TI Might Be The Gulliest Rapper Of All Time

Inspired by the homie Tony Grands and my dude from down under, Robbie of Unkut fame.

I was surfing the Internets last week when I read a post about how TI is supposed to be getting out of jail soon. Plus how he might be overlooked for being  one of the gulliest ever. Damn, a year already? Time files. Anyways, it’s funny how mad people put Clifton Harris through the wringer about being all types of snitch and punk bitch for how he ended up getting what’s basically a slap on the wrist for stocking up on all types of artillery and what not. Seriously, let’s go back and see what dude had resting on his kitchen table:

Holey moley! I play alotta video games and ain’t never seen no hardware like that. That piece up front on the right side looks like its only built for removing a dude’s torso from his legs. Neatly. For dude to stock up on them kinda toys must’a meant he wasnt playing around. Not one effin bit. So yeah, he might could just have copped a snitch move on account of how many “toys” he was caught with. That plus his already being a convicted felon. And I know how frowned upon snitching is in the hood. But like Tony said, looks like TI was planning something terrible against the other side. Maybe retaliation against those that were responsible for the death of his ace Philant Johnson. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and that hardware looks like Tip had a chilled plate ready to be doled out. Riding for his homie like that is mad commendable, especially since riding like that is way more than what most of these rappers out here would do on behalf of their potnas, on account of how they’re usually only looking out for self. Nobody ever mentions how TI might have snitched just to get a shorter bid, enabling him to exact that vendetta once he got out. If that’s the case, then said snitching sounds like acts from a very smart and gully man.

Looking at the lanscape of gulliness in rappers, new and old, lets compare notes on a few of Hip Hop’s rabble rousers and see where they stand compared to Clifford. (Please note that the following list is not complete. I’m just bringing up a few examples for comparison. I know how ya’ll get about me omitting so and so, whom and Sam. So cut it out.)

Shyne – Locked up for nine of a ten year bid for shooting up a club, possibly in defense of his then boss Sean “Puffy” Combs back in 1999. Most rappers talk about busting their guns, Jamal was about it. Still, no one actually got shot (grazed don’t ever count), especially since he fired up in the air. Plus no one died. Whatever gun he used was small time compared to Tip’s choice of firepower. Gully nonetheless? Most definitely. But compared to what TI had in mind, not so much.

Freddie Foxxx – P/k/a “Bumpy Knuckles. Freddie has developed international gully acclaim for always being reaady to knock a head out. On gp. I don’t ever want it with Freddie. Especially since I ran into him a few years back chilling with John Cena of WWE fame. Them two together = not so much of a good time. Still, knocking cats out bare fisted, or with a bat or brass knuckle is so 1980′s. A mouthful of fisticuffs compared to a chest cavity filled with lead = not so much of a contest.

Lil Wayne – Got caught in New York City with a loaded gun and some drugs. About to do a one year bid for that. Drugs? Psssss. Is that even still considered a crime? One loaded gun? Comon son, how you gonna go against a army with a handgun? Next!

50 Cent – The ultimate rap bully. Once sold drugs and did a short stint. Plus is legendary for how he took 9 bullets. Real hardcore shit. Still, like Jay-Z snuck dissed, Curtis was the shootee, not the shooter. Gully men are always the shooter.

Just-Ice – Some of you XXL readers might be way too young to know about Just-Ice. Old school rapper. Ran with Boogie Down Productions. Also known for actually “allegedly” shooting a man dead at Howard University down in Washington, DC. If I remember, either he beat the charges, or might not have ever been charged. Now that’s gully. Still, Just can only publicly claim “allegedly” one body. Compared to how many bodies would have been taken out had Tip had that chance to wreck shop, one body don’t add up to a posse or a crew.

Beanie Sigel – Just looking at dude, you can tell Beans has gully juice running all through his veins. Even beat an attempted murder charge back in 2004 for a West Philly shooting. Another dude I’d never want it from, [||]. Still, lost a whole rack of gully points for that el sensitivo “footprints in the heart” line from that Jay-Z “Average Cat” diss song from a few weeks back.

Jay-Z – Now clean cut and squeaky, still, Jiggaman once pleaded guilty for stabbing Lance “Un” Rivera back in 1999 for Un bootlegging his shit. Don’t ever want to think about getting stabbed, but I’d take whatever Un got compared to what TI could’a gave any day. [||].

The Late Pimp C – Arrested and did a bid for pulling out a loaded weapon in  the middle of a crowded mall during an argument. With a female. Unlike Byron Crawford who likes to start crap with the late one and his partner Bun B, I give Pimp C a lotta respect for being a legend. Still, pulling out a semi in mid argument is almost understandable. If you’re that heated, and happen to be rocking a semi. In the middle of a crowded mall. Compared to sporting enough toolery to overthrow a small banana republic, not so much on the gull-o-meter.

DMX – Arrested for a gang a’ shit. Dude has a list longer than most. Plus, I won’t be surprised if he continues to add some more to his ever expanding sheet. Still, as gully as X gets, I’m willing to state that dude might be more of the mental illness suffering kind, like being bi-polar and what not, as opposed to being the “I’ma wake up, cop an armory of weapons, plan some revenge, death and mayhem shit. Just on gp. And because I have a clear and balanced mind to do so” kind.

The Late Tupac Shakur - Shot not one, but TWO white police officers back in 1993. Son even walked scott free from them charges. Mad gully? Yes. Then again, Pac didn’t know they were cops since they were off duty. Plus they lived. And it was in response to them harassing a sole unarmed individual. Heroic? By the boatload. Gully? Eh, kind of canceled out by said element of heroics

Remy Ma – After a night of hanging out, once she realized one of her best friends snuck some guap from out her purse, decided she’d pull out and “TOMA!” the culprit chick right in her gut. So gully, and yet so sexy. Still, the chick lived to testify against her. Inflicting a flesh wound with a pistol is kinda meh, compared against the carnage TI intended to inflict.

Foxy Brown – The original Bonnie to this Clyde shit. I gotta lotta love for Inga. A most impressive rap list built up by this Brooklyn rapstress. Still, she once warned everyone back in the day that she was truly “7:30″. I think she might kind of been right, so she doesn’t count with the gully factor. A certified champ with the craziness points though. (Please see DMX above).

There’s more I could add to this list, like Steady B, Chi Ali and Mystikal. The rap game is chock full of bad guys. Plus bad guy wannabees. But for real, I could be here all day with that. But yeah, based on intent and possession, TI might could be the gulliest rapper of all time.

Feel free to send me what you think, opinions and such. But please, keep it low on the insults. Ya’ll done shitted me out enough for the past two weeks, and though I’m not the sensitive type, I don’t need much more of that in my life.

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  • willie d

    U corny as fuck!



      • JCITYHUSTLA617


    • DetroitDraper

      T.I is a snith bitch ass nigga and u praisin him for it

  • Ya Boy

    Yo man what about Big Lurch? Dude killed a bitch and decided to take a bite out of her lung. Sure he was on Angel Dust but damn thats some of the most fucked up shit I’ve ever heard of.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      @ya boy

      The post CJ was referring to was a drop I did on Big Lurch. Click the “post” link.

  • Zoo-Kwan

    What the fuck is this shit? You get a lane at XXL.com and this the bullshit you come up with?! Eh yo Combat Fag stick to arguing with Peter Rosenberg on Twitter or bloggin bout how much of a dime ya wife is as if your ugly ass doesn’t deserve her which you probably don’t, even though she’s not much of anything to look at. Fuck outta here you wanna be down ass square.

  • NotoriousAGC

    you said it yourself combat jack “what T.I. INTENDED to inflict” intending and not doing it is gully,most of these dudes DID DO IT,so why is T.I. the gulliest for gettin caught? should be on the stupidest list in my book….yu shittin on yo damn self jack, you havent been the same since the pac blogs.

    • MXL

      Just what I was thinking. Does conspiratorial gulliness trump actual, committed gulliness?

  • http://twitter.com/master_bayter kayos

    You cant forget about Cassidy, he killed a man in front of his house, and served only 8 months.

    Gucci Mane killed a man in his house… or was it two men? either way, he is another shooter in the game.

    Chi Ali, is serving a 14 year bid 4 killing a man…

    your counting all the possibles but ignoring what u definantly have in hand… you couldnt ever play spades w/ me… lol

    • Grimey G

      Don’t forget about the Boss Rick Rawse either. He made a million dollars selling coke 1 year, he knows Noreaga, the real Noreaga, and he has Haitians that’ll take your ass for a boat ride. Super Gully

  • NotoriousAGC

    correction “intending and NOT doing it ISNT gully”

  • Worley

    I would have to add Mac Dre (RIP) and Chaz Williams. Mac Dre and Romper Room robbed a gang of banks. Yet Dre only did 5 years for conspiracy to commit.

    We all know about Chaz Williams. That dude was robbing banks while on work release. Had an apartment, cars, women and the whole nine — all while still doing time. Let’s not forget dude impersonated someone else and walked right out of jail. He still managed to knock a 75 year sentence down to 15 or something like that. Dude is extra, extra thorough with his sh*t.

    • Worley

      I want to retract Chaz from my suggestion. Technically, he is not a rapper. But I do want to nominate a real OG that rapped once upon a time: the real AZ and Mob Style. There are a sh*tload of DVDs about him, Rich Porter and Alpo so I don’t have to go into his credentials. Just think about your favorite rapper’s gun busting, drug dealing fantasies. The real AZ and Mob Style did that…for real.

      We have to add Trick Trick too. Dude can’t rap worth a sh*t, but his credentials in the street are certified general status.

  • capcobra

    cool c.

  • Corbin

    Maino did a ten year bid for kidnapping and holding for ransom didn’t he?

  • Kornphlake

    C-Murder, how is he not more gully then TI?

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Grands’ getting that notoriety huh?

    And Tip had them ratchets I see…someone needs to thank their lucky stars & play lotto.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      Word, including Cliff. God was just a little busier than the devil that day…

  • The Fedz

    X-Raided has to be the most gulliest. He killed a man then recorded a song about killing the man over a county jail phone. Id say most of the gully list should be from the bay, they originated actually living your rhymes. Most were just gangstas who rapped none of that get a deal then take a charge mess.

    • http://daily-math.com/weblog/ Combat Jack

      That’s pretty gully as shit right there.

  • http://tonygrands@att.blackberry.net Tony Grands

    Good looks on the links, CJ.

    Nice drop.

    What did Saigon get locked up for?

    • NotoriousAGC

      why are you lyin’ about the drop when it was straight ass, homie got it wrong from the begginning him using your link shouldnt matter tony

  • Ceedat

    Gucci Mane killed someone and then rode around for 3 days like he didn’t do anything. Gucci Mane = gully

  • AZ40

    Okay were talkin’ about what T.I was possibly about to do?! How does that count as gully, cuz a nigga got a couple of military guns, he didn’t use ‘em shyne did I heard a chick caught one in the face in that little dust up(unintentionally, but still) Remy did, as well as Pac…Hypatheticals don’t count. It’s easy to talk about doin’ somethin’ easy to tot a cannon but most niggas ain’t got the heart to use it

  • latino heat

    i thought Shyne shot a girl in the face that night too. i thought that’s why his sentence was so long.

    good looking out on that mugshots link. that was some funny shit.


    10 machine guns & only one year????It don’t matter how much money you have..His black ass would’ve got a lonnnnng lonnnng time…aespecially that he’s a rapper too,they would’ve made an example out of him…BUIT HE SNITCHED!!

    Combat Jack..GIVE PAC HIS FULL PROPS.Shot up two police officers just cause they was harrasing a person he did’nt even know..If that aint gully as fuck i don’t know what is…stop trying to down play it & water it down!!!

  • fuck a rat

    T.i that bird ass nigga.we know what you did!!!!


    “That piece up front on the right side looks like its only built for removing a dude’s torso from his legs” i felt the same way i have not seen nothing like that before. i have been to a couple gun shows they don’t have stuff like that. also didn’t TI have a M90 i had to google that one. that is some major firepower right there. TI was planning on shooting up they cars houses and just about anything else a person can hide in with one of those.

  • http://www.jordiscrubbings.com Jordi

    TI might be gully for hiphop, but a dude named Varg Vikernes is the most gulliest performer ever. Dude not only killed a man, he burned churches, and was found with 3000 rounds and 150 kg of explosives. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varg_Vikernes

    • http://dasteamwerkmusik.blogspot.com bollocks

      Word life – Norwegian Black Metal musicians don’t play. He also stabbed the shit out of his friend (and I think also bandmate?), murdering him with 23 wounds. And unlike Lurch, he WASN’T on PCP at the time.

  • Chilly Willy

    I kinda agree on the potential vs actual deeds, though. No name calling, just that if he intended to and got busted, means he didn’t do it.

    Now I read somewhere that Saigon got into all kinda shit even before 18 (I’m not too familiar with his extra-curricular stunts, not that he ever really had a great curriculum…)

    The homie above nominating Big Lurch is onto somethin.

    Where is all the “Joe too street for him” in all this ? (real question)

    I think I’m gonna ask Ron about Dear Mr ***** *****’s credentials.

  • http://www.ignantwitted.com rek

    gulliest rapper alive = bushwick bill of the geto boys

  • NotoriousAGC

    gulliest rapper of all time – fonzworth bentley
    (for murderin peoples ears across the nation,60.000 and counting)

  • sealsaa

    Mystikal? Really Jack? What’s so gully about video-taping yourself sexually extorting someone(i.e. rape)? Hell, if we’re going to go that route, you might as well have given South Park Mexican an honorable mention for child fucking.

  • oneofthemyos

    I been saying that about the homie TIP. That nigga was not letting his best friends death slide, but of course misguided internet niggas who know all about the street life from google and they boys stories gonna talk about snitching….niggas still dont know what snitching is 2009 smh.

    the thing with pac niggas always hype it as him shooting cops when he really just shot 2 white boys, but props to him n e way for being brave enough to do that with so much to lose.


  • oneofthemyo’s

    U got a lot of haters fam congratulations as katt williams would say and keep doing u, I personally think the haters hitin u up are disgruntled pac fans still seething at there soul burning slow from the other day.

  • Master CHeef

    If tip snitched, tmz would have proved it to us. The dude got a special deal because of the community service he was able to do. Other dudes couldn’t have gotten that deal because other dudes don’t hold the same influence on kids in schools all across the country.

    Also, he had the best lawyers money can buy. Never underestimate a bad ass lawyer. With the right lawyer, a pay-off and a handshake over lunch can get a lot done.

    And tip gave compelling testimony. They showed the courtroom exceptional circumstances, but also showed remorse and a willingness to do whatever required to rectify the wrong he had done. The judge decided 1500 hours of speaking to children, by someone as effectual as tip, would set a good example.

    So kill that snitching shit. Real recognize real. Snitching is giving someone up. If tip told the fedz who he got the guns from (the only thing that constitutes snitching in this case), don’t you think that person would be telling us and everybody that would listen that ti snitched on him?

    • yoprince


      there are a couple other factors:

      1. though it was a fed case, TIP went to court below the mason dixie line, in the bible belt, where people believe in their right to own guns.. it’s a culture

      2. they got really lucky with getting Judge Alan Baverman. look him up. the guy’s got pending cases of his own for things like extortion, and ‘judicial misconduct’… you do the math.

  • C. Hop

    Mac Dre and PSD from Romp/Thizz
    X Raided and Big Lurch
    Rock from Heltah Skeltah
    Ghostface – For being known to come see you like a man and lump your face up for you free of charge.

    TI should have gotten FOREVER being a felon with those kinds of weapons. He must have given up enough testimony to fill up a library to get off with one year. I know people that have served time for weapons spec that got hit with 5 years of mandatory minimums. I KNOW there are federal minimums on weapons charges.

  • killer rick

    DAmn that angel dust be some crazy shit i be tell folks round here.

    Sure the chick got an unashamed breath of fresh air before she went where ever she did (fullus). And word is Big Lurch breathing easy in the county now.

    lovers exchanges just arent what they used to be.

    Whats obie trice get for gulliness? shot in the HEAD and kept driving. With passengers. Wheres homies props like you’d rather ride with yo suge.

  • caino

    man, how can you leave Big Lurch from the list, this dude right here ate some poor girls lung !! lol, if that aint gully then…..

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    Saigon got locked up for shooting a dude who knew Karate lol. Apparently he was about to fight him over something but when he seen he knew karate he shot him….dont know if he died or not.

    Styles p- He stabbed a man in the ass…….yep

    Dayton Family anyone?

    Black mafia family- They ran a drug empire but dabbled in the rap game too.

  • Da Truth

    Good Drop, but why is everyone determined to say T.I. snitch. If he did it would be public record. They have to make transcript of what he said if he did it to get time off. That man spend almost 4 million to only get a year. At the end of the day the courts care more about money than justice. Plus he might of only got a year because he told them he was scared of the terrorist or he was planning to start his own neighborhood watch program. You never know he might not even be in jail now. He’s in MD at the FBI training facility getting special training on how to used all those weapons. Whatever happened to Alpha Mega?

    • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

      “Plus he might of only got a year because he told them he was scared of the terrorist or he was planning to start his own neighborhood watch program. You never know he might not even be in jail now. He’s in MD at the FBI training facility getting special training on how to used all those weapons.”

      LMAO sorry but thats funny as hell. Im picturing T.I. in the investigation room crying & explaining how he’s been having osama bin laden nightmares,so he had to strap up lol.
      Alfa mega explained that his “snitching” situation came from(if I remember right)the police making him lie on somebody which resulted in that person getting locked up. The vid is on youtube. He also released a couple weeeak diss tracks at T.I. after he was dropped.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Combat Jack…….I highly disagree with you. TI is not the most gully at all. TI didn’t do shit!! He got caught tryin to buy some heat and got ratted on by a bodyguard. Not Gully…..DUMB!! Had he purchased said weapons and let off 200-300 rounds at someone he thought was trying to kill him, then I would say gully. Other than that he was just a scared ass nigga trying to load up just in case shit came his way.

  • sealsaa

    “Black mafia family- They ran a drug empire but dabbled in the rap game too”

    ^Hardbody, but not really rappers. Really, you’d have to put Suge Knight at the top of any gully list. The guy had the LAPD in his pocket, in addition to drug trafficking, money laundering, and murder(possibly that of Biggie & Tupac), without doing very much time in prison. And his girlfriend, who was recently scheduled to testify against him just up and dissapeared. The guy had/has alot of people shook.

    @ Combat Jack

    Much respect to you for your interview with Hypebeast.com. You gave some great insight into the mind of Dame Dash(Napoleon ass nigga), as well as your own. I figured you for a down-to-earth cat from your stint on Bol’s site, but that interview added a whole new layer of depth. I hope you’ll use your stint at XXL to give us a better understanding of the industry through your own experiences.

  • latino heat

    i can’t remember the whole story but i believe Lil Scrappy stabbed a dude in the head for beating his mom. can you imagine how angry you have to be to stab someone in the head? that’s super gully.

  • Mr. North

    Gucci Mane is the gulliest rapper of all time. He killed a man that was trying to kill him based on a rap beef and he came out on top. No other “gangster story” like that in the rap game that is the truth. Everybody just claims to be killers. Or in jail because of that.

    T.I. and the Gayme are the fakest rappers to ever get a record deal. And for T.I. to be “King of the South” or even top 5 in the rap industry now is a shame. T.I. music is ok but he aint no gangster and the fact that he only got 1 yr for all those guns, and to supposedly be already a convicted felon tells you something isnt right. Both Pimp C and Project Pat served 4 years being below the Mason Dixon line for gun charges and for being convicted felons. A lot of other gully examples given by commentors.

    It’s crazy how these people at XXl get jobs. All the people that know absolutly nothing about the rap game. At least the other bloggers talk about a particular subject and build their own opinion instead of making list of the first artist that come to your head or they may find as an external links in WIKI (see: incarcerated rappers).


  • El Tico Loco

    Steady B, Cool C, Twin Hype, Kilo Ali, Chi Ali, Capone from CNN (what did he do?).

    And a note on Lil’ Wayne- He should be worried about going to jail after the whole “daddy” kissin fiasco especially after justifiyin it.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      Damn….Steady B, Cool C. “The glamorous life” indeed.

      Chi gets extra gully points for acting that shit out in a movie first.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    no bullshit you can get most of that artillery from any pawn shop in the “A” long as you ain’t a felon. Don’t believe me and you in Decatur go to Candler road pawn shop on Candler Road. Niggas walk out that bitch like the apocalypse comin so in essence naw T.I. ain’t shit. Coppin verses usin are two diffrent things,he was stackin’ up outta fear when he shoulda’ been clappin and takin names if so called “gangsta”.

  • anutha_level

    ron c

  • http://www.ecguyana.com pointgodkg


  • mikel

    bunch of ignorant ass shit, grow the fuck up and stop idolizing murderers, they arent doing a damn thing positive

  • Savannah

    So says this white blonde woman….this girl here has a man that has nicknamed T.I all of high school, and we have a gorgeous biracial child together. There is NO ONE more hot than T.I., bar none. Now if he’d just stop hanging out with and doing things that get him into trouble, he’d REALLY be the most gorgeous man alive. Talent, beauty and sex appeal go to certain extremes…if T.I became more responsible I can totally imagine he’d run the market on all that men ought to aspire to be.

  • Savannah

    But in all seriousness…he needs to grow up. Until you see someone go away for something stupid like shit on the table (IT HAPPENED TO ME WITH SOMEONE I ONCE KNEW) it’s just something to laugh about; something to make one-sided comments about. In actuality, it comes down to CHOICE. T.I. is gorgeous but he’s using his brain like a g**damn RETARD and he is more talented and more gifted and more BLESSED than that. I’ve seen people make choices they pray they could take back, and others make the same choices that they just destroyed themselves too much to know the difference between what they did and what COULD’VE been done. T.I. is not QUITE to that unknowing point, but he’s getting close…he’s dating women who pull out federal offense-worthy narcotics right after probation, and leaving weapons on the table in plain sight (anyone wanna ask for weapon permits? we already know the answer here). It’s a damn shame, really. He seems to be well-equipped with all the knowledge and beauty of this world, but none of the sense to use them smartly.