Conversating With My Brother

“Listen, it’s not a diss record… It’s a real record and it’s just me talking to my brother because I still got love for the brother and I told y’all, if y’all listen to the whole record, this ain’t the green light for dudes to just start jumping out the booth thinking they can come after Hov and all that. No, I’m far from a hater but it’s just me conversating with my brother the only way that I can conversate with him and letting my feelings out… I’m not dissing Jay-Z, I’m not hating on Jay-Z because of the position he’s in or where he’s going, I’m just saying, when you a team and you a crew and you a squad and you grew from the ground up, you don’t just leave your people hanging in the wind.”

-Beanie Sigel, Truth DVD via

For starters, a diss track that’s not a diss track is not a conversation with your brother. It’s a conversation with everyone but. If you try to establish contact with your brother and it’s not reciprocated, maybe the nigga doesn’t want to talk to you. That part of it is outside of one’s control. You can’t lure or force someone into a conversation with aggressively passive-aggressive lyrics for the public.

You can, however, lure the public into yet another senseless drama on wax.

[Blogger’s Note: Conversate is not a word. Trust me. I’m a professional.]

I don’t know anything about what Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z’s relationship is like, so I don’t have any comment regarding who’s right or wrong in terms of how they treat each other. In fact, that’s not really any of our places. That’s more private, closed door, grown man shit. Maybe Jay-Z just doesn’t want to talk to Beans anymore. Not that it’s ever happened to me, but let’s say completely hypothetically, you get a chick’s number and go on a series of dates. Fuck. Let’s say you’ve been kickin it hard for months. You call to hang out one weekend and get your personalized Ne-Yo ringback music into her voicemail. A few days pass and you call a second time, leaving another ignored message. You keep it moving. Don’t go out to the Wild Wings you met her at and wail lamentations into a megaphone. Don’t stalk her. Move on with your life. Pick up the pieces of your broken heart.

Beans also can’t just make a record firing shots at Jay-Z and tell everyone else not to follow his example at the end. That sounds like the logic of a nigga who does all kinds of foul shit in front of his kids then tells them to do as he says, not as he does.

As a music lover, I don’t give a fuck about what two grown men need to discuss behind closed doors. I’d be much more interested in Beanie Sigel making another good album than being his relationship counselor. Aspiring rapsters, take note. That’s all you’re asking of fans when you say a song like this is conversation to a brother, yet submitted for public approval. If music is the only or best way Beans can communicate his thoughts and feelings he should have sent a CD to Jay-Z’s home or office instead of XXL and Rerrlstar.

I respect Beanie Sigel’s artistic right to use music as therapy. I also respect his right to share it. He may be 100% justified in feeling that he’s been wronged. He may be 100% off base. The holes and inconsistencies in his argument are another blog altogether. Maybe I’ll expand on this week’s podcast. However, I can’t accept Sigel’s insistence that a song such as “Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout”—or “Not Your Average Cat” or whatever it’s called—is merely communication to Jay-Z, especially when Jay might have been the last person to hear it.

Actually, I think I might have been the last person to hear it. But, still. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

Questions? Comments? Requests? This ain’t a diss blog. It’s just a conversation with my brother, Beans.

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  • Victoria Page

    I read Jay-Z’s response to Bean’s open letter and to paraphrase, basically Bean’s acted mad niggerish with the opportunities that he was given. That isn’t Jay-z’s fault. At times we can have a large part in our own downfall.

  • Detroit P

    Complaining about some extra shit that another man didn’t do for you, that was not promised to you=Fail everytime

    More importantly, Dissing the person that didnt do something for you, while neglecting to diss the person who you say STOLE MILLIONS from you (Damon Dash)….now that just looks bad.

    Moral Of the Story: When niggas start fallin, they reach up and grab on to whoever they can.

  • Brittany

    “‘Conversate’ is not a word.” So true. It’s Converse, spelled like the sneaker, with the emphasis on verse. I love you Ron. You’re the man.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    So basically scrutinize & denounce the reaction and sweep under the rug the action.

    Bernie Madoff got caught because some of those people that were affected by his actions spoke up, they put him on blast. They didn’t “just keep it moving” when they got robbed. And they weren’t diplomatic about it either.

    Ma$e finally got his release after all of those years by running up on Puff, no longer being diplomatic or “just keep it moving”, putting Puff in an “on blast” situation.

    Senior citizens are fleeced constantly of their savings & homes because of shrewd business they usually have no idea of. Should they “just keep it moving”?

    Or is it because Beans is an ex-con street thug who was in a position to make more $ than the average African-American “rapping” that he should just STFU and “keep it moving”.

    I’m not misinformed about what was said, I’m pointing out the double standards we impose on ourselves.

    That man has a right to air out his grievances like anyone else. Even if it falls on deaf ears.

    • Shawty J

      Ron wasn’t criticizing Beans for dissing Jay, he’s criticizing Beans for lying about dissing Jay and giving a weak explanation for it.

  • latino heat

    people outgrow each other. it’s part of life. not just in relationships but friends too. Jay-Z is on some grown man shit and getting paid. jay tried to set Beans up several times. Beans chose to get caught up with bullshit drug charges and shit like that. that’s not Jay’s fault. Beans became a liability to Jay. Jay is building an empire. so no he don’t have time to come visit you in jail. it’s not like he’s at home with his dick in his hand and just has all this free time to come see you while your locked up for some dumb shit that you shouldn’t have been doing in the 1st place.

    i got a homie right now that i got so much love for and i really miss kickin it with him cause he was my right hand man for years. but i don’t come around him no more cause he just wants to be a alcoholic. by 1 p.m. everyday he’s wasted. and it’s just sad to see. we tried to get him help but he don’t want it. when he calls my phone i usually don’t answer cause the convo goes nowhere. i’m sure this is kind of the same way Jay feels about Beans. you can’t help people that don’t want to help themselves.


      thats exactly what i was looking for. im going thru a lil something similar to that.

      homies aint helping me grow as a person. im trying to get my grown man on, & all niggaz want to do is hang out smoke weed (i burn all day everyday but, there are times when a nigga should be out trying to get to some paper instead of bs’n). so u try & distance yourself a lil bit (not completely, just around less). i think its similar to the Jay & Beans situation, kinda.

      im not taking Jay’s side @ all.

      OG’s SPEAK ON THIS!!! let me know something.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        XXL release my post!!!!

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Acknowledging to yourself that you need time to grow is a good thing.

        Ain’t nothing wrong with telling your homies you need space to get yourself together. You have a life to live that no one else but you can live. If they’re your true homies they will understand this. If you “just keep it moving”(no shots Mexx) and don’t speak to them or relate with them, no matter how important or unimportant you deem them, you create an energy(usually negative) b/c of your ways & actions.

        “This n*gga think he’s too good for us”. This is something a phone call, a lunch date, bar tab, even a f***ing card can diffuse. “Most” people want to see others do good. It’s the way some start acting WHEN they do good is the issue.

        There’s a big difference between getting your sh*t 2gether for you to benefit & sh*tting on people for your benefit.

        Now if you gotta say to yourself why should you even care about the next man or it’s all yours, you worked for it, you should be by yourself. Expect the hate. Because believe me there was someone around that helped you, believed in you, supported your vision. No one has done/did anything by themselves. We have all had help/support one way or the other.

        And those people deserve to be acknowledged, even for a couple of minutes. It could easily be the other way around. How would you feel then?

        Treat people the way you wanna be treated.


          “If you “just keep it moving”(no shots Mexx) and don’t speak to them or relate with them, no matter how important or unimportant you deem them, you create an energy(usually negative) b/c of your ways & actions.”
          ^^now, i get you. that shit helped ya boy out A LOT. preciate that $yk.

      • Tony Grands

        @SOUTHSIDE A

        I think every dude comes to that point of a crossroad, when you can’t deny your feelings or subdue them with smoke & drank.

        What seperates cats, though, is how they deal with that decision. Keep in mind, without forward motion, there’s only stagnation. The biggest disservice one can do to themselves is to deny self-betterment. It’s like, once you recognize there’s more to this shit, you almost have to expand, feel me?

        A lot of cats don’t come to that conclusion of their own valition. I had to almost die in order to see the forest. That’s not to say I completely separated myself from my homies, on the contrary, they saw me changing, & they began to distance themselves on their own. No love lost, it was just time for me to finish that chapter & start the next. Those that truly understand still fuck with me. Those that don’t holler & I holler back, but thats the extent.

        Do you, fam. You’re all you really have when it’s all said & done.


        I see you down there. Touche.


          thats some knowledge for yo ass. i just had to get ya’ll opinion on this. i couldn’t have gotten any better advice ANYWHERE. im gonna reflect on this, now. good looking out Grands.

    • btb

      “Jay-Z is on some grown man shit and getting paid. jay tried to set Beans up several times. Beans chose to get caught up with bullshit drug charges and shit like that. that’s not Jay’s fault. Beans became a liability to Jay. Jay is building an empire. so no he don’t have time to come visit you in jail. it’s not like he’s at home with his dick in his hand and just has all this free time to come see you while your locked up for some dumb shit that you shouldn’t have been doing in the 1st place.”

      this has been pointed out before, but like it or not, that “bullshit” was what gave jay-z the credibility he needed just to survive at that point in his career as a rapper trying to build an image of someone that actually “runs the streets”

      whether jay realizes it or not he does owe beans more. it would be an overstatement to say that he owes his career to beans but thats not too far from the truth. apparently he blocked Beans from signing to g-unit, whether that would be a good look is up for debate but jay at least owes him that.

  • sealsaa

    @ Detroit P

    FYI, Beans has an album coming out soon, and dissing a bum-ass nigga like Dame Dash isn’t exactly going to turn heads. And really, thats what this is all about. Like I said in Bol’s post last week, as was the case with Foxy Brown, Beans pissed his opportunities away, and expected career support from Jay, which he didn’t get. Jay said it best in XXL. When people bitch about him, its always what he hasn’t done FOR them, as opposed to anything he’s done TO them.

    I think its hilarious how 50 Cent has decided to jump in and use this situation to further bait Jay into a beef(in order to sell his ridunkuolously pushed back album). I wonder how this predictable strategy will work with a guy like Jay who, doesn’t typically respond to people’s shit talking.

  • Ron Mexico

    let me conversate with you brothers.

    as i mentioned in the blog, this is not about who did who wrong. it’s about the effectiveness of sigel’s chosen means of communication. he is claiming this is a way to speak to jay-z, when it’s really just a way to speak to the people. they are not one and the same.


    being the victim of a crime and going to the police is not comparable to releasing a diss record/open letter to anyone who may or may not listen.

    mase did not get that release by speaking up or showing force. i wouldn’t be surprised if that event were a publicity stunt. how many years had mase been begging for a release? you mean to say that all he had to do since 1999 was show up somewhere puff was chilling? in both mase and beanie’s cases, you don’t get released from contracts by asking. the contract holder needs to have a business-related reason to dissolve a contract, homies or not.

    senior citizens’ money? what? huh?

    you’re suggesting that i think he shouldn’t get paid well because he’s a black ex-con? are you serious, man?

    again, this piece isn’t about what beanie may or may not deserve. not at all. but if such were the discussion, a half-assed diss track definitely wouldn’t be the way to handle it.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Mexx I created the devil’s advocate not to punch holes in you’re blog.

      Beans is not the brightest bulb when it comes to handling business, but he knows something that I think we should address instead of HOW he’s handling/addressing his own issues.

      I agree a conversation/diss song ain’t gonna cut it.

      But with Charlamagne getting fired over this, we need to take a different stance on what’s really going on with this situation.

  • yeah man

    i don’t know about y’all but the main thing I heard on that was that jay called the cops on beans. a man inform on you, you have the right to air him out anyway you choose. to me, this was the healthiest way to do it and it aint like the rhyme was wack. i will admit to not listening all the way through the talk at the end. but a beans/jay battle would be no musical let down i’m guessing.

  • gift

    I feel like Beans could have did this in a more “family orientated” way. He should have tried to reach out directly to hov in private. (not a concert date in philly). Now if hov did not respond, then the track comes. Beans may have a point, but then again, it makes you wonder if beans did some shit that wasn’t cool. if Bleek weak ass still getting bread from fuckin wit jay, then why wouldn’t Beans?
    Another question….did Jay try to keep Beans from leaving the Roc because nobody else wanted to fuck w/Beans? maybe they got wind of just how “hood” it gets w/Beans and didn’t want that headache. Nobody really knows but those two gentleman involved, and hopefully if this does become full-blown beef, it stays on wax. The game don’t need no more losses.

    • that nigga

      @ Gift, you ever call the cops on anyone in your family? And Jay kept beans from signing to G Unit. And Bleek grew up in Marcy, not Philly and he sucks Jay off thats why he still cakin’. So, how could you keep somone from leaving cuz nobody else wants to sign him? Dont understand what you mean by that?? Jay is just a user, use everyone for certain situation/beefs. Had the whole ROC beefin’ wit niggas that coulda been straight up one on one’s between Jay an whoever. But he was scared to get Ethered and he did and he even more scared now.

      Lets think about this:

      (1) Had Cam & Jum beefin wit Nas
      (2) Had State P beefin wit D Block
      (3) Had Tru Life beefin wit Cam & Jim
      (4) Had State P beefin wit Nas
      (5) Had Bleek beefin wit Jaz O

      Im gonna stop, I can go on homie. Hes a foul brother. Im just glad not to know him.


    Fuck that Jay z is bogus!

  • Shawty J

    Beans can make all the garbage ass diss records he wants, but he should at least be man enough to admit that it was just that a diss record.

    • Chilly Willy

      I think the whole “this ain’t a diss song, it’s just a real song” thing is just a reference to Jay’s “Lost Ones” verse about Dame.

      Just my 2 cent.

  • Brooklyn

    if beans needed to get something off his chest to hov, he should have done that in private, not made a record for the world to hear. because whether or not it was intended as a diss, you make a record where you criticize a nigga, and it’s gonna be percieved as a threat. and i agree with shawty j, if you’re gonna make a diss record, at least have the balls to say that it’s a diss record.

  • missThePoint

    I hear what is being said. Sure his explanation for why he did the record and released it is a bit suspect but it is the music business we are talking about. Of course he has other motives. This whole do it in private stuff is just unrealistic when it comes to two well known hip hop artists. It just doesn’t go down like that to begin with. That is not how it is in Hip Hop.

    However, I think his main reason for even doing this is that he was seriously hurt that Jay-Z would actually call the cops or feds etc to have him removed from the show as if he was a threat of some kind to Jay-Z. That’s a huge slap in the face.

    If I had business dealings with a man for years as well as some sort of friendship. Even though we no longer speak I am not expecting dude to call the cops on me for my mere presence at an event he is doing. Unless of course, the relationship soured to the point of some kind of altercation which I doubt is the case as that would have been all over the internet years ago.

    If you consider that most of what Beans is talking about happened many years ago now he has held his tongue pretty long.

    The inner workings of the industry are heavy at play here and if Beans truly airs out all the details as to what he is getting at people will mos def feel his side of this thing cuz Jay-Z response works well for people who don’t understand the music industry and only see what is on the surface. All the things Jay-Z is saying he gave Beans on the surface sound great but if one were to see the actual contracts and how the money really flowing etc the picture would probably look very different.

    Oh well it is still entertaining lol.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      And I C U miss.

      Good read. Also good to have a female in the midst.

      Stick around if you can.


  • Tony Grands

    Beans is an emotional dude. I truly don’t think a diss record was his intention, per se. I think he got wrapped up in hurt feelings & had to vent it (had being the operable word). & let’s face it, I don’t doubt that Beanie could’ve easily walked up & fired on Jigga if he chose to.

    Now, the next step is how can Jay avoid this turning into some “rap war”, which the culture doesn’t need. I’ve always given Beans credit for being adamant & sincere, & I don’t even know him personally, so I can only imagine what Jay knows about the actual man behind the Hip Hop persona.

    If I were Jay, this would be something worth looking into, beyond back & forth diss raps or disrespecting one another in a public forum. Acknowledgment & apology go a lot further than most folks seem to realize nowadays.

    Aggressive action isn’t always based in total anger, & there’s always the off chance that this really was Beans’ way of reaching out, simply because he doesn’t seem like the type that was raised in a house where they had family meetings in the dining room.

    With all that said, Jay’s proven to be a douche nozzle regardless, & J. Cole better educate himself on his position.

    • btb

      i don’t really understand how you can say that the “culture doesn’t need a rap war”… obviously we dont want anyone gettin shot or messed up but beef has always been a part of the culture. it make a motherf***er stronger and preserves that competitive element that keeps the game fresh.

      just look at, well, the game.

      • Tony Grands

        **btb says: i don’t really understand how you can say that the “culture doesn’t need a rap war”… obviously we dont want anyone gettin shot or messed up but…**

        ^^^^^So apparently you do understand what I meant. Notice my usage of the word “war”, as opposed to terms like “healthy competition” or “entertaining beef”.

        • btb

          well yeah but nobody getting shot behind this. jay-z runs too deep with the feds.

  • sealsaa

    @ $yk

    “But with Charlamagne getting fired over this, we need to take a different stance on what’s really going on with this situation.”

    Really? That’s the first i’ve heard of this. That’s pretty shady. You have a link?

  • sealsaa

    Never mind, I see the link. Damn, those TI’s work fast…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine


      Solidifying my stance where I’m stating 4get Beans’ “heart on the sleeve” moment & peep how this Jay cat gets down.

      Regardless what one will say he was fired because he let Beans talk. No one else has(them Talk DVD dudes don’t count) & after this they most likely won’t.

      @ Grands

      Our discussion last nite coming to fruition???

      • FlapJack

        I’m pretty sure Charlemagne just took that shit and ran with it. He’s just making the most of the situation.

        My guess is Beans will be pretty much everywhere by tomorrow.

        But if Hov really is going in like that, he must have struck a nerve.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          “My guess is Beans will be pretty much everywhere by tomorrow.”

          Just told my homie I smell a thisis50 interview…Curtis has been talking Sigel’s name for days now.

          “But if Hov really is going in like that, he must have struck a nerve.”

          He was a lil’ snippy in that reply video.

          Wonder what ‘Ye thinks about all of this…son always took up for Beans…& went away at the right time huh?

        • FlapJack

          I hope Fif takes him furcoat-shopping

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine


          I’ma burn 1 4 all y’all & sip a PUMPKIN ALE(actually tastes good).


  • newyawka631

    Did you cats remember when Beans dissed Kanye calling him gay,i think he said the same about Skateboard P,but then he back tracked on it,saying something like,i didn’t mean that and i’m looking for Kanye for beatz…I keep telling u faggotz about ya tight attire….

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Flap where you at?

    Yo did anyone hear the Fif interview w/Beans?

    Son is blowing holes in Jay’s rebuttal.

    Link is on XXL home page. It’s time to accept the truth people. About all of this.

  • UNITURNZ2000

    BEANIE SIGEL was PAID to go into those wars with those other artist. U think if he wasn’t getting paid off the ROC he would b dissing people for Jay-z, NO. I’m pretty sure he got rewarded handsomely for going to war, maybe one of those bentleys Jay was talking about. Bosses hire gunners and that’s wat State Property was, his Army. Everybody has a job and a use in this world. Once ur not needed anymore ur disposed of. That’s how it works.