The Best Part – These Are the Breaks

I’m an addict when it comes to music. (Why do you think I decided to work in this industry?) Just ask my poor co-workers, who have to listen to me blast my iTunes everyday as I proceed to bang the shit outta my desk with my attempts at a beat. It’s a definite problem.

And lately I’ve been given a lot of ammunition. That new Luda/Nicki Minaj joint, the Snoop/Cudi track, the Fat Joe/Scoop Deville banger. They all have me pressing rewind. But there’s always that one particular part in a song that really gets me excited (II). That part that I’ll constantly return to. The moment right before my absolute favorite few seconds of the song—the calm before the storm if you will.

Sometimes, and this is with the real preemo goods, I’ll get all warm inside and the hairs on my forearms will stand up (II). It’s like a mini musically-induced orgasm in my head.

No lie.

And if you’re a true music head you know exactly what I’m talking about, otherwise you wouldn’t be on They weren’t lying when they said music is like a drug.

Deville is one of the cats that knows what I’m talkin’ about. I mean look at the precise segments he sampled for Snoop’s “I Wanna Rock” and Joey Crack’s “Slow Down.”

One song in particular that’s been in super heavy rotation on my iPod is “Our Dreams” from the new Wu Massacre project.


My personal favorite part is right before Rae’s verse, when the MJ sample comes on. You can feel that Rae is so caught up in the power of Jackson’s hook, that he can’t hold himself back from singing along. Those two-seconds before he jumps into the best verse of the track, I could listen to 8,000 times in a row.

No joke.

Don’t get me wrong, his verse is sick (I’m into cash, getting this paper, buying up acres/Ride around and yo fuck with my neighbors - Ha!) but it’s all about what preceeds it for me.

So this is the part of the blog where I ask you to share some of your favorite moments. But guess what, to start things off I got my man Bun B to comment. Check out his passionate response.


OK, now it’s your turn… —Jesse Gissen

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  • Pierzy

    I do it more for the reason of great wordplay, flow, lyrics, etc…

    The first one I can think of doing so was Snoop on Stranded on Death Row:

    “Uhh I’m not flaggin, but I’m just saggin/
    I betcha don’t wanna see the D-O double G/
    And you can’t see, the D-R to the E/
    Or my motherfuckin homey D.O.C./
    You know you can’t fuck with my motherfuckin DJ/
    That’s my homey and we call him Warren G”

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    My fav part of a song is when Kanye is about to do the last verse on Gone. U kno somethin special is about to go down cuz the beat is buildin up n he’s like “uh, uh, uhhh,” then the violin plays n its a wrap.

    • Lowedwn


      Kanye knows his breaks

    • Zoned Out

      I must agree!!

  • LikeJordan45

    I know this is off-genre but in Sade’s Is It A Crime when the beat changes before she says “My love is…” the part of the beat MF Doom sampled on “Kon Karne” from Mm Food. I fuck with the Sade song the long way but that beat switch always makes me think of the Doom track.

    Honorable mention to the breaks in All About the Benjamins as Curren$y highlighted on his track “The Good Part”

  • Devin

    don’t know if this counts but the whistlin’ at the end of “Guess Who’s Back” always gets me.

    • Jasmine Joseph

      the whistling part at the end of “Guess Who’s Back” DEFINITELY counts. i can’t help but join him.

      takin it back. Passin’ Me By by Pharcyde. i always lose it no matter where i am (including the street and the train when) to the third verse (now there she goes again, the dopest ethiopian) and i’m convinced it’s partially cause i know i’m about to get sing: my dear, my dear, my dear you do not know me but i know you very well now let me tell you about the feelings i have for you when i try!!!, etc., etc. it’s actually the only verse in the song i know lyric for lyric.


    Wow, this is by far one of my fav post so far for the year.

    2 joints I have to listen to from beginning to end, ALWAYS, are:

    Kanye West “Throught the Wire”…

    The beat, the message, the way he lead up to the actual song by speaking from the heart on his situation: “Yo G, they can’t stop me from rappin’… Can they??? And he ends it “This is a life and death situation, yall just don’t understand how I feel right now”.

    I feel as if I’m playing myself on the song if I don’t hear the intro/build up to the first verse.

    The Roots “You Got Me”!!!

    The beginning of the song, where the stringed instruments finally meet with the drums, organ, and Badu’s voice. I just sit back close my eyes, and let my mind wonder from beginning to the end. I don’t care how many times I’ve heard this song, It ALWAYS feels as if I’m allowing my ears to hear it for the first time.

    ROO to the QUES and this post!!!

  • frow

    lol i know exactly what your talking about its funny but the one that comes to mind is Yung One on the WW3 song for some reason everytime i hear “YUNG ONNEEE ATLLL SHORTY DAMN RIGHT!!!” i get so amped up that is the best part of the song

  • oskamadison

    This is an old mixtape joint from like ’97 but the intro on Tragedy Khadafi’s “True Confessions”. That Main Ingredient vocal sample is eerie yet beautiful at the same time and the way that beat drops in?…priceless.
    AND…ODB “Rawhide”. Dirt Mcgirt was blackin’ out so hard he went right into Raekwon’s verse (…you’re bound to get AIDS or somethin’…not sayin’ I got it, but nigga if I got it, you got it…WHAT!!!)

  • Daywalker

    For me, it’s Jay-Z’s “Do It Again”! Right at the intro with Jay-Z talking before that beat comes in. Man, the first time I heard that, I just KNEW that beat was gonna be dope before it even kicked in. Especially with Beans kicking it off….straight FIYAH!!

  • brand-new

    a couple came to mind right away, inpectah deck’s opening verse on triumph is one,and big pun’s famous line on twinz,dead in the middle of little italy….you know the rest…lol

  • Moving Sideways

    Right at the beginning of Ghostface’s verse in “10 Bricks” off OB4CL2 when the guitar loop cuts out and that one bar string section comes in…that shit is fresh. RIP Dilla

  • sealsaa

    The world is yours -Nas.

  • Chery Seinfeld

    It’s so hard to think of this off top. Drake’s “Say What’s Real” comes to mind. He’s already been killing the song for a minute ahd change and then goes in with, “I’ve always been something that these labels can’t buy/especially if they try to take a piece of my soul/and Sylvia be telling Tez, damn Drake fly/and he be like, silly motherfucka, I know.” I just love that.

    Then there’s “Unbelievable.” It’s like hearing it for the first time everytime. It starts with one of Primo’s illest beats and for those 8 introductory bars where the instrumental is just riding, you just anticipate Big to come with the fire. He starts it so simply, “Live from Bedford Stuyvesant, the livest one/representin BK to the fullest.” You know the rest. Two bars in on Biggie’s verse and I need a rewind. He just opens it up with such conviction.

    Then I’d have to say, “Empire State of Mind.” the last two three bars of every Jigga verse where you’re just anticipating the Keys hook. It’s just a powerful moment everytime you hear it.

  • reservation heisman

    J Dilla (Guilty Simpson & Madlib)- Baby

    and when Andre 3000 just gonna end his verse and when Pimp C comes in International Players Anthem . Shit gives me goosebumps.

  • eddyp21

    in the “how fly” with curren$y and wiz, the song “car service”. i love it in the beginning when wiz just goes off. ahhhhh it an eargasm. your not the only one….lol

  • $yk!

    2 songs…

    “My personal favorite part is right before Rae’s verse, when the MJ sample comes on. You can feel that Rae is so caught up in the power of Jackson’s hook, that he can’t hold himself back from singing along.”

    ^ This. and…

    “What party can you go to/and I ain’t there/you b*tches actin’ like you don’t care…”

    ^ Wu-Tang “Windpipe”, ODB wylin’ right before Ghost comes on. Classic song from the Belly soundtrack.

    • Pierzy

      Windpipe gets burn in my iPod a lot to this day!

      “Razor blade toe nails cut holes inside tube socks”

  • Rob Markman

    The original version of Kanye’s “Through the Wire” where the song switches to Elton John at the end… [II]

    The “boom, boom, clap” part in Jeezy’s “And That What”

    The intro to Jay’s “You DOn’t Know” remix when Just Blaze let’s the sample play out.

    and the beat change for Biggie’s verse on “all about the Benjamins”

    oh and the drum and bell fade-out on Gangstarr’s “Royalty”

  • Turd Ferguson

    The drop right after the clip from Style Wars at the beginning of Black Star’s “Respiration” & the “Helloooo, everybody” at the beginning of “Definition”

    The horns at the beginning of Pharoahe Monch’s “Simon Says”

    The first four piano notes at the beginning of the Big L & Jay “7-minute freestyle”

    The drum roll on “The Ruler’s Back” sets the entire tone for “Blueprint”

    Definitely the beat change for Biggie on “Benjamins” but also the beeper on “Warning”

    The snares on Outkast’s “Elevators” and 3000′s countdown over the arp at the beginning of “B.O.B”

    Man, I could do this all day…

  • CLINK DA 6’9″

    Too many joints come to mind so let me just go with first that came to me. That is Cappadonna’s verse on Ghostface’s Winter Warz. That whole verse was crazy. “Divine can’t define my style is so deep
    like pussy, my low cut fade stay bushy
    like a porcupine, I part backs like a spine
    Cut you like a blunt and reconstruct your design
    I know you want to diss me, but I can read your mind
    Cuz you weak in the knees, like SWV
    Tryin to get a title like Wu Killa Bee
    Kid change your habit, you know I’m friends with the Abbott
    Me and RZA ridin name printed in the tablet
    under vets, we paid our debts for mad years
    Hibernate the sound, and now we out like beers
    and blunt power, born physically power speakin
    The truth in the song be the pro-black teachin”

    • thoreauly77/ian

      that cap verse gives me goosebumps every time. good call.

  • Worley

    Outkast – “SpottieOttieDopaliscious.” The horns at the beginning are musical crack.

    Outkast – “Aquemini” The segment leading up to Dre’s 2nd verse. If you heard that track once, you know Dre is about murder sh*t.

    Gang Starr – “Speak Ya Clout.” You know Primo got 3 tracks on that beat and each one is fire. Can’t wait for the beat to change. “Blowin’ Up the Spot.” The scratching section after Guru’s 2nd verse is what this rap sh*t is supposed to sound like. That Primo bounce with those cuts never fails.

    Eric B. and Rakim – Opening sections to “My Melody” and “I Ain’t No Joke.” You know Rah is about to come in and murder sh*t. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • scoobysnax

    Some of my favorite parts are the lead in to The Roots’ “Boom”, right before Black Thought rips into the track:

    And the beginning of Lupe Fiasco’s “And He Gets The Girl”:

    And co-sign so hard on King’s comment. Gone is my favorite Kanye song ever, because of that part.

  • scoobysnax

    Some of my favorite parts are the lead in to The Roots’ “Boom”, right before Black Thought rips into the track:

    And the beginning of Lupe Fiasco’s “And He Gets The Girl”:

    And co-sign so hard on King’s comment. Gone is my favorite Kanye song, because of that part.


    tht elevators by outckast the whole track is sick. the big l and big daddy cane platinum plus sick.
    oh tht hiden girls girls track hot NY state of mine part one and two oh tth nice and smooth hip hop junkies love how how they mix tht 70s like bah bah bah bah ba bah bah bah bah. tht cold world beat oh tht so good remy neyo we up in this room you know the rest. project pat kill tht international players track b4 outkast nem. tht intro on vol 3 tht dj primo joint . oh yeah and tht tone lock funky cold Madina and tht salt and pepper get up tht bass line is sick oh and tht reakwon and mjb all tht i got is you and tht meth mjb all i need those are tracks tht you know are going to get blanked on you can almost see the artist when they first heard the beat and you can hear them say im fixin to kill this track

  • Axeo

    Wu-tang Forever has quite a few.

    Cash still rules/Scary hours when they cut off Ghostface. When i first heard that i was like “damm he really could keep going and going”

    Older Gods with the sounds of the elevater then Ghostface say “I roll like a bat out of hell.” Gza verse on that was one of his best IMO

    Of course Triumph 9 verses no hooks thats epic! We will never see that again these days

  • MikeyJonez

    Wow lets see…

    2Pacs opening verse on Hail Mary

    Andre 3000′s verses on Int Players Anthem & Walk it Out remix.

    Twista’s 2nd Verse on Adrenaline Rush

    Killer Mike & T.I.’s verses on Neva Scared

    Jay-Z verse on Takeover where he breaks down Nas

    Luda’s verse on Bia Bia

    Bun B UGK’s on Murder

    Big Pun on Johnny Blaze

    Pimp C’s Verse on Look At Me

    Eminem – Remember Me

    Sticky Fingaz – Remember Me

    • NotoriousAGC

      co-sign on Luda’s bia bia collabo, the bass change hits perfect on that verse.

  • Lowedwn

    The breakdown on Jay-z’s “Heart of the City”

    Andre 3000 – Royal Flush

    The Whole first minute of OutKast’s “Millenium”

    The beginning of Redman’s “Tonight’s the Night” after the smooth shit

    the buildup and John Forte’s verse on The Fugees “Cowboys”

    Ghostface & GZA’s verses on “Wu-Banga 101″

    The build up and the hook on 2Pac’s “Staring at the World Through My Rearview”

    co-sign the opening to “I Ain’t No Joke”

    • DV8

      Redman “Cant Wait” and “Case Closed”

      • INDOE

        @DV8 – I co-sign that . Muddy Waters is still bangin’ to this day

        • DV8

          yes Muddy Waters is one of my alltime favorite albums still gets major play from me.

        • Jamal7Mile

          Co-sign Muddy Waters! That short song “Welcome” has a pretty vicious bassline.

        • oskamadison

          Make it unanimous, Muddy Waters is still that shit!!!

  • DV8

    Ghostface “Mighty Healty”

    Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip back and forth on “Scenario”

    Mystikal on Ludacris’ “Move Bitch”
    ” ohhh wait up shawty oh yo whats up? getting my dick sucked. WHAT ARE YOUUUUUUU DOING?”

    Busta Rhymes “Tear the roof off”

    UGK “Good Stuff” and “Murda”

    2Pac on Dusted and Disgusted (that whole fuckin slong still slapps)

    E-40 on “Get Chopped”

    Twista on “Bigger Gunn” off Raekwons mixtape

    B.I.G. on Unbelievable

    2Pac “Straight Ballin”

    BIG “Kick in the Door”

    Snoop on “Stranded on Death Row”

    RBX on “Serial Killer”

    Mystikal and Outkast on “Neck of the Woods”

    I could go on and on…….

    • $yk!

      “We want so bad we might cry”-Mighty Healthy


      @ Pierzy

      The Wu got me trippin’ right now.

      “Yo, yo, I’ma show this metamorphis as the King takes his office/keep my planets in orbit, never forfeit, or quit/move forward, I talk with the awkward slang/I walk with the Wu-Tang/Yo, heavy thoughts can’t be held down by the laws of gravity/watch for the lime in the temple tryin to plot your tragedy…” RZA

      ^ Official. This is why I say I need not check for new stuff, too many jewels to go back and find…

      DV8 what it do?!!!!

      heavy rotation people!!!


      * turns up “Walk With Me” *

      ^ follow me, no twitter!

      • DV8

        what up Syk? just read your Wu drop over at bboy (yall check him out). Dare I say Soulja Boy is the next Hammer (except not the same amount of money to earn and burn).

        We living in a “un-concsious” society more infatuated with that Hollywood life and “them rings and things they sign about”.

        Rappers that dont need lyrics will fade away while the beat they blabbered over gets rocked by more worthy MC’s

        Gucci goggles FTW (if this was 97)

        • $yk!

          “Dare I say Soulja Boy is the next Hammer (except not the same amount of money to earn and burn).”

          “Rappers that dont need lyrics will fade away while the beat they blabbered over gets rocked by more worthy MC’s”

          ^ You see it.

          I’ma bring goggles back! LMAO

          Thanks brethren.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Ice Cube – “JACKIN’ FOR BEATS”

    Think back to the very first time you ever, ever, ever heard this song. You had no idea how the rest of the song was going to go. And then things changed on you… over and over again. One hot beat after the next…

    To quote Tash, that song got you out of ya seat quicker than a car jacker. To this day, that joint is fires!

    Note how each beat was under 6 seconds. Since it was under 6 seconds, Ice Cube didn’t have to pay anyone a clearance fee because the sample(s) wasn’t used for the certain amount of time needed to legally warrant permission from the original artists. BRILLIANT! He jacked enough people to make a whole song for free.

    As for my favorite part, I liked both the P.E. and Digital Underground clips.

  • ram29

    Imma have to say “Thug Love” Pac sounds raw rite before he goes in on his know he’s being real

    Whn the beat starts in “Heart of the City” Siik!

    the intro in “The Day Niggaz Took Over” by Dre sets up the song good

    That shit was raw too when Cube said he wanted to kill uncle sam in “I wanna Kill Sam”
    therez too many to write

  • HERM

    I really dig the beginning of Cannibal Ox’s A B-Boy’s Alpha. El-P starts the track off kinda gloomy when Vast Aire comes in rhyming along to these robotic sounds and beeps. (“My mother said ‘you sucked my pussy when you came out/don’t ever talk back/I handed you life and I’ll snatch it back…’”) Then the beat just sorta creeps in and it’s knockin’, I love it. That’s always been dope to me.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    The beginning of “Ante Up Remix” when the beats revvin up and everybody’s gettin hype. “ATTENTION PLEASE!!! ATTENTION PLEASE!!! THIS SHIT HERE FEELS LIKE THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD COLLAPSE!!!”

    …and on “Da Mystery of Chessboxin” on the hook right before ODB’s verse when dirty’s vocalizing in the backgroud, shits ill

  • sick

    The First 45 seconds from Dear Moleskine

    the beat puts you in another zone



    Man yall pretty much said most of the songs that come to mind for me, there are more but I guess off the top of my head I would have to most Pac songs, and Soldier by Eminem ( shit really damn near any serious track he is one he murders)specially when he is goin in on the verse after the break after he sees the bouncer kissin his wife, he murders the track. and of course Im surprised it aint been said yet Renegade he steals the show from Jay-Z so bad it aint funny especially the last verse by Eminem, Jay was prolly like damn how am I gonna top that shit.

    Last but not least the whole song Game Over On Scarface’s cd The Untouchable. Scarface Dr. Dre Too Short ( even though he just does the intro ) and Ice Cube taught boys how to kill a track in fashion. Classic shit right there one of my top all time great songs.

  • Garrett “Reservoir”

    Let’s see,
    1.) the build up in the middle of Kanye’s Diamonds from Sierra Leone: My father ‘ben said I need Jesus/So he took me to church and let the water wash over my caesar/The preacher said we need leaders/ Right then my body got still like a paraplegic/ You know who you can call you gotta best believe it/ The Roc stand tall and you would never believe it/ Take your diamonds and throw ‘em up like you bulimic/ Yea the beat cold but the flow is anemic (Unparalleled producer/rapper genius!).

    2.) Em’s build up verse on Go To Sleep: I ain’t gonna eat, I ain’t gonna sleep/
    Ain’t gonna breathe, til I see, what I wanna see/ And what I wanna see, is you go to sleep, in the dirt/ Permanently, you just being hurt/ this ain’t gonna work (All the way till the beat comes on, the shits like a unstoppable train!!!).

    3. Whatever Hov says on every beat drop on Lyrical Exercise plus the shit talking in the beginning (Priceless).

    4. The Gogo breakdown in Pretty Girls, nice touch for Wale.

    5. Eminem in Forever, they brought him in like royalty on that track.

    6. Kanye’s Dolly Parton line on Lil Wayne’s Lollipop Remix… and the “respect for myself” line letting Wayne know that he was something to fuck with.

    7. The shit Mos Def was talking in the beginning of Life In Marvelous Times while the beat demolishes in the background is crazy…

  • mazemayhim

    Awwnaw…1’2 many to name! Matta-fact, the way the beat drop on Common’s “1’2 Many” makes me hit repeat without conscious.

    The sample J Dilla threw in there at the beginning of “10 Bricks”

    the drums @ the beginning of Mos Def’s “History” song(yeah, I’ma Dilla fan)

    The intro to Sticky Fingaz “Come On” song(I get amped everytime)

    The segueway from 3 stax’s verse to Pimp C’s verse on “International Player’s Anthem”

    The drums at the beginning of DOOM’s “Angels”

    And finally…when the beat switched on Redman’s “Superman Lover 3″ (knock-knock? Who is it? It’s da soopa come to pay dat ass a visit/heard u wasn’t givin up da pussy, so I got da right dick, da right fit/where yo man @ (bitch)? He outta town, flippin biscuits!” lol that s#!t gets me everytime

  • Jerm

    Crooked I on Slaughterhouse’s “Killaz”, his alliteration and rhyme scheme is crazy

    “I’m comin with flash just to blast your facemask
    Bullets flyin faster than the NASA spacecraft
    Get half your face smashed by the click-clack
    The impact’s a passion of massive plane crash
    The mic minister write literature, rhyme sinister
    might injure, your nine endin your life when it’s the prime miniature time witness the prime
    Innocent lives kissin goodbye, picture the I, givin a FUCK!”

    The beginning of Medicine Ball, when the bomb drops then his first verse destroys the track.

    And (everyone knows) Pun’s first verse of Dream Shatterer.

  • Apollo 13

    Hey, Dirtay baby i got you’re money, don’t you worry…..,

    i think that breaks it down well enough, also You can find me on 24′s blowing on a pound of dro…….. BUN B, MIKE JONES, MR.MAGIC

    Last but Not least, K’naan’s- Smile

    Never let em see ya down smile while ya bleeding!

  • Zi

    I got a couple:
    Lauryn Hill – Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.. the song – when she builds her voice up in the middle and just rips it (around the 2:25 mark-for those playing at home lol).. amazing.

    Jay Z – PSA.. when he comes in with the “Allow me to reintroduce myself” – always gives me goosebumps.

    Big Pun – Twinz.. “Dead in the middle or little italy..” just pure crack.

    Jay Z feat. Eminem – Renegade.. Eminems whole second verse – absolute fire.

    2pac – Dear mama.. I love the violins at the start with the “You are appreciated”

    2pac – Cant C Me.. just his flow on this, hes merciless

  • thoreauly77/ian

    the homeless guy’s intro to “stakes is high” by de la. that gets me every time. i remember my girlfriend at the time — she was incredibly sarcastic — saying, “yeah, just another homeless idiot, right?” after the guy spoke some truth (she actually was commenting upon the irony of some people really thinking all homeless people are stupid or losers or simply insane). i always think about all of those things, fourteen years later, at least once a month.

  • $yk!

    This blog right here is Hip Hop! What you listening to brethren? Let’s keep it going, it’s about US…the fan of the art…

  • Gene E

    sauce money’s spoken intro on “bring it on” – “front to roll we roll back like rubbers muthaf*ckers, with no trace of aids”..tooo too ill before that primo beat drops…
    probably one of the biggest EVER is black sheeps “engine engine number 9″ off “the choice is yours”. like i dont anyone who doesnt know that shit…
    busta’s “raaaarr raaarrr like a dungeon dragon”, and “powerful impact, BOOM, from the cannon” on “scenario”…
    oh and one of my ALL TIME favorites…”ayo this is tajai from the mighty souls of mischief crew, im chillin with my man phesto, my man a-plus, and my man op, you know he’s dope…..then right when he says “and right now we gonna show you how we just chill…dial the 7 digits…” HIP HOP BLISS!!!

    • DV8

      yes Black Sheep- The Choice Is Yours. Glad you put that down because I forgot to. Thats probably the greatest break ever, definetly Top 3.

      Souls of Mischeif- 93 til Infinty (another good one)

      I also mentioned Busta and Q-Tip back and forth on Scenario!!!! thats another one of the Top 3 for me.




  • buda smoka420

    for me its gota be that new bone thugs with mj on the hook that shit goes sooooo hard then you got everybody from bone doing there usual thing. Then u got a classic with ready or not by the fugees the beginning of it i could listen to 24/7

  • Victor

    Sick blog!

    On the Wu’s Click Click (Careful), towards the end where the sample plays on just a couple seconds more than the stripped down sample.

    Nas on the intro to NY State of Mind “I dont know how to start this shit..”

    Big Daddy Kane’s intro to Aint no Half Steppin “Mm Mm Mmm”.

    Ghost and Rae’s back and forth on “The Watch” “Yo thats Hearsay! You spray HAIRSPRAY!” Classic.

    The last scene at the end of Big’s Somebody Gotta die “nigga turn around holdin his baby..”

    Big’s recounting after spittin on I got a story to tell.

    The intro beat to Jay’s “Come and Get Me” “No kids but i know how to raise a gun” lol

    Pharoah Monche on OK’s 2nd album “I’m shaping your braaaaaiiiiin liiiike Potterrryyyyyy…ALL OVER THE TRACK!”

    Could keep going all day lol.

  • Anonymous

    ANd i gota agree wit one dude car service wit currensy n wiz aint no better smokin song. plus 2pac when i get free i could bang that forevr

  • Rikrok

    The start of The Roots ‘Here I Come’, when the synth kicks right in, the soul singer’s first line on Pharoahe Monch’s ‘Push’ and the lil beatbox part of Kanye’s ‘Gone’. All three just get me each time.

  • Jubei Kibigami

    I have to agree: This is one of the best forums I’ve seen in a long time. Just one right quick off the head: Big Pun’s ‘You Ain’t A Killer’. When Pun says “Send you to hell/Incarcerate your fate in Satan’s firey lake/Then I lock the gate!” and that gate slam sound?!! If you aren’t on your feet acting this line out, you are NOT a hip-hop head!! I got more though, let me think for a minute..

  • Jubei Kibigami

    I got another one real quick: GZA’s ‘Liquid Swords’ album. The way the track builds from skit to masterpiece with those sick ass violins!! Then the GZA comes in with another classic tale. This is what hip-hop is all about, these moments!!

  • Jubei Kibigami

    I got another one real quick: GZA’s ‘Liquid Swords’ album. The way the track builds from skit to masterpiece with those sick ass violins!! Then the GZA comes in with another classic tale. This is what hip-hop is all about, these moments!! Killa Hill 10304 is still one of my favorites from that joint!!

  • Lacey

    I would have to say the Jay-Z song “Show me what you got” where the horn loop plays.

    On “Run this town”, when Kanye’s verse is about to start.

  • Lacey

    The intro to A Tribe Called Quest
    Scenario – the original and the remix.

  • Jaliil

    Was born to get cake/ move on n switch states/ cop the coup wit the roof gone n switch plates/ i was born to dictate/ never follow orders dick face/ get ya shit str8, nigha this is big Jay/

    U dont know – Jay-Z The Blueprint

  • XIII

    Any song where you can tell the rapper really feels everything he is spittin. Like on Game’s “Doctor’s Advocate” where he almost break down cryin in the middle of the song. If it ain’t got that passion it don’t ring true ya know?

  • Jaz

    okay i said the third verse of Passin Me By by Pharcyde but also:

    Big Things Poppin (last verse)

    The World Is Yours – Nas (just the intro makes me lose it)

    Knowledge God – Raekwon (the whole track but the strings in the beginning and then the bass kicks in)

    Kryptonite – Purple Ribbon All Stars (If you want me you could find me in da AAAA AAAA AAAAA AAAAA)

    Bring the Pain – Method Man (when was a little stereo! i listened to some champion! etc.)

    Swing Ya Rag – T.I. (y’all know the part)

    there’s soooo much more. i wanna keep going with it. great blog :D

  • kirk

    That joint on Freeway’s album featuring Jay-Z, Freeway, and Beenie!!(What we Do?) Freeway was rhyming so hard that i don’t even think he inhaled!, you can hear Jigga in the back tell him “keep flowin!!!! Plus the track itself is just pure energy. Crazy!!

  • kirk

    Chery Seinfeld you are so right about that Biggie shit (Unbelievable!)The beat is hard off top, then BIG spits, the track flips, and the party goes wild….Excellent Blog Jesse Gissen!!

  • Anonymous

    llyod banks- say hi to the haters all they want is the attention of money makers

  • word

    Theres one or two First one has got to be inspectah decks verse in above the clouds With Gangstarr

    Theres also Jay-Zs All I Need The whole song is just amazing i love the start the best were he says i guess i got my swagga bck mama they said i killed a man well i guess i got the dagger back cant beat that man an then the whole song is just Amazing

  • elliott

    “she sent me one back, but i never read it, cause pussy’s only pussy and i get it when i need it” that line on november 18th by drake is SO cold, especially when you chiefin.

    soundtrack 2 my life chorus and cleveland is the reason are chill- inducin

  • sajid

    A couple that come to mind:

    Royce da 5’9 – let’s grow; at the end when the beat changes is just too ill

    Bone Thugs – first of the month; the build up right before layzie bone’s verse

    50 Cent – ski mask way; how the beat changes towards the end of 50′s last verse

    and co-sign on dear moleskine

  • yoprince

    great post!

    i’m mad i missed this one… but fuck it. i’ll still drop a couple.

    “Stuntin Like My Daddy” Wayne and Baby – Wayne: ‘Show me my opponent.’ (chewing noise) Then he says ‘show me my opponent’ again with a full mouth. classic.

    “It’s On” Beans and Jay – they’ve both raped it already. it’s already classic. you think the song is over, then Beans comes back on like “fuck it, we ain’t through with niggas.” proceeds to go insane (‘you rather slide down a razor blade sliding board’ WTF?! insane), but that moment is epic when you realize there’s more.

    • Anonymous


      “Ayo, this rap is like ziti!”

      Ghostface on Apollo Kids

  • caino

    Man to many to say!! Young Buck first album ‘STOMP’ just before Luda comes in and kills it. always gets me ready for a night out!

    2pac, Ice Teac & Ice Cube – Last Wordz (superb tune)

    Jayz – 22 two’s ….can l kick it …(awesome , you just know he is about to kick it sweet!!)

    Big L – Ebonics….just the beat at the start!

  • ErvGotti85

    Great post I am Late but oh well.
    A couple songs for me are DMX’s Blackout off of Flesh of my Flesh, after Styles verse finish and the beat starts amping for Hov’s verse and he come out spittin “I’m a Monster I sleep whole winters wake up and spit summers ghetto nigga putting up Will Smith numbers”. Always epic.

    Talib Kweli’s Gorilla Monsoon Rap off of Quality, him, Black Thought, and Pharoahe Monch went in on that little known Kanye production.

    And off of sheer emotion I can always til this day feel fucked up inside after hearing Sigel on Hov’s Where have you been off of Dynasty. And the thing is I have a great dad, lol.

  • raazi36

    gotta be ghostface killahs “Might Healthy” from the best hip hop album of the past decade.. SUPREME CLIENTLE the part where DJ Allah Mathematics breaks the beat an ghost spits the hot line “You Got Damn Right i Fuck Fans, King Me” OOOOH thats my shit right there ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Anonymous

    Jay-z’s “dynasty intro”

    nas “MC BURIAL”-not cows with 4 legs,but cows with more lead,that add up more dead,it’s on nigga,ima bury ya, niggas don’t want beef they vegetarian,they scared of pussy climbed out cesarean, imma push your grown ass back in your mommas womb” <- kept rewinding that part

    Biggie’s “somebody gotta die” – When he’s about to shoot “jason” the music is perfect when he’s explaining the scenery

    Biggie’s ” Niggas Bleed” – When Biggie explains how they about to rob the dyke’s with the $$ and take off

    Cam’ron – “killa Cam” – the intro before the beat starts bangin’ “im about to hit this shit off out from da world”

    2pac “no more pain” – My adversaries cry like hoes fully eradicate my foes
    My lyrics explode on contact, gamin you hoes
    Who else but Mama’s only son, fuck the phony niggaz I’m the one
    Say my name, watch bitches come, now fire
    when ready, stay watchin now figure, increase speed
    Make you motherfuckers bleed from your mouth quicker
    Plus all these niggaz that you run with, be on some dumb shit
    Trick on the hoes, I ain’t the one bitch
    Holla my name and witness game official, it’s so sick
    Have every single bitch that came witchu, on my dick
    Plus this alcohol increases the chance to be deceased
    I’m movin you stupid bitches, vicious telekenesis
    Am I reachin your brain? Nigga how can I explain?
    How vicious this Thug motherfucker came
    When I die, I wanna be a livin legend, say my name
    Affiliated with this motherfuckin game, with no more pain

    ^^^^^- those are just a few i can think of, and pac’s whole verse was. and is still one of my favorite of ALL TIME.

    • NotoriousAGC

      damn, second time i forget to include my nick

    • $yk!

      “I swear to god, I hit Maxi Priest at least 12 times in the chest/spinned around shot the chink in her breast.” -N*ggas Bleed

      LOL @ Big spinning that fast…

  • eL nEgRo

    hands down, eminems verse on “scary movies” is put dwn perfectly

  • JB

    Just a Moment by Nas, when he says, “Can we please have a moment of silence **Pause** thats for my niggas doin’ years in confinment

  • anti

    odb – harlem world (there’s too much classic hip-hop i love, but this cut from return to the 36 chambers immediately comes to mind…)

    Through the time that I spent, money that I lent
    Rap records went up just to bounce
    Then became a new way to get paid
    They said “Rhymin on the mic is the number one”
    Then a brother get the feeling that he want to play cool
    You discombobulated diabolical fool
    Hog-flesh MC, go play in the mud
    Another 20th century, modern day
    Cannibal, humanoid, underground
    Chud broke loose from the god damn
    Dope-fiend addict why you walk with
    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
    When the MC’s came, to live out their name
    Roast rockin rhymes that was always
    When I elevated, and mastered the time
    You was stimulated from the high post
    You got shot cause you knew you were rot

  • anti

    oh yeah / madvillain – strange ways

    Set the revolution, let the things bust and thank us
    When the smoke clear, you can see the sky again
    There will be the chopped off heads of leviathan
    My friend, they call ‘em strangers
    Everybody talk to em end up in some danger

    Can’t reform ‘em

  • EmCDL

    Mannn, its waaaaaaay too many to even list here, but my favorites so far are on that track ‘Lightworks’ on Doom’s latest album and that ‘Players’ track on the Slum Village mixtape…ish go HARD.

  • DV8

    how did we forget “check the rhyme” by ATCQ?

    • $yk!

      “Hot Sex On A Platter”

      “My mental is excelling cause I dabble in the books/I’m not the one to front on/ so suboop suboops”

      ^ Tip you just got socked in the eye talking about suboops…

  • Jon Dog

    I basin’ mine on lyrics too

    Tech N9ne – “Indusry Is Punks” 3:26 into the song.

    Mac Lethal – “Backward” 2:00 into the song.

    Bone Thugs – “Thug Luv” 3:23 into the song (Krayzie’s part)

    Obie Trice – “Shit Hits The Fan” 30 seconds in (Dre’s part)

    Eminem – “The Sauce” pretty much the whole song, but at 1:55, Em go’s in on Benzino.

    Wale – “Letter” 1:38 into the song.

    Haha, I could go on for days I think.

  • Justice4All

    “New Day” By Minister Blak

  • Tony

    - Whistling part on Beanies verse on “Guess who’s Back”
    - “Keep Flowing” on What we Do
    - Gangsta Grillz silenced Gun on Cannon Remix
    - “Hood Rich” on Great Brrritan.

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