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XXL Reviews B.G.’s Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood

Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood
Chopper City/E1/Atlantic

Beats: L
Lyrics: L
Originality: L

It’s hard to imagine mistaking B.G. as anything other than a street-wise Southern rapper who keeps it 10 toes down in the hood. Nonetheless, his eleventh solo album, Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood—his first since 2006’s The Heart of tha Streetz, Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am)—aims to prove he hasn’t lost his edge to create unapologetic cuts for the hood.

Keepin’ that edge is absolutely a good thing for B.G. Showcasing his trademark laidback Southern drawl, B.G. pledges allegiance to his city on the triumphant Mannie Fresh-produced “My Hood.” Elsewhere, he agrees to abide by the G-code on the delightfully ominous “I Swar” and promises repercussions for anyone that wants to step to him on TH2BH’s other Mannie Fresh production “Chopper City Is An Army.” He even teams up with Lil Wayne and Juvenile for a much-anticipated Hot Boys reunion (minus the incarcerated Turk) on the Cool & Dre-produced “Ya Heard Me.”

Of course, keeping it real does go wrong a few times. Specifically, B.G.’s cheesy attempts at pleasing the females on raunchy R&B-tinged tracks like “Fucking U Right” and “Fuck Thang,” which are both monotonous and unnecessary. But even when he misses the mark, B.G. manages to keep his street cred intact. And there’s no better example than the celebratory “Keep It 100,” where he takes an oath to stay true to the streets. “I’ma a hustler, a triple O.G.,” he raps, “I’ll never let the money or the fame change me.” True, indeed. —Chris Yuscavage

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  • sami

    how do u guys give gucci mane an XL,
    but BG, a L
    seriously, im not a fan of either but i can honestly say Bg has more talent(actually has talent) & this shit is probably better than anything gucci fag will ever put out….

  • gentillyboy

    Wack, BG has shown no signs of improvement since 99.He peaked to early after Chopper city.

  • j589

    except for the two r and b type tracks the whole cd banging

  • DetroitDraper

    Have’nt heard this yet but both Heart of The Streets were classics


  • Sean Izzle

    this album should have some banging beats, the Fucking You Right track was great and Ya Heard Me too!! cant forget about the old 4 A minute song either

  • heartlandg

    My Top 5 minus the obvious (Pac,Biggie), Fucc if you disagree its “My” Top 5

    1. BG
    2. Boosie & Webbie-Gangsta Muzik–>Enuff said
    3. Brotha Lynch–>Double O duece fo blocc
    4. Stat Quo—>Intrscope should put him OUT
    5. Cap One–stoopid flow

    Ima go snatch dat BG asap tho, Im still listenin to tha Heart of the Streets

    • Tdawg

      Boosie& Webbie…WTF They shouldnt be on anybodys top 20 WOW

  • heartlandG

    “Interscope shoulda put him out” I think Stat Quo left…

  • heartlandG

    @ TDawg it depends what you like…I like that gutta gutta shit and Boosie and Webbie bring it!, Im not talkin lyrics Im talkin that REAL spit, again it is MY opinion I’d listen to Boosie & Webbie before Jay-Z, not knoccin Jay but I just dont fucc w him like dat or too much of the east coast fo that matter

  • http://myspace.com stakks

    dont sleep on boosie and webbie they the only two still comein hard from louisiana besides B.G. AND JUVE ,hell we lost C MURDER & SOULJA SLIM THERE’S NO ONE LEFT ….but how do he get an L and gucci mane deserves his xl becuz dude been workin hard to improve himself he has more to work on but be real dude spint a whole 360 from where he was i giv props where do ima fan of growth ….example im my own worst enemy.

  • http://pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzo

    boosie and webbie are the hardest duo since Rae and Ghost.

  • http://trendytopicsim.info/forum/ Cecil Perie

    This is actually among the list of greater reports associated with those who We’ve keep reading this particular topic nowadays. Fantastic work.