Jay-Z Don’t Want It With 50, Nooo!

Last week I posted on the Daily Mathematics how much I needed to see Jay-Z respond to 50 Cent’s tauntings of late. A real response though, no sneak shots and one liners. Like how Jay used to flip back during them Takeover, Super Ugly days. I wrote about how I felt not only me, but how fans needed that beef to breath, how the game needed it as well, stimulate the economy and what not. 50 himself admitted how good it would be for business.

Everyone’s looking at what Jay’s gonna do, how the ball is in his court. Some cats is even saying in the event of a battle, Curtis has no chances of survival, him never coming close to the lyrical greatness Jay demonstrated time and again during his career as a superior rapper, a greater emcee. Reflecting on how this is playing out now, if Jay does decide to regrow some cojones and step into the fray, I’m placing my money on 50.

A coupla months ago, when 50 was busy roasting Rick Ross virally with all them videos, I had a long conversation with friend, mentor and big homie Fab Five Freddy. Fab, as entertained as he was, was sharing with me how he felt rap lost something in the area of battles, how with all the extra things being thrown in the mix, specifically 50 with those videos, today’s beefs aren’t what the sport is about, that being the goal of besting one’s opponents solely through lyrical prowess.

I saw it, see it different. I argued that Youtube, viral videos, the Internets even didn’t exist during Hip Hop’s early days. The only thing accessible to rappers was a deejay, two turntables and a microphone. As time passed, Hip Hop grew and technology progressed. Rappers started experimenting, using different weapons with which to attack their foes. Music videos were naturally added as ammo for cats like LL Cool Jay, Kool Moe Dee, N.W.A. and Dr. Dre who started using actors to unfavorably portray those they threw shots at. One of my fave diss videos remains Tupac bombing on “Piggie” and “Buff” in that Hit ‘Em Up video. Pure fires. As we discussed further what constituted rap battle royale in today’s world, Fab did admit to how locked in he was to the 50/Ross joust, thrilled as 50 applied the pliers when he took Ms. Tia out on a date in NYC on camera, shopping for fur coats. In the summer. By the end of our convo, Fab walked away having more appreciation for my position and for hip hop’s newly renovated battle arena.

Ironically, Jay-Z was the one that began pushing beyond the boundaries of what constituted beef, back in 2001 when he vaporized Prodigy on that Summer Jam screen during his first public performance of Takeover. That right there will forever be a classic high point in battle rap history. Public humiliation on an epic level. I spoke to Queens rapper Nature a couple of days after Jay’s performance. He felt bad at how Prodigy took that blow, how he was spotted in QB the following day with his duns, trying to shake off the effects of his public flogging, walking away with his head hung low when he felt cats wasn’t looking his way.  With regard to the evolution of beef, 50′s only done what any student of the game should have, he studied the greats, never took his eye off potential foes like Jay, then went further, harder. [||]. In all reality, cats eff’d up when they let 50 in the game, his whole ascendancy to the top based on beef with everybody. Curtis might just love beef more than he does money, especially with all the apparent fun he’s been having at the same time that he’s continued to stretch the rap sport beyond convention.  Dude has evolved into a perfect rap killing machine. Jay meanwhile, not so much. Only because he’s become one of the most politically correct rappers of all time. His empire has advanced to where it depends more on Jay maintaining political connects, more on preserving his clean cut image as rap’s ambassador than him getting dirty by duffing out lesser rappers like Jim Jones and the Game.  Jay’s grown to where he doesn’t have the same energy, the same drive to drop shot laden songs like how he did Ride Or Die against Ma$e, or Blueprint 2 (the song, not the album) in response to Nas’ Ether victory. These days, seems like dude is playing it so safe that if they ever knocked heads, Will Smith might have the advantage of duffing Hov out on wax. (I go back long enough to remember when the Fresh Prince was not to be eff”d with on the mic).

Last week’s announcement about 50 going head on against WorldStarHipHop.com in court, reportedly for it’s unauthorized usage of his images once plastered like wall to wall carpet on their site shows how much dude loves confrontation. Insiders tell me the lawsuit is more about how his own site ThisIs50.com has grown into becoming a valid WSHH competitor, and how, just like with street corner soldiers, when time comes for them to move against the other team on the block, its time to get WSHH out the way and for good. 50 goes nutso for beef stuff like this. Years after his debut ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’, 50 continues to be more in control as he intentionally swerves out of control, writing books on the art of war even. The continued screws he’s recently been applying to Rick Ross by parading not only his baby’s mother, but now his son at Floyd Mayweather’s home for all the world to see shows how far he’s gone off the deep end.  Meanwhile, Jay, my favorite rapper for a very long time, is content in being safe, doing comfy things like having Oprah smell him up in Marcy. Relating to Jay, 50 has always been extremely careful in how he addressed Jigga, throwing shots still, but being reserved compared to how he disrespectfully addressed others. Knowing then that Jay still had legs that made him more threat than target. Those days are over. Now more than ever, New York Yankees Jay is standing in Curtis’ way, and it’s time for 50 to finally move him out, to lay him down. It’s no secret 50 always hated standing in Jay’s shadow, now he most likely feels he no longer has to. 50 is smelling blood, Hov’s blood. He’s done with caution. He’s moving in for the kill.

Not even counting the Beanie Sigel X-factor (which in itself is a very messy predicament), it’s becoming  clear why Jay-Z hasn’t responded to 50, why in all likelihood he never will. It’s not just about political connects, it’s not just about keeping his refined image above “low-brow” rap antics and battle related activities, it’s not just about how his business empire depends on him keeping a elder statesman’s clean image. I thought that before. Not so much now. Long and short, how I see it, we are living in the days where it wouldn’t be a fair fight between the two. Curtis would have a field day. Jay knows this. Knows there’s no way he could contain the madman from Southside Jamaica, Queens, no way he can dead 50′s reign. Long and short of it, as I see it, Jay don’t want it with 50. “Nobody’s afraid of 50 Cent” Jay recently said. I don’t believe that. Jay needs more people.

How you seeing this?

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  • whatevamynameis


    I see your point of view. I totally agree.

    Let see what happens

    • http://www.facebook.com/maxprofit Max Profit

      “Will Smith might have the advantage of duffing Hov out on wax.”


      Jay will never respond, beef helps 50 and does nothing for him.

      This is some Mayweather & Pacquiao sh*t.

  • http://www.thoughtsof100K.blogspot.com 100K

    Jay has nothing to gain from a “battle” with Fif.

    I said this elsewhere, but I think Beans would tear Hov a new one. He’s been better than him bar for bar on a majority of songs that they’ve done together.

    Fif’s BEEN itching for this….and I think if it does happen it’ll be good for hip hop..

    Vol III Hova needs to come back for this one.

    • AZ40

      your right i guess he technically doesn’t have anything to gain but it seems like this nigga has just become a punching bag with so many average cats gettin at him b/c they know he won’t respond…sometimes i just wish he’d air all these niggas out and have ‘em feelin’ sad like prodigy

  • Curtis75Black

    You know what, If Jay was any other emcee, no matter the name, he would be getting dissed and chumped by his own fans, nevermind the ones who just want to see homie respond if they was getting dissed the way he was !! I can’t even say it’s because of his money or stature because you have elderstatesmen who had no problem getting back in the ring when someone stepped on their toes whether right or wrong (LL & KRS) who whether you appreciate their moves or not, never backed down from a challenge. Your money, Wife, Side endeavors don’t mean a thing when someone is shitting on your name !! 50 will be relentless, just like The Game was and how Beanie could be. Jay has to “Keep it Real” with this or else. As a fan of Hip Hop, I would like him to nip it in the bud. Set it off “To The Break Of Dawn” style.

  • Makaveli

    Awesome post… On the money!

    I just hope 50 does good 1st week numbers as that is the only thing I think Jay could jab at…

    Just like the whole Kanye catastrophe!

    You can’t deny 50′s pure drive and determination to destroy his enemies.

    He’s coming for the throne Mr. Knowles!

  • KF UK

    Jay doesnt have to respond to 50 its exactly like you said, hes got bigger fish to fry now…Blueprint/Hard knock life Jay would have SMASHED on 50, but why do it now? hes on the brink of even bigger things than beefing with some pumped up fallen off rapper…

    Good post tho. right on..

    • megagavelli

      riiiight.. but yet jay had time to make a diss song against gilbert arenas last year?? GILBERT FUKIN ARENAS??? i know you remember it… that nigga actually paid for studio time, paid an engineer and then paid for mastering on a diss track against gilbert fukin arenas because he dissed lebron..

      explain that one.. don’t worry, ill wait….

      • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

        *OFF-TOPIC (forgive me)*

        Gilbert Arena’s WIZARDS plays against Shaq’s CAVS tonight.

        Normally, I wouldn’t care too much about this game but…I’m sensing so much awkwardness about them two being on the same court so soon. I mean DAMN! Arena’s fiance is 9 months preggers (I think) and she hooked up with Shaq 9 months ago at that hotel.


        I haven’t heard too much about it and maybe my facts are wrong. Feel free to correct me.

        • yoprince

          yea. crazy shit.

          but shaq is ‘injured’ and not expected to travel with the team.

      • Blak Jah

        megagavelli, please bruh, first of all it was deshawn stevenson dumb azz. gilbert was hurt pretty much all year. second do u really think jay-z has to PAY for studio time? they’ll make money off of what the song makes which’ll be a lot. and even if he did pay do you think its anything to his wallet to do a lil something for lebron and to hype his status along with lebrons. and i say his status because guess what… we’re talkin about it still. stupid….

  • http://thoughtsof100k.blogspot.com/ 100k

    Jay doesnt care beause he has nothing to gain. He’s more like “I got Obama in my phone, get on my level”….

    I DO think that Beans would serve Hov bar for bar…he’s done it on the majority of songs they’ve done together….and Beans has the ill battery in his back no.

    50 is using Beans as a pawn, which is an obvious ploy….he’s been ITCHING for this his WHOLE career starting with “Be A Gentleman” ,etc

    Vol III Jay might need to come back for this one. I dont think he wants it. It’s more of a “respect” factor…but this might’ve been inevitable.

  • SbuJah

    truth be told… jay vs 50 is the last great mc battle that still needs to happen and anyway 50 wud murder him on wax just like dmx did to jay!

  • Chilly Willy

    You make real valid points, CJ. Somehow, I don’t know if I could fully agree with you on this one. The only thing still great about Curtis right now is that he’s still having more fun than ever in ridiculing people. Rick Ross could’ve lost everything in that beef. But at the end of the day, he ended up with a better album (I know, I’m not even a Rick Ross fan like that). So for all the hilarious antics and hallway bullying, just an album from Ross even things out.
    Now, Jay has moved from where he was, killing everything that yapped against him, to a place where he rub shoulders with top dogs. It’s normal for him not to have as much interest for this anymore. I don’t even think Jay is a beef dude, point blank. 2001 – I Declare War is not Jay’s typical path, though it was among the most entertaining thing he did for hiphop. Remember when he said that beef with Nas started with “Can I Live” second verse, back in 1996. And he still praised Nas’ work after that. In fact, he had to wait 5 years before saying fuck that.
    So on one side you have a beef machine who ain’t good at anything else (anymore, sorry stans), and on the other hand a superior artist who’s just not interested in any beef, even with legitimate opponent.

    It’s a hiphop head wet dream, but I don’t think it can really happen, all-out 2001 style…

  • http://www.marcustroy.com Marcus Troy

    Sometimes in life you move on and I think Jay is really passed the hip hop beef. Instead of stopping rappers, he stops movements and abolishes certain trends. Why diss rappers when you can eradicate a lifestyle or a trend. It shows how powerful Jay- Z is. Jay is my favorite, but I love Fif he is a masterful Bully….but his downfall is a lot sooner than he thinks and I don’t think it will be at the hands of Jay-Z

    I think his fans would be the end of him….just like in school, you can bully whoever you want but you loose super credibility when you start on the popular guy that hasn’t done anything to no one in a while.

  • Curtis75Black

    @ Marcus Troy, Why can’t you do both ? I’m really tired of hearing how he’s passed a certain level. Jay is only 13 years in the game since his 1st solo cd dropped in 1996 give or take his “Retirements” from Hip Hop. He hasn’t done anything different from Ice Cube, Will Smith, LL Cool J, De La Soul,KRS and others who have done it from an earlier time. If you gonna step to the mic and say you’re so and so, prepare for backlash from others and be ready to handle yourself, not look at them like ants on a bedspread. Why is a pass given to him ?

    • squadwildin

      I feel you on that black. If any of you have ever seen “Afro Samurai” wit Samuel L jackson you’ll get this analogy. Right now Jay has the #1 head band….and niggas are vying for that spot. Its time for him to stop running away from conflict. Thats how you get murked. If you number 1, its your responsibility to take on all challengers or suffer the consequences. Heavy is the head that holds the crown. The way jay z is running round stress free is starting to make me think he never had the crown in the first place

      • Curtis75Black

        You see how by Rocky 3, he was thrown in the ring with B.S. boxers just so he can keep the Belt. As soon as a real challenge steps up, all of his people (fans) say he doesn’t need to fight, yet he’s recieving accolades like he’s really doing something special. At least Rocky Balboa knew the difference from yes men got his asswhopped like a man. It seems to me alot of y’all don’t want to see homie fail, scared that this image he’s produced that you like will be diminished if he steps up. All that money he’s getting is going his pocket, not yours.

      • http://xxlmag.com mackbone

        “HEAVY IS THE HEAD THAT WEARS THE CROWN” you couldnt b more on point! didnt think jay should respond until i read your quote!!

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Real talk y’all. I have never heard of a king, w/o an army, who sits in a castle alone, and never gets tested for the crown.

          Or a champion fighter who’s allowed to keep the belt w/o fighting challengers to keep that title.

  • MaxDowski

    Stupid post. 50 needs Jay to respond. Jay doesn’t need shit from anyone (not in the rap game at least…). Maybe after 50′s shitty ablum goes certified wood, Jay will throw a few jabs in there. 50 stays clowning himself for publicity. He’s the Paris Hilton of Rap.

  • Q

    u lost me at him losin to will smith

  • YoungSir

    Me and my homie just had this same conversation a few days ago while iwas patiently waiting for Hov’s response. I’ve stopped waiting. Even though it would probably be better for Hov and his president of hip hop image to leave 50 alone, his failure to go at 50 will leave even the most die hard Hov fans (like myself)with doubts about his ability and charachter.Us Hov stans have been defending this guys name time after time while he dropped shitty albums and made some questionable decisions, it’s time for Hov to defend himself again.


    I don’t fully agree with u on alotta things, and the thing people fail to see is, 50 doing the same stuff Jay’s doing, business, connects, International appeal, all that stuff, the thing about it os Jay does it better and bigger than 50, that’s where I thing this beef is gonna play out, it’s not limited to mike skills anymore. 50′s gripe against Jay is nothing more than him seeking to completely remove him from the game, which in my view is detrimental to the music.

    Personally, i’m hoping for Jay to move pass and above all this for the growth of Rap/Hip Hop

    • Curtis75Black

      I see you but this isn’t Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates, this is Hip Hop !! Your Business, Connects and International appeal don’t mean shit in the booth. If you can drop subliminals and make fans go “Ooh, Ahh, You Hear That !!”, why not drop a track and completely end the game, Fuck a Stalemate (Peace to Jamal).

  • http://xxlmag jb

    This is bullshit. SMH. 50 been throwing jabs at Jay since he came in the game. He just likes to generate interest because he has nothing else to talk about. 50 is so corny that Dre has gone back to work with Game. 50 is about to catch a brick. He needs to take it like a man and fall back. and Jay is 40 years old. a OG in the game. Dudes like him and Cube dont need to battle anyone at this point. Or Dre. Just make ur $ and make good music. No one cares about fif anymore.

    • LuciFa

      you hear wat u just said nigga Ice cube dosent have to but he will diss back anybody who will diss him and because thats what hip hop is battling for the top spot all this new bitches dont know the meaning of hip hop all they wanna do is dance jay z betta fuking diss back or he officially a fuking new boy faggit lolz

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    “Not even counting the Beanie Sigel X-factor (which in itself is a very messy predicament), it’s becoming clear why Jay-Z hasn’t responded to 50, why in all likelihood he never will. It’s not just about political connects, it’s not just about keeping his refined image above “low-brow” rap antics and battle related activities, it’s not just about how his business empire depends on him keeping a elder statesman’s clean image. I thought that before. Not so much now” – CJ.

    I was also thinking that Jay was simply brushing 50 off of his shoulders. Well scratch that, it’s clearly something else. I think it’s too early to come to conclusions why Jay won’t engage 50 (something else has to happen… Jay’s move). And too complicated, as well. It’s like watching two players playing two separate games of chess at the same time against each other. A Hip-Hop board and a Business board. Gaining a queen on one board might fuck up two queens on the other board (Sorry, I might be the only one who knows what I’m talking about).

    Maybe Jay is still watching Officer Roberts get his ass beat… studying 50′s moves on yet another game of chess so as not to repeat Roberts’ mistakes.

    Or maybe Jay just doesn’t want to play 50′s game. Maybe he doesn’t feel like taking 50′s ex-girl on a televised shopping spree. Maybe he doesn’t have time to produce cartoons or come up with a “Curly” character. None of that sounds like something Jay would do, anyway (stalemate??).

    Too many ‘maybes’, but Jay could prove me wrong tomorrow. Who knows?

    Bottom line, I’m (the fan) entertained. I love watching chess!

  • jimblack

    i’m about a dolla, what the fuck is 50 cent (respond to how to rob) why y’all looking for round 2? if they keep it on wax, 50 wont live, but with all 50′s entertainments, he needs someone with free time like the game who he never responds to and claims not to know what game’s beef is. Jay is 40 and married, nigga been running it for a decade. gotta rest my nigga

  • hammerboy

    this is how 50 keeps his name alive. fuck this nigga, make hits

  • tommy gunz

    post was dead on

    you cant contain the madman from south jamaica

    he dont give a fuck about maintaining that clean image that jay has now crafted for himself

    it aint a fair fight

  • Juzzy

    Fan of both of these dudes…but would be entertaining for real

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    1.Unless Fiddy has in possession one of Beyonce’s sextape with sum unknown dude i don’t c how he gonna win this 1.

    2.Beans even said he has info that will make B not 2 look @ Jay twice.

    Jay not gonna respond so Fiddy better expose any of the above (where there’s smoke there’s fire).

  • asek

    50 vs Jay-Z? Really? Didnt jay already son 50 at summer jam like 5 years ago? 50 has been falling off since he got on. Jay? Not so much.

    • CLJ

      Jey diss 50 back then because he didn’t know what 50 was gonna come out to be now…..

  • alderman j

    Its not that JAY is scared of FIF, Jay is already home remember niggas, in his mind he is ABOVE this. Even though JAY wouldnt be JAY if it wasnt for beef, we didnt view him the way we view him NOW before the TAKEOVER, SUPER UGLY, SUMMER JAM. but when real street dudes come at JAY he is alway silent, THINK BACK HE NEVER RESPONDED TO PAC,(dont even hate on those who hate me/ i got PAC ON/ HE WONT RESPOND TO BEANS, HE WONT EVEN RESPOND TO jimmy jones, only thing i can take from this is JAY ISNT SCARED OF FIFTY CENT, HE IS SCARED OF EVERYBODY!

  • MaxDowski

    Jay-Z doesn’t want to stoop to 50′s level, Nooooooooo!!

    Stupid post. 50 cent needs Jay-Z to respond. Jay Z could care less. What people in the Hip Hop world don’t seem to realize is that 50 cent isn’t on the rest of the world’s radar. Nobody cares. Maybe after 50′s shitty ablum goes certified wood, Jay will throw a few jabs in there. 50 stays clowning himself for publicity. He’s the Paris Hilton of Rap.

    “They put themselves in the air I just kick away the chair”
    - Jay-Z “Dig a hole” from Kingdom Come > than any 50 cent ablum

  • raul

    My statement to all this is jay has nothing to gain from any of these beef at all. 50 has no real reason to beef with jay just like wayne kanye shit even fat joe and jada to be technical.He just doing silly stuff to get jay to respond it and get a rize outta him.This ain’t good for hip hop c.j. Good new music, good videos and good tours is what good for hiphop. That and to find a way to sell records this is just soap opera side shit.

  • Dirty

    Here’s my two cents, no pun intended. We all say with all Jay-Z accomplishments and his status in the game he shouldn’t respond. I totally disagree. I think that if you (Jay-Z) address all other issues on your records why not battle Fif? Rap WAS BUILT ON BATTLING whether from the Dee-Jay, dancers, hype man, and emcee’s, its a battle to the top.

    Let’s make one thing clear Jay-Z is rapper. Not a politician running for office. This is the same man who wrote “money, cash, hoes” and who said Nigga what, nigga who, and made millions of RAP. All this HE has to “keep his imagine clean” for endorsements is bullshit! Fif is getting multi-million dollars deals with all of things he’s doing.

    So why won’t Jay-Z respnd bcuz he doesn’t have the “Ace of Spade” on Fif. All of Jay-Z beefs he had personal information and so he could exposed and win the fight. From Jaz-O, Dame, Prodigy, and Nas. He threw personal shots at all them to “win” the fight. Fif has put all his dirty laundry out there and is still like fuck the money, bcuz he’s right behind Jay, no homo. Fif is beefin’ to prove there can only be one boss of the game. Yeh beefin’ is what Fif does, he’s a bully and what do you to bullies? You knock there ass clean the fuck out or get ur pockets ran everyday.

    Real talk, Jay-Z talks I want to be known as the best emcee ever, well battling is part of rap, if you haven’t out grown rap you can’t out grow everything that comes with and that includes battling.

    All this I’m tryin to leave rap in a better place bullshit (Jay-Z) go to the white house get your suit is homo. Rap came from the streets, lives in streets, and will die in the streets.
    Quote me: “Rap ain’t nothing but talking greezy on tight beat”.

    Battle Fif and cancel dat nigga if your the best. Ali or Jordan never backed down.

  • west’d up

    the worst part about all this is that we forget about music. yeah fifh can come up with lil witty things to through at people, but when can he come with a new way to deliver a hit. dude has slowly fallen of since “get rich or die tryin”all his music is the same old shit. then we forget how Game served him and g-unit but people will still say fifh won that battle because of money and business moves. not actual lyrics. so now jay is wrong for doing simular moves? i think jay should smash homie and put a end to the madness. because at the end of the day no matter HOW much money you get or the space your in, no one should be able to just come at you sideways. oh and Beans is the realist hopefully he don’t let fifh use him as a pawn.west up

  • RDS

    XXL needs to FIX THE FUCKING COMMENT SYSTEM. MORONS…damn. I wrote this long ass, thought-provoking response and the shit didn’t even post.

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      Gotta co-sign RDS.

      Click the [back] icon until you get back to what you typed. Copy it to a clipboard or something and try to repost. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

      I was having a bad post day yesterday so I know the feeling. Good luck.



    MOGUL $$$ GAME’09!!!

  • Joe

    Ill tell u why Jay should NOT respond. Put it in perspective. He has 50, damn near a billionare himself, lookin Like Ali Larter in ‘Obsessed’.

    Flight 187, I go Off, interviews, Body Snatchers Mixtape few years ago…Where im from thats not dissin thats pole jumpin, horse ridin, aka D*** ridin.

    When yo chick arguin wit you and you ignore her, and she keep gettin louder and madder, it makes her look and feel stupid. But No, yall seem like the type to argue right back wit tha dumb bytch. SMH

    Ngga who wrote this aint no real fan of hip hop. Yall just waitin for the youtube videos and ad-libs. Thats it. Nobody’s waitin for a 50 diss track. just the end and beginning of the song where he TALKS. Not the lyrics.

  • kingequaltiy

    if jay and 50 really went in on each other beleive its gonna be a mutual agreement that they both can get richer off while us lil rap fans will eat every word like its real and these two niggas at the bank laughing. 50 would have to recruit em for this one and as far as beans yall giving him far too much credit his word play is nice but aint knowbody really checking for beans lets keep it real his career is damn near over nigga look like tracy morgon before the wait loss he’s not marketable yall keep forgetting this is a business people only wanna hear what personal shit he got on jay for the water cooler gossiping aspect of things

  • GeranimoD
  • Joe

    Ill tell u why Jay should NOT respond. Put it in perspective. He has 50, damn near a billionare himself, lookin Like Ali Larter in Obsessed.

    Flight 187, I go Off, interviews, Body Snatchers Mixtape few years ago…Where im from thats not dissin thats pole jumpin, horse ridin, aka D*** ridin…

    When yo chick argue wit you and you happen to ignore her, it tends to make her louder, madder, and make her look and feel dumb as shyt. But no, yall the type the argue with tha dumb chick. smh

  • JayStan

    i dont’ think Jay should respond…b/c this beef 50 has with Jay is irrelevent….seriously, musically, 50 ain’t doing shit. beefing with other rappers is how he is able to not only stay relevant but sell albums…after that 50 who? Jay is solidified in the rap game. comparable only to himself….seriously, who can say do that, in todays rap industry? if he answers he lowers his status. 50 is a grimey dude who comes at niggas with their baby mamas!! (bitch move by the way)….

  • Ty

    While your thoughts are well thought out and well articulated I disagree with SOME of what you say . I agree that technology has changed and may be fair game as far as battles go in hip hop , however I don’t think that it should be almost to the total exclusion of lyrical battle.

    The examples you gave of Pac and Jay pushing the envelope with extra-lyrical gags, were acceptable only because they were coupled with two of the hottest diss SONGS ever written . Gags are cool, but I can’t remember Fif’s last good diss SONG . I don’t blame Jay for knowing Fif isn’t gonna battle on Jay’s turf (lyrics). He’s gonna turn it into a “In Living Color” comedy sketch battle . Jay would be waiting for him on the b ball court for one on one and Fif would ahow up with a helmet and pads on , they’re not playing the same game . I’d take my rock and go home too.

  • http://Nisarglives.com Nisarg

    I think Jay’ll drop ‘Takeover Pt 2′ and take shot at ‘em all….the time is ripe.

    Fif played the game like no one else before. The only other, is terms of comparison, is Jay.

    Great article tho.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com TJ1737


  • http://K1ngEljay.com K1ng Eljay

    TRUTH. loved the Pause, because I said it in my head, then I saw the button.

    I’m feeling you homie [||]! I agree. And 50′s been undermined by Jay on the sly for so long…

    Yayo’s “Thoughts Of a Predicate Felon” dropped on the same day as Kanye’s 2nd LP.

    50 and Kanye went head up and 50 lost with “Curtis” / “Graduation”…

    It’s happened a few times. I did a post about it a while back on my blog, and this is EXACTLY the reason why I think Jay’s avoiding him now, because regardless of all the crap he tried to do to undermine the guy, he flipped it and made money ANYWAY.

    There’s nothing like trying to snuff out a guy and he keeps coming at you…

    Good stuff homie.

  • yoprince

    i can tell you why jay-z won’t engage.

    Jay-z still feels like he won the battle with NAS…

    he feels that anybody who battles him has the edge b/c jay-z is the perpetual topdog, and INSERT RAPPER HERE is the instant underdog.

    and INSERT RAPPER HERE will levy childish disses about him, (see: his age, his looks, his wife, things nas already said) and be crowned victor.

    basically, jay doesn’t have enough trust in rap fans as a general group to crown him the winner even if he wins. thus he’ll send little sneak disses just for his real fans:

    1. “yall respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter” (50 & Cam)

    2. “i’m from the era where niggas don’t snitch, you from the era where snitchin is the shit” (50 & Cam)

    3. “and nah I ain’t been shot up a whole buncha times” (50)

    4. game hot 97 freestyle diss (game & cassidy)

    5. “my DNA in your music, motherfucka you stupid?” (Wayne)

    and he hopes his real fans get it, and just keeps it moving otherwise.

    also.. one should wait and see if 50 still has a viable music career left b4 dissing him. i get the feeling he may be doing jada, rick ross numbers this time around, which will be sad for him. i could be wrong on that one tho.

    • yoprince

      don’t get me wrong. i’d love to see the full-fledged battle.. but it aint gonna happen.

    • Frank White

      Major Co sign

  • liaBIGPUNov

    It’s not that easy. I mean, there was this analysis by the guy from Columbia U on why Jay didn’t respond to Game and Jim Jones. For the same reason that the US never really attacked the USSR back in the days, for the same reason Jay will not respond to 50. He has nothing to win from this and if it goes down, it might end really ugly.

    So let’s say Jay writes a diss song and kills 50…how is Jay supposed to reply to viral videos then? Jay going after 50 is like the US going after Al-Qaida. It’s a lose-lose.
    What might happen however is that we see satellite wars. We might see Jay in one way or another trying to hurt 50 in business. If we say 50 is Jay’s student, then the master should still have a trick left. If the beef is more about business than rap, we will see the beef played out businesslike probably, as boring as this might be.
    But 50 is nowhere near Jay lyrically and Jay’s protegé outsold 50, so he has nothing to gain there and been there done that. If Jay makes a move, it will be a different move.

  • http://xxlmag.com Blakout615

    @ Alderman j
    Actually Jay did respond to Pac. He just never released it because of Pac’s death. Its on youtube.

    Jay is my fav rapper but after Game’s whole fiasco this past summer,its clear that hes not jumping back in the ring. Of course, I would LOVE to see it but I know its not going down. And lets say it did go down and Jay ended up serving fif,knowing 50 he wouldnt accept defeat and he would just keep going and going and going……till it gets tired.

    As far as Beans go, I been rocking with dude for yrs so to see this shit he pulling with fif it makes me look at him kind of different because I know 50 is just using him for leverage. I didnt have a problem with him tryna get Jay’s attention with the diss track. But him thinking he has a chance to resurruct his career by being a new member of g unit is laugh worthy.

    Battling is good for hip hop. Hip hop is a competitive sport and alot of rappers know this and are willing to leave it on wax. So I disagree with whoever brought up the biggie and pac situation.

  • SouthPaw

    I really think 50 has just run out of ideas..to market an album…

    (a) he tried the whole reuniting NY = FAILED
    (b) baby by me = FAILED
    (c) Dr. Dre + Game = 50 FAILED

    so now Jay-Z come out and takes NYC by storm…he has a brand new album, his level of consistency is literally unmatched…like there seems to be no ‘downfall’ for Jay-Z; but 50 cent is starting to notice his down fall. What 50 cent is doing now, is what Jay-Z did to Nas in 2001. Difference is Jay-Z looked at it more as the ultimate MC and 50 is looking at it from a $$ perspective.

    So Jay-Z smells this from a mile away, he knows that 50 would eventually go after him…he knew this….shit I knew this. It was just a matter of time. 50 is jealous of Jay-Z’s success…and knows no matter how many records he sells he will never be liked and placed in such a high recognition as Jay-Z.

    Problem for 50. Jay-Z is too of a smart MC to fall into that booby trap that he set for Nas in 2001. Nas was dead around that time, Jay-Z is not. He doesn’t need 50′s beef or so called “it would be good for hip hop”..as 50 claims. The only person benefiting from this in all aspects is 50 cent not Jay-Z. Even if Jay-Z merks 50…which most likely he will – it doesn’t mean anything.

    Jay-Z is all about music, where 50 is sloppy.

    50s literally self destructing him self. In an interview, he pointed out that internationally Jay-Z is just beyonce’s husband…well domestically, 50 cent is just Eminem’s worker. Simple as that.

    “Look video’s you’ll always be #3″….

  • ed-hova

    Jay don’t want it wit 50. 50 would eat him not really wit words but wit the videos, the internet, pictures, that’s how 50 does it, and Jay-Z knows it. And if Jay wanted to EAT 50 Cents, it wouldn’t really hurt Mr. Jackson it would just make him stronger than he is. This battle would really be about mind games, not who has the biggest house, or who has the sexiest chick, or who sells the most records, but mostly pride. And Jay has alot a pride, he wants to, but he doesn’t have to, yet he still aims shots at Prodigy, but P ain’t 50, so in the end Jay-Z don’t 50 Cents.

  • Joe

    yoprince…My ngga lol

    Dead on. Those 1 liners are all acidic. dont forget: ‘Im about a dollar, wtf is 50 cents’…and, “i got apartments u can put ya home in…”

    His 1 liners are enough. But these simple nggas cant eat steak.. You cant feed a baby steak. They cant diget THAT lol

  • k rach

    i dont get you dudes…yall think 50 cent is not as powerful as jay-z…he has sold more than jay-z…in a short period of time…get rich or die tryin-12x platinum the massacare-9x platinum, curtis-4x platinum….and this is just u.s numbers..beg for mercy-4x platinum…if you wanna count that…jay-z has put out like 12 damn albums…to sell 40 million…50 cent has done that with three albums…plus he is worth 440 million dollars…jay-z does not need to battle 50 cent he would lose…first 50 cent doesnt give a fuck….and please stop saying that beef sells 50 cent…this dude makes hits check billboard he has more number one singles and top ten singles than jay-z…im going to use one of jay-z lines….people lie…numbers dont…lol

    • http://xxlmag jb

      1st off who lied to you and told u Curtis did 4 million? LMAO. Secondly those are worldwide sells. Not U.S. sells. He WAS a mega seller. But what did T.O.S do? I see u didnt mention that huh? and we’ll see what he does on this one. The boy is washed up.

      • k rach


        • http://xxlmag jb

          no u go back and look. next to each sale figure says where the figures were sold at. I’m sorry to tell u but those are worldwide sales. His US sales are as follows according to WIKI: GRODT 7.8 million
          The Massacre 5 Million
          Curtis: 1.3 million
          Beg For Mercy 3 million Go look again. And all this is irrelevant because he’s not gonna have longevity and therefore wont be mentioned as one of the greats. Such as Jay. and who cares if he’s sold more. He destroys Kiss in sales but Kiss still served 50 on Checkmate didnt he?

    • yoprince

      yea. i feel you. but you’re missing a couple critical variables: RESPECT and ARTISTRY.

      Jay-z has Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, and The Black Album. fuck sales. those are critical darlings. albums that stand will stand the test of time to both hip-hop heads AND culture critics. not to mention a few highly respected and very good albums in between.

      50 Cent has Get Rich or Die Tryin. that’s it. the general consensus among hip-hop heads and culture critics alike is that his moment has passed. he hasn’t surpassed being the character who got shot up, and disses people.

      50′s name isn’t brought up in Top 5, Top 10 discussions. he isn’t even mentioned.

      at best 50 will be remembered for his antics. and for flash in the pan sales.

      Jay-Z will be remembered as one of the great artists of our generation.

      there’s a difference.

  • Paul Wilson

    50 goin at Jay is like Game goin at Jay. No one knows why or really cares. I’m old enough to remember everyone goin at LL the same way back in the day. If jay responded to every word, verse, or shot thrown his way, he wouldn’t have time to take a piss. It just comes with the territory. When you’re on top, you’re a target. If 50 want’s to “battle”, then they should set up an event with 2 turntables and a mic and donate the money to charity. Other than that, I don’t really care for the cartoons and skits. They were funny, I might add, but the music was trash. The only tracks worth a damn from GUnit outta the Ross battle was the Lloyd Banks shit. the rest were garbage. 50 is searching for what the fans want. That’s why the cadences, flows, and hooks have been all over the place for the last year that he’s been pushing this album back. He’s unsure of his product which is why he’s mentioning Jay-Z in every interview and bringing Beans into the fold to generate interest. The problem is exactly what he said about Rick Ross, once your album comes out and it’s trash, the attention goes away. Just like Ross and Game did with their attempts to garner a buzz for their projects, 50 is grasping at straws. Jay won’t and shouldn’t respond directly unless 50 is gonna pay him for promo.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    I think when you’re at this level in your career, the days of no-holds-barred type of confrontations are over. You have to choose your endeavors more carefully. Jay-Z is all about his image right now and coming out of his niche to attack 50 or do some back and forth is just something he won’t do. At least I wouldn’t expect him to. 50 doesn’t care, he was never trying to do anything greater for himself than get rich…now he’s rich and he can pick on who he wants because he played the game and won–he knows how the game is played. I would like to see Jay got at 50, though.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • HipHopSince1980

    I Think Jay-Z Knows What 50 is trying to do 50 knows that his content on this album isn’t up to par so what better way to generate interest than trying to get Jay to respond….
    Everybody knows 50 does this everytime his albums are about to drop….
    50 hasn’t won A “Rap Battle” ever….
    Everytime he starts getting murdered lyrically he goes back to how much more money he has or buisness musccle tatics….never lyrically …
    his history shows that all his beefs except for the Ja rule beef he hasnt won on wax…
    Even Fat Joe Killed him lyrically and in content…
    If Jay-Z Responds 50 cent wins…
    we all know 50 is not gonna rap he’s just gonna get on the internet and make cartoons of camels and such and call Jay Mr.knowles…
    So is it gonna help Hip Hop I don’t think so…
    But I would love to see a lyrical battle between the 2…
    but just wax not internet videos

  • http://ADFDFG NYC


  • BOSS D.R.E.

    I agree. In all honesty the only thing I like about Curtis these days are the dumb videos he makes. This nigga came in beefin with everybody who was in his way and that will never stop. Jay dissed him years ago and killed him with one line. Now if a nigga killed me in one line I’d be pissed too. So Curtis patietly waiting his time till he found Jay slippin to give him the Business. Truth be told. If Jay did respond, Curtis would shut up about it. This nigga’s been proven to go all day with his shit even if the other nigga dont say anythin else. Till he burys them. He wont stop till your careers in the dirt.

  • TEE


  • Real Rap Fan

    Blue Print 2 the song Ethered Nas. Thank U! Finally i meet the only other real reap listener in the world! Thank u Combat Jack!

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


    Along with the “Piggy” & “Buff”, you have to give honorable mention to “Fuck With Dre Day”, when Dre & Snoop had that Eazy-E look alike (AJ Jamal in a jheri curl wig) doing the running man @ the freeway on-ramp with a sign that said “Will Rap For Food”! Classic diss.

    Also, we have to give ‘Pac credit for really starting to amplify the level of disrespect: “That’s why I fucked your bitch, you fat motherfucker..” & “…but I fucked your wife..” on ‘Hit ‘Em Up’. That shit made LL’s kangol under Moe Dee’s jeep wheel look like a cartoon.

    I’d hate to think Jay figures he’s too good to respond, but I can see how it’s probably not worth the headache. For example; Jay drops a hot song with some uppercuts, 50 recruits Dehaven, Beans, & Jaz-O for a song & pays for it to be everywhere Jay is. Not that Jaz & Dehaven are stars, but, you smell my cologne. What I’m saying is, Fif has no problem bringing resources to the table. I wouldn’t put it past Curtis to find/hire actual Brooklyn crackheads who’ll dry snitch like a motherfucker on camera, all for the sake of saying they NEVER bought crack from Jay.

    50 doesn’t play “fair”. He’s far beyond summer jam screens & diss tracks. Rap beef was a contact sport until the ‘Net & technology got involved. Cats getting papers pulled on them, allies becoming enemies on WorldStar, I’ll give credit to 50 for taking it to an all new high (or low-depending), but who wants a nigga in their backyard, digging up bones & shit?

    Jay is slowly moving away from our little Hip Hop universe (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), & no matter what Fif does, it’s not going to stop his success in the world.

  • bIG gs

    Weezy didn’t respond to Fifty, so why should Jay? Answer me that? Correct answer is, Fif is nothing more than a media whore. What good has he done for hip-hop? Nada. The perfect response to Curtis Wackson is no response, he’s a clown.

  • cheezey

    I think the biggest difference between 50 and Jay is that yes 50 is a good business man but he needs hip hop more than Jay does… he needs a fanbase for the book deals and the Vitamin Water marketing deals.
    On the other hand Jay can and has retired… but he came back for love of the game, or maybe because he didn’t want some other NY rapper overshadowing him… a la 50 or even Cam.
    50 isn’t thinking about his next hit… at least he doesn’t seem to be. He’s business-minded and every dollar he’s taking from getting into someone else’s pocket fuels his ego, and of course adds to his threat. Financially he has guaranteed his relevancy in hip hop. How many times have I heard 50 aint been hot since Get Rich or Die Trying? 50 was smart… he solidified his name… he branded himself & his own movement, G-Unit… and he made himself into the bad guy that everyone loves to hate.
    My point is… people underestimate this man. He will go head to head with Jay… lyrically he may lose (depending on what your tastes are) but the deals & the clout that 50 has undeniably EARNED have placed him in the hip hop realm where his albums can flop, he’ll still be good… and so won’t Yayo and Banks.
    Hate it or love it. Good article Combat Jack.

  • Anthony

    The way I see it, Jay-Z sees the situation for what it is: 50 Cent is trying to promote Before I Self Destruct. He’ll probably get at him when BISD dies down. It’s funny how everybody else talks about how somebody should get at somebody when they have beef with somebody they don’t handle that. Like 50 Cent said in one of his songs, he needs rappers to feed into his beef to give himself energy.

  • Tezzy

    I thought the new bisd album was hot

  • marco

    50 has a gorila face ahah és mmo macaco pa

  • Jason

    Jay-Z vs. 50 Cent…. Is The Same As Saying Kobe vs. Lebron… Think About IT!

  • Thoth

    Great Article but I have to disagree. Is we know anything about Jay is that he is concerned about the dollar. Jay would respond to v50 because he already know this game. Fif is trying to muster up some buzz and Jay doesnt want any part of marketing someone else’s project. 50 buzz started with beef and he never moved on past that point. He never figured out what Jay learned a long time ago “the marketing plan was me” Maybe Jay may respond when he has an album if he ever does.

    But everyone said Jay had to respond to the Game and never official responded. Jay-Z has zero to gain. Hes already a legend in Hip Hop and now hes is working on becoming legendary in music period. Even if he “lost” the battle it wouldn’t have any impact on anything,example Rick Ross. He suffered no ill effects of 50′s gimmicks.

    As a Hip Hop fan I would LOVE to see Jay get in with 50, I just dont believe it will happen. Jay as he says is “already home” he has nothing to gain nothing to lose. He hold all the chip and 50 with no buzz will attack anyone. The only victim of of this beef will be Bean’s because he is being played like a pawn in this situation. He’s feelins are already hurt from the Jay situation and will soon find out that 50 is using Beans to get the attention.

  • Deadly MIME

    OK I’m sick and tired of hearing of Gay-Z I mean Jay-Z. Why all ya’ll think this nigga is the best thing out since slice bread? I’m fed up with all ya’ll dick riding muthafuckas like oh Gay-Z the best lyricist. Dude skills began to diminish after Reasonable Doubt personally. I know what ya’ll thinkin “well what about Black Album, Blueprints 1,2,& 3, Hard Kncok Life?” Think about it, how can anyone still listen to a Gay-Z album without thinkin “he said the same thing and talking about the same shit like his last album”. I don’t give a shit if he makes money and he got all this shit cause I don’t gives 2 shits, 3 fucks, a damn or a rats ass bout that. Grandpa need to quit cause i don’t care what anyone says some young cat that’s smart and very lyrical is gonna take on Gay-Z and crush him. Just like the roman empire and just like Ceasar its gonna eventually die. A new king wil have to replace the old.

  • sealsaa

    @ alderman j

    LOL @ 2Pac being a “real street dude”. Pac stannery at it’s finest.


    “The only thing accessible to rappers was a deejay, two turntables and a microphone.”

    As it should be. The rest is just a bunch of soap-opera esque drama. I find it interesting that the man who no longer puts much effort into music(50)is convinced that this battle will be “good for hip-hop”. Truth be told, there will be no battle, if Jay responds. More than likely, 50 will release a half-assed diss song(see:Hail Marry, Piggy Bank, Officer Ricky), and then proceed to flood the internet with videos of himself engaging in all sorts of coonery. Or, he’ll goad Beanie into going at Jay on wax, similar to how Jay used Beans to go at his past detractors(also given the fact that Beans is lyrically superior to 50). Even the most die-hard 50 STAN must realize that the man has no chance on wax(see:Check Mate and 300 bars and running).

    I honestly don’t see how people can say that this battle will be good for hip-hop. If anything, it sets a lazy precedent. The Jay and Nas beef worked because the two pushed each other to their lyrical best. How would that battle be percieved if instead of releasing Take-Over, Jay released a bunch of half-assed diss songs and pictures of him fucking around with Nas’ baby mother and daughter? Lyricism is a skill that few are blessed with. Any idiot can grab a camera, and make an ass out of themself(see YouTube and WSHH).


      ^^co-sign that Check Mate. Jada ate 50 alive on that diss, short & sweet.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Naw “Shots Fired” by Jada & Styles is waaaayyyy stronger…

  • sb

    Jay Z is Rocky …50 is Clubber Lang

  • Blaze

    Combat Jack….you waaaay the fuck off!!!! OK so just cause somebody callin ur name, you feel gotta go at them? That sounds like somw dumb young shit to me….Jay dont have to do shit and any fan who doubts him because of it cant be over the age of 21. THis is grown man shit…dudes sayin my name…AND as long as he dont step the physical boundary, fuck em. But jokers like u play into these dudes hands all the time. You all are the idiots taking the bait just cause its in your face.

    Jay would murder 50…simple point blank…50 would resort to more gimmicks and bullshit as usual but would the material back it up? I doubt it. Jay aint thinkin about 50 and its killin his ego cause he know Jay the number one man in this rap shit…period.

    If 50 wants to go at Jay, do it directly, he feel he on par with or higher than Jay, come at him like a big dawg. 50 doin all this indirect tongue n cheek bullshit, you would think he never went platinum in a week. He comin at Jay like a new cat or some shit. You want the crown, put out a diss track with just him on it and go in hard!!!

    He wont though cause 50 know he aint on Jay level to do it directly….sounds like a pussy sneak dude to me. He can go at the lesser folks hard as hell (game, ross) but he wont do it to the big leaguers. I wonder y??

    So please stop praisin this man for doing shit. He bad he a boss….well step to Jay like a boss and not like a fuckin capo

  • sealsaa

    “Jay Z is Rocky …50 is Clubber Lang”

    OR, Jay Z>Stringer Bell 50> Marlo Stanfield

    • sb


  • sealsaa

    “Jay Z is Rocky …50 is Clubber Lang”

    OR, Jay Z>Stringer Bell 50>Marlo Stanfield

  • capcobra

    jay just cancelled his tour to travel with beyonce outside the country to avoid this hip hop beef..he did the same shit with that roc the mic tour back when grodt dropped…he left the tour..dropped black album..said he retiring and travelled with beyonce on that crazy in love tour…when grodt cooled down then he’s back from retirement…c’mon man…jay been ducking 50 eversince 50 got his money up…but of course jay still find time diss a nigga like jaz o or dehaven or dame..but he won’t rap against a legitimate rival that’s calling him out..also remember he snuffed nas when nas was on vaykay..so i can’t believe niguz making excuses for jay when the facts are simple..50 calling jay out and jay not answering…50 embarrassing ross and it ain’t shit that ross could do about it..50 that dude..hate it or love it..at least respect it..now i’m just waiting on him to diss dr. dre..finish off what pac started.

  • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

    no doubt Grands. on point as usual.

    excellent drop CJ.

    the thing is that Jay has so much lateral movement he shouldnt compromise it. he’s actually doin the culture a service, because i’ve always contended that no matter what aspect of hip hop ur into, you tend to get better at it as you get older. why should i stop lovin graffiti or stop rappin just cause i’m older than 25? Mick and Springsteen still rockin in their 60s. why cant we? and he’s serving as a good example that we can. and in front of the world. not just in front of us. they see a raper out front. and they take him SERIOUSLY.

    now, Fif i’m lovin. because even if you notice that his movie career stalled, maybe because he gets into so much shit, its kind of like he puttin the spin on it all as a sport. you seen him! baw be speakin on shit sharp! sounding like good business! it’s almost like he’s tryin to show that what he does generates interest, like a marketing campaign, and the the further ups have nothing to fear, because it plays out in media and not in violence. see, music money is short money compared to that Hollywood bread. thats why Fif doin movies on his own, havin free screenings in theatres to show those statics at the next meeting. he gone need another income stream to compete with Jay. yearly earning reports are not net wealth. and Roc-a-Wear does nearly 750 MILLION a year. of course, when people congregate (award shows, etc.) then we have the propensity for violence that will always stop checks from clearing. cause when the white folks get scared, the black folks got to get new jobs. strait up.

    now if Jay is sayin that he is still indeed the genuine article, he’s gonna have to respond. its the same pressure on Floyd right now. if you’re gonna contend that ur the best, we got to see it. now i don’t know if yall noticed, but Jay recently cancelled his remaining ’09 dates. maybe baw went into training camp. maybe hes in the war room plannin on how to really deal with this in a way that 50 is not ready for.

    see we have 2 classic street profiles at play. the gangster (by old skool rules) and the hustler. the gangster plays his game by basing his moves on how strong he can muscle his targets into the kill position. no matter how cunning or smooth, his ending principle is based on muscle (yesterday’s post). now the hustler (by old skool rules) makes his moves based on pure planning. he lives in world of angles. like a chess game. he dont get dirty. he get others (“my man’ll shoot you”) to get muddy. he does favors to recieve favors and calls them in when he needs them. at this point, we dont know who Jay is on the phone wit.

    i seen some really masterful games of checkers before. but i’m gonna always bet on the chess player…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine


  • NotoriousAGC

    right now, Jay-z is unrecognizable, who is this NEW jay-z? punk ass wanna be thug rapper now…lives next to de niro he said, he went to billboard and brought all his niggas with him?? WHO THA FUCK he talkin bout?siegel?nah,dame?nah
    biggs?nah oh yeah his new white 67 yearold friends.Jayz has fallen off real badly.

  • Highland Park

    This is the most misleading post I’ve ever read on XXL. Jay doing things on a global scale. Obama aint call that 25 cent nigga to do shows for the campaign. Aint nobody proud of 50, which is ironic because of the $ he getting (Vitamin Water $$). Get off Jay dick, and remember that the difference between the fool and the wise is that the wise don’t seek attention until they are ready to deal with it. 50 is immature, on and off wax. This the same cat that moved to Connecticut, how’s that for playing it safe. Dead or alive, Jay is the most influential rapper/entrepreneur of all-time, period. New Jersey Nets, Rocafella Records (before Roc Nation nigga), Roc-a-wear (f**k Dame), Colognes and Vodkas and 40/40′s, the benefit concert on fuse (this nigga purchased a live slot!), and Beyonce. The more I mentionthis dudes stats, the more fifty looking like canadian money (no offense to them folks across the Ambassador Bridge). On top of that, on wax, fifty couldn’t check a mic for Jay. “I’m already home”-Jay Z

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      Murda Mitten! What it do, neighbor?!

  • sealsaa

    “jay just cancelled his tour to travel with beyonce outside the country to avoid this hip hop beef”

    LOL, pure fantasy. So, I guess every move that Jay makes(or doesn’t make) is going to be as a result of 50 Cent? Or, according to you, just every move he’s made since GRODT dropped? Seriously?

    “finish off what pac started.”

    What did he start? A tradition of shitty diss songs(hit’em up), and average/passable rappers being mentioned in the same sentence with far superior mc’s? In that case, I guess 50 is finishing what he started.

    • capcobra

      what up sealsaa…maybe jay dipping off is pure fantasy or coincidence or truth..who knows but it’s strange…wasn’t he in another country answering questions about sigel?..and why would you not want to entertain your american fans?…i’m thinking it’ll be easier to avoid niguz and thier opinions by going overseas for a period of time and laying low with wifey..especially with 50 album coming and he on a marketing and promo frenzy…i know he’d hate to see beans and 50 frontrow at a bp3 show with the cameras…it just seem crazy to cancel your tour to pop up to do guest verses with rihianna and beyonce overseas..especially when every US city is playing “empire state of mind”…i could be wrong tho’..and as far as 50 finishing what pac started..i meant pac was riding on dre before he passed..pac was the one that told us that dre wasn’t making them beats..pac also was gon expose the gay shit that dre be on..you see he got with johnny j right?…so i’m assuming that 50 been around aftermath/interscope long enough to get some dirt and at the right time he gon throw it…that all..you know him and eminem love 2pac to death…you see how eminem started making it own beats and 50 ain’t relying solely on dre either..you even hear 50 mention “dre won’t mix records now i gotta speak to jimmy”…”game screaming westside and dre ain’t say shit”…those are just 2 lines..i feel like it’s bound to happen..50 got what he needed from dre already…it was eminem that wanted to sign him not dre…and he knows this..so soon as dre try to show game any favoritism then it’s greenlight..that’s just my opinion tho’.

  • Blaze

    Im so sick of this chess checkers bs….it is what it is….

  • SouthPaw

    In all honesty let’s look at this from a real perspective.

    50 cent doesn’t really want it with Hov. That is why he disses everyone and their mother…and always plays double dutch with Hov…

    50 cent is always careful when he addresses Jay-Z….always…why is that?


    My first post here…had to comment on this one…first off how you gon say Jay would lose to Will Smith, in any point in they’re careers?

    Secondly 50 only has beef to fall back on at this point…he isn’t even in the same sport as Jay lyrically and is no where near as relevant as Hov to the rest of the world.

    Jay is on a level that no rapper has ever been to while alive and 50 will never get there no matter what he or Bennie says about Jay.

    In short Jay is timeless while 50′s time is up.

    • capcobra

      will smith is a better storyteller than jay..so if he put a battle in story form then jay would lose..jay can’t make stories where he gotta create characters.circumstances.events etc..all his stories is first person and involves him directly..except meet the parents maybe…that’s why nas.big and pac was and still is better than jay..stories are forever..swag and slang changes.

    • MXL

      “50 … is no where near as relevant as Hov to the rest of the world.”

      You must be crazy. Jay-Z JUST made it across the pond when he headlined Glastonbury in ’08 (or ’07, or whatever), and has yet to do anything on his own outside of Canada and London. Fif tours and fills venues everywhere from Africa to Istanbul.

      Jay is certainly a beast, but I had to correct that statement, ’cause that shit was absurd.

  • NotoriousAGC

    people actin like jay never lost a beef..they even named losses after jay-z’s huge loss to Nas (being “ethered”) and everytime someone is questioning jay-z people come out with HES THE GREATEST, hes this hes that, hes a notorious Biggie verse thief, even now, in his new BP3 he stole biggies lines in “death of autotune” im not a 50 stan, i got all jayz cds but hes fallen off badly in the hood he has respect because he has white powerful friends? THE FUCK



    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’09!!

  • KingPoetic

    The shot’ll come, the smoke has to clear after the numbers come in though

    • http://xxl KJ

      Bottom line ppl. No 1 is above the game. When sm1 picks on you on the playground you fight or back dwn. you get ur $ took or you knock m out. Both these cats bn throwing shots @ each other b 4 Jay was Jay. Jay was 50 remembr. N rap you must hav sm shit 2 speak of if you wnt 2 battle. Its obvious neithr cats can talk bout each others sales or baby mamas. Its obvious that Jay know 50 is @ his best when beefn. This is how this nigga makes his $. I agree that Jay dnt wnt it w fif not cuz he feels he can’t murder him on wax n viceversa but cuz the niggas aint really got shit on each othr. I’m a fan o both but ppl know not 2 take a line from HOV but Fif has sold jus as much on half the albums Jay has put out so he might wnt 2 take that Nas line out. In my opinion Jay aint battled since Nas knocked his ass out.

  • JustKenny

    I tell you what. As I sit here typing this, I’m listening to BISD and this is a damn good album. Very aggressive, good, solid production and clever lines from 50. BP3 was good as well, but I had to kind of skip around a bit after a few listens. Sounded like he’s an auto-pilot. On the other hand, 50 sounds hungry again. And understand, I began to write this dude off after his last album. This new album made me a 50 fan again. He’s needed in hip hop to make these rappers stop feeling so damn comfortable and putting out this easy listening, bullsh*t music! If LL can go at Canibus, KRS at Nelly, why can’t 50 go at Jay. Seems like ya’ll forget that Jay used to be the bully in the game until Nas released Ether and turned that song into a verb on the internets.

  • kelito-vision

    article is on point and true….Jay’s too soft and politcally correct these days

  • Hip Hop

    Jay will respond……Trust

    First Bleek will go in….
    Then Jay will go all in….

    The problem with both of these guys, There team is dead…. The Roc and G-Unit are dead.

    F! Beef, build your team up. 50 go get Buck and let him put out that fire. And invest and some new talent, stop sign these Larry Holmes azz people.

    Jay – Sign Wale, and back him like you Backed Jeezy in 05′

    This just make me wish Pac was here. Outlawz!
    Listening to Me Against the World as we speak.

  • S.Mat

    I think JAY has revealed his strategy on the new album: “I was gonna kill a couple of rappers but they did it with their sales…” I believe that JAY senses as many of us do that 50 will see a major drop in interest (even more then CURTIS) with this new album BISD. Perhaps if 50 has a good first week of sales (>400k) JAY will respond. If CURTIS does a major drop off (as I suspect), he will ignore him thus allowing 50′s continued drop in relavance continue unchecked (or sparked by a JAY-Z battle). This is chess not checkers, and JAY is the master of the aforementioned game.

  • S. Mat

    Real talk though: Is BISD even close to being as good a album as BP3? Hell no.

  • http://twitter.com/trealog TREALO G


  • Megulito

    Wow i really cant believe some of these comments i guess its down to niggas with computers who comment all day but dont know shit about hip hop or rap music get rich or die trying def a classic the nigga was about gangster music and being a gangster and called out ja for being a rnb dude (if we remember ja used to keep it real gangster hell mad people know what he and his people did to fif in real life not even on wax) then as em not fif kills ja’s carrer who do we see take his space in the rnb sector 50.corny dudes see that as a come up real dudes know its a bitch nigga showing his true colors, and like some dudes wrote earlier jay has been sonning this guys whole life story at random on songs and his one line long ago stunted fif carrer. the next thing is fif cant rap no more i dunno what happend but he cant rap for shit the only thing keeping him afloat is his money from what ever he got going but cam killed him jada nas styles sheek and most of all the game whos master fifs own style of keeping shit going and saying silly shit hell even beans threw shots at him. mean while jay has eatedn shitted out and now praises rappers in the game im not saying i aint looking for hov to murder some one but fif aint it cuz this rick ross sht everyone was talkin bout lyrically a southern fat dude rick ross killed fif all those videos entertained kids but said nothing thats not hip hop and it def aint rap beef but hey yall entitled to your opinions

  • UNITURNZ2000

    Who has 50 ever really beat in a battle. That JA Rule shit was more the fans gettin rid of Ja than 50 beating him. The only thing I remember from that was 50 saying Irv was soft like cream filling. Now 50′s a singer. He shouldn’t be allowed to sing!

    Game destroyed the whole G-unit. He didn’t win the war, but he won the battle.

    Jay hasn’t responded yet because he’s not trying to help 50 sell his album. I think everyone is so into waiting to hear wat jay has to say that they forgot that 50 has an album out.

    Jay is getting ready for war. He’s cancelling tours, taking time off to get his mind right. I wouldn’t be surprised if beans is an inside man. Did 50 seek out beans or did Beans seek out 50? HMMM….

    Yes the videos are entertaining but at the end of the day is should still come down to the lyrics. That’s where 50 is the weakest.

  • Brooklyn

    jay ain’t gonna respond and 50 knows that jay ain’t gonna respond, and truthfully, 50 shouldn’t want jay to respond. like damn near everyone above said, at this point in his career, 50 is less known for hot music and more known for the bullshit. i can’t think of a hot 50 song that came out anytime in the past 5 years. although both fell off, jay was so nice in his heyday that even after him falling off he’s still one of the greatest, 50 was good but couldn’t touch jay if he was standing on top of an airplane in flight. jay won’t respond because there’s no competition, at least lyrically. nas was competition, prodigy was competition, 50 was competition 5 years ago but now, not so much. they both know that lyrically jay would murder 50. the only thing 50 would do is release a bunch of bullshit ass videos clowning jay, but he ain’t gonna go toe2toe with jay on wax. besides that, we all know that bisd ain’t coming close to doing bp3 numbers.

  • http://www.bboycult.com www.bboycult.com

    3:337pm, mid afternoon, 102 comments so far…

    Combat Jack is KILLIN ‘em…

  • awesome arsenal

    the way i see it is CJ is only siding with fithy because of the similarities in their trades. CJ is a lawyer=in general no morals and anything goes in order to get things done. fithy=no morals beefs with anybody for no good reason and as the last rapper to make a huge splash before the music industry collapsed, he has enough money to keep comin out regardless if anyone’s checkin for him or not.
    A good lawyer gets you off a charge without taking into account if you’re actually guilty or not (no morals). laws are bended to suit whatever you’re trying to accomplish and all can be bent (which kinda makes them moot but that’s another discussion)with enough money and resources thrown at it.
    fithy disses guys he signed openly but screams loyalty so often people began to believe it (see wayne saying best rapper alive a couple years ago). the same thing that happened to beans happened to game and buck but it’s strangely overlooked since this fake beef came about. and even though grodt was a good album don’t think that fithy’s association with the white boy and dre didn’t have anything to do his sales. as far as the ross beef once he was followin dudes momma and goin around his kids he showed his true bitch tendencies like that was a real beef in the sense biggie meant.
    anybody that thinks fithy can hang with jay in the booth needs to be put in a rubber room.

  • CLJ

    yeah we all know 50 lyrics ain’t good as Jay… but when it comes to a diss record it’s about who’s gonna come hard on the track… and if Jay say anything back, y’all know that 50 would put his all in it just because it’s Jay… that’s why i don’t think Jay will respond… plus 50 still gonna say shit about him, if Jay just still sit and do nothing… then that just makes Jay look like a big punk…

  • Curtis75Black

    Did Dre have to respond to Jermaine’s talk about being better than him with the countless hits under his belt ? Did Uncle L have to respond to “2nd Round Knockout”, being 13 years in the game at the time with all his accomplishments ? What about KRS dealing with Nelly ? Should he just shrugged him off as a “Whatever” ? Did Nas have to respond with the Stillmatic freestyle being that he had such a Classic LP Illmatic under his belt ? Regardless of what you felt about JaRule, he put out hits, did he have to respond to 50 when that B.S. popped off ? We are talking about Hip Hop music right ? Competition, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, whether you want to believe it or not. If you feel Jay will Kill 50 or anyother emcee in the booth, wouldn’t you like to see it or just let his sales and his wife do the talking ?

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine


  • CL

    “I was gonna kill a couple rappers but they did it to themselves….I was gonna do it with the flow, but they did it with their sales.”

    50 is gonna do 150K first week. Jay-Z did 3 times that amount his first week. 50 lost.

  • RL

    50 Cent’s Diss Tracks= Retarded nursery rhymes. And there lies the problem with me, 50 Cent brings nothing to the table as a lyricist. What he severely lacks in lyrical ability, he makes up with cheap online videos and making attention whores out of starving hoodrat baby mamas. Yeah, 50 is obnoxious but he has no intentions of winning lyrically. He just wants to stir the pot. He still needs to be put in his place lyrically. Jay is one of the best suited to do it.

  • nic

    50 cent promotion is all based on starting beef, he talks about the same thing on each album and each album has the same concept. I mean with all the money he has when was the last time he actually shot a gun. I mean seriously can he talk about something else besides guns. He sings on the hooks just like Ja Rule used to do and the only way for him to get attention is to start beef with anyone who will give him some attention. I don’t think Jay should respond, 50 is jealous he wants the love and attention that Jay gets. When has 50 ever sold out a concert in seconds or minutes for even that matter. He is a child with all the taunting, he wants to be Jay and Puff. I know hip hop started with battling but at what age do you say enough and move on. 50 needs to focus on his current album and promotion why would you mention another artist name in an interview when you should be promoting your cd and Beans is a pawn too bad he didn’t see that coming. I don’t think 50 can help Beans either, he was just being used. 50 needs to grow up and get a life and try promoting his cd without beefing, alot of artists do it he might want to try it out.

  • macdatruest

    Whoa Jack, take it all back!!!! Is Fiddy going at the number one artist of the time of his album releasing really that revolutionary and killer??? When shitty ass Curtis came out wasnt he going at Wayne and Kanye??? Evolved Beef???? That’s a joke.

    Fiddy wasnt the first to do beef videos and the addition of the whole family thing is questionable as a “rap” ether in my opinion. If it’s about the disrespect factor, then naturally this form of “evolved” beef involving family will ultimately lead to violence right? What’s more disrespectful than taking the next man away from his family forever? (R.I.P. dude who smacked Jimmy Henchmen’s son)

    You tried to throw a red herring out by relaying a Prodigy sad story about how he hung his head in shame, like every individual is gonna handle beef like little ass Prodigy. What if Rick Ross doesn’t fear Fiddy or have any incentive to hang his head??? Niggas in the south don’t love them hoes like yall niggas out East do. What if he moves in silence like one of those Gangsters you raved about in your last post??? IDK man, you suprised me with this one…

    As far as Fiddy going at Jay, he said waaaay back Jack HE’S about a dollar, what the fuck is Fiddy Cent??

  • That Dude Megz

    Clubber Lang vs Rocky in a nutshell!!!!!!

    revisit the movie and you’ll see what im talkin about!

  • beaver

    haha yes your exactly right..jay has been a punchin bagg..lately..shamee..

    great post

  • King Joffy Joe

    This site rides 50′s dick WAAAAYYYYY too much.

  • ron reelz

    I’ll say this, at some time in his career 50 will be at this point(if he isn’t now). The money and political connections will not tolerate nonsense. Business partners will begin to walk away. Jay isn’t stupid. His silence is exposing 50! It’s a shame that over the course of his career, 50 has to use beef to sell records, and in a time when violence is at an all-time high, he stills decides to promote it through antics like this. ALL REAL niggas KNOW you respond through records. If Fif had a real problem with Jay, just go see that man and handle it, but NOOOOOO! this nigga wants to sell records. So, who’s really real?

  • Tonyto’sWay

    This ain’t nothin but bullshit coming from a Curtis Ratson dick Rider…theres nothing 50 can do to hurt Hov and I dont even like dude that much anymore.. 50 its just desperate for attention now that his weed plate its bout to drop supposedly…jigga just made that comment regarding Kanye and now curtis just want to take that and run with it lol how pitiful I guess his lameass formula will never change dude needs to focus on making some real music and quit waiting to piggy back on others just to move some units!!!


    combat jack has put up a blog stating 50 as he is.

  • bkmastedu

    Some of you niggas retarded…and prove how LIMITED your thought process is. Obviously a beef with Hov and 50 would be great…for 50!…what the hell does Jay have to gain? He’s fuckin’ chattin it up with the PREZ ….sippin’ quarter waters wit Oprah…rubbin’ shoulders with da national champion Yankees…got the MAYOR boppin’ to his track…got one of the greatest b-ballers on the planet as his nigga and potentially willing to relocate to the NYC area in Lebron…I mean…what the fuck are ya’ll on?? His investments are way more important to him…He would lose alot more credibility then some damn rap music…he has a stage that 50 WILL NEVER QUITE REACH….50 cent (whether you like or not) is in the same tier as Lil Wayne, Kanye, T.I etc….Jay-z in the tier with Eminem, Nas, Cube and dead folk etc (I’M SURE YA’LL COULD INSERT OTHERS..)..sorry but…50 represents the immature middle age nigga who placates to teenagers and short term thinkers…not the established long term ones…or better yet…niggas who about grown man shit…not kiddy games/jokes…I could see Jay-z being an influence in music/politics/sports/entertainment/corporations 10 years from now…50 would be irrelevant…his antics just won’t propel him into longevity…WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

  • sid

    Jay-Z>50 cent PERIOD

  • Master CHeef

    “i’m about a dollar. who the fuck is 50 cent?” = weakest, cheesiest jab ever in hip hop.

    i cant believe everyone is talking about 50 and jay though. I still cant get over that video of him at floyd mayweather’s house with rick’s kid. that shit is crazy.

    and just about two weeks ago, i saw a video of floyd and the real rick ross riding around in floyd’s maybach. real rick ross talking about how the fake one completely ripped him off. how you gone beef with 50 when he got the champ on his side?

    • macdatruest

      “i’m about a dollar. who the fuck is 50 cent?” = how all rappers feel about Fiddy nowadays. Why should they have to stop getting to the money, just cause Fiddy running his mouth again??

      i cant believe everyone is talking about 50 and jay though. I still cant get over that video of him at floyd mayweather’s house with rick’s kid. that shit is crazy.

      and just about two weeks ago, i saw a video of floyd and the real rick ross riding around in floyd’s maybach. real rick ross talking about how the fake one completely ripped him off. how you gone beef with 50 when he got the champ on his side?
      In other words, you sayin since Fiddy career is ending before his eyes, lets focus on something else? Okay. Fiddy took Ross son to see Floyd Mayweather. Then what happened? His shit flopped. He better schedule a week full of activities with all his enemies kids, just for niggas like you who keep his balls in a glass case

    • Master CHeef

      it’s hilarious how much fif stays on your mind. obsessed much?

      • macdatruest

        One minute Fiddy stans point out that he’s all over the place everywhere you look, then they want to complain when people say that they’re sick of him. CHoose a side bitch. Fiddy is officially a failed rapper. Time for him to take buy a wardrobe for Hov’s unborn baby and post it on youtube, for his group of misguided losers he calls “fans” Im pretty sure they’ll call it a rap ether. Misguided losers….

  • lookadeez

    this is stupid. too qualify to go at J a rapper needs 2 things… the relevance and skills. 50 has relevance that is fading, but he has NEVER had the skills. All those videos are fun, but you have to make a tight ass verse FIRST. When J had Prodigy on the usmmer jam screen, it was used to emphasize what he SPIT lyrically, not just a fucking video. Learn the difference. You just wrote a page of nonsense. And for the record, Ross BLAZED 50 lyrically. “Tia told me” was a good shot, but he never focused on it. He went and did the stupid Pimpin Curly videos which outshined it. what a waste. Oh well, after this album tanks, 50 will go away anyway.


    After seeing what Fifs first week sales are going to be I think Jay let Fif kill his self.

  • KingPoetic


  • macdatruest

    The Beanie Siegel factor????? name one already established artist who had a career on g-unit??
    Lil Scrappy?
    Mobb Deep???

    Fiddy has no intention on marketing Freeway, and Freeway should know that Fiddy can’t be trusted as a boss. he did more for Tia than he did for any of his G-Unit artist’s careers. And I can’t see how yall think him trickin on Tia is a ether, that bitch is a nobody it aint like she some bad industry bitch. He cant even make her famous, he’s a washed up rat bastard

  • MB

    50 has had 1 good album. 1. Why should Hov respond? What does he have to gain? 50 needs to sell this upcoming record. He will do anything to sell his upcoming record. Hov responding to his shots will be the perfect storm for him. Much like his beef with Ja Rule was the perfect storm for his 1st album. Truth be told, 50 is a multi-million dollar gimic rapper. I respect his hustle, but not his lyrical skills.

  • http://incilin.wordpress.com/2009/10/21/im-about-dollars-what-the-fuck-is-50-cent/ Incilin

    Not only do I agree with this, but I wrote a very similar post a few weeks ago on my own blog titled “I’m About Dollars What The Fuck Is 50 Cent.”

  • http://www.bseenandheard.com/ BSEENANDHEARD

    “I was gonna kill a couple rappers but they did it to themselves
    I was gonna do it with the flow but they did it with their sales,
    I was gonna 9/11 them but they didn’t need the help
    and they did a good job, them boys is talented as hell,”

  • Bomb

    50 sonned Jay ever since he made that comment. He set the whole Beanie thing up. Soon as I heard Beanie dissing Jay I knew it was 50 cent pulling the strings and sure enough he emerged and it became Jay and 50 instead of Jay and Beans. Dude is the slickest grimiest cat ever in hip hop. A few weeks ago I would have said no way 50 could do anything to Jay. But right now it’s clear Jay definitely doesn’t want it. I’m enjoying it though. I hope he gives Jay-Z the deathblow.

  • Uncle Yumche

    With 50 uniting himself with NY rappers, and Jay seemingly towering over these same said rappers, 50 may have the upper hand should they battle. Jay doesn’t really have anyone street enough to stand by him, while 50 still has mad love for the goons. Jay may say some slick shit on wax, but 50 will definately embarrass and humiliate him. Think of all the beyonce videos he would make, all the shit he could say about Jay being a lousy boss (which he is), a selfish leader. Most of the people he has collaborated with he has left behind. This dude has no loyalty, and he lies! I’d love to see this go down!


    Fif is about to have a certified flop and he is going to give jay a deathblow? This is why he is dissing Jay he is trying to generate interest. Jay wont throw him the lifeline though he is letting 50 down.

  • Style!

    Jay-Z in one response could end 50′s career! Jay-Z in one response could bring back Ja-Rule’s career, Young Bucks career, Fat Joe’s and Rick Ross’…Even DMX’s. And as a cherry on top add in GAME. He could do a response song have Nas do the hook calling it Ether 2 over the “Hit’Em Up” beat. Adding all those artist I just mentioned. As adlibs in the song he can have little things that different artist who had a problem with 50 Cent in the past and mentioned him in some of their diss records. For ex. Lil Wayne saying: I’m about a dollar,fuck 2 quarters// Bitch I pour syrup in that Vitamin Water!// or Lil Kim saying:The man, 5-0, I don’t see him in the club. Cause he out in the CT with a dick in his butt. And at the end of his song say Im a half a billionaire wut the fuck is 50 Cent! And 50 is over!

    • Curtis75Black

      That’s one Hell of an imagination you have and it would be crazy if he went there. Unfortunately, most of the Jigga fans here feel he shouldn’t respond to someone attacking his character. Let it ride while fans quote old ass lyrics attacking 50 when he was just a upstart rookie under JMJ’s wing trying to come up. It’s also obvious the majority of Jigga fans want him to blaze 50 but use his accolades as a crutch not to. Look at it this way, if you gonna lace up those Air Jordans and step to the court just to act like you’re the man who won 6 rings without playing when someone challenges you, what’s the reason for being there !! Not one player is gonna ask for your autograph. You’re nothing but another competitor when they see you.

  • F 50 Cent

    Who the f*ck is 50 Cent, i’m for Dollar

  • cat

    For Jay, 50 Cent is only slightly above the level of Jim Jones (aka Jenny Jones).

    Remember the old adage: when you wrestle a pig, you get dirty, and the pig likes it even if he loses.

  • that nigga

    All of Jay-Z beefs he had personal information and so he could exposed and win the fight. From Jaz-O, Dame, Prodigy, and Nas

    You lost me with that Nas shit tho, Jay got ETHERED regardless of what he said or fucked Carmen. And Jay said hisself: “I got stronger after ETHER”!

    When did this happen? Show and prove right now. Here’s a big chance, Im not either a fan of both but this will get interesting, IF JAY RESPONDS but we all know he tooo scared. Actually he got WEAKER AFTER ETHER.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Oh Please! 50 Couldn’t Take Out Game, You Think He’s Gonna Take Out Jay-Z? Get The Fuck Outta Here!

  • brooknam

    look man jay has nothing to prove fifty cant get lyrical wit jay he just cant he do b spittin but its the same shit every year guns,drugs,drugs,and mo guns to murder u wit.jay is beyond that jay battled nas and in my opinion won cuz remember nas made a whole song jay gave him one verse now if jay had a whole song then the out come would b different.jay smashed nas,mase,tupac,camron,jim jones,game,got dam im running out of rappers 50 only went after ja-rule who was singing at the time and fat joe cant rap if he really did find puns rhyme book jada left 50 for hov to finish 50 knows he cant fuk wit hov his money cant his cats cant and his songs cant.hov is not the best cuz we still got rakim,raekwon,nas,50,eminem,and krs,sorry lil wayne i cant give u props for being the best rapper when gillie the kid was writting yo shit it seems rap fans forgot that but i didnt did u peephow he sounded on them carter cds and then he start switching up the flow talkin bout aliens and not makin sense thats cuz gillie took his pen and his pad from wayne im no wayne hater but any man who gets photographed kissing another man on the LIPS is homo even down to his lollipop no HOMO.

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