I’m an addict when it comes to music. (Why do you think I decided to work in this industry?) Just ask my poor co-workers, who have to listen to me blast my iTunes everyday as I proceed to bang the shit outta my desk with my attempts at a beat. It’s a definite problem.

And lately I’ve been given a lot of ammunition. That new Luda/Nicki Minaj joint, the Snoop/Cudi track, the Fat Joe/Scoop Deville banger. They all have me pressing rewind. But there’s always that one particular part in a song that really gets me excited (II). That part that I’ll constantly return to. The moment right before my absolute favorite few seconds of the song—the calm before the storm if you will.

Sometimes, and this is with the real preemo goods, I’ll get all warm inside and the hairs on my forearms will stand up (II). It’s like a mini musically-induced orgasm in my head.

No lie.

And if you're a true music head you know exactly what I’m talking about, otherwise you wouldn’t be on XXLMag.com. They weren’t lying when they said music is like a drug.

Deville is one of the cats that knows what I’m talkin’ about. I mean look at the precise segments he sampled for Snoop’s “I Wanna Rock” and Joey Crack’s “Slow Down.”

One song in particular that’s been in super heavy rotation on my iPod is “Our Dreams” from the new Wu Massacre project.


My personal favorite part is right before Rae’s verse, when the MJ sample comes on. You can feel that Rae is so caught up in the power of Jackson’s hook, that he can’t hold himself back from singing along. Those two-seconds before he jumps into the best verse of the track, I could listen to 8,000 times in a row.

No joke.

Don’t get me wrong, his verse is sick (I’m into cash, getting this paper, buying up acres/Ride around and yo fuck with my neighbors - Ha!) but it’s all about what preceeds it for me.

So this is the part of the blog where I ask you to share some of your favorite moments. But guess what, to start things off I got my man Bun B to comment. Check out his passionate response.


OK, now it’s your turn… —Jesse Gissen