The Significance Of Being The 40-Year-Old Rapper

Last week saw Shawn Carter, p/k/a Jay-Z turn 40-years-old. As has been pointed out, Jay isn’t the first relevant rapper to reach that age, but he is most definitely the most relevant. Other rappers have been successful in turning the “new 30″ quietly, under the radar. Some of my peers feel rappers should retire well before their 40th born day. I’d venture to state that Hov’s birthday last week is one of the most significant events to happen in the short history of the Hip Hop culture.

Back in the day, when it all began, Hip Hop was by design, exclusively youth music. Created by urban kids unfortunate to be living in ghetto conditions, but creative and brilliant enough to create something out of nothing, rhyming over cuts and scratches, two turntables and a microphone, the oldest rapper was probably no more than 25 years old. Feeling like the glammed up R&B singer or the disco queens from that era and before weren’t addressing them, kids throughout the 5 boroughs relished in finding a brand new culture that was solely theirs. Because they were an ignored group, Hip Hop attacked all that came before it. R&B became soft, and anything old school instantly became played out. Melle Mel was replaced by Run-DMC was boxed out by KRS-One and so forth. Hip Hop’s need for acceptance and survival existed on skills and of course, always being fresh to death. Back then, there was no room for rappers that were “old”.

Time passed, we all grew with it, and our favorite rappers got older. Not by much though, 30 became the new 20. Icons like LL Cool J (an underrated legend of whom I’ll be dropping a post here, and soon) pushed the envelope in how old a rapper should, could be. 5 years deep in the game and already considered an O.G. as being the hardcore teen idol from the mid 1980′s, James Todd Smith mushed back the Grim Reaper and came back from the rapper graveyard with his classic of an album “Momma Said Knock You Out” in 1990. Trust that the climate for L wasn’t kind to him. Newer, fresher and deffer rappers like Ice Cube, Public Enemy and EPMD were on the scene and fans had already discarded the Queens rapper. He was boo’d at public appearances just for standing on the same stage with the newer cats. Still, digging deep and teaming up with producer Marley Marl. “Momma Said Knock You Out” silenced all the haters, for how dope it was, for how young LL sounded in his “old age”, brand new. A perfect mix of hardcore, street and radio friendly tunes had the effect of extending L’s career. He did the impossible and became the first rapper that we allowed to get older, well into his 30′s, uniting new teenage fans to sing along with their older hip hop parents who’d been old school fans of L since the ’80′s, together at concert shows, the first true highly relevant rapper afforded the opportunity to break through the age barrier.

Still, it was never easy for L, younger cats so ready to knock the then king from his spot, cats like Jay-Z, always laying to battle behind the scenes, and off camera. Funny thing is how Jay and LL are close to being the same age, difference being that L had the opportunity to rise as a star years before Jay even thought he could do it. After 10 years as one of hip hop’s top shelf acts, L battled his last major “beef” in 1997, against the brilliant upstart Canibus, over that “4,3,2,1″ joint. Canibus almost won that too, but L was the people’s champ, the public’s favorite, and Mr. Smith lived to drop more albums. Still, although youthful, L’s career was not immortal. Over the years, even after continuing in his rap career, L finally faded into the background, the fans no longer wanting to hold onto a thirty something year old emcee.

Crazy thing about the artform is how the fan have become that much more difficult to define. Still a youthful music, fans have now grown into their 30′s, 40′s, some even into their 50′s. Generations have grown up with rap music. Me and my 12-year-old argue all day about whose the best Wayne, Biggie or Jay. And though the need for the new is still in effect, the culture has matured to a point where older rappers have been allowed to age gracefully. Like rock and roll allows for it’s aged rockers like Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, rap got to a point where it might could be ready for the older rapper.

Not taking anything away from the other 40-something-year-old rappers, Raekwon’s (41) “OB4CL2″ was far better and more brand new sounding than Jay-Z’s “Blueprint 3″. Still Jay-Z has become hip hop’s first “official” 40 year old INTERNATIONAL superstar. The most relevant rapper in the world just brought us all more time to enjoy our music, our culture, our rap heroes. Rap has become a bit less dispensible because of the phenomena that is Jay-Z. We won’t be forever young, but on December 4th, Mr. Carter added that much value to our rap shelf life. Maybe as we continue to grow they’ll be a relevant rapper pushing the rap Grim Reaper back to sparing rappers beyond 45, maybe even 50 years old. This thing of ours HAS to mean more than what its been for us. Hip Hop cannot continue to feast on the bodies of the old as America continues to eat its young. Too many young cats out here dying senselessly don’t mean our art, our language, our music and our heroes gotta die a young death too.

So yes, a happy belated birthday to Shawn Carter, the 40-year-old rapper. Giving us more time to appreciate the value of all of our elder rappers. Brand new ain’t always the best. Some of the finest things on the planet are that, solely because they got better with age, with time. Regardless whether you are a fan or never liked him, Jay-Z just added more value to this thing of ours. Jigga just brought us all more time on this rap shit. That right there is big.  Good looking on that big homie. Salutes.

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  • Enlightened

    Damn, I didn’t know Raekwon was 41?

    Maybe we should be saluting him more, because he effectively dropped an album that the “underground” was still proud to bump, while at this point Jay is basically, as Miley Cyrus put it, “a pop artist.”

    Not because he’s on some bullshit, but by the strict definition, because of how popular he is.

    I think the real tests will come on Jay-Z’s next album, and if Detox EVER DROPS. Dre has to be on the other side of 45 by now right?

    With as long as he’s been out of the game, if he can do numbers and set the world on fire again, that will be the biggest “old rapper” accomplishment to date in my opinion.

    • eesco

      “E”, yo normally I feel you on ur comments but this time I must disagree. While yes Rae did drop a hell of a more underground album I think that Jay should still b getting the big salute. Even tho he is like a pop star he is also synonymous with what a lot of people look to as hip hop culture. Its like what CJ was saying about LL. He was dope but started to fade in the public eye because he wasnt doing what the older heads “AND” the younger crowd could appreciate as hip hop culture then he drop a banger with “mama said knock you out” and was right back on top in the main stream eye.

      I think Jay’s salute is important just because he has been at the top for so long. No one on here can that there was anytime when Jay dropped in the last ten years that it wasnt a big deal. I mean he is 40 in the age of “Soulja Boy” and that damn auto tune and still on top of the game in a main stream light.

      Happy belated to “HOV”

      • Enlightened

        True, true.

    • yoprince

      shouts to miley cyrus for stating the truth so matter-of-factly.

      lmao. she prolly didn’t even realize she was saying something that would have you rap-heads so aggie.

      miley cyrus is prolly listening to OB4CL2 and Born like this on her Ipod right now. lmao.

  • General

    Yes, Happy Bday to Mr. Carter and I will just leave it at that…

  • these posts are racist

    Great drop, and co-sign.

    As a 30 year old…and as a practicing attorney people are often shocked at finding out that I a) almost exclusively listen to hip hop; and b) actually rap and record songs. I came up as a battle rapper and still battle from time to time but am annoyed as hell when people think being 30 and educated precludes you from being Hip Hop.



    • Justice4All

      I agree, being educated and 30+ should not preclude one from enjoying and/or participating in Hip Hop. It’s our culture. I grew up listening to Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Ice Cube, MC Shy D, Roxanne Shante’, UTFO, Mantronix, Special Ed, Kwame’, Poor Righteous Teachers, Lords of the Underground and the list goes on….It’s in my blood, in my DNA I tell you. No other art form that I’m aware of disposes of it’s Elder Statesman as Hip Hop tries to do on the regular. It’s almost like- to be a Hip Hop artist, there is an unwritten age requirement. You are required to be under 30 or you will get an unkind letter from the listeners to tell you to sit down and shut up. Unfortunate. So congrats to Shawn Carter, even if you are not a fan (stan)-You can’t knock the hustle.

    • A-Boogie

      Lawyer and battle rapper…….hahahahaha come on B!

      • Combat Jack

        ^ “Lawyer and battle rapper…….hahahahaha come on B!”

        I know, preposterous! Kinda like the notion of being a lawyer and a battle blogger. GTFOH!


        • these posts are racist

          Yo…law school was 3 years. I grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in the US for 18 years before going to college…been rapping since i was a kid.

          A-Boogie, don’t believe my mic skills? test me, son.

          CJ, get at me homey…

    • Q-Bot

      Co-sign completely. I also hate that people equate stupidity with rap music. Being an educated, albeit 20 y/o, nerdy white guy most people are surprised I am both a fan and a hip-hop artist.

      This probably explains why I despise the Stanky Leg and OJ the Juiceman.



  • Tony Grands

    Jay catches flack for a variety of things, including incoporating certain nuances to stay relevant, but the fact that he is still doing it is a testament to Hip Hop being a credible genre of music. Not too long ago, it was viewed as a fad, or would go the way of jazz or doo wop music.

    Thats not to say Jay is the sole reason for Hip Hop survival, but even the most hating rap dude or fan has to glean some sort of inspiration from what is becoming a legacy. If he can remain consistent & relevant into his 50′s, we’d be hard pressed not to say he’s one of the best ever, beyond the lyrics & the flash.

    Honorable mention:Too $hort.

  • Curtis75Black

    It has more to do when the emcee blew up more than his age !! Rappers like Jay and Rae were adults when they brought it unlike Uncle L who was a Teenager, just like Busta, Q-tip and others who came out. L’s staying power had alot to do with the balance he constantly gave us with his music. As far as him not competing, nah, L always had something for the brothers to enjoy, you’ll just failed to listen. What you wanted to hear per se (gangsta tales and thug talk) he wasn’t gonna give you so, he became wack in your eyes. His singles might’ve been directed to the ladies and clubs but he’s been doing that his whole career !! Research needs to be done.

  • sealsaa

    “I think the real tests will come on Jay-Z’s next album, and if Detox EVER DROPS. Dre has to be on the other side of 45 by now right?”

    No disrespect to Dre, but I have to pause at giving someone full credit for an album when the bulk of it is ghost written. Content will always be the difference maker, and Jay provides his own.

    And despite being considered a “pop rapper” by Miley Cyrus of all people(are we taking her seriously now? Guess I didn’t get the memo), Jay’s a lyrical monster, and still very relevant at his age. Give the man his due. He could lyrically eat(with the exception of Nas and Em) your favorite rapper under 35, PERIOD.

    • Justice4All

      I concur.

    • Enlightened

      Nas and Em aren’t under 35 no more are they?

      I can see your point, but Dre still produces the whole thing. Being responsible for the entire sound is still a helluva task.

      That being said, I’ve been thinking lately: shouldn’t any muthafucka with an ounce of talent be able to create a classic if they take 10 years to work on it?

      Hell, I even think if a nigga like T-Pain took 10 years to work on an album, it should be one of the greatest albums too! Shit, imagine if somebody like I’m Outkast or somebody took a whole 10 years working on an album.

      I’m starting to wonder how much of accomplishment that really is – even if Detox is classic.

      • El Tico Loco

        3 ft High and Rising, Straight Outta Compton and the Chronic (I can go on) didn’t take no damn 10 years and they are groundbreaking classics, and there’s also a lot of < 35 spitters that can eat jay alive, but until lyrics stop being graded on a curve as far as mainstream success requires Jay is safe.

        • nicholasdelorejo

          I gotta cosign about Dre. At this point I can’t get excited over Detox mainly because much of the tracks that were featured on Relapse didn’t show any signs of him bringing forth a new sound for hip hop.

          But Loco, your right about Jay not being the top lyricist in Rap. J. Cole can even outmatch him and he’s Jay’s artist. But I think Jay embodies many of the qualities of a Great Rapper. My friend and I were talking about this the other day when comparing Em and Jay. Em maybe a better wordsmith than Jay, but Jay beats him in his range of diversity in subject matter, flow and sound as well as his use of double meanings. That along with his success in selling records and billboard charts makes Jay a definition of the all possible qualities of a rapper.

      • potent

        brilliamt assessment.

  • jonny bizness

    Jay is the best out there bar none Im glad he is still rapping age dont mean nuthin if u still got it plus he is showing hiphop how 2 grow up im 29 and cant b listening 2 a rapper talking all that gutter shit when im working 70 hrs a wk trying to pay my mortgage off and dealing with real life situations maybe 10 yrs ago but not now.

  • bollocks

    slow news week?

    • Combat Jack


    • Jamal7Mile

      You can’t be serious! Read the last link “Death of a Brooklyn Legend.” That’s part of the blog, too.

  • El Tico Loco

    Rae and Jay both deserve the big salute (and Rae hits 42 next month) because since their first album they been pretty much on the same shit just a different POV. I always though RD was the same OBCL but for 85ers IMO, right down to a track with MJB. So is all bananas and plantains to me.

  • yoprince

    well we got enough ll cool j in that post for another LL post to be unnecessary… right??… please??…

    jay is a favorite in my book. i’m glad he’s still successful… even though BP3 is an average album at best held afloat by a couple good moments, and one stellar track.

  • duss

    that was 1 great post my man. Hip Hop will always b a young man sport like boxing but there is room 4 those who still perform at a high level. Jay Cube Rae Ghost Em.Boxing Bernard Klitchko Foreman etc

  • Jamal7Mile

    I salute all quality rap, period. For me personally, Old Man Rap was on point this year. Red and Meth, Rakim, Raekwon, Jay-Z, Beanie, DOOM, Sean Price, Ghostface, etc… they all held my ear longer than the disposable rap that has become the norm. Here’s hoping that this is a continuing trend. Fuck age.

    I salute Teddy Vann as well. What a great read that was! CJ, I’m sorry for your loss. Know that you are blessed to be able to call Mr. Vann a relative. On this rare day off work, I’ll most def be reading up more about him.

    • Combat Jack

      Salutes my dude. And thank you!

      • FaMe

        this post was very well written. good job

  • Blakout615

    Yo CJ, could you do an “Is Jay-z a witch” pt 2 drop 1 day? Jay is my fav MC & all but every since u put up that link to vigilantcitizen, I been re-thinking all of dude’s past work. Shits strange

    • Detroit P

      Please don’t be fooled by these people’s propaganda. it’s easy to make all sorts of accusations about people when you loosely interpret art, take it out of context, frame it with tons of “facts” that most people aren’t gonna take the time to thoroughly check and then string it all along as if there are really connections there.

      But even if you do believe the stuff they say…the question is…If Jay’s been keeping this “secret” and its gone unbeknownst to you and the public and he doesn’t rap about any devil worship stuff in anyway anybody can concretely discern, then whats it to you?..he doesnt rap about devil worship or delving into the occult…what these entertainers do in their personal lives shouldnt be changing your opinion on their music especially when they’re kept separate to such a degree.

      Listening to people who loosely interpret symbols and metaphors as they see fit will have you thinking Buddhist’s is somehow related to Nazi’s(manji symbol).

      Honestly Nas and Big L and Biggie(i think) said way worse than Jay has ever said in terms of killing Jesus, being the devil, being more comfortable in Hell..forreal..yall really bringin religious posturing into rap?

      Note: I read that article and watched those youtube videos….and though they are interesting..they just stink to high hell of B.S. and i can smell that near or far.

  • yoprince

    RIP to your fam/friend… it’s always special when you get two in one like that.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I’m somewhat curious as to how far this will actually go. All my favorite rappers are older than myself, and this new generation might as well be singing alternative rock as much as I’m checking for them. I think we need the 40-something generation to remain on the scene to show the legitimacy of Hip Hop. We almost lost it there…like it was destined to be fad music. I was even starting to lose hope, but the same rappers I came into the game listening to are still making good music. I’m optimistic about the future…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Curtis75Black

      Most definitely !! I have no problem saying that Jay ain’t fuckin’ with Pos or Dave, so please kill all that “Best to ever do it” shit. He just so happens to be the most sucessful of HIS era of Hip Hop. Most noteably, no one was more powerful to take reigns in this era. Now either, you came up in the era before Jay and just rode with the times disregarding the vets or you’re someone who was genuinely born in 80′s so came up listening to Jay and basically don’t know any better. It’s like saying Justin or Usher is the best and Fuck Micheal’s Old Ass R.I.P. Shitty, I know.

      • Brahsef

        Dropping Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, and the Black Album easily give him an argument for best of all time.

        And no ones been as consistent as him for so long. Top 5 rapper from 96-2010 is consistency at its finest.

        • El Tico Loco

          Consistency? heard of Tony Starks?

        • Curtis75Black

          I like how you dropped your 3 personal favorites. And look at the at the time in between each cd !! I can rock consistently all of Ice Cube’s solo’s until he focused on his movie career !! All of Big Daddy Kane’s solos till “Looks like a Job for”, LL’s Radio through The G.O.A.T. Regardless of who was hot and poppin’, Ghostface from “36 chambers through Ghostdini, Guru, shit all of Gangstarr including his Jazzmatazz collection !! Not to mention KRS – ONE dealing with Boogie Down Productions till his joint with Buckshot !! Now that’s a argument for the best to ever do it !!

        • Brahsef

          I thought the time in between those three albums was the most impressive part of it haha. Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint are certified classic. Reasonable Doubt is considered by many critics a top 10 rap album of all time. I personally believe the Black Album is a classic, but I know others don’t feel that.

          I love Ghost as much as the next person, but his solo albums after his first two just don’t have the sales to back up the quality. LL and KRS def deserve to be in the argument for GOAT. DJ Premier was the more important part of Gangstarr as Guru has just disappeared.

          Sorry, but when you’re talkin GOAT, #1 albums and sales do matter. Jay has dominated the rap scene for 15 years now. No rapper has done that.

        • Curtis75Black

          Peep these lyrics or find the into and listen if you haven’t
          L.L. Cool J Intro(G O A T) lyrics

          [LL Cool J]
          Ayo this is the infinite, intelligent, extravagant and eloquent
          That shit y’all talkin is irrelevant
          I put it down from the gutter to the tenement
          It’s LL Cool J nigga, everything I do is excellent
          And I got to represent, Q-Boro, the thorough
          Y’knawmean? We get down, we get down baby
          Check this shit out right here, uh
          E Pluribus Unum is the album I’ma drop
          It’ll make you bitch niggas as hard as rocks
          Givin head to the glock, pretend it’s hard cock
          Splashin niggas I came slow through the block
          I’m, the original, visual, individual
          Ten times platinum your career’s lookin critical
          Reach for this, motherfuck being a criminal
          Look in your bitch eyes, the vibe is subliminal
          You wanna freestyle fuck that
          I need at least seven figures to even touch that
          But since everybody was underestimatin’ my format
          I dropped Ill Bomb and now niggas want more of that
          Aint a rapper dead or alive fuckin wit me
          Ask the last bitch that tried to come and get me
          Talk about paper, I can talk about broads
          I can talk about movies, I can talk about awards
          Fuck the fantasies, yo I got all four
          And 2001′ll be mine, by law
          Why name the Greatest Of All Times?
          Because for fifteen years I kept y’all standin in line
          Lovin the way I shine and my lyrics combine
          With the ruggedest, illest beats that Def Jam can find
          Fuck them other niggas with their 9 or 10 hits
          My hits run deep as the emotions of your bitch
          Back in the days it was the M fast stick
          But now the Bentley is all get more whores on the dick
          This ones for Clue and my Riker’s Island niggas
          That remember when I came through
          The big O B C C H D M 2 C 74
          Little Nasi and the crew, y’all niggas come home
          Word up, the new album gon’ be the shit baby
          Aint no doubt about it, E Pluribus Unum
          Out of many one, The G.O.A.T., Greatest Of All Time…

  • Blakout615

    My last comment read like im scared as hell or something lmao

    • Jamal7Mile

      LOL, I got the urge to revisit some of Jay-Z’s past catalogue too! Not scared or nothing, just looking at him in a different light. Nothing negative or positive, just… hmmmm…

      • Tony Grands

        @Blak & J7

        I went back & checked out the old shit a few days ago, starting with a thorough listen to ‘Empire’. BTW, ‘Empire’s third verse make a lot of biblical references in regard to a female, so I think the “church ends” verse was just part of the point his was making about a certain type of NY chick.

        But yeah, he says stuff all throughout his catalog, but I think a lot of good rappers, who have a general talent with word play, do that type shit to fuck with the listeners. Shout out to capcobra for pointing out NaS’ verse on ‘Live @ the bbq’ the other day.

        Shock value comes in all shapes & sizes.

  • capcobra

    i hope jay get one of those vegas shows..he deserve it.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Peace to

    Guru – 43
    Rae – 41
    Gza – 42

  • jester@xxl

    dre older than jigga & still on the microfone (on relapse) by the time he drops detox he b 50… jokes aside its not age its the message motherfucker… this is entertainment not sport u sayin pacino or deniro gotta give up or stevie wonder or tom jones gotta fuck off i fink not!


    Hov is still a better than most these niggas period. It’s that simple. He captures moments, raps about them from his view point and succeeds. He stays in his lane. If more niggas did that they’d be more on point than not don’t matter how old you are.

  • Emperor Doom

    I heard EM is 37.

  • sealsaa

    “I heard EM is 37″

    He is, and a year older than Nas which seems odd to me for some reason…

  • Sincere

    I’m late on the commentary again (doh!…lol)

    The major commentators came out on this one, Enlightened, Tony, Curtis (and others…smile)

    I’m looking forward to the post on L.L. Cool J, who ripped the Grammy nominations unexpectedly yet surprisingly well recently. And Exit 13 is still a good album.

    This was a good post. I believe that if Hip-Hop music didn’t get taken over by certain interests, many of us propably wouldn’t have the perception that an artist in Hip-Hop should stop at a certain age, unless health and ability to still do it well dictated it.

    Though Rakim’s Seventh Seal didn’t bang as hard as I would have liked, I still liked some of the material and appreciated it in light of so much material that’s out that’s not as mature. And speaking of the god, where’s Big Daddy Kane? I know, touring…(lol)

    Congratulations again to Raekwon on OB4CL…2 and Meth and Red for Blackout 2.

    40 is the new 30 (lol), Happy B-Day Jay-Z. As he would say himself, this is a “Reminder”.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    So do you guys believe that a contemporary format would thrive? I think we have the proof now…

    • Curtis75Black

      I believe the proof has been there. Niggas just chose to ignore it. KRS, Chuck D., Uncle L, Guru, GZA, Busta Rhymes, Meth and Redman, EPMD and Scarface have all ripped the mic well into their 40′s and sound good doing it. This isn’t nothing new. 13 years in Hip Hop don’t mean shit to someone doing it for 25 straight years !! The fact this is brought up is because of the era he came up in when alot of his peers are either deceased or not making as much noise as him but couldn’t the same be said about LL and his peers as well as the “Golden Era” that came up after him, which he eclipsed in Hip Hop ? The two most hard headed emcees are Todd Smith and Todd Shaw !!

      • Tony Grands


        We have to keep in mind that Hip Hop is only a little older than Jay himself. It’s still maturing. These kinds of accolades & appreciations are new. But, I can see the shift. & as we grow, Hip Hop will continue to as well. As a culture, it’s right on time with the self-realizations & empowering. We’re (it’s) moving in the right direction though, no doubt.

  • 11KAP

    Just be who you are. 12 is 12. 20 is 20. 30 is 30. 40 is 40. you get the picture. Learn from each other. That’s what we’re hear for really. Respect Everytime. One.

  • 11KAP

    yikes. of course I meant “here”. goodlook lol.

  • Caino

    l think as the fan base grows older with the rapper then they will always be relevant…with the fans! shit l dont get down with these young dudes spiiting their thing. But l can get down with Rae, Rakim, KRS 1, cos they spit relevant shit to me !!

    RIP your pops in law, l lost my legend recently to the same curse (cancer) nothing worse than seeing someone you love ripped apart by that shit!

    Good post

  • 11KAP

    a young nigga can learn from an old nigga and an old nigga can learn from a young nigga. don’t forget that. peace.

  • wax

    LL’s comeback in 1990 had nothing to do with his age, but everything to do with Walking With a Panther being a celebration of excess and braggadocio at a time when it wasn’t in fashion.

    otherwise, co-sign on the drop.

  • Stylistic

    First of all labeling a rapper as old because he’s 40, more like 35 these days is rediculous. I’d rather listen to Krs, Nas, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Canibus, Wu-Tang, etc, ANY day (and I’m talking about the shit they put out now) rather than any of these average/suckass rappers or borderline pop stars out today…Weezy, Gucci Mane, Kanye, Drake, etc. Plus how can a young 20 something year old rhyme better than a 20+ year veteran???Hip Hop fans really need to quit discriminating, and like other genres of music we need to respect our elders, and see more new emcee/veteran emcee collaborations! Stop going by age and actually listen to the music veterans put out because Krs and Buckshot put together a nice album this year, Raekwon’s album was fire, E-40′s been making the best music of his career since 06′s My Ghetto Report Card, Jay FINALLY put out a decent album for the 1st time since Black Album, and Rakim’s album was decent and no worse than the shit that sells the most today. Seriously we got to kill the age shit.

  • Jriggs


    “E-40’s been making the best music of his career since 06’s My Ghetto Report Card”

    You’ve got to be kidding me man. E-40 made his best joints back in the 90s yo!! Were you sleep the entire time when his 90s shit came out or what? “In A Major Way”, “Hall of Game”, “Element of Surprise” would all shit on his new stuff man. Don’t forget about Charlie Hustle and the Grit and Grind joints as well. Do your research man. 40 Water just figured out a way to stay relevant by messing with Lil Jon. Go back and listen to his older stuff again man.

    • Malik

      hahaha! This is brilliant. It bhogurt back a really strange memory for me Imagine if you will:I’m in 10th grade and sitting in a study hall, when the thuggish guy who is assigned the seat next to mine plops down. He looks perturbed. After a couple of minutes of anxious rocking and readjusting he mutters, Gangsta’s . don’t cry. I wonder what rap song that came from?

  • balaramesh

    seriously, i cannot even consider bumping any rapper 30. well, besides lupe. if corey guns ever decides to anything worthwhile i’ll check him out too. oh yeah, t.i is barely under 30. but yeah, aside from that, there isnt anyone to check for. till then, i guess i’ll be bumping 35+ rappers that are much better than the young rappers.

  • sykes

    if that what u love to do why stop cuz if people was rock j back then they gone rock him today

  • GO-Getta’

    Age aint nuttin but a number i.e.
    -Rakim etc

  • guttaman

    Age is but a number. At the end of the day it is an artificial benchmark. Have you people forgotten that outside of our planet there is no such thing as a year….a day… hour. Turthfully age doesnt exist.
    we believe it to be so and thats why it exists.
    You are as young (or old) as u believe you are.


    i’m proud to see all of the postive responses. more imporantly, good music is god music. this age thing was used by a rapper four years younger then him four years ago. Stupid because that rapper was stoppin his chances to prosper. yes, jayz is beyond pop culture. dude surpassed the beatles and elvis. he is our living legend. our sinatra. this is our real time look at history in the making. as for people who think jayz sells out. come on man. dude keeps it real and always reps for the hood and hollywood. just cause u still in ur mama basement or ain’t left ur block but the time u got locked up behind bars don’t meaan he’s not real. people don’t realize jayz versaility to make relevant music thru the test oftime.

    • Nikki

      If jay say find a new lane then jump to it I don’t know alot of people that stlien to game anyway he kinda fell off . Kinda iffy that pot of gold song. Without chris brown that song wouldn’t be all of what it is.

  • supersupreme

    everyday you cats find another reason to dick ride jayz

  • Decker

    “Ur boy is Off the Wall/these otha niggas is Tito”-Jay-Z.Happy belated birthday 2 d god MC.He deserves all the praise & success.He’s Phenomenal.

  • BossGame

    Grew up on that Santa Claus is a Black Man. WEDR in Miami used to play that every Christmas. Rest in Peace Mr. Vann and thank you

  • latino heat

    i’m just catching up on these blogs now so it’s obviously way too late to jump in on the conversation now.

    i’ll just say happy belated birthday to Jay-Z. fuck what the haters say, keep doin your thing big homie.

    cosign Tony Grands for giving Too Short an honorable mention. I was at the Snoop and DJ Quik concert a couple weeks ago and Short came out and rocked it. age ain’t nothin but a number, indeed.

    and to Combat Jack, sorry about your families loss.

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