Confession time: A few weeks ago, I saw where World Star had posted a video by an artist that I was pretty sure was a tranny and didn't bother to label it as such, and I clicked on it to make sure, but also to see what it would be like.

Not that I had any interest in watching a rap video by a shemale, but I thought there might be lulz to be found, not unlike the video for "Addicted to Boys" by Gay Rapper Jr, which, from what I understand, is big down in Atlanta. (Shocker!) I swear, the things I do for hip-hop journalism...

This may or may not have been the same tranny that was featured in XXL, an article roughly 4x as lengthy as their coverage of El-P's I'll Sleep When You're Dead, one of the best rap albums ever, in that little indie rap ghetto at the back of the book, across from the pr0n ads, but I recognized her (its?) name from my beef with Khalil Amani, an older closeted teh ghey man who's appointed himself as a sort of advocate for teh ghey rappers, as well as Kanye West's spiritual adviser.

I saw where this tranny had a video up on World Star, and I was like, "The fuck?" The label didn't say, "Check out this video by a chick who's not really a chick," it just listed the artist's name and the name of the video. If I didn't know any better, and for some reason I was interested in female rap, I could inadvertently given myself a tranny surprise, so to speak.

*shudders at the thought*

I know World Star has this policy where, if you're not talented enough that anyone would want to watch your video, they'll post it anyway, but they'll charge you a fee. The guy who runs World Star even admitted as much in an interview I read a while back. Since then, every time I check World Star, first I check to see if there's anything with any nudity in it, then I try to guess which ones are only there as a result of payola. One of these days, I might even start a feature where I skewer videos by artists that paid to be on World Star. Nobody better take that idea before I get around to it, i.e. possibly never.

My guess is that pretty much any video you see by an artist that's either not on a major label, or not being pushed by the TIs even though they aren't technically signed to a major label, like dudes like Freddie Gibbs and Jay Electronica, is a paid listing... except if there's nudity in it, in which case World Star might post it on the strength, because they know a brother such as myself might click on it and might even feature it on his sorry-ass blog.

It's a weird conundrum not unlike how the TIs use a song you like to sell you some shit you don't really want, and then they use sex to sell you songs you don't really like. How come they can't just use sex to sell you songs you actually like? I guess they figure that's because you already like the song. No need to convince you any further.

I'll admit, I've watched a number of videos for songs I could give a rat's ass about, just because there was nudity in the video. I even watched that rap-rock video with Gianna Michaels in it like five times in a row, despite the fact that she's not naked in it.  Though she did look really good in that video. Even her face, which I don't usually care for/pay attention to.

The only reason I'd stop short of recommending any and all bum rappers enlist naked women for their videos, if only to get on World Star for free, is because that would still depend on your ability to convince a woman to get naked for a rap video - and if you're seriously contemplating cutting a check to World Star, chances are you're not a very capable person. If you're gonna pay a woman to strip in your video, you might as well just pay World Star.

True, a shitty rap video with a naked woman in it is better than just a plain shitty rap video. And the more naked women on the Internets the better, regardless of how bad they look, because it lends credence to my worldview. But I don't actually need to see it, I just like to know it's there. Like my schlong. And I'm just not confident in World Star's commitment to not showing shit I don't want to see. That tranny was a case in point. Their recent selection of cam hoo-ers only further proves my point.

World Star, consider yourselves put on notice. You need to step your game up. Or at least create a separate section for shemales, like the rest of the tube sites.