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Nappy Boy All Stars, T-Pain Presents Nappy Boy All Stars, Vol. 1

Nappy Boy All Stars
T-Pain Presents Nappy Boy All Stars, Vol. 1

Beats: L
Lyrics: M
Originality: M

T-Pain’s record label Nappy Boy includes an interesting variety of talent that covers the scope of genres, ranging from R&B to rap to rock. But on their first collaborative mixtape, T-Pain Presents Nappy Boy All Stars, Vol. 1, the team unfortunately eschews an opportunity to mesh their musical multiplicity into an artistic blend, and instead rely heavily on terribly predictable themes and laughably bad lyricism.

It’s not that the NB artists fail from a lack of trying. It’s that each act—with the exception of the funky female R&B trio Sophia Fresh—squanders their moment to shine. On the emo effort, “Bad By Myself,” Travis McCoy discusses a toxic relationship by dropping cheesy lines like, “Last night, I dreamed, you were back on my team/And everything seemed so HD like a widescreen.” On the mellow “Cadillac Musik,” Florida rapper Young Ca$h spits generic rhymes about his pimped-out ride. Despite showing potential on the trippy “My Spaceship,” Florida crooner Tay Dizm resorts to creating cliché strip club anthems like, “The Way Your Body Moves.” Not even the label’s latest acquisition Shawnna saves the day. On her introduction, “Nappy Boy,” she manages to rap a lot without really saying much and without addressing her recent departure from Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace.

There’s plenty of blame to go around, though, and T-Pain deserves his fair share, too. Rather than crafting catchy choruses, he spends his appearances curiously focused on proving he can do more than sing hooks. From the cringe-worthy NB remix to Drake’s “Forever,” where he jacks the Toronto MC’s flow, to Sophia Fresh’s “Already,” where he raps, “I’m an animal, tell me where PETA is!,” Pain’s rapping is downright painful. And it’s detrimental to the cause. For a crew that claims to “do it all,” it might be best for this collective to huddle up and rethink their strategy. —Chris Yuscavage

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  • http://www.xxlmag.com Leon

    How many times do I have to tell people that T-Pain is a fad? I bet his new album won’t even go Gold this year…

    • lateisha

      dont be hating!!!!!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Leon

    How many times do I have to tell people that T-Pain is a fad? I bet his new album won’t even go Gold this year….

    • js123

      lol i agree

  • Gift

    I strongly agree. there is one thing though. T-Pain can actually sing without Auto-Tune. Forgive me for not remembering what song he did that on, but it was pretty good though. However, if he keeps relyin on that autotune shit, he will go double copper next album. LMAO!!!

    • Dana

      LMAO at the double copper

  • megatrondave

    STFU, this mixtape is fire. Judge for yourself – http://www.nappyboyonline.com/page/nb-allstars-1

  • johnny..The real marcy

    I strongly Disagree!! This shit is fire son. Damn T-Pain can spit. Hes the one of the sickest cats out and all people look at is the stupid fact he has auto tune..Everyone use autotune but they aint as big as tpain..Hes the best..We got your back pain..Brooklyn NY sun dun

    • Larry2x’s

      WTF,Did this nigga say T-pain can spit and he’s one of the sickest out. do you even listen to music or is your head up under a rock or maybe you smoke rocks while listening
      to music either way you are crazy as hell and you from brooklyn someone take this niggas new york pass and kill him with it dun-ass

  • daydeezy

    I disagree also because he making money and you cant knock the hussle whether he wack or not, you getting paid nowadays being wack or not … listen to waka floka…come on son i plan on just writing some shit thats stupid as hell because thats what will make me some money i just need to write a whole stupid song…lol let me see,

  • aaron

    i don’t rate t-pain one iota, and that autotune shit was hard the one time that snoop killed it with seduction. but i’ve heard “bad by myself” and that shit is fuckn hard. go on youtube, i’m tellin u, you can’t not feel it. unfortunately every other song on that album is wack.

  • furahiday

    t-pain is good at what he does, jst like some pple r good at fliping burgers at burger king lol ,respect da hustle peace

  • officer Von

    what i thought this nigga went away i wonder if t pain makes that auto tune sound when im hit it from the back i see later on when i stop by from playn gameday 2000 on dream cast wit that nigga larenz tate oh yea t pain im comin to give that ass a real strain lol smiley face ole dick in the booty ass nigga no homo

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  • ….
  • beatwild

    hip hop is dead for sure, fuck is nappy boy all stars, gone r the days wen u used to get real all star music lyk the ruff ryders compilations, shiiit!!!

  • http://www.bbc.co.uk stop

    this is some fake ass young money they got the wack version of everything

    t.pain vs wayne = wayne no doubt

    travis vs drake= drake everyday

    then the rest can suck a dick an die

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  • Juice

    Fuck what any body says bout t-pain and nappy boy. He’s the shit and he is the reason everybody is using the autotuner. That goes for everybody else with nappy boy. Hes the king and all the haters can eat shit!

  • sparkcity911


  • shakirra

    I think Zapp & Roger are the best to ever use Autotune or Voicebox (that’s what the first one was called). Personally, I never really liked T-Pain, but I’ll check out his new artists just to see what they sound like.
    Probably wack as hell…………..

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