Beans Lost

I’m sure you’ve heard the freestyle Beanie Sigel dropped this weekend entitled How  I Could Kill Jigga Man. Beans spits a couple of bars over Cypress Hill’s classic How I Could Just Kill A Man beat. On it, Beans goes in, and no doubt spits some fiery ish. Towards the end of the track, Beans talks some more heartfelt slang, relying on his numerous usage of the word “boy” to accentuate his point. To a lesser man, this fresstyle might could have done some serious damage. Against Jay-Z, not so much.

New York Yankees Jay is so on top of the food chain as America’s favorite rapper that it’ll take more than a dope song (What You Talkin Bout) and the above-referenced freestyle to do him real damage. The arsenal one needs to include in their back pack before firing shots Jiggaman’s way might include:

1. An event. Eveytime Jay-Z drops anything, it’s an event. No matter how much any of us talk about how “Jay ain’t spittin’ it hot no more”, you and I know when dude drops, we’s all glued up on the blogs, websites, radios, tv screens and what not. If I’m lyiin’, I’m dyin’. Beanie Sigel dropping a freestyle is so 2001 compared to where Jay and his career are at this day and time. Long and short, as gossip worthy as Beans going at Jay is, it’s not as much of an event.

2. An epic song. Takeover was epic. Ether was epic. The Bridge Is Over, epic. Dre Day, epic. What You Talkin Bout, dope. Epic > Dope.

3. Public Sympathy. With Jay-Z being the undisputed champ of this rap thing and Beans the underdog, Sigel needs a whole gang of public sympathy on his side to sway the millions of Jay fans his way. Back when Nas and Jay had their thing, even though Jay was considered the champ, fans felt for Nas as the underdog. For many reasons. Many felt Jay snuck attacked first with Takeover (not true). Plus, Nas was going through a lotta shit, what with his mom’s passing, his baby momma having been called out for her seemingly unloyal indiscretions, Nas having an image as being more on a righteous path than most his peers. Then, some of us were rooting for the underdog that was Nas. Beans no doubt is the underdog, but I’m not really sure if he has the public on the whole rooting for him to win this battle.

4. A contender of similar stature. Back when MC Shan got dusted off by KRS-One, or when Ja Rule got wiped off the face of the map by 50, the issue of stature wasn’t really an issue. The nature of the attacks leveled were magnificent in themselves. Although on top, Shan and Ja were no way on the level that Jay is. Label me a Stan or whatever, but no one can argue that where Jay stands today isn’t on some rap legend ish. Almost anyone going at dude would seem to be a hater. Haters seldom win. Back in 2001, even though many viewed Jay as being the top dog, many saw Nas as an equal or even a superior contender (lyrics, legacy of the flawless “Illmatic”). Beans no doubt is a beast on the mic, but as far as weight class goes, he’s severely outclassed by Jay on so many different levels.

5. Self sabotage. Image is everything. Perception is reality. What killed Jay in his historic beef against Nasir Jones wasn’t just the sheer force that was Ether, it was also, to some, how Jay kilt himself on how low he stooped when he fired off Super Ugly against Queens Bridge’s finest. Calling out Carmen Bryant, Nas’ baby momma as a slore, describing how he left condoms on Nas’ daughter’s baby seat was a bit too far, said song causing Jay to lose favor in many a fan’s eyes. Right now, regardless as to whether we feel “Blueprint 3” is sub par or not, Jay-Z stays winning. He’s at a point right now where the only thing that might work against him is himself. Something along the lines of him Chris Browning Beyonce would kill his rep, and add points to whomever was standing on the other side.

There’s more factors to be added when it comes to killing Jiggaman, the ones above are just a few. But with that being said, things aren’t looking too good for the Broad Street Bully at this point. Still, it’s not over yet. Anything can happen. The way I look at it though, there’s only one contender standing across the ring who fits comfortably in Jay-Z’s weight class. That person being 50 Cent. I know, I’ve been going on about the possibility of an official Jay-Z/50 Cent battle for some time now. I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record.

But I ain’t the only one talking this:

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  • woohooo

    first suckers!!!!

  • Lunatikstwocents

    the only thing that would suck about a 50 vs Jay-z battle is that 50 isnt actually that lyrical, so to me that makes it a wack battle unlike Nas Vs Jay-z which is ill because both were lyricist.

    • Combat Jack

      Yes, there’s no question that 50 is no way on Jay’s level as far as lyrics are concerned. But being that this all falls in the realm of entertainment, Boo Boo would pull out all stops to ensure victory. Not taking it away from the essence of emceeing, but if we the fans, or the rappers themselves looked at it solely from a lyrical perspective, we’d all lose. It’s all entertainment, and we would all be entertained. No?

  • dronkmunk

    This is good. More of these plz

    • Combat Jack

      My dude, I see you!

  • crooks

    with 50 about to catch that brick, he’s in no position to challenge jay..

    • Industry Advocate

      Wow…it took this far down the line for someone to say that!! So So very true! 50 killed himself with that album quality, weak singles, and Bricked Sales! If Jay dropped in 08 or 2010, the Brick wouldn’t really be a factor, but with him moving 475k just 2 months ago, you lost before you swung! Lyrically, 50′s no threat to half the cats he diss! But that’s here nor there with this generation of stans!

  • Technique

    I would love to see Beans “win.” And although he might have the lyrics, he doesn’t have the means to get great production behind his shit. Without someone comin in and really backing Beans hard, (not 50 using him) I don’t think he has what it’s gonna take to win against Jay.

    Now the 50-Jay battle would be the shit. Even if Jay won, which is who I would put my money on, best believe 50 would get up in that ass and make it interesting.

  • Casey

    Clearly this is just a warning shot. Not a very accurate shot, but a warning shot none the less.

  • Federal Ranga

    I hear you, CJ, but rap aint about what ya did, its about what you doing. Jiggaman, what have you done for us lately? (word to Janet)

    I dont get how people can keep saying Jay is untouchable or he’s past rap, on a whole other platform, as if he is THAT GREAT. Yeah, he got some classics under his belt and in SOME ways has helped the game progress to an extent, but it dont mean the nigga cant get got at. Ima risk sounding like a hater, but Jay is being a bitch by not responding to either Beans or 50.

    The nigga with nothing to lose ALWAYS beats the nigga with nothing to gain.

    Beans coulda been a mean ass nigga and just whooped Jigga on site (you know Jay aint no fighter) and IMO I believe Beans is seriously tryna keep it on wax. But fuck it, what do I know…..?

    I tell you what though, I hate a slow pace to the climax [||]. Somebody needs to and this shit.

    E12 up.

  • Technique

    By the way Combat Jack, good shit droppin this on a Sunday. Thats when i’m at work so i’m always happy when some new shit pops up unexpected.

  • JEZ

    What about Reakwon? If he wanted to that is, heh. I mean, he’s an underdog that still sold alot, he would have a whole clan to back him up. He is one of the sharpest on the mic in the game and is probably the only one who could get better beats than Jay. Plus, the Wu is still big among fans from all the spectrum. It would be dirty and not as entertaining as Jigga vs 50 but Rea could win it.

    • Chilly Willy

      Not a bad idea. Rae is the man. But if we talking battles, I’m gon’ have to give it to the most consistent of them all, the people’s champ, Ghost !

      A hiphop battle pay-per-view is a also a good idea. I don’t care who performs in it, if it’s to raise money for something worthwhile, then I ride with KRS braids. But he lost me with the “Yayo ain’t no joke” bullshit…must be the cocaine talkin…

      • JEZ

        Fair, but I’d rather see ea, backed up by ghost than the other way for some reason. Plus, with OB4CL2 Rea feels like the only rapper this year who could be considered more successful than Jay.

        • Sincere

          Rae is not battling anyone. Dude doesn’t even want it with Joey lyrically, so what would make you think that he’d hop in there with Hov. I agree with CJ if anybody’s going to get in there with Jay it has to be 50 he’s the only one close to the same weight class. Jay is Floyd right now and there I no Paquiao in sight.

  • BlackBoy

    This thing is also about longevity. Your insights, though valid right now, don’t take into account what could happen if Beans DOESN’T EVER STOP dropping these like he says. Think about what it would be like if we’re sitting here discussing Beans vs. Jay this time next year? Listening to him talk, he does seem to have more info on who Jay really is than anybody else who’s gone at him thus far.If he does just keeps nagging and nagging eventually he’ll start to make some noise and be harder and harder to ignore. Even the weakest acid corrodes over time.

    Think about it like he’s just picking up where Cam & Jimmy left off in 2006, I think he knows it will be a slow climb up, but if he’s going to take down Mt. Carter he ‘s gotta start somewhere…

    • Dash

      Nobody will take shawn carter down cos @ this point (and that goes for curtis jackson too) these guys are multi-millionaire and they don’t even have to rap to make a living…on the other hand these other guys throwing shots…damn they got a long way to go to see that type of money and be able to say i can afford to stop rapping when I want!
      Something that people fail to understand is that @ the end of the day, money gives you a sense of freedom so that you can do whatever you feel like doing…No one and i mean no one can force jay to respond to this bum-ass siegal! That’s where it stops…so that dude can keep throwing jabs all he wants and as long as he wants, Jay said it the best he’s “ALREADY HOME”.

      • BlackBoy

        …maybe not take him down, but do enough damage to his legacy enough to make Jay do some “damage control” and finally address everything Beans is saying. (i.e. Puff and the Lox’s contract situation)

        Not “get on Jay’s level”, but take him down a peg. The same thing happened with Game vs. G-Unit. 50 still survived, made EVEN MORE MONEY, but something was still lost. The Unit just wasn’t the same. Matter of fact, the whole SHADY/AFTERMATH/INTERSCOPE thing they were all under wasn’t the same. Game running his mouth relentlessly fucked up a LOT of money.

        Don’t ever make the mistake of saying “never”….

      • Gerv

        Word to Smiff & Wesson you a dick rider!!!!!!!!!!

        • Gerv

          I was talkin to the fake Dame Dash.

  • jay juggernaut

    i personally think it would take an ether like track to really prompt Hov to respond, these mixtape disses seem meaningless to him, and he is smart enough to know its only a ploy by FIF to bait him into battling him,especially now when his album sales need it so much. truthfully, beans is gonna have to step it up a really big notch to force his hand, otherwise tracks like these,however minorly entertaining, are useless. pretty soon, fif is gonna get bored with him, and wipe his hands of him,sad to say..

  • Thomas

    Another good post. I posted elsewhere on this subject stating Beans needs to drop the “Ether” type track or expand on that Beyonce line in the first diss or leave it alone. What hasn’t been said about Jay?

    “….as if he is THAT GREAT. Yeah, he got some classics under his belt and in SOME ways has helped the game progress to an extent…”

    Off topic, but HOW many rappers have one classic let alone a few (for arguments sake)?

    • Federal Ranga

      I feel you, man. The amount of rappers with no classics FAR outweight the rappers that do.

  • Master CHeef

    jay has said it, himself. the only person that could potentially give him competition is the white boy.

    jay is em’s, game’s, and 50′s favorite rapper. but em, unlike game and 50, doesnt need a hug from jigga man. 50 and gaym, so badly, want props from jay. 50 was in all those interviews talking about how he handles jay’s lightweight for him, hopin that one day jay will acknowledge this; and then jay say no one is scared of fifty.

    fuck em all for givin a damn so much.

    • Marve

      Let’s quote what Jay really said: “Competition for me is Nas and Eminem.”

      • NotoriousAGC

        what, u wanna hear eminem rap about his “band” taking shots @ jay? or makin silly ass songs whiteboys crank at the street races? come on man

  • Mika

    True…. i would LOVE to see Fif and Jay but its most likely that Hov’ll back down….wish he was still the Bluprint Hov and not Blueprint 3 Hov …. still,ill keep my hopes up … just in case…and CJ,nother good drop bro…..consistency, however, is the key word for top dog blog !!

  • Caino

    What we need is 50 taking Beyonce out to buy some fur coats. lol

  • Intellectual Hip Hop

    Combat Jack why do you want to hear diss tracks between Jay-z and 50 cent?

    It seems rather stupid to me. How are diss tracks entertaining? I mean what can the two say other than;

    1) Call each other bitches.
    2) Call each other fags.
    3) Say one is richer than the other.
    4) Belittle each others girlfriend.
    5) Brag about swagger and what not.

    The five criteria above do not make great hip hop. I don’t know why you continue to encourage a pointless rap battle, if you want some entertainment consider my idea.

    A rap battle mixtape. Jay and 50 should each rap a verse on at least 7 songs and release the songs as a mixtape. Then the people can download the mixtape and listen to who “murder” each song with their one verse. Jay and 50 don’t have to attack each other to win but rather write the best verse to win.

    A rap battle mixtape seems a lot more entertaining than diss tracks and diss videos.

    Think about it, if you like it blog about it but remember to cite me for the idea!

  • Chilly Willy

    “What killed Jay in his historic beef against Nasir Jones wasn’t just the sheer force that was Ether, it was also, to some, how Jay kilt himself on how low he stooped when he fired off Super Ugly against Queens Bridge’s finest.”

    Thank you, CJ. Been sayin this for ages. In my opinion (I repeat, MY opinion) Takeover was a better track than Ether. Nas was cornered and fired all out with the talent he’s known for having, so we all felt the song. But Takeover is much more than some facts + “nigga you gay” jokes. What killed Jay was how low he stoop to respond after that. Then again he set himself up for it (you know who did you know what …), so really he was the one falling for his own booby trap. Blueprint 2 (the track), though not as venomous, could have made a better response to Ether.

    Jay is not above rap, he is not above hiphop. That doesn’t mean he has to respond. For your claim to be legitimate, you have to get on the champ’s level. He’s on the top floor, you can’t scream from the basement “‘Dis nigga scared”. Get your shit together, move on up Jefferson style and stomp on the big homie. Bring it on if you think you can hang, but if not then let him do his thang.

    Right now, if you wanna see some heavyweight fight to go down, cop that DJ Hero when it drops, it’s gon be a problem. And guess what rap fans, they made a Renegade Edition… how is that for sweet irony ?

  • Smart Hip Hop

    Combat Jack why do you want to hear diss tracks between Jay-z and 50 cent?

    It seems rather stupid to me. How are diss tracks entertaining? I mean what can the two say other than;

    1) Say each other is weak.
    2) Say one is richer than the other.
    3) Belittle each others girlfriend.
    4) Brag about swagger and what not.

    The four criteria above do not make great hip hop. I don’t know why you continue to encourage a pointless rap battle, if you want some entertainment consider my idea.

    A rap battle mixtape. Jay and 50 should each rap a verse on at least 7 songs and release the songs as a mixtape. Then the people can download the mixtape and listen to who “murder” each song with their one verse. Jay and 50 don’t have to attack each other to win but rather write the best verse to win.

    A rap battle mixtape seems a lot more entertaining than diss tracks and diss videos.

    Think about it, if you like it blog about it but remember to cite me for the idea!

  • Curtis75Black

    All I see is Jay fans are now talking about this more than Beanie fans. Honestly, that is saying alot even if Jigga isn’t. Constant talk about status and why he shouldn’t respond is all double talk. No one likes their favorite emcee getting ridiculed for being a snake, this is Hip Hop not a Donald Trump show.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Beans is gonna have to reveal that “fly on the wall” sh*t…this track is basuda, but clearly a warning shot that something else is brewing.

    And Jay’s gonna “stay home”.

    ^^^ when you were required to battle for supremacy.

    N*ggas now wanna wear scarves & carry “murses(male purses)”.


    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Here’s another one:

      ^^^a battle of who rocks the beat. Sorry not in it’s entirety. Go watch the movie.

      F*** it I’ma do a drop on this sh*t. Grands & bboycult keep an eye on your emails…


        oh shit! the real nigga roundtable! imma keep an eye out like it came that way!

  • Curtis75Black

    Good looking out $ykotic/Don McCaine !! Loved those classic videos. It’s messed up what Hip Hop has become though especially on the competitive level. Back in the day, we wouldn’t allow this shit. Money and stature never gave you a free pass to victory. You choose not to answer, you’re soft and you lose fans.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “Back in the day, we wouldn’t allow this shit. Money and stature never gave you a free pass to victory. You choose not to answer, you’re soft and you lose fans.”

    ^^^ Even that Jigga guy knows this.


    yo beans right now is off the chain no direction he actin like a woman scorned lol this shit is comical beans is hurtin himself more than he hurtin jay i remember beans sayin he don’t fuck with rats fifty the biggest rat out ask jarule&irv gotti he is police! now jay is doing it the right way not respondin to beans cause he know fredo will come back and apoligize for betrayin jay hov right now have godfather status in the rap game he is untouchable all the politicans business men etc or in his pocket remember he is a free mason! but realtalk i just wanna hear good music no beefin this shit is what fucks up ny rap jay vs. fifty no good! no one wins

  • btb

    beanie sigel needs to take a step back and absorb combat jacks wisdom on this shit. if sigel waited for an epic beat like ether and then wrote a fully conceived song about how he was raised to ride for his people and how jay-z has no code, he could definitely rise back off that alone.

    remember when ether came out, nas last album was nastradamus (his worst album) and he was droppin wack shit with jennifer lopez, which showed his heart wasnt in commercial shit but also alienated his fanbase.

    in other words, nas wasnt really doing a whole lot better than beans at that point. ether was both a well made track and culturally relevant, it singlehandedly revived his career and re-established him as an icon and a legend.

    moral of the story, beefing with jay is always better for your rap career than making deals with jay. pretty much everyone who rode for jay is worse off now than the people they beefed with for jay.

  • GO-Getta’

    Beans is a monster & Fiddy is 1 hell of a bully. It might work in their favour if Jay responds but i doubt.

    Mebbe Jay will make fun of Fiddy 1st week sales indirectly.

  • Rob

    yo cj u might get what u been wishin for. u hear Jay throw that shot 50′s way during his acceptance speech?

  • Tony Grands

    I’ve BEEN saying that Jay-Z doesn’t want the headache that is 50 Cent. Jay could son Curtis, but it’s the equivelant of beating up a nigga who you know isn’t going to accept defeat. He’ll be back on some Menace II Society shit, “What’s up now, Potna!?!” & the whole nine. 50 been trying to get @ Shawn, & as soon as the opportunity for re-enforcements arose (Beans), he jumped on it. To me, that lessened Beanie’s stance. Hell, he could’ve teamed up with Jayceon & it may have appeared like more of an alliance, as opposed to “Look what I can do!”.

    We’re about 3 songs into Beans’ “attack”, & I don’t see any knock out punches being thrown. ‘Ether’ wasn’t a throwaway over some old “classic” instrumental. Neither was ‘Takeover’. How much damage does Beans think he’s going to do with beats that came out in the mid-90′s? Plus, Jay’s from the old school, where his generation was taught to ignore bullies & they’ll go away. From what I hear, Beans is planning an entire song based around Jay’s life. Dude, unless this man has proof that Jay rides the hershey highway, I don’t see what damage he can inflict? We know Jay’s an asshole. We know he wasn’t this abritrary dope man. We know he “loves the dough”. & if you want to take it there, Bol’s been telling us he’s gay for about a year or two.

    I doubt this will blow up in Beanie Mac’s face, but if Jigga didn’t respond to the dozens of rap cats that have been throwing darts for a few years, Beanie is no exception. If Beans stops going @ Jay, & just starts to drop some heaters, that may change the game a little. But, no dice. I don’t see that happening.

    Love him or hate him, Jay’s a supernova. Beans is a Chevy nova. Unless…

  • sealsaa

    At this point, i’m just going to assume that the revelations Beans alluded to concerning Jay’s past are completely bunk(or, that he just can’t prove any of them). You’d have to assume that Jay is/was never going to respond(and that Beans knows this)unless given incentive, and these sorry ass diss songs just aren’t going to do it.

  • sealsaa

    “The way I look at it though, there’s only one contender standing across the ring who fits comfortably in Jay-Z’s weight class. That person being 50 Cent.”

    I fail to understand your fascination/anticipation with a Jay/50 battle. This might have worked in 50′s favor 4 or 5 years ago, but now? After taking an L to Kanye West, musically to Rick Ross, being virtually ignored by Li’l Wayne, his popularity waning, AND his new album being a potential flop? He doesn’t stand a chance. People recognize him for what he is: a hater, an nobody likes a hater. His shots at Wayne and Kanye proved that, and they continuosly brush it off and keep it moving. Does he really think he’s going to get Jay to respond?

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Man I can’t believe people are still tripping on this shit. Me personally I don’t want to see a 50 VS Jay battle. Not because I don’t think it will be entertaining but you know what would be even more entertaining: more quality music from all rappers being played on the radio. To me a battle from Jay and 50 in rap music now is like two of the last men on Earth fighting over a sandwich. Yeah it might be fun to watch but in the end it will be one less top teir rapper of a dying breed. I say instead of us trying to urge a battle to occur why don’t we demand both Jay and 50 cut their bullshit and work to making a better rap industry. Muthafuckas kill me getting hyped over a rap battle or saying who better than who now. The music now is FUCKED THE FUCKED UP PEOPLE!!! Lets focus on that and then when let a battle like this to occur.

  • gerv

    Krs-1 said it best that nigga Jay ain’t above a battle or responding period muthafuckas.

  • Gerv

    If LL could battle Canibus Jay is a punk if he don’t reply to Beans.I ain’t talkin bout 50 since he ain’t actually spit no verse about Jay fuck the shit talkin it don’t count.

  • General

    The problem for Beans is that all the hip hop media outlets are gonna run cover for Jay with the “Beans ain’t on his level”, “Jay is past that shit”, and any other number of comments they will throw out there to make excuses for Jay in this. We saw what happened when one DJ had the audacity to even interview Beans about the situation…

    We heard all the same shit when Game or anybody else goes at Jay these days.

    I’m not advocating a beef just for the sake of a beef as you have in your previous blogs, but Beans is obviously someone who has a possibly legitimate beef with Jay, so its time for the bloggers and DJ’s and magazine editors to try something new which is being objective and try to let Jay stand on his own 2 feet.

    Everybody keeps talking about the Takeover and Superugly, but Jay is years removed from those and clearly listening to his last few CD’s is not equipped to bring that kind of fire anymore. He’s been relegated to cheap jabs here and there, but is no longer a knockout fighter, but again, I never thought he was. Jay is the perfect example of the media and TI’s gassin the public into believing Jay’s the greatest, but at the end of the day, when you evaluate what he has really done that has changed the game or his true impact on hip hop behind the media smoke and mirrors its not on the level of quite a few others. Yeah he made sales, but shit Rick Ross’s first 3 CD’s debuted at #1 on Billboard too, that hardly makes him a legend or on track to be the greatest of all time. I’m not a Jay hater, I just don’t buy into the revisionist history that we are continually sold. Jay was always that soft dude and still is, which is why I’m not suprised that he doesn’t want to step into a beef with a Beans, 50, or Game…

  • awesome arsenal

    honestly i would like to see jay get at these dudes so folks would just shut up about the situation. where i grew up the guys talkin the most shit weren’t the ones to be scared of but nowadays it seems like the more shit you’re willing to talk, the tougher you are in the minds of people. i just think reguardless of what jay says people will say it’s wack cause so many people want him to lose and he keep’s winning. the rules change for him. when he was talkin about carmen folks said he took it too far, when pac said what he said about faith everybody thought that was the most gangsta shit ever. people will spin things however they need to to to justify their opinion. he saw what happened when he went at nas, people just wanted nas to win because he was analytical goin at the supposed analytical rapper but the “smart” rapper just came with name callin and gay jokes gets the win (not imo but in a lot of people’s). game and fithy have no business tryin to rap against jay, it just looks suspect from the outside. beans needs to listen to the first couple tracks on freeway last cd and move on.

    • General

      The point is Jay won’t go at Beans, 50 or Game for good reason. Jay isn’t built for beef. I said it before that he is soft and he knows that if he opens that door, he’s getting run over by a battering ram…

      That is why the media is doing there part to continue to run cover for him, but sooner or later he is gonna have to stand or get out the way completely…

      The funny thing is Jay wasn’t above takin sucker punches at people, but now that its coming back his way he thinks he s too big for that…

      Oh well, we ain’t never gonna know because again I will say it, Jay is soft and he isn’t going to step in the booth and go at any of them…

      Jay fans remind me of 50 fans in that they will make every excuse under the sun, which is fine, but it doesn’t change reality for those who are willing to seek and accept the truth

  • yoprince

    have you niggas been paying attention to rap the past two years???

    the game’s not the same.

    it’s not popular or cool anymore to make full-length diss records… (or “beef”)… with anybody.

    the most popular rappers right now (whether you like it or not) are… Jay-Z, Kanye, Wayne, Drake, Eminem… that’s about right, correct?

    From there, you can pretty much pull ‘Ye, Weezy, and Drake as the current trendsetters, agree? sorry if you’re 30+, i’m just stating general facts.

    Kanye, in the midst of 50 calling him all sorts of fag, says “50 is one of my fave rappers.”

    Drake is Mr. “Diss me, you’ll never hear a reply for it.”

    Wayne ignored 50 cent like Nivea was calling and Lauren London was at the crib… the most he got was “bitch i’ll pour syrup in your vitamin water” WTF? I couldn’t even tell that was a diss.

    not only is nobody scared of 50, no one CARES about 50. he’s going to have to eat subliminals for the rest of his career.

    and Beans? really? he’s the perfect image of a dog barking up a tree. it’s sad cause he’s spittin right now, but dissin jay is not going to get him anywhere.. but blackballed perhaps.

  • these posts are racist

    Nice drop.

  • Chaka

    Dont force you opinion on your audience CJ.Journalist should be objective and that you lack.Your post dont deserve a comment from me(you can as well delete my comment like u did to the one i posted on the Pac stuff you wrote)

    • yoprince


      sun blogs!

      it’s more like an editorial, sweetheart.

    • Combat Jack

      Thanks for the new comment. I never ever deleted any comments here before, so I don’t know where the misunderstanding is coming from. Think about it, look at all the comments I got in past week, especially the ones that weren’t too positive, why would I go out of my way just to delete yours? Still and all, thanks greatly for supporting my posts B. Much appreciated.

  • capcobra

    sigel need to make songs about the situations that caused him to look at jay differently..make songs about loyalty.royalties.being locked up.being spoon fed.having soldiers looking up to you.being hard headed.bullying.the new philly rap scene. etc..the countless impossible threats is kinda corny…”i ain’t ya average cat” was enough til jay responds..cause if jay hit him with one of those “i’m about a dollar” lines…it might be over for either bring the secrets or bring the truth…and make a good single before the buzz dies along with the beef.

  • sway-z

    The reason Jay don’t respond to shit like this is because he understands that in a few wks, especially in today’s world, this is gonna be old shit and nobody’s going to care.

    Besides being signed to Rocafella longer, what’s the difference between this and Cam’s disses, I mean really? Hov will respond, but when it’s convenient for HIM, not Beans. He’ll have a few bars for that nigga on his next album, doing it now just makes Sigel relevant

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  • Brooklyn

    a 50/jay-z battle would be, musically speaking, very one-sided, because 50 was never the nigga to handle his beef on wax. a jay/beans battle would be more interesting to me, but it’s not gonna happen, because jay doesn’t feel the need to respond. whether we think he’s too big to respond or not is irrelevant, he thinks he’s too big to respond. the way he sees it, he’s on stage with alicia keys selling out arenas and beans isn’t, ergo, beans isn’t worth his time. yet, i think a lot of niggas are feeling beans, simply because he’s the latest in a long string of niggas that were done dirty by hova. although beans won’t ever destroy jay’s career, if he plays his hands correctly, he might fuck with what little reputation jay has in the eyes of the niggas on the streets.


    First off Nas was never an under dog… Anybody that knows hip hop knew how the GOD got down. And people wanted Nas to lose… Most of yall commenting aint really old enough and aint from the east coast so you don’t know the ins and outs of how Flex and Angie was so happy when Jay dropped Superugly… Ether was sheer force it was so ill that the biggest Jay fans couldn’t front… Stop trying to rewrite history that was a clash of two lyrical titans and one won and the other lost…

  • duane stevenson



    CJ: Pleaze forward to Beanz:
    The Streetz is watchin –and we are bored! I am appalled by ur lackluster attemptz to go at Jiggaman “…you a mule boy” If you really want Jay to respond take my advice: hit him where it hurtz, GO AT BEYONCE. Thaz right ZEEZUZ said it here first. take a page from the 2Pac war-journal zzon-

    I can hea some of youze panckake niccaz on here cringin already but this iz how I likez my war-hop, grittzy and gully!! Beyonce iz guilty by association and needz to get her weave jerked. Man up Beanz u know u wanna do it. Wha, you need more motivation? You seen her in the videos, Mockin you zzon! member that song Upgrade? it was a message telling Jay to drop ur big azz. What you think TO THE LEFT was all about?? That was you in the video nicca- everything you own to the Left, to the Left! Member when timez was good, before Beyonce, it was you sittin next to Hov at the Knicks game. now you cant even get in the garden zzon. Strap up Beanz- geet at B! What you got to lose? you gotz no label, the only cheeze u seein lately is on a philly cheezesteak, and 50 is pimpin you… Even Jay said: you got a lot to complain about! itz time you return the favor kid. so lets get this ish started! (no homo black eye peaz).

  • steve-o

    If beans actually has anything on jay then jay won’t respond…which is what he is currently doing and is smart… if beans doesnt have anything on him jay will eventually respond…which is the real reasons beans can’t win.

  • Hex AKA Smear

    Good Shit CJ, I’ve actually started comin back to XXL again…they lost me for a sec there with dP’s departure.
    The sad thing about this is Jay has won without saying a word, just by ignoring dude. Cryin shame really, I’m right with ya, I’d like to see Jay and Fif go at it, it would force them to both start spitting again. People forget that 50 can actually be nice: “You gonna talk about your chips till we run in your crib/ and you gone ask dumb questions like “Can I Live?”/Look, If I shoot you, I’m famous/If you shoot me your brainless, you said it yourself/I’m slick enough to twist your lines and send them back at you
    Swift enough to snatch the mack and pop that at you”

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  • xyz

    haha like someone said before lyrically 50 is no threat to any of the cats he disses he hides behind Dre’s beats and r&b singers on his hooks because he couldn’t stand alone and move units. beans is whack sick of this grown bitch complaining