Clipse Meet Combat Jack, Pt 1 [XXcLusive Video]



Had the opportunity to build with the Clipse last week. You already know how I feel about their recent release “Til The Casket Drops”. Them dudes was mad cool as we discussed a range of topics. One question I had to squeeze off was whether they felt Kanye murdered them on they own shit on that “Kinda Like A Big Deal” joint. Especially since, in my opinion, Mr. Jack Daniels been murdering everyone on they shit. Peep real talk.

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  • Enlightened

    That’s funny. That’s real too the way they answered it. That’s some all around real nigga shit. It usually comes down to opinion though. Very rarely can you say that unanimously about a song and everybody pretty much agree.

    You couldn’t ask somebody like Rick Ross that question. He’ll be threatening to flip you and your cameraman and all kinda other stupid shit. Some niggas feelings would have been to hurt to go on just from you askin.

    • Sam.I.Am

      Could this be at all indicative of who’s real in the game? Clipse has class in my mind, and they’re smart too. They know where they came from and where they are now, but they have respect for another rapper’s work. Seems to me Rick Ross has to constantly prove himself and basically act a fool to stay here.

  • bollocks

    Welcome back, CJ! XXL ain’t been the same this week!

    What’s the deal with the interview? Can we see the full deal at your site?

    • Combat Jack

      Thanks for the shouts B. A coupla more gems from the interview will be dropped soon.

  • One900Romello

    That is funny Pusha T did the nervous laugh na answered. But hey sometimes some get the best of the other. Til’ the Casket drop Good album A good intro song too its been a while since I heard one

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  • Dat Nigga

    Kanye is dope on the track


    Pusha T went ape shit on that track…smh

    “watch a nigga burn through it/life’s a maze you twist and you turn through it/
    /the driest of drought maneuverer and earned I through it

    I’m set straight like a perm do it

  • guttaman

    im picking up the album today! YEAH

  • GregSIDE

    See, that’s what I’m talkin’ bout. Showin’ love and respect when it’s do. As far as the nervous laugh, I’m sure that shit threw him off. Most people, like C.O. Ricky or 50, would flip and start talking shit or get all pissey. I don’t know what’s going on wit ‘Ye. He went from the producer everyone wanted and even though his albums were great, he wasn’t getting no guest spots. Then he does “808′s” and suddenly every rapper wants to try it. Now he’s murkin’ tracks. When you can hang wit the Clipse on there on shit and Jay even admits he got one upped on ‘Run This Town’ you doing something right. He just keeps evolving more and more. I just hope he gets somebody to keep his crazy ass in check at the award shows. Big up 2 the Clipse. 3rd times a charm baby!

  • squadwildin

    so tell me this…what is Kanye’s 3 strokes line about? is he admitting to gettin that chick pregnant on the low cuz thats what I feel he’s gettin at. Let me know what yall think cuz Im still on the fence

    • render

      shit i just assumed he was coppin to being a premature ejaculator without a rubber on

      • BIGNAT

        the clipse’s kept it real pusha t was faking before he gave up and gave kanye his props.
        @ render i thought the same thing on the 88 keys song stay up. 88 keys verse was about trying to stay up hahaha. kanye kept talking about basically premature ejaculation.

  • Brooklyn

    i think all 3 of them came with their a-game for this song, they all killed it.

  • AZ40

    to be honest I think they all killed it

  • doubleclutch95

    Yes all three killed it. That’s all that really matters.

    Kanye’s verse was meant for a T.I. track “Top of the World” off Paper Trail but when T.I. decided to replace Kanye with Luda in-order to draw all of the attention to “Swagga Like Us” Kanye decided to use his sickest verse for the best duo in the game today.

    Til the Casket Drops, in stores now!

  • geico lizard

    Combat Jack,FTW.

  • oskamadison

    As far as ‘Ye on “Big Deal”, I don’t think “Ye murked them. All three got it in on that joint. If anything, I was shocked at how ‘Ye blended in with them and didn’t sound like he was out of his lane. Even more shocking was the fact that DJ Khalil did that track. I thought for sure that was ‘Ye. He’ll pull out some hardbody shit every now and then (Guerilla Monsoon Rap, That Boost Mobile joint with Game and Luda, Grammy Family, etc.)

  • BluBlack

    They all killed it, Pusher T went in, Till the a casket drops,a must cop

  • iamlegend

    My warning give u big chills/ the flow runnin on bigs hills/ my life after death big aint get 2 c how this feels. pusha went in

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  • Ashley Byler

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