Never trust a black man in a fez

During Kwanzaa, I ran a post on my own site about how the hype re: Jay Electronica might be orchestrated by the TIs, and can you believe not one but several douchebags responded by pointing out that Jay Electronica has been dealing with Diddy for a while now, not just recently?

As if I hadn’t been aware of that, and as if that at all proves that this current state of Jay Electronica uber alles is a wholly organic phenomenon. If anything, that only further proves my point!

Not that it matters if the TIs issued an order for seemingly every hip-hop-related media outlet there ever was to pretend as if “Exhibit C” is the new best song evar, replacing “In the Mouth a Desert” by Pavement, and for radio stations to put it into heavy rotation, as if it was some shitty southern rap song. I happen to like “Exhibit C.” Every now and again the TIs will come up with something that fits right in my wheelhouse. For example, how come no one told me that the issue of Esquire that includes the hilarious feature of Jay-Z’s business ventures, as mentioned in yesterday’s post, as well as the hilarious (and arguably accurate) quote from Rod Blagojevich in which claims to be blacker than Barack Obama, because he used to shine shoes and live in a five-room apartment (I’m so not making this up), also features, on its cover, perhaps the hottest picture of Blake Lively evar? Probably because Blake Lively isn’t necessarily the kind of white chick who would appeal to this site’s readership. Though I’ve been saying for years now that XXL should take a chance on a more conventionally attractive woman in its Eye Candy section. You never know…

But I digress. Now, where was I? Ah yes, Jay Electronica, possible murketing scheme.

It’d be one thing if “Exhibit C” just became an Internets sensation, a la Freddie Gibbs, Wale circa that Seinfeld mixtape, and any number of other questionable rap blog obsessions. But I started to suspect something might be rotten in the state of Denmark when some guy from Hot 97 wrote a blog post about how he could make “Exhibit C” the song of the week or some such, if he wanted to. Then the next thing you know, he did make “Exhibit C” the song of the week, supposedly due to overwhelming demand from people on the Internets. Who ever heard of some shit like that? I heard they don’t even play Wale on the radio in Washington, DC. #fail

I’ve been to New York enough times to know what the radio is like there, especially Hot 97. Hot 97 was playing the same five songs in a row back before it was all trendy. And more often than not they aren’t even rap songs – they’re R&B songs and reggae shit one ever heard of out here in the flyover states. True story: It could very well be the case that a reggae song has never come on a rap station here in the Midwest. I know I don’t recall hearing one. Don’t be jealous! And we know for a fact that Hot 97 DJs accept payola. I’d already suspected as much, but Funkmaster Flex all but admitted to it, during an episode of MTV Cribs, back in like 2005. He probably thought I forgot.

Then there’s the fact that Jay Electronica seems to have so many famous friends. He supposedly wrote some rhymes for Diddy’s long-delayed techno album, Last Train to Paris, which the TIs must have deemed too bad to release. He’s got a baby by Erykah Badu, which makes him, Andre 3000, the DOC, Common, both guys from dead prez, and god knows how many other people practically related. But I’m actually more concerned with his relationship with Just Blaze. Namely, why would Just Blaze just up and give him the best beat he’s come up with since “Breathe” by Fabolous, if not evar, when he could have just as easily sold it to Jay-Z for a shedload of money? Could it be that someone did pay him a shedload of money to give it to Jay Electronica?

We know Just Blaze could use the money. Recently, I read in an interview somewhere where he said he had to close his studio. Let me guess: he finally ran out of money from back when he was coming up with good ideas on a regular basis. Jay-Z didn’t even bother to have him produce anything on the Blueprint 3, and the one beat he had on American Gangster was left over from when I was in college. Jay must still be pissed at those shitty beats he made for Kingdom Come. “Show Me What You Got” was such a bad idea that Double-O from Kidz in the Hall also came up with it. Zing! The only other recent work of his I can think is his work with Saigon, and obviously that didn’t set the world on fire.

If only people from the Internets had thought to call Hot 97. I might call the rap station here in St. Louis and see if I can’t get “Alligator” by Tegan and Sara put into heavy rotation. Apparently, that’s how things work now.

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  • General

    Good post Bol.

    I also happen to like Exhibit C and for one am glad that it has gotten some due on the radio…

    Atleast it is a change of pace from all the other shitty garbage they play non stop…

    I don’t know exactly how much the TI’s were involved in pushing this to radio as opposed to people just asking for it, but it wouldn’t suprise me in the least…

  • BossGame

    Bol your a fool…LMBAO!!! That Badu quip is so true.

  • Tony Grands

    Jay Elec-hannakuh:Yo Blaze! That joint is fiyaaah! Let me get that.

    Just Blaze:Nah b. I can get paid with this. Rev Run tryna cop it for Russy, son.

    J.E.:Aight, but I got sumn better than money, kid…

    J.B.:Word? What’s that?

    J.E.:*looks around, moves closer, whispers* That Baduizm, dawg. Ain’t nuttin’ like it. Shit’ll fuck up ya whole shit.

    J.B.:*rubs chin* Lemme, lemme think about it…



    • EmCDL


      That Exibit C beat is dope as hell though, haven’t heard Jay on the radio yet. Probably because I don’t listen to the radio…


    ur right BOl. it is a lil mysterious how these things work. and sometimes its no myster at all.

    for further insight, check out my man and X spot vet $ykotic Don McCaine on its a real eye opener. and what he says just might remind u of u. or what u should do…

    check it out…

  • BigJon

    Jay Elec is dope as hell & Exhibit C is straight FIRE

    If the industry gets behind him full force, thats a damn good thing.

    Now Gucci Mane on the other hand..

  • DoubleO

    I think Bol has a New Year’s resolution to just spit fire for as long (he’s old right, or claims to be?) as he can – an its working – the heck. But on a more serious note, who is this Jay Electronica? His appearance on the scene looks suspiciously like the behaviour of a terrorist sleeper agent i.e. existing on the d.l. until he’s suddenly activated… hhmmm, suspicious. Good post.

  • P-Matik

    “Who ever heard of some shit like that? I heard they don’t even play Wale on the radio in Washington, DC. #fail”

    I was just telling one of my people about that this morning. Washington, DC has some of the worst radio I have ever heard contrary to what some twelve year old girl wants to believe.

    I can count on one hand how many times I have heard Wale played here (EVEN though he sells his shows out).

  • Enlightened

    It’s funny how people can move in different circles and have completely different understandings.

    I don’t know who the fuck Jay Electronica is still. I heard of him first as a producer that Erykah Badu was in a relationship with. I still haven’t heard this Exhibit C.

    Also, Bol, you taking this skinny, white bitch shit too far. I hope that’s just part of your shtick. But what the fuck do you mean conventionally attractive?

    I had to google Blake Lively to see who the fuck you are even talking about. I’ve never heard her name before in my life. Now that I see her, if you actually think that broad is more attractive than any bitch that’s ever been featured as Eye Candy, then you my nigga have serious problems and you need to be kidnapped and reprogrammed by Undercover Brotha or some damn body.

  • P-Matik

    Jay Elec is fire though. What’s funny about all this is how at Rock The Bells in 2008, some rapper got on stage and did a tribute song to Jay back when he barely even had material out.

  • sealsaa

    Idea time: Some DJ needs to get all of Erykah Badu’s babies father’s together and have them colab on a mixtape. On the cover, you could have Badu laying on her back with her legs spread open(i’m sure there’s a pick like this out there somewhere), and all her kid’s fathers strutting out of her vagine.

    • Dub Sac

      I was thinking that when the babies all grow up, the could start a hip-hop super group.

  • devigargon

    I gotta pull coat tail on u bol. Show em whatchu got is my favorite beat of the decade. Shaft in Africa with public enemy and live drums….. if u hot no spit,that beat is not for u. Also,u forget he did American Gangster the song,another beat that tkaes skills to rock

  • Worley

    “He’s got a baby by Erykah Badu, which makes him, Andre 3000, the DOC, Common, both guys from dead prez, and god knows how many other people practically related.”

    You a damn fool.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    LOL @ sealsaa

    Jury’s still out on Jay Elect. But FAIL for Enuff having to ask the internets how he should do his job.

    Click the name for the jump…

  • Broke Iz A Disease

    Wow, you couldn’t have been more on point regarding Hot97. Here is their playlist:

    Trey Songz Invented Sex Remix/Say Ahh
    Lil Wayne/Drake
    Drake/Lil Wayne
    Jay Z Empire State of Mind

    That’s it. I heard “Forever” twice on the way to work on Monday AND on Tuesday. My commute is 35-40 mins give or take.

  • El Tico Loco

    Jay E can spit, I hope he gets that push, Exhibit C is hot, if songs like that start getting spins I might start listening to FM radio again.

    Oh yeah and I put him on that list of southern rappers that are better than Wayne and Gucci and the kids from class of 21 that are begining to read.

  • ladidadida

    Bol be happy you don’t live in the cultural wasteland that is oklahoma……. imagine what its like having jew mayne and soulja boy in heavy rotation (Death to Radio). So that jay elect stuff that ya’ll hear too much, is a treasure if you’ve got a homie who has even heard of it. let alone that it will never make it on the worst hip ho pstation ever. okc’s power 103.5. (They help the community alot but the music is trash.)

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      On the real, that’s when someone like you should be stepping up their game to go infiltrate that. Don’t wait for them to recognize, go put your bid in and change that.

      Big business loves a good idea to bloodsuck.


    Erykah Badu should put all those kids in a group in another couple years, sorta like the Jackson 5 but with a more quirky, spaced-the-fuck-out George Clinton-type vibe…3 Stack’s youngin could be the lead

  • Brooklyn

    there’s like six degrees of separation between erykah badu’s pussy and every rapper in the game. that badu pussy is a religious experience, have a nigga seeing apparitions and speaking in tongues. she might be to blame for jay electronica’s sudden rise, she probably lit some candles, sprinkled some dust, and prayed over his mixtape with a chicken’s foot.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      But I will say this Brooklyn, she changes these cats.

      Don’t all of these dudes start making thought provoking music after digging in that crate?

      I’m saying…most dudes don’t even know why or what a fez is for, but now they’re Googling…

      Shouts to Noble Drew Ali.

      • Brooklyn

        true, she does enlighten these niggas. after one hit of that badu, their music be on point.


          “she might be to blame for jay electronica’s sudden rise, she probably lit some candles, sprinkled some dust, and prayed over his mixtape with a chicken’s foot.”

          Brooklyn, you a fool! lol!

    • epinz


      That’s the funniest shit I’ve read or heared in a long ass time ngga. Muthafuckin briliant

  • Tony Grands

    When I was in high school, it was this chick, mad cute little honey, pretty popular, mostly with dudes, but I was young & wasn’t even tripping about that. After I graduated, we started hanging tough. That Xmas, we went to the mall. Anybody out here in LA knows, back in the late ’90s, the Del Amo mall was thundercracking on Xmas break.

    We go down there to shop & whatnot, I’m hugged up with the chick, seeing mad dudes from school, some still went there, & here I am flossing my breezy, like “yeah niggas, I got her…”

    The next day, my home girl, who was like my sis @ the time, came over & was like, “yo, were you @ the mall with so & so?”

    “Yeah, why?”

    “Dude, she’s fucked everybody @ the school…including my little brother & his best friend.”

    She started naming names, @ least half of the names I’d seen @ the mall when I was with the chick. Giving cats daps & hugs, they smiling @ me, probably laughing @ my back. That shit was embarrassing as fuck. Needless to say, I had to give her her papers.

    Just saying…

    • DetroitDraper

      Much props to your blog…I finally checked it out over the holiday break when these guys over here at xxl was taking a break. Really liked it..xxl better take note and stop taking breaks before you lose readers lol


      • Tony Grands

        Detroit D!

        Thanks, man. I really appreciate that. Glad you enjoyed it.

        I’m effing with Combat Jack, too. He has a squad of writers he put together, shit’s fires right now.

        In fact, $yk & B-Boy Cult got it cracking, too, over @

        2010….Cats ain’t playing around these days, lol.

    • BIGNAT

      man grands she praili had that bomb kitty/head game and you was next. they was thinking it’s your turn. after you fount that out you should have kept passing her around. make her the crews personal fluffer hahahahaha.

      • Tony Grands


        Mayne, I’m stingy, selfish, don’t like to share food or ‘tang, & I don’t do seconds….or in her case, I don’t do seventeenth’s.

        She wasn’t even worth the pass off. One of those, you leave it where you found it, & pray for the next man.

        I got checked out after that, disease-free, that was that. Neckbone game was galactic, though. I understand why she had a healthy fanbase.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Good looking Grands.

          On the real in October I was at a bar and this broad was eying the kid heavily. It went from smoking stogies outside and having a convo to her lapping up the cream filling in her car while puffing a swisha. I don’t pay any mind to good looking, attention seeking women.

          Home girl is one of those that EVERYBODY wants to smash. She leaves me text messages every week wanting a refill. No lie. Not tooting my horn (piym) but this is one of the reasons why I throw parties in the crib. I go out with the dudes and 98% of the time I’m confronted with situations like that. I’m the new blood in town who’s on point, especially being the color blind (both ways), NY A.A. with a strong mental. More of a reason to be infatuated with $yk.


    yeah but let me point out jay-e never has hidden his industry connections. i saw a interview with him that he said basically he had bad anxiety. that it was hard for him to perform and he thought that is was so cool that redman and meth could rock a crowd. he also said he got alot of people behind him and he has the support he needs to overcome it. hope he does he got skills and killer beats dear moleskine enough said

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    I met Jay at my mans barber shop in LA. He is as “regular” cat. Soft spoken, humble, and he actually “smiles”. Instead of the typical rapper mean mug scowl and what not. I hope he does blow up. Now Erica? Yea, she sticks her glowing E.T. finger in a dudes asshole and they get all weird and retrospective. Or maybe she just got some fire vagine, who knows.


    goin back to the post from the other day, this is the difference between some bitch n a queen. a queen will elevate every hobble, grove and village of ur kingdom. some bitch will lay til she get rich when YOU get rich. strait up.

    whether or not that gushie good, it is, by eye witness accounts POWERFUL. altho maybe not that magnetic, cause they all seem to move on. but she is, by all accounts, a very powerful addition in each one of them dudes lives. they were forever changed by knowing her. by the experience of her. that makes her valuable. no, INvaluable.

    thats what makes her a queen.

    somebody tap the bitch nearest u and tell her take note(s)….

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Bol you might be right about muic execs being behind Jay Electronica. Honestly I haven’t heard anything from dude mainly because I’m waiting on albums from Lupe and J. Cole to drop so any new artists are not on my radar.

    But to be honest I think the execs are promoting Jay Elec this early because their betting on the success of Drake’s LP to usher in this new wave of so-called sincere, humble, and nice rap to dominate hip-hop. I heard Wale is still being promoted in shows and is working on a new video for the song “Pretty Girls” and the guy did extremely poor in sales.

    50 cent sold more than Wale even though BISD wasn’t released as long as Atten. Deficiet. But I’m guessing that means nothing to Interscope since two of the three rap albums that went platinum last year are far from as hardcore as BISD (BP3 and the END). 50 doesn’t have a 360 deal so dude can continue to make money without the labels recieving any of it in foreign countries even with a flop album here.

    Gucci sold more than Wale but right now dude’s album isn’t performing that well even with all of the dope beats and features. And it’s not like the execs can get their money back from Gucci through touring now that he’s looked up.

    So promoting a producer/rapper who can assimilate into the poppish music that is selling right now and is more than likely to not fuck up his career by doing a sentence seems like a reasonable investment. I think the execs are hoping that result of Drake’s debut becomes the turning point in changing the popular sound in the rap industry the same way Snoop’s debut did in ushering gangsta rap. It was already there in rap but it just took one popular album to inspire that style of rap to be demanded form by the consumer.

    • Avenger XL

      Dude NWA ushered in gangsta rap not snoop.

      Wale betrayed his fan base and went too pop too fast without enough real world followers. He is basicly a hipster/internet artist. The average listner never heard of wale.

      Drake will not do the numbers as big as they would like but he will sell with the right singles.

      Jsy E is ill but the industry don’t generally know what to do with guys like this, I can’t say this will ever result in sales per se

      • nicholasdelorejo

        Maybe I shouldn’t have said “ushered”. NWA may have started gangsta rap but I actually think it went into its highest effect to influencing the demanded style in rap when Doggystyle was released. During NWA’s reign gangsta rap wasn’t dominant in rap since to other forms like conscious, party or neo-soul were style popular. When “Doggystyle” came out at the time, every rapper had to have some sort of G”-ed up style in order to sell bigger numbers.

        That’s what I mean by Drake. If (AND ONLY IF) Drake goes at least about 350K or remains on the charts for a good amount of time like some Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga shit, then the labels know that that’s the direction of music hip hop is going move towards in order to sell. At least be more successful continuing to promote coke, gangsta, or even conscious rap.

        Rappers like Kid Cudi, Common, Jay, and even Lil wayne, Em, TI can still make successful albums because people consider them harmless and friendly. That’s whay Drake as a new artists is planned to bring in the scenerie of rap because pop music is harmless, friendly music and that’s what sells right now compared to all genre’s in their truest forms.

        Jay E and Wale may not do big numbers these days they’re more likely to sell anything compared dudes like Ace Hood or the number of rappers who maybe more lyrical but are less appealing to the pop consumer base in the industry now.

        • Tony Grands


          Dude, I hope you’re @ least 30 years old talking about NWA. In those days, dude’s didn’t give 2 shit’s about sells. If you were hot America was on it. ‘Doggystyle’ & ‘NWA & the 8 Ball Possee’ were galaxies apart. Yes, that was their first studio album, not ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

          The term ‘neo-soul’ hadn’t even been invented in “those days.” It was either rap, r&b, or other.

          If it weren’t for what NWA accomplished, opening doors & windows, Snoop would still be freestyle with his homies.

        • nicholasdelorejo

          Your right. They didn’t care about selling records. But the music execs that saw their success did. I never meant to say that NWA didn’t open the door for Snoop. Just the primary basis of gangsta rap had changed a little from both of their debuts.

          NWA was gangsta but also incoporated a social consciousness in the music. They were “dangerous niggas” but agaisnt the establishment that held down many blacks.

          After Doggystyle dropped, gangsta rap still had a consciousness but the primary focus had changed a bit from NWA. Snoop was gangsta but without much of the consciousness socially. He had a gangsta style but without examining why he and many other young men in from his experienced were a “dangerous niggas”. Doggystyle only gave the listener the perspective of a gangsta not the understanding. Just like how Reasonable Doubt was only the perspective of a hustler.

          My point for bringing up Snoop was to state how his debut helped bring this wave of “gotta be a hardcore gangsta/killa” mentallity as a greater emphasis for the labels to seek over having an examinatory approach to gangsta music. They didn’t give a fuck if your were original or not, just as long as you can maintain that image that would push records.

          Its like how in the south UGK rapped about pimping, drug dealing and shit in a stylistic and conscious approach. But when Jeezy debuted that pretty much made it primary aspect in southern rap ignoring the lyricism (not style or subject matter) that of Outkast, Scareface and Luda had brought. Since then no other southern rapper has debuted without previously being a trapper.

          I’m just saying if Drake becomes successful, then that friendly, happy-go-lucky innocent rapper image will be sought after by the industry and anyone else fials to exhibit this will fall in the wasteside. That’s all I’m saying. This has nothing to do with talent or recognition. This is about whether or not the labels feel that can profit from certain artists and what aspect that they possess makes them appealing for the consumers to purchase.

        • Avenger XL

          What about the Chronic? I always felt like doggystyle was kind of a spin off record of the chronic. Because that was when the world became mostly aware of snoop on nothing but a g-thing. He was introduced on the deep cover sound track and its 187 on an undercover cop. Then G thing gave him his final push but it was the chronic that laid the foundation for the remorseless gangsta tales. So I see where you are coming from now and I agree. I just think it was the chronic that kicked off the whole I am a super gangsta killer with no remorse funk era.

        • Tony Grands

          ^^^Yeah nic, you made you point. Touche.

          But, I have to agree with XL. ‘The Chronic’ was the final destination that began with the social commentary started with NWA, that continued with Cube when he departed, but when Dre dropped ‘The Chronic’, it was blissful ignorance. The whole term “g-funk” was coined as a reference to the synth’s & bass-heavy tracks Dre capitalized off of. Then Warren G took it & made it his own.

          ‘Doggystyle’, if you listen to it immediately following ‘The Chronic’, sounds like it’s one long ass album. But, the beginning of the “album” would definitely be ‘The Chronic’.

  • Tony Grands

    RIP Teddy Pendergrass.

  • that nigga

    He’s got a baby by Erykah Badu, which makes him, Andre 3000, the DOC, Common, both guys from dead prez, and god knows how many other people practically related.


  • Gift

    I always thought that Ms. Badu had some good twat. Niggas totally change they outlook on life after fuckin wit her. the power of the P.U.S.S.Y

  • Tony Grands

    “Dub Sac says:

    I was thinking that when the babies all grow up, the could start a hip-hop super group.”

    ^^^^Or a gang…

  • Anonymous

    You sound ignorant. know what u talking about before you blog. Judging others negatively shows you are obviously feeble-minded