"Listen, it's not a diss record… It's a real record and it's just me talking to my brother because I still got love for the brother and I told y'all, if y'all listen to the whole record, this ain't the green light for dudes to just start jumping out the booth thinking they can come after Hov and all that. No, I'm far from a hater but it's just me conversating with my brother the only way that I can conversate with him and letting my feelings out... I'm not dissing Jay-Z, I'm not hating on Jay-Z because of the position he's in or where he's going, I'm just saying, when you a team and you a crew and you a squad and you grew from the ground up, you don't just leave your people hanging in the wind."

-Beanie Sigel, Truth DVD via SOHH.com

For starters, a diss track that’s not a diss track is not a conversation with your brother. It’s a conversation with everyone but. If you try to establish contact with your brother and it’s not reciprocated, maybe the nigga doesn’t want to talk to you. That part of it is outside of one’s control. You can’t lure or force someone into a conversation with aggressively passive-aggressive lyrics for the public.

You can, however, lure the public into yet another senseless drama on wax.

[Blogger’s Note: Conversate is not a word. Trust me. I’m a professional.]

I don’t know anything about what Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z’s relationship is like, so I don’t have any comment regarding who’s right or wrong in terms of how they treat each other. In fact, that’s not really any of our places. That’s more private, closed door, grown man shit. Maybe Jay-Z just doesn’t want to talk to Beans anymore. Not that it’s ever happened to me, but let's say completely hypothetically, you get a chick’s number and go on a series of dates. Fuck. Let's say you've been kickin it hard for months. You call to hang out one weekend and get your personalized Ne-Yo ringback music into her voicemail. A few days pass and you call a second time, leaving another ignored message. You keep it moving. Don’t go out to the Wild Wings you met her at and wail lamentations into a megaphone. Don’t stalk her. Move on with your life. Pick up the pieces of your broken heart.

Beans also can’t just make a record firing shots at Jay-Z and tell everyone else not to follow his example at the end. That sounds like the logic of a nigga who does all kinds of foul shit in front of his kids then tells them to do as he says, not as he does.

As a music lover, I don’t give a fuck about what two grown men need to discuss behind closed doors. I’d be much more interested in Beanie Sigel making another good album than being his relationship counselor. Aspiring rapsters, take note. That’s all you’re asking of fans when you say a song like this is conversation to a brother, yet submitted for public approval. If music is the only or best way Beans can communicate his thoughts and feelings he should have sent a CD to Jay-Z’s home or office instead of XXL and Rerrlstar.

I respect Beanie Sigel’s artistic right to use music as therapy. I also respect his right to share it. He may be 100% justified in feeling that he’s been wronged. He may be 100% off base. The holes and inconsistencies in his argument are another blog altogether. Maybe I'll expand on this week's podcast. However, I can’t accept Sigel’s insistence that a song such as “Whatchu Talkin’ ‘Bout”—or “Not Your Average Cat” or whatever it’s called—is merely communication to Jay-Z, especially when Jay might have been the last person to hear it.

Actually, I think I might have been the last person to hear it. But, still. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Questions? Comments? Requests? This ain’t a diss blog. It’s just a conversation with my brother, Beans. ron@ronmexicocity.com