hip hop songs nowadays are techno influenced by the use of the hard,loud synth preset on the keyboard.But you do have a valid point.

      • Justice4All

        Yeah, but Sade is not in the “Hip Hop” genre. We have a hard time being loyal supporters. In our culture, we love you one minute, then we are off to the next hot internet dude, is it right no, does it happen yes, all day err day. (As outkast would say). I just think he’ floating in super dangerous waters if he does that. Dudes ain’t checking for him now, can you imagine if he comes out with that. Instant hate from the gate!!! You are right, loud synth presets and and subtractive synths are running hip hop, i’m a producer so I know, but what i also know is that you should do something like that at the height of your career, then you are more likely to keep your fans (or most of them), but to do it now looks like…..Chris Brown….Desperate. I feel ya though homie, let’s wait and see. Good post.

        • SOMETHIN NEW

          I agree with you on this being a good post.I believe that 50 is just trying to get some of that techno dollar anyways.But like you said we just got to wait and see.

          Thanks for responding and may you have a blessed day

        • Justice4All

          Oh, also-I’m all for the suit and tie thing, you gotta do what you gotta do to get what you need (in the confines of the law of course), just don’t hate the next man for doing it when you are doing it too. That’s my gripe. In this world, you have to make concessions to make money, that’s part of the “game”. We will see though, you have a blessed day as well.

  • abdulnasir

    Damn 50, a few years ago u was the man homie! what the fuck happened to you?

  • BossGame

    I’m ridin’ with Ross on the music. 50 should go ahead and perfect his acting chops. To everything there is a season. Maybe his time has passed as an artist.

  • beaver

    co-sign jihad..
    exactly right..

    dis blogger is whack..
    she hasnt had 1 blogg dats been good..
    all of her bloggs are 2 short and lame..

    i request u fire her ass..and more bol..
    and bring bak ron mexico..

  • Curtis

    “…Damn homie, from ‘02-’06, you was the man homie. Fuck happened to you?…”

    ^ Uhmmm… I just made like 400Mill, I’m now under pressure to try make another 400Mill

    Hows life over there?

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don ‘$yk’ McCaine

    Cats are going at it!

    * starts swinging wildly in the air *

    * yells “Adrian!!!” while the gf screams “WTF is your problem???” *

    * sits down and re-lights the blunt *

    I like Techno.

  • TheR879

    Bitch wtf are u talkin about?

    Why not rap over techno beats

  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    i dont remember him saying techno music
    he said european club influenced music
    if 50 is at fault then so is Jay-Z, remember that leaked blueprint 3 song, Ghetto Techno?
    and Jay even said his next album is gonna be experimental
    this blog is pretty pointless but it made you talk about it, which 50 planned on doing

  • jonny bizness

    I live in europe [u.k] and that techno shit ain’t poppin over here.fif was probably referring 2 funky house which is massive in the urban clubs artists like donaeo [you tube party hard]and the crazy cousins.Anyway i can’t see him doing well with it 50 created a persona that is 1 way [gangsta] and anything else is absurd coming from him.

  • Ya Boy

    Man fuck that shit, 50 should try his hand at Dubstep! That shit is taking off!


    I wish you post were longer. Its just statement then conclusion

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    Fif is branching out into techno? That’s just ludicrous. I’ve been waiting for the longest for 50 to try something new, but I wasn’t talking about doing a techno based album. I was thinking something more along the lines of rapping about something new, stepping out his comfort zone lyrically. But I think he might be stepping out a bit to far, not only is he stepping out of his comfort zone, but everyone else’s as well.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com tupac

    young buck ended 5o cent rap career hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • newyawka631

    Macdatruest iz a fucking faggot.He only cumz on here to tawk shit about 50.You get a cookie,for being consistent though…. U don’t want another beating/”L” in da battlez.Me and da goonz r ready.One more thing,this is computer slang,before you make any smart comments…

  • flavorblade

    50 still knows how to keep ya’ll talking. 50 is a master at turning interest into a commodity. Doesn’t matter is it’s positive or negative. Attention = relevance.

  • noooo

    50 hasnt fell of to fans mybe new fans. b4iselfd was a banger.

    • Afi K. James

      Who cares, 5-0 is a piece of shit and he is garbage from the start.

  • Yanga

    FUCK you Karin Civil Bitch!!!!!