Group Home Had the Best Produced Album Ever (Thanks Premier)

I think the general rap Stan opinion (emphasis on the word “general”) places Dr. Dre and DJ Premier as the top hip-hop producers of all-time. It’s pretty hard to deny Dre’s accomplishments, even if his Detox album has become a running joke of sorts. Who else can claim to have introduced the world to the likes of N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and 50 Cent?

Although DJ Premier’s commercial success hasn’t even remotely matched Dre’s, fans still marvel at his ability to chop and reformat samples like some sort of Mad Scientist (no disrespect to Large Professor). Primo revitalized an entire coast with his sound once the Notorious B.I.G., Nas and Jay-Z sought-out his work in the mid-to-late ’90s. And while “Unbelievable,” “New York State of Mind” and “Friend or Foe” were no doubt classic songs, I would argue that Primo’s best work came on Group Home’s 1995 debut album Livin’ Proof.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to take it a step further and say that Livin’ Proof is the greatest produced hip-hop album of all-time!

Let’s keep it 100, when it comes to MCs, Group Home’s Lil’ Dap and Malachi the Nutcracker left much to be desired. So from the gate, Premier had his work cut out for him. It’s not like he could half-ass a beat or two and expect the MCs to make the song memorable with their lyrics. On “Sacrifice,” Malachi actually rapped, “You’re funny, like that fuckin’ dummy Bugs Bunny;” a line that goes down in lyrical infamy for all the wrong reasons. Still, the way Primo flipped the first six seconds of the Chi-Lites “What Do I Wish For” and then turned it into a Timberland trekking, Champion hood rockin’ banger was perfection in a four bar measure.

To keep things factual, though, there were two beats on Livin’ Proof that Premier didn’t rock (Jaz-O’s “4 Give My Sins” and Guru’s “Serious Rap Shit”) and what do you know, they were the two weakest songs.

The album’s first single “Supa Star” was amazing. Again the lyrics weren’t the illest, but Lil’ Dap’s vocal texture sounded so ill over the beat. Preem is probably the best when it comes to matching a track with the right MC, even if they aren’t the best writers. Just like he did for album’s title track “Livin’ Proof.”

Malachi’s basic rhyme scheme (especially when taking into account that this was 1995, back when rappers could actually rap) would’ve really been exposed over a weak instrumental, but when he said, “Where’s my knife? Take a chance with your life;” it actually sounded kind of ill. Primo could’ve (and probably should’ve) taken the easy way out and given the track to Nas or something. Then again, he probably did play it for God’s Son, who I could see turning it down. We all know Nas’s reputation for picking shitty tracks.

The fact is Dr. Dre had Snoop Dogg, Kurupt and Daz on The Chronic and they were beasts on the mic. You gotta give Premier props; he had a lot less to work with and still crafted an album that hip-hop heads can nod too. Am I wrong? What do you think the best-produced hip-hop album of all-time is? —Rob Markman, The Deputy!

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  • D Loc

    Dr Dre 2001. Best production of all time hands fuckin down. No other record can come close.

    • Enlightened

      D Loc, I have to disagree. I’ll tell you 3 albums that blow Dr. Dre 2001 out of the water as far as production (in my opinion):

      The Chronic

      P.S. And them muthafuckas are REALLY shittin on anything DJ Premier did to me. I’m sorry but dude is the most overrated producer ever to me.

      To be considered the greatest, SOMEBODY from other areas of the country should think the same thing. Premier was a regionally great producer – it just so happens that his region included New York City.

      In my opinion, the nigga was no better than Mannie Fresh or DJ Paul & Juicy J on the beats.

      • Funkadelikk

        No offense but Dre has gotta be hands down the most overrated producer right next to timbaland.

        • DanM

          HEEEEELLLLLL yeaaaa. I mean, Doc Dre is nice but, cmon. Timbo could be better, but he doesnt want to produce rap music. He said himself he wants to focus on Pop because thats who supports him the most. He played it smart, Kanye still might be one of the best producers too. Cool/Dre are fuckin NICE. And,,,,i forgott his name. Uhhh.. No ID?? i really forgot his name, i was tryna remember. He’s good too

      • OG Matt Herbz

        That’s just where we’ll have to agree to disagree. Region plays its part, sure, and I haven’t heard a post 2001 Dre beat that nodded my head or anything. In my opinion, Dre’s the most overrated beatmaker period. His latest shit with Jay, with Raekwon…same type piano shit. But back to the topic at hand, Living Proof is drum tight production-wise. Preemo’s got that gift that gives his beats the ability to be played over and over and something new pops out that you didn’t catch the first time. No hate though, Dre and Preemo have put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to keep Hip Hop current. But for my money I’d pay Preemo for a beat first.

        –OG Matt Herbz–

      • theonlyjhood

        to be quite honest… if u wanna get technical about “greatest producers”, rick rubin is THEE greatest producer in all of music hands dwn argue with me idc.. but in hip hop i put Premier and Dre at a tie, i never say someone is number one or hes the 2nd best mc or shit like that i just say ppl r top 5 or top 10 material feel me? but premier track record no one can fuck wit his shit is mandingo long

      • POPE

        dj paul, juicy j????? you on crack for real…you don’t know music.

    • http://xxlmag jb

      that shit aint even better then the first chronic.

    • sauf

      alchemist 1st infantry gotta be right there.

  • Enlightened

    Revoke y’all critic license for writing this.

    • D

      Revoke y’all image of yourself being “Enlightened”…Bold

  • El Tico Loco

    I give u the fact that Preem can make any rapper sound good because he’s just that nice behind the boards, but to call “Livin Proof” best produced album ever is a stretch.

  • Ev E

    You are so right. Livin’ Proof was so well produced that people actually memorized and recited some of those horrific rhymes as if they were verses of the month! True Magic!

    That is definitely one of the best-produced joints but here are some others:

    Jeru-Sun rises in the east
    Gangstarr-Hard to Earn, Moment of Truth
    Busta-The Coming, E.L.E
    Tribe-Midnight Marauders

    and what do you know premo has more than one!

  • Tony Grands

    Premo would’ve gotten more recognition for his talent if he had a similar penchant for picking artists who sounded good. His production credits have gotten overlooked for years, because of the artists he chose to work with, Jeru & Group Home being prime examples.

    Now he’s supposedly in talks with MC Eiht to do an album. Obscure artists, while creatively superior to mass market media, will always be outshined. His career was collateral damage to the fact that he never “sold out” for money or fame.

    I do think Dre’s a better “producer”, but he has a team of upwards of 5 people helping him construct a track, & has that magic eye to spot the next big thing. It’s not talent that separates those two dudes, it’s direction & functionality.

    But yeah, ‘Livin’ Proof’ was some shit I’d listen to on repeat back in the days, humpty-dumpty raps & all.

    • AZ40

      Co-sign you and EL Tico Loco

    • capcobra

      champ….if premier had major distribution right now he’d probably sign big shug.nyg’ home.freddie foxx.afu ra.jeru da damaja.blazahay.masta ace.rakim.m.o.p..termanology.ed og.puba.kane.g rap.saigon and papoose….lmao..smh.

      • Tony Grands


        Best backhanded compliment. Ever.

  • Blakout615

    Outkast- Stankonia
    Every beat on this cd was fuckin incredible & im not over exaggerating.
    Ima put Chronic 2001 as my 2nd pick strickly bcuz I actually bought the instrumental version of it.

  • Brahsef

    GZA’s Liquid Swords is my favorite produced album. RZA came and did work on that album. Every single track is a straight banger, beat wise and lyrically.

    • Mr. North


  • funkadelikk

    Defenietly Livin’ proof producton wise is Dope from supa star to up against the wall,Premo has always came and still comes with some dope ish,sure its one of the best but the greatest thats a stretch, it aint even the best of 95.OBFCL ran more cohesively matter of fact every WU solo from 95-96 RZA produced (liquid swords,Dirty,iron man)>.Some favs gotta be
    MOBB DEEP-Hell on Earth,Havoc was onbeast mode.
    Cormega-the true meaning
    WU-Enter the 36 chambers

  • El Tico Loco

    If you wanna talk about sleepers you should’ve went with the Minstrel show (little Brother x 9th wonder) or Pimps don’t pay taxes (j zone)

    • BIGNAT

      anything little brother does is slept on

  • RL

    DJ Premier, probably the most respected producer in hip-hop. But why are mainstream artists rejecting Premo beats? Dare I say that Royce da 5’9′s Street Hop is one of the top five hip hop albums of 2010? Executively produced by Premo?

  • Sarutama

    Public Enemy – Nation of Millions and Fear of a Black Planet.

  • Gooch

    bk cyph you’re out of your mind

  • snow beach


    • Enlightened

      Dre made West Coast beats, but people on the East bumped him too. People down south bumped him too.

      I’m from the Midwest and we bumped pretty much everything, but when I moved to the South I saw how a lot of people, including Premier, didn’t exist – at all.

      Why you think Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt only went Gold when they came out when the Chronic sold about 4 Million? Why you think Puffy wanted Biggie to do those “Bad Boy” type songs and helped him break out of that?

      That Premier sound wasn’t bumped like Dre/Death Row – that was bumped by basically East Coast heads and dedicated fans of New York rap. That Death Row shit was the most popular music out.

  • A Chigurh

    I saw Chronic 2001 and Stankonia mentioned, all great nominations. Aquemini was also amazing. Production on Slim Shady LP was crystal clear and tight as a drum.

    HA..this post is hilarious and on-point. Me and my boy always clown the Group Home album as the best-production with the worst MCs.

  • von

    Master p ghetto dope tru album and a couple of others whoever made his hot beats needs a nod to to make them sound alright you had to b a fuckn genius dem niggas couldnt rapp a lick to whoever made no limit beats give them nod to

    • Blakout615

      Beats by the pound did 95% of NL beats back in the day. So all the hits- “Make em say uhh” “It aint my fault”……..they’re responsible for those. Underrated sick producers,they were pretty versitile too.

      I always see ppl saying NL had all wack rappers. Is anybody aware of MAC??? I mean dude outshined Nas on a track for goodness sake. Possibly cudve been top 5 if it wasnt for dat situation.

      • DownSouth

        Yeah I gotta agree with you on that one. Mac was one of the coldest. I think Mia X is a cold femcee. I’ve never heard the Group Home al, but I do like Premo’s sound. But as far as east coast production goes, Bobby Digital is my dude. He has the most unorthodox sounding beats I ever heard that still sound good. I think his beats really capture the grittiness of NY.

        DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • yoprince


    first of all, east coast bias much?? i mean, to start throwing around best produced all time. that’s ridiculous. maybe start by saying best ‘east coast’ produced album of all time.

    secondly, put a time marker on that label time. best ‘east coast’ ’90s era’ produced album of all time.

    lastly, fuck ya’ll if it makes you mad, but i’m going to put on for my city. keep motive in mind; this was a party-driven record, and at the time you could play this album damn near front to back at parties and nobody would blink an eye:

    Lil Jon’s 2003 Kings of Crunk … featuring appearances by E-40, Jadakiss, Styles P, Too Short, MJG, Bun-B, Devin tha Dude, Trick Daddy, Pastor Troy, Busta Rhymes, Elephant Man, Big Gipp, and more. not to mention the party classic “Get Low” ft. the Ying Yang Twins

    “if you scared to throw it up, get the fuck out the club!”

  • Area

    beanie sigel – the reason is my pick for the best produced rap album, kanye, just & bink! killed that ish

  • hiphopzilla

    I saynot best produced but I would only say best Premo production along with Moment Of Truth, The Sun Rises In The East.

    Best Produced albums (in my opinion no order):
    -Dr. Dre – The Chronic
    -Dr. Dre – 2001
    -Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth
    -Group Home – Livin’ Proof
    -Ice Cube – AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted
    -Beastie Boys – Pauls Boutique
    -Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Mecca & The Soul Brother/The Main Ingredient
    -Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…
    -Masta Ace – Take A Look Around
    -Nas – Illmatic
    -The Game – The Documentry
    -Eminem – The Slim Shady LP
    -Main Source – Breaking Atoms
    -OutKast – Aquemini
    -Jeru The Damaja – The Sun Rises In The East
    -The Notorios B.I.G. – Life After Death
    -Mobb Deep – The Infamous/Hell On Earth
    -Gravediggaz – 6 Feet Deep
    -2Pac – Me Against The World
    -M.O.P. – Firing Squad
    -Shock G – Fear Of A Mixed Planet (I bet none of you know of that one cop it as soon as possible it is truly banging)

    • Doobie42

      Only 2 of these albums are less than 10 years old…and barely at that. Yall old fellas need to expand your horizons. hip ain’t dead, its in the underground.

      Dead Prez – RBG
      Masta Ace – Long Summer
      Anything 9th Wonder does from Murs, Jean Grae, to Buckshot
      Personally I think Statik Selektah throws some heat too

  • P. Harris

    Mobb Deep- The Infamous / Hell On Earth

    Wu Tang- 36 Chambers

    The Roots- Illadelphhalflife

    The Pharcyde- Labcabincalifornia

    Little Brother- The Minstrel Show

    Common- Be

    Kanye West- College Dropout

    Slum Village- Fantastic Vol 2

    Ghostface- Ironman / Supreme Clientele

  • illwill

    Im glad someone said 9th Wonder Premo even biguped dude.

    But yeah I have to give this one to Premo he ACTUALLY does all his on production. Dre is sick no doubt but he does get help so that why I have to take a few points. Now as far as best produced album yo thats a tough one. The Chronic was actually better to me (must be a lot of new boyz on here). Group Home was ill, Illmatic.

    Real talk Supreme Clientele was CRAZY yo go pop that in and lastly Murda Musiz Mobb Deep

  • Dr. Dre

    Any album full produced by Dre takes the cake
    Chronic 2001
    The First Chronic
    Snoop’s Doggystyle
    If you wanna go by sales he wins, if you wanna go by creating superstars who dominate the genre he wins, creativity and longevity wins, Prem is classic but in no way shape or form can fuck with Dre, the hip-hop Quincy Jones! I think Dre full emobodies what a MUSIC producer is supposed to do, not just choppin up samples and what have you, and who the fuck is Group Home and where are they at now? The albums Dre produced or executive produced for artists build a foundation for long lasting careers

  • Truest of all time

    Jay-z Blue print 1 is the greatest produced album to me. If you disagree you probably like men.

    I will only entertain arguments that mention classic wu-albums comparitively. You may say Ironman, Supreme clientele, OB4CL, Liquid swords etc. You may not say anything else.

    • Doobie42

      get the fuck outta here. Reasonable Doubt is debatably better produced

  • Max Profit

    I forgot about Group Home – Hot album but only people from the east coast like Primo on that level.

    Dr. Dre The Chronic or Outkast Stankonia get my vote.

    Wu-Tang Forever had better beats than the Group Home joint.

  • kedordu


  • Worley

    Livin’ Proof is definitely Primo’s best work. I would say it is one of the best, not the best, produced hip-hop albums. There are too many classics that stand along side it.

    Also, “4 Give My Sins” and “Serious Rap Sh*t” can’t be the weakest joints on the album. There are no weak joints on that album. Well, maybe they could have taken Big Shug off “Serious Rap Sh*t.” Otherwise, that track bangs. A perfect segue into “Suspended in Time.”

    • http://xxlmag jb

      Actually Guru did Serious Rap Shit. He should get a little bit of credit. dat was my favorite joint on the album actually.

  • gift

    last time I checked, Premier also did a track for Luda which make him more than a regionally great producer. Preme is even fucken wit game on the R.E.D. Album, so just to inform niggas who don’t know, Preme is alot wider spread in production, than just the EAST COAST. Dude is a legend, although I am partial to Dre and both Chronic ALBUMS!!!

  • gift

    by the way. I feel u for pickin Murda Muzik ill will. That production was sick as fuck. Havoc did his thing on that joint; especially the song wit kool g rap. them niggas did that shit. also, the production on scarface’s the fix was solid as hell. I saw someone mention Master P’s production team. THey were BEATS BY THE POUND wit MO B Dick, KLC, and I can’t remember the other cats, but they did have some monsters back in the day. I’m surprised niggas aint mention no 3-6 mafia. The lyrics ain’t that great but the production is always bangin. I feel like the production on NAS “It Was Written” was solid as fuck as well.

    • http://xxlmag jb

      The song with Kool G Rap wasn’t done by Havoc. Alchemist did it. Do people read the credits at all? lol

  • ell bee

    i’d have to agree with the writer. primo is a dope producer. dre is a beast too but primo wins my vote. Bottomline, i think we can all agree that group home was by far the WORST lyrically. “Sike, cause i wouldn’t be living proof.” u cant be serious!

  • brand-new

    great post! this one of my favorite album’s of all time! preemo made 2 average rappers sound like legends. favorite joint’s on this, suspended in time, livin proof, up against the wall, superstar. anyone who never heard this should check it out before you go rambling on what should be the best.

  • Money Mitch

    I would have to say illmatic and enter 36 chambers honestly have some of the whackest production! Well not beat wise but overall sound quality i know it’s that live in the park sound hip hop heads crave but to me it just sounds muddy and distorted more so enter 36 chambers than illmatic. It was written and stillmatic are my favorite nas albums lyrically and production wise. Atliens and aqumeni also have solid production and yes gift 3 6 mafia has classic production on da end and world domination and those to albums also have solid lyrics hands down after those albums the lyrics start to slip but those albums have amazing beats for the time period and good solid lyrics!

  • money mitch

    Honestly though most of no limits beats were fuckin’ wick wick wack! Some were straight killer though but the majority fuckin’ sucked!

  • WestPhillyPolo

    Maybe it’s an east coast bias, but Primo is the only producer who’s beats constantly give me the “ugly face”. His tracks just simply embody that grimy street shit. To each his own, but that’s my type of shit. Livin Proof was/is a whole album of “standing on the corner in the cold music” That shit is 90′s New York music to the fullest.

  • watta

    @blackout615 tell em brah. Cats sleep on mac hard. He was the down south nas str8 up.. world war 3 is classic and he could bust with rappers from any region. Hands down…

  • LBT/Animosity

    Every one forgets about The D.O.C.’s “No One Can Do It Better”. That’s Dr. Dre at his finest.

  • Tony Grands

    Nobody mentioned Ice Cube’s ‘Death Certificate’. That album was executed flawlessly.

    Sort of related sidenote: For all the sleeping on Little Brother, Foreign Exchange (Phonte & Nickolay) got nominated for a Grammy. Sucks to be Pooh.

  • DANJ!

    I dunno about ‘best produced album ever’… but it’s def. the best example of a producer carrying two otherwise hopeless rappers to a great album.

    Sidenote: is it me, or do people from outside the East Coast scream ‘East Coast bias!’ the same way white people have been screaming ‘reverse racism!’ for the last few years? It could be possible that people just like something from an East Coast without it being BECAUSE it’s East Coast. It ain’t always a bias thing.

    And you Southern folk oughta be ashamed- I figured y’all would know Premier’s from Texas. And I don’t mean “from Texas” like “lived there til he was 4, then moved to NY and was raised there”. I mean “from Texas” like “born, raised, and went to college there, then moved to New York”.


    • liaBIGPUNov

      those folk seem to be too damn stupid to use even wikipedia ffs.
      generation lost..

  • Mr. North

    Redman Muddy Waters was a perfect album to me. Production was great and some were done by Redman and of course the lyrics were off the chain. 1996

    • oskamadison


  • rudamas

    everyone mentioned all the obvious classics, but i always thought common’s BE and Like Water For Chocolate were two really underappreciated albums production wise. and i’m surprised nobody mentioned Reasonable Doubt cuz the production on there fit perfectly to the whole vibe of the album.

  • watta

    @lbt good point.. the formula is one of the top twenty rap songs of all time…

    Dre is my dog ya dig… but id rather hear dre go back to the funkadelic chronic sample style than what he does now… I’m tired of those drum tracks…. it was love hate on that 50 album.. I loved death to my enemies… that didn’t sound like andre at alll.. but get up sounded like most of dre’s stuff frm the past few years.

  • Young Dub

    No Doomsday or Madvillainy??? how come there’s no mention of DOOM or Madlib’s beat skills? Or shoot not even J Dilla.

    • D

      Madvillainy was genius music making….how’s about De La is Dead or Buhloone Mindstate both were music experiences front too back, very creative.

  • OgKevin

    the fix-scarface
    street hop-royce da 5’9″
    ready to die-B.I.G

    there in no specific order…
    but there some i’d think would be #1′s..

  • watta

    Yea be and like water were classic… the strong point to be was the short nbr of songs… not much room for error….

    Another secret that made be dope was the same factor that made godson iLL…. the squencing of the songs… those were two of the best sequenced albums of the y2K…. and that’s actually my fav nas album..

    The fix… best face album of his career.

    Jayz top albums RD. BP and black album… honorable mention… AG…that BP3 is more like KC pt2

  • 4mat

    as a Dr. Dre fan i gotta be real and say
    prim works alone, Dre had help from other producers on doggystyle and especially on 2001

  • capcobra

    i thought the post was about a producer that uses good beats to make average mc’s sound amazing….the classic albums that niguz calling out don’t fit in that category…well maybe doggystyle…cause snoop is an average mc and dre beats made him the hottest mc.

  • Chaka

    A great produced albumn should have what we call longitivity.In order words it should be timeless.Yeah Primo has timeless tracks(i.e ‘Nas is like’)but he has not really produced a timeless album(‘moment of truth’ by Gangstarr is close but not there).I see Primo as the DJ Quik of East coast.They are both great beat makers/producers with timeless tracks under their belts but both have failed to produce what one will call a great produced album.In my opinion only one producer Dr.Dre has blessed hip hop with great produced albumns:

    -The Chronic(Dr.Dre)
    -Chronic 2001(Dr.Dre)
    -Doggystyle(Snoop Dogg).

    Note:The Dairy(Scarface)&The Fix(Scarface)are great produced albums but one cannot point to one producer as the major contributor or major architeck of any of those albums.

  • dolo

    say what u wanna say about primo, but unlike dre there is never speculation of a ghost producer or a protege assisting primo..Dre has been known to have a list of protege’s running with him who might not have been credited (warren g, daz, melman, storch, etc) ..I see dre more as the quincy jones type superproducer who works with a team…primo is just primo nothing more nothing less.. plus he scratches choruses lol .. who the fuck does that anymore?

  • Kry

    Love, Peace, & Nappiness has always been one of my favortie produced albums of all time

  • Tonyto’sWay

    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…hands down the Best produced album of all time…Madvilliany comes close though…but till this day IMO no other album production has been able to top what RZA did on the Purple Tape…2001 & Moment of Truth
    timeless classics to me those are Dre & Premier’s best body of work but OB4CL its just on another level a Masterpiece to say the least!!!

  • oskamadison

    Livin’ Proof is indeed a near classic album, the only thing holding it back being Melachi the Nutcracker. Say what you want about Lil Dap but at least dude could ride a beat. I’d rather listen to a fax machine screeching than “I hit your moms in the head with a metal pipe.” Preme should have exercised some degree of quality control with this dude. How do you go from Nas and “I never sleep ’cause sleep is the cousin of death” (NY State of Mind for all the latecomers) to “you niggas is funny like that dummy Bugs Bunny”?
    As far as it being Preme’s best joint overall? I’ll give that to “Moment of Truth”. As far as the best produced album ever? As much of a Premo fan as I am, even I couldn’t give him that for dolo. If you’re talking about best produced as in one single entity, you gotta have “It Takes a Nation of Millions…”, Chronic 2001 (as much of a classic the first one was, 2001 is whupping its ass, “Mecca & the Soul Brother” (I see a lot of y’all forgot about the Chocolate Boy Wonder), “Be” (yeah, I said it) and if I had to pick one, “…Cuban Linx” (say no more).

  • Chilly Willy

    And no one bother to think about Resurrection (Common/NoID)…..

    The Infamous – Enter the 36 Chambers – Doggystyle – Be – Reasonable Doubt – All Eyez On Me – The Score – Late Registration – Blueprint – Ear Drum – American Gangster (minus Brooklyn 2.0, God I hate that track) – Supreme Clientele – Finding Forever – ……..too many honorable mentions.

    If meh raps over hot beats qualifies, what about Deeper Than Rap ?

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Word is bond I ALWAYS have this same argument.

    “Primo’s best work came on Group Home’s 1995 debut album Livin’ Proof.” REAL TALK.


    Pete Rock f/ InI “Center Of Attention”.

    And InI had lyrics though…but Premier is a legend in this, that is fact.

    “Baby Pa”, “The Realness”, and “Suspended In Time” are forever faves in my (i)book.

  • liaBIGPUNov

    Poor Premo wasted his best beats over those useless and ungrateful idiots from Group Home. Just take the Up Against the Wall(getaway remix) and give it to Big or Jay…damn, that track would have made history…I mean, it already did kind of, see Pharrell going on and on about the beat but still, Premo was the best guy ever wasted with a pathetic team since Barkley at Sixers or LeBron at Cleveland.

  • RR

    It’s already been mentioned a few times in this thread – but trust me, buy the instrumental version of Chronic 2001 and you will all be singing a very different tune. So many subtleties, so many little nuances…Besides Doggystyle, Chronic 2001 is the best-produced hip-hop album of all time.

  • John Cauner

    I just bought the Supa Star single on wax today, been hunting down that one for awhile, I only had it on cassette single. But for my opinion on the best produced album, I would have to say “The Chronic.” And, I’m a huge Premier stan, it took me awhile to admit and figure out that Dr. Dre is a better producer. That opinion is taking in to account of Dr. Dre producing from the mid ’80s to present. If we were just talking about the ’90s(’90-’99) it would be a tie between Premier and the RZA.(you can pick any album they produced)

  • Rob

    I see Doggystyle on alotta lists as well as All Eyez on Me. Dre gets most the credit for Doggystyle but Daz did a bunch of work on that album and some of AllEyez on Me. Quik made All Eyez On Me sound as good as it did with his mixing. Not sayin Daz or Quik are up there with Dre, just tryin to give credit where its due

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