How I know Fiddy banged Taheezo

[Bol Note: I'd just like to point out that, while the post I published here about an hour ago was removed, this was the rare occasion - the only occasion, in fact - when a post was removed by yours truly. Come to find out I had a few facts, if not the overall gist of the thing, wrong. I know, who'd a thunkit?]

Sometimes I can’t tell if 50 Cent is making chess moves, or if he just enjoys fucking with people, and it works out in his favor more often than not.

Take for example the fact that Fiddy may or may not be banging Joe Budden’s ex, Taheezo. I’m assuming Fiddy hit that, because Taheezo is a sex worker by trade (well, she is), and already this year, Fiddy insinuated that he dropped a load on Rawse’s ex, Tia, his son’s mother, not to be confused with the one you can order out the back of the Florida equivalent of the Village Voice. If I had the means to pull such a stunt, I might consider tapping that myself, for the sake of journalism. I’d have to double bag it though. If Fiddy didn’t bother with it, who knows where it’s been?

Taheezo, at one point in time, was a stripper. Whether or not she routinely did something strange for some change would depend on the nature of the club where she performed. I happen to know, from having spent about half my life, on and off, listening to the Stern show, that strip clubs in New York aren’t fully nude, while at strip clubs in Philly, you can practically see a woman’s tonsils. (Feel free to correct me about this, if I’m wrong.) It could be that the further away from a cosmopolitan urban center you are, the luckier you’re allowed to get in a strip club. Google or someone should come up with a map that illustrates this. If any major research universities want to sponsor it, I’d be willing to put one together.

I could tell you from experience that in parts of Southern Illinois, you’re allowed to do pretty much anything other than give a stripper the Anthony Sowell treatment, but my house is kinda close to a school, and I know if I could find another place this nice (relatively speaking) where the mortgage is roughly comparable to the note on a Toyota Camry. And I’m certainly not about to do anything other than blog for a living. So, um, never mind.

But the club where Taheezo “worked” was probably in New Jersey, where Budden is from, and you don’t have to have ever visited New York to know that New Jersey is New York’s foul arm pit. I’ve seen enough episodes of the Sopranos (one in particular) to know how the employees of the Bada Bing were treated. Then there was the fact that Taheezo has already been with a number of rappers. Budden and Fabolous are the ones we know about, but obviously, if I’m a rapper, I’m not about to trust a woman who’s been with even one rapper before me. What are the odds?

So yeah, 50 Cent has almost certainly banged Taheezo. The questions is: why? Is this all part of some grand scheme to land him some ridonkulous future windfall, like Jay-Z’s plan to become part-owner of the Yankees, or does Fiddy just keep a list of rappers whose ex-girlfriends he could probably have sex with, and Taheezo’s name just happened to come up next?

With the “Baby By Me” video, I could see how casting Beyonce’s former Destiny’s Child groupmate Kelly Rowland would serve a purpose in his beef with Jay-Z, i.e. by suggesting that, “See, I’ve got enough money to buy one of the girls from Destiny’s Child, too, albeit one of the darker ones no one gives a shit about.” I’m assuming Fiddy didn’t do anything other than pose with her in the video, but who knows? You know these black women’s natural (perhaps understandable) inferiority complex. She wouldn’t have bothered with the Fiddy video, if she didn’t, at least on a subconscious level, feel jealous of Beyonce. It’s not like she needs the money. I’ve she’s still big in Europe, where they don’t have as strong an ability to discern. She may have been flattered that 50 Cent would even be interested in having sex with her.

Taheezo is different, in that who gives a shit about Joe Budden? I explain shit for a living, and I’m at a loss for how they’re gonna go about explaining who Joe Budden is and why it’s amusing that Fiddy is suggesting that he’s been with his girlfriend, in this video. They might have to spell it out in plain English, in a ticker at the bottom of the screen. Then there’s the fact that Budden was supposedly signing with Shady/Aftermath, which would actually make Budden and Fiddy labelmates. How awkward would that be, now that Fiddy has followed Budden down the path of least resistance?

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    I’d fuck her!

    • HNIC


  • DetroitDraper

    Damn Bol…Does anyone know where I can read that lost one on Jay and Fiddy?


  • sealsaa


    About two weeks ago, Budden posted a video on the web explaining how lame it is to diss Jay-Z, which some took as a diss to Beanie Sigel(made evident by a video currently posted on worldstar featuring Mike Knox of G-Unit Philly going at Budden). Perhaps Fiddy banged Taheezo in an effort to ether Budden, while showing Beans the meaning of unity. Or, perhaps he has an affinity for tank-asses. I can’t call it.

  • General

    I don’t know what 50 hopes to accomplish with this. I know he had beef with Budden at one point, but I would hardly call this a chess move by 50. In the end I doubt if Budden’s really gives a shit other than maybe to laugh at 50 tryin to hit the broad he just kicked to the curb and had cryin a few weeks back…

    Really it makes 50 look kinda sad since the only women he’s ever seen wit are ones that have been passed on by everybody else. I’m really beginning to believe that he may actually be the gayest rapper in the industry, even more so than Kanye

  • broad street bully

    Or maybe just maybe he banged her because she’s freakin sexy as hell……just a thought

  • http://xxl All Dae

    50 just wants to get some azz. not much of a diss seeing how Budden had that. Nia was more of a diss cause she a baby mama and put Ross on blast for cash.
    For Buddens x hoe 50 may have just waived money and hit the skins.

  • Mitch

    -”I’ve she’s still big in Europe,”

    Editor, call on line 1.

  • alderman j

    Its his EX right? How does that count as a diss?? Unless FIF and BUDDEN were homies, how does smashing his EX constitute a diss. Yall some sucker for love ass niggas if you would break up with a chick and then give a damn what she was doing with the next nigga, UNLESS its ya homie! Then i could see how this could be foul, but you expect niggas you dont know to do what ever!

  • beaver


    i was wonderin y kelly was in dat vidro..i thinkk 50 hittin dat shit 2..ha but fuckk it..ha joe shouldnt get madd at dis..
    shes a hoe..wat else do u expect fromm them..? love? not at all..

  • gift

    I don’t see a problem w/this at all. I find it funny because I think 50 does do shit to fuck w/people. Budden shouldn’t trip on this shit cuz it would be quite simp like if he did. If someone I knew of but did not know like that, had a broad that bad, I’d fuck that too. HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    She’s a free agent right? She can top off whoever she wants. And if Fif smashed, good for him. There’s a line of dudes who spend chips waiting for that ass. Literally.

    Portland, Oregon has more strip clubs per capita then any other city in US…a mom to a strip club…an after effect of the early Japan/China port trade.

    • BIGNAT

      you learn something new everyday good shit mccain

  • WestPhillyPolo

    Being from Philly, I can tell you that you can see and basically do anything that you want in the strip clubs(especially the grimy ones). When I used to go(I ain’t giving them chicks no more dough lol), I found out Ny and Nj even Atl clubs, that you couldn’t do the same things. You couldn’t even touch the broads. I don’t go anymore, but know many that do, and it’s still the same shit. Ad long as you got the bread.

  • anutha_level

    yet MORE girly-mouth, nail-shop gossip shit.

    ….who gives a fuck about who fucked who?

  • JM

    what makes you think NO ONE GIVES A SHYT about kelly because she’s darker…she’s always been DOPE. See the way i see it is not that 50′s sayin “i can buy a destiny child member too,” but the underdog always wins and in the destiny childs situation, Kelly Rowland is the underdawg…always in the shade of Beyonce and Now having her time to Shine in Europe with her own fans who love her and hey let her make a few more hits and that bytch will be on top!! Same thing with Tahiry…Joe budden used her to make his views go through the ceiling and then tried to DISS tahiry…personally i think shes really “regular” style and personality wise but hey in this case, she is the underdawg and now 50 will add to that come up by even taking a pic with her, same for Rick Ross’ baby mother, Ross shytted hard on his baby mother and 50 went and snatched up the underdawg baby mother to help her to create a book and a situation for herself to make money and throw it in the TOP DAWGG’S FACE!! I do NOT believe that 50cent has slept with any of the females truthfully because you need to understand 50 is a new breed he dont need none of their pussy’s TRUST ME- he can go buy him a 10 star chick, but as u said he’s playin chess, yes…he didnt sell his soul to the devil and hes doing fkkkn AWESOME!! “HATE IT OR LOVE IT, THE UNDERDOG’S ON TOP AND IM GOING SHINE UNTIL I HEAR MY HEART STOP GO HEAD AND ENVY ME, IM RAP’S MVP…” 50′S WORDS. 50′s a Genuis and all he’s doing is EXPOSING each of these individuals who are obviously FAKE MUTHAFKKKAS to the fullest extent so if that means take a pic wit ya baby momma to cause you to get a ulcer in ya stomache from hating …thats what 50′s going to do!! its DEEPER THAN RAP- only real shyt ross ever said- and this is coming from a female who thinks BIG- so to 50!! i love you my nigga!! lets gooo!!!

    • valdez

      ^^ ur delusional if u think 50 ain’t sold his soul.

  • that nigga

    Taheezo is different, in that who gives a shit about Joe Budden?

    Obviously you and 50 do!!!??? Lame post, Bol.

  • Brooklyn

    i know you not into sisters, but have you seen that bitch’s ass? shit, any straight nigga would fuck that bitch, and kelly rowland too. niggas used to disagree with me when i said this, but i always thought kelly was the finest chick in destiny’s child.

    • BIGNAT

      i am with you on that because she was very pretty for a dark skinned women. i have not met many dark skinned women that look as fine as she does. i am talking about her face

    • chillin mayne


  • Tony Grands

    Somehow, I doubt Curtis is really concerned with Budden. If he’s boning Tahiry, it’s because most heterosexual males would if they could, too.

    & he could’ve gotten the broad that plays Laura Winslow for a cheaper price than what I’m sure he paid Kelly Rowland, so yeah, he’s probably tapping that as well.

  • Omar

    XXL needs to either fire this dude or stop deleting his shit.

  • latino heat

    what actually started the 50 / Taheezo rumor in the 1st place?

    and if 50 is really hitting it then cosign everybody that said he’s doing it cause shes a bad bitch. just look at her. who actually needs an ulterior motive to hit that?

  • VonnieVonn65

    Lets ponder this for a second….

    The only girl you know that 50 cent hit was his baby’s mom and Vivica Fox which he used her as a tool to gain publicity for his Assacre…remember at the time she was very hot in the movie industry…making movies left and right…then he suddenly without any warning gets rid of her…

    He never was with Ciara, he aint fucking Mia or Tahiry….

    If you ask me he’s never really been linked with a love interest but his baby’s mother.

    So in my conclusion I really do think this nigga’s gay…I mean come on why havent he had a woman in all these years…not one fucking woman can you link him to have fugged with…

    He only using Kelly in that video as to get at Jayz and BEYONCE he aint thinking about her…just like he aint SIGN Beanie Sigel…this nigga just plays every avenue of every situation to gain some interest for his album…

    and as usual you stupid dumb mother fuckers licks it up like a hungry cat…an idiot can see through this not so smart mother fucker!!! He gives you all your thoughts for the day the same way he told you all to HATE JaRule for singing and he has done nothing but make the same records but worst…JaRule was good at what he did!!!!!! He HATES on everyone that has a buzz and making great music…the only person he didnt HATE on that was hot with the KIDS was SOUJAH BOY..and at the time when he co-signed him he was dropping his ugly CURTIS album and thought he could steal some of his fans by saying he a fan of his music…when quite frankly he couldnt give a dayum really! Besides he’s on the same label! LOL If you niggas only had a brain…..


    • Brooklyn

      he fucked that bitch from “the source”, kim osorio, back when 50 and benzino was beefing, she admitted to fucking with him.

      • VonnieVonn65

        So he used the girl at the source to get at Benzino…fucking with and fucking him are 2 different things! Hmmmmmm

        Oh yeah I meant GRODT he fugged with during that time….he used 9 shots and Vivica Fox to get the public interests in his actual project….knowing he only got shot at 9 times….

        Even MTV wrote….

        His last high-profile relationship was with actress Vivica A. Fox; since then, he hasn’t been publicly linked to any other women. … 50 and Fox parted ways shortly after showing up together at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

        • Brooklyn

          aight, let me clarify. he “fucked” her several times, and it turns out he did it before em and benzino was beefing. but the point is, just because you haven’t seen him with a bitch doesn’t mean that he’s not fucking bitches. and for the record, it’s usually the insecure niggas that go around showing off their women because they feel some kind of boost in confidence by having people look at their women, i.e. kanye west. most niggas don’t have to show off their women to justify their sexuality, as long as i know i’m getting pussy, why do i care whether you think i’m getting pussy or not?

        • vonnievonn65

          Ok you win Brooklyn, I guess the girl he’s with dont mind being his closet hoe…because I’m a female and I know if I was with this nigga we aint gotta go around announcing we together but we dayum sure will be going on trips, going out to dinner and going to some award shows or somewhere other then being stuck in that Connecticut Mansion of his…what woman you got that stays the fuck in the house…..just like I said be fore this Nigga is gay…he only shows off the girls he aint fucking HUH? if you theory is correct….

          DUMB ASSES forever falling for this niggas gimmicks…I cant believe its that many dumb asses alive in this world…only believes what someone tells him to be true…get a mind of your own fuck faces!

    • Tony Grands

      Not really knowing another man’s sexual conquests>>>>>being able to give a detailed account of who he hasn’t had sex with

    • macdatruest

      Man niggas know Fiddy gay who you think Gangstalicious was on The Boondocks??? Member he kept gettin shot haha that shit was funny. Anyway… The modified candy stripe wife beaters, the sex toys, that nigga gay. I be thinkin the same shit about him wit these hoes, nigga got money rather play dress up and (ahem) “ruin careers” than get the baddest bitch evar and shut the fuck up. He dont even rap he do rap related shit and he always in tough guy mode, thats what else make me think he gay. He like conflict too much, like a girl like gossip girl dude did say he grew up confused though on hate it or love it.

      I dont know if he tryna piggy back joe budden’s buzz or what he doin but I think that nigga more likely a closet homo than a player type nigga. He do dress like a fuckin 8th grader and dont no ho wanna sit up and listen to no man talk about his self, unless he payin they ass. Oh yea he is payin they ass. Damn ruined my career…

    • latino heat

      @ VonnieVon

      50 was with Vivica Fox not long after GRODT dropped. and i am almost positive they were done long before The Massacre came out. so how exactly was 50 using Vivica to promote The Massacre?

    • Tezzy

      Or maybe just maybe He can not be a lame ass nigga who gotta announce who he fucking but I see you a lame ass nigga for worrying about who he fucking

  • http://xxlmag jb

    Kelly is no Beyonce. lol

  • Notorious AGC

    where can i see a picture of this “tank ass” taheezo??

  • BOSS D.R.E.

    “And you don’t have to have ever visited New York to know that New Jersey is New York’s foul arm pit”.

    Boi, fuck you!