Grammy Observations: The Good, The Bad, The Taylor Swift Show

My third observation: I don’t see how people say anything bad about Shawn Carter’s wife; Beyoncé Knowles is gifted. You can’t learn what she got; it’s innate talent she was born with it. Beyoncé is just pure talent, straight no chaser. Ciara, Rihanna, Ashanti, all of them had to be asking themselves: “Why am I even here?” while Beyoncé was performing. I truly believe that if you have nothing good to say about Beyoncé you’re just a hater, and that’s coming from someone who is allegedly known to hate.

My fourth observation: The tribute to Michael Jackson? Enough already there’s no such thing as a tribute to Michael Jackson. There is nothing any award show or anyone can do to give that man his just due. If anything show five minutes of Michael performing at every upcoming award show to give all these other artists and example of what they are never going to be. One thing that I did see during the Michael Jackson “tribute” is…

My fifth observation: Somebody tell Usher it’s over. Tell him he had a great run and thanks for the memories. End Quote.

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  • Jon Dog

    Since “Charla Swift” is literally TOO PUSSY to say it, FUCK TAYLOR SWIFT. Not cause she won, but because she has ZERO TALENT!!! I gotta be honest, I boycott the gramy awards because the real artists that deserve awards, are never invited. And XXL, get some better guest bloggers, that’s all I’m gonna say.

    • Smart Guy

      Music is all opinion and the grammys is not only based on quality of music. They weigh impact as well and to be honest Lady Gaga should have won album of the year even though its not my taste in music but it was solid but Taylor Swift sold 5.5 million copies and wrote every song and she had a monster year thats why she won it…

    • GregSIDE

      It’s not her fault.(I’m not a fan by the way) Kanye gave her the biggest buzz in the world at the VMA’s. I didn’t even knew who this chick was that had just beat B. Then Ye’s drunk ass get on stage and makes a damn fool of himself. She shoulda sent Ye a bottle of champagne.

      • EReal

        If you say Taylor Swift has no talent, you’re just a fuggin moron.

        • wiff-o-piff

          too bad were listening to music…not money.


        • thank you


    • Clark

      So what your saying is…

      “invite artists that I personally feel deserve it, and fuck everyone else”

      How is that any different than what already goes down?

    • LMAO

      Since we’re on the honest tip…STFU with ur “I boycott the gramy”!! I’m pretty confident that the ppl you would of pref’d to be there would never see such numbers nor ranking like Taylor —>Forbes ranked Swift 2009′s 69th-most powerful celebrity with earnings of $18 million…REMIX…$18 MILLION…YA’DIG!! but WHO CARES…it’s not like we get a cut of their checks for our opinions. If anything we’re putting money in their pockets for their fancy cars, & mansions, while we’re still clocking in everyday…WTF!! LMAO.

      • LMAO



      i just wanted to jump on here to hate on C tha Douche….

      i wish him and Guru could trade places…

      and on that note ill leave yall pussy puppets with a gold ol Krondon quote…

      “i could gun is what it is”

      • LMAO


  • Lloyd Sprayweather

    Never thought I’d see the day that eminem and lil wayne would be performing on the same stage together.

    The reason slim wouldn’t get on that song for the longest when wayne kept saying he wanted to do a song with shady was because wayne was talking real sideways bout em way back in like 99. Wayne was BET talking about he was starting his own group and “it was gonna be a lot more tupac & the outlaws than em & d12″.

    “payback for the way you got at me.
    motherfucker, how’s it taste?”

    • Cal

      Does stuff like that even hit Em’s radar? It could be that all that time Wayne was talking about a collabo Em had just gotten out of rehab and had started work on Relapse and its well known that Em is a recluse especially when working on an album e.g the fact that he’s been absent aside from performances ever since he began work on relapse 2.

      • Lloyd Sprayweather

        Wow. You’re absolutely right. I am sure that eminem probably never even heard of lil wayne.

        • EReal

          Three Words…


  • these posts are racist

    But what’s the real reason Kanye West was not at the Grammy?

    • EReal

      Because of the RACISTS!

  • KS

    “Drake looks like a thumb with eyebrows” LMAO

    • AZ40

      Naw skin the same color as butter!! But seriously Taylor Swift needs to thank Kanye,I’m not sayin’ she wouldn’t have been nominated or even won but she certainly wouldn’t have got ALL those nominations w/o Kanye…the MJ tribute was cool but who has spare 3D glasses layin’ around…Wat up wit Beyonce she just doesn’t seem like a real and geniune person too me(Keep it real son!)

      • LMAO

        soooo what r u?? the real & genuine detector?? is your realness meter reading low for “B”..lmao…smh…ppl.

  • these posts are racist

    And why do you call yourself “God”?

    • Enlightened

      You’re wasting your time with that one homie. This nigga always kicks that “for the people” shit and takes on that type of persona, but he’s the only blogger that NEVER responds “to the people” on his own fuckin blog.

      What typesta shit is that?

      • these posts are racist

        What’s good Enlightened,

        i’ve been MIA (no paper planes) for a minute…but check in from time to time.

        That’s too bad this cat doesn’t respond to the commenters, perhaps we shouldn’t comment on his drops then. We run this XXL rap ish. Besides, an unchallenged champ is just a champ in his own mind.

        • LMAO

          blah blah blah…LMAO @ u thinkin’u runnin’ anything that doesn’t even require any legal documentation to show your identity…LMAO! u n the enlightened one, LMAO, should get a room YA’DUMMIES!! Ooo n while your gone..XXL will still be here with or without u YA’DIG!!! LMAO.

  • Sheila

    This was a very entertaining and well put together article. your observations were dead on and I loved reading it in your comical style. Great Job. but I agree f~ck Taylor. How can she get ALBUM of the year when Bey won everything else? Where was kanye’s backup, Lil Mama, when we needed her.

  • JTM


  • Hanch

    Please tell me we are not Trading off Ron Mexico for this fucking Clown! Why do you call yourself “God”? If this is the new Blogger to replace Mex this is the worst move XXL could have ever made as this guy is horrible. His views are horrible an his writing is worse than mine. WTF

  • Chilly Willy

    Fuck Taylor Swift with a sandpaper dick. Matter of fact, peace to babygirl Taylor,but fuck this entity she became that every man walking is supposed to be down with lest you end up cockblocked everywhere.

    This tribute bullshit is gettin outta hand. I can see why they’re doin it, since it’s the first Grammys after his passing, but it’s not like they gave him any love in his late years any fucking way. I swear I dread the day Prince would kick the bucket, you’ll get a purple show for a whole year….

  • Worley

    #4 – The absolute truth.

    #5 – It’s sad what old woman coochie plus being a mama’s boy has done to Usher. That Confessions album was a monster just a few years ago.

    #6 – Drake is garbage. I don’t care how well the TIs sell him to black chicks. Dude es basura.

    @TPAR (Bol) and Hanch: look into the 5% teachings. God is in every man. But then again, so is the devil. Yet another reason I don’t truck with any brand of religion.

    • these posts are racist


      I am not BOL. And I understand the 5% teachings, i was asking the author of this article, why he specifically used “God” in his name.

      • SouthCakC23

        ummmmm, because he’s a 5%’er…..As a matter of fact, research the name “Charlemagne”. Then read on the connection with King Charlemagne and the Carolingian Renaissance.

        Charlamagne the God is a born and raised Carolinian and strives to both spark and promote the growth of his people in Carolina. (Carolingian and Carolinian look real similar and CTG’s plight is similar in logic as King Charlamagne)

        this is just a theory of mine as CTG has never explained his name; or at least i’ve never heard the explanation.

        You could just ask him where he came up with his industry name without dissin him bruh.

  • Enlightened

    The problem with Beyonce is that she’s “pure talent,” except for with the pen, but she still wants to write most of her material.

    Because of that fact, she needs to get some material that matches her talent. Everybody thinks they can write and produce nowadays.

    She should be in the mold of the old Motown artists who had people like Smokey Robinson and Holland Dozier Holland writing great songs for them and all they had to do is perform them.

    How many Beyonce songs will we remember in 30 years? What is her “Respect?” Her “Midnight Train to Georgia?” Her “Strange Fruit?” Her “Control?”

    Crazy in Love I guess?

    • Jamal7Mile

      AMEN!! But those hips, man… those HIPS!!!

      • Enlightened

        Yeah man, those hips! That face. That smile. The voice. She holdin that all shit down. I just get tired of songs like “Diva.”

        Whoever dropped that beat know damn well Gucci or somebody was supposed to have that track.

      • Chilly Willy

        *gasp like a muhfucka*

        Yep ! They ain’t neva lie, Jamal……neva lie…

  • John Cochran

    I want to see Usher come back. Confessions was the shit. Every career of longevity has a pitfall or two. As for Beyonce, I nver doubt her talent, I just Think lyrics wise, she’s soulless. Like Enlightened said, female vocalist of the past have those songs that have been around for decades, noone will care about “single ladies” in two years. It’s like once a ballplayer gets 30 they gotta switch they game up to sustain thier bodies as they get older, she gotta change up soon. I’m not into country so I can’t say if Taylor Swift deserves her success, but I don’t like white women anyway, so I’d choose Beyonce over her anyday.

  • sb

    well said, Usher is messing up…..You know i thought that after MJ’s passing that artists would truly step it up. I guess not

  • Brahsef

    If Alicia Keys wasn’t around, Beyonce would get a hell of a lot more props. Beyonce does her shit out there, but gets too poppy in the lyrics at times.

    I’ll actually listen front to back a Keys cd. Put her on a piano and shits over. And she’s bad as fuck. #2 after Rihanna on my plow list.

    And fuck Taylor Swift. The industry is straight blacklistin its best mainstream artist cause he flipped a lil’ bit. He was in the right though. Shit’s pathetic.

    • Jerm

      That so true man, like im a fan of hip-hop and R&B, and in my personal opinion, Alicia Keys is way more of a soulful singer and writer than Beyonce. (I’ve got all those albums too, and they play back to front, non-stop for me as well)

      (Side note: is it me or does that track with Beyonce on her latest album, seem out of place with the rest of it?)

      • yoprince

        alicia keys last album is trash. the joint with beyonce is the best one on there. it seems out of place b/c it’s the only track with a semblance of personality.

        and don’t kid yourself. beyonce can sing circles around a keys. and put on a better show any day of the week.

        • Jerm

          Well, you have your opinion, and I have mine. I do agree, compared to her last few albums, this wasnt isnt the best. However, I still prefer Alicia Keys over Beyonce, maybe I’m blind, or it’s just my personal taste.

        • Gerv

          All I got to say is I don’t know a nigga alive that bumps Beyonce.We might watch her shake her ass on TV but that’s about as far as it goes.Take away her being fine and droppin it like it’s hot all the time and most men could care less bout that music she make.

  • Brahsef

    Oh and seeing Michael Jackson’s pure white kids was weird as shit. Like no black whatsoever in those kids. Creeped me out.

  • Isee

    I will probably get ethered for this, but fuck it, It Is What It Is, Taylor Swifts album, is good, it’s damn good. I got little ladies, who love that disney, type pop. So I took a hip-hop ear listen, meaning I paid close attention to all of it, lyrics, hooks, melodies, etc., and it’s a great album. Most of you probably won’t honor that,but, just my take. A good album, by a young girl, who’s not from the hood. Come on people. Yall know how this goes.

    • Enlightened

      Man, I haven’t heard it (my daughter’s not old enough to care about her yet) but that’s like when somebody put me on Amy Winehouse one time and I was shocked.

      All I knew about her was that she’s on that shit and I would see all the crazy paparazzi articles and pictures, but her shit is crazy. Lyrics, melodies, music, all that shit.

      So, I believe you about Taylor Swift. The thing about most white artists who get that type of hype, the companies usually have people making sure that the shit is actually quality by getting the right songwriters and producers and spend that bread in the right places.

      You’ll never see a white Wacka Flocka Flame.

      • yoprince

        lol.. all white female artists are not created equal.

        amy winehouse smokes crack, listens to Ghostface, and sings about missing the Slick Rick show and warning her boyfriend not to smoke all her weed.

        taylor swift makes country-pop records about being 16 and in puppy love and losing her boyfriend to cheerleaders.

        the stretch it takes for a hip-hop head to listen to an amy winehouse album is not equivalent to that of checking out taylor swift.

        • Enlightened

          Of course not. C’mon man. lol Stretch or not, I was just giving an example of what can happen when somebody gives you something to listen to that you NEVER would. Slick Rick, Ghostface or not, I never would have checked for that broads album had somebody not just put it on in front of me.

    • oskamadison

      As a fellow music lover, I can dig not only your open-mindedness, but the fact you’re willing to open yourself up to the haters. Hell, Justin Timberlake’s first album is one of my favorite joints.


    honestly u ppl need 2 stop suckin off beyonce talkin about she has talent and all this shit yes i agree the woman can sing and i will say she has alil bit talent i would not put her under those aretha franklins, diana ross type of singers those ladies will go down as icons beyonce could definitly b on that level she just needs to stop fuckin wit ur man hova that nigga got her head all tangled up u can tell ever since they officially got married her music just stayed to the same old bullshit like alot of ppl r saying on here alot of the vets fell off usher give it up is right that nigga done fucked up when he was screaming confessions! beyonce just needs 2 step it up and sing 4 all types of women cuz u tellin little girls 2 take pics on ur “video phone” and tellin guys 2 put a ring on ur girls finger?? do u even kno what shes gettin at i mean ya i may b buggin but last time i checked music has a huge influence on everybody not just one type of person……1-love always keep it 100 ppl….-DJ ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL DAY!!……P.S. FUCK THAT NIGGA CHARLAMAGNE THE GOD U SHOULD REALLY STOP CALLIN URSELF A “GOD” NIGGA CUZ U NOT AND TRUST ME THE REAL GODS WILL GET A PIECE OF THAT ASS ACT LIKE THE DEAD HAVE NO CONTROL OF UR SOUL….KEEP THAT ASS KISSIN UP NIGGA U GONNA NEED IT

  • Jhon da Analyst

    If Aaliyah hadnt passed, Beyonce or none of those bitches would be gettin props….

  • Max Profit

    LOL!! Thanks. Reading that makes me feel like I watched the show.

    It’s true! Folks do hate on Beyonce. I Hope people get more self esteem in 2010.

  • CBS

    I have to agree, Beyonce got major talent. But she is blind as fuck! Can’t wait till she pops out a couple of baby camels.

  • macdatruest

    I aint hatin on Beyonce but she look pretty average to me I seen better lookin chicks than all these stars in the hood. Niggas know its chicks who look better and got better bodies than her but I guess its up to us to build stars up into what they are-so niggas is just doin they job. All on Sasha Fierce girl nuts, pussy riding. Personally I think her weeve was fucked up and she look like a regular ass brown skinned chick wit gold weeve. I’ll fuck a Tahiri before I fuck a Beyonce no slaughterhouse haha

    • Enlightened

      To each his own my nigga. To each his own.

      Of course we’ve all seen broads in person that look as good as the celebrity women.

      But say what you want to say, when Beyonce first came on the scene, she stood out nigga. Fuck the weave, go back to the No No No and Bugaboo days. That bitch was bad.

      Tahiry? You comparing Tahiry to Beyonce? C’mon Son. Getthefuckouttaherewiththatbullshit.

      • yoprince

        co-sign enlightened.

        Tahiry?? got to be kidding… i would leave tahiry in the bedroom naked to get a hug from beyonce.

        • macdatruest

          But say what you want to say, when Beyonce first came on the scene, she stood out nigga. Fuck the weave, go back to the No No No and Bugaboo days. That bitch was bad.
          My time machine broke nigga can I borrow yours?? Unfortunately Im stuck here, judging bitches on who they are presently not what they used to be. But you should go back and look at Grace Jones I heard she was a bad bitch too in the 60′s…

          Tahiry? You comparing Tahiry to Beyonce? C’mon Son. Getthefuckouttaherewiththatbullshit
          Yea if a bad ass Dominican bitch with a stupid ass basketball booty small waist and some nice titties her real hair and a sexy accent came up to me, and an average brown-skinned blond-weeve chick wit fake ass titties that aint even big and some fucked up baby teeth came up to me and I had a choice I pick the natural beauty anyday.

          Thats just me though. To me Tahiry look like a young sexy ass J Lo I dare any you niggas look at that King shoot and tell me Beyonce got somethin on that girl! n Physically no comparison in my opinion.

          Tahiri is famous basically off her body alone. If Beyonce wasnt talented would people know her for how “bad” her body is??? Hell naw XXL Eye Candy hoes got better bodies than her. She way more talented than these chicks but I cant fuck a “bugaboo” CD

          Tahiri King Shoot>>>>Any physical display of Beyonce evar.

  • NotoriousAGC

    Drake,Taylor Swift should’ve gotten a grammy for more over-hyped garbage for 09′.

    PS- I couldn’t stand them feedin that bullshit down our throats last year

  • Durbey E. Macon

    I wish some black people would stop dissing Drake because he’s lighted skin, Jewish and doesn’t rhyme like Murder Mook. John Lynch is laughing in his grave. So much for Black History Month.

  • Jimmy

    that’s not true because nobody listens to murda mook songs. he just a battle rapper for now. nobody who listens to taylor swift can have true love for hip-hop/rap. that’s close as you gonna get to praying to God with a Satan poster.

  • adrian smith england birmingham

    fuck the grammys who need them taylor shit kanye west made her big in 2009 50 cent win his first grammy wth dre and eminem

  • Blakout615

    CO-SIGN! Looks wise Beyonce is overrated.I done seen broads at the mall dat looked way badder.And I trip out wen cats online say she got a fat ass.Come dwn South & i’ll show u sum donks (no ol skool)

  • Chuck Dane

    Whats up with all the fuck Taylor Swifts being thrown out? The girl is like what, 19. Don’t hate just because she is winning awards, she does not decide to win awards, she just makes music.

    The facts are this, her album was the #1 album of the year. she has the top 2 songs of the year, and she had the most songs streamed online and played on the radio. thats not opinion, thats just numbers, which aren’t biased.

    if your saying fuck anything, say fuck the Grammys, because they clearly recognize success over content and substance, which isn’t necessarily wrong if you ask me, sales numbers are probably the only objective way to determine what was the best album of the year, because otherwise its just opinion, and nobody cares about anyones opinions but their own.

  • BIG Ry

    LOL,Charlamagne got called a faggot and fucking disappears! That ain’t helping your case dawg.

  • ugottobekidding

    “You’ll never see a white Wacka Flocka Flame.”

    hahah you gotta be fucking kidding with that comment, shoot yourself if you really think that, there’s more white waka’s than black ones….

  • wiff-o-piff

    i just wanted to jump on here to hate on C tha Douche….

    i wish him and Guru could trade places…

    and on that note ill leave yall pussy puppets with a gold ol Krondon quote…

    “i could gun is what it is”