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REVIEW: Saigon, Warning Shots 2

Warning Shots 2

Beats: M
Lyrics: L
Originality: M

For years, New York rapper Saigon has dangled his oft-delayed debut, The Greatest Story Never Told, in the faces of hungry fans. While label drama has prevented its release, Sai-Giddy has managed to keep his name ringing thanks to street releases like 2004’s critically acclaimed Warning Shots. So with his official debut album still on the back burner, Sai offers the second-best thing, Warning Shots 2.

Like the original, WS2 has standouts that showcase Saigon’s penchant for witty storytelling with a message. Tracks like the Scram Jones–produced “That’s Not What’s Up,” “Fatherhood,” Sai’s heartfelt dedication to his newborn girl, and “Rusty Gunz,” featuring Lil’ Fame, follow this blueprint. But over Just Blaze’s melodic instrumental on the inspiring “Gotta Believe It,” Sai admits, “I ain’t made a dollar trying to rap for the cause.”

Sadly, his attempts at dumbing it down (“Cookies & Milk” and “For Some Pussy Part 2,” featuring OJ Da Juiceman) are laughable, and the poor beat choices (thanks to European beatsmith Tommy Tee) on “Be On Time” and “Copping Pleas” make for a lackluster listen. With Saigon’s greatest story still untold, a blockbuster follow-up would’ve been just the thing to hold heads over. But as far as sequels go, Warning Shots 2 just isn’t of the same caliber as its predecessor. —SEAN A. MALCOLM

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  • General

    Damn, no love in this review…

    I’ll be honest though, I didn’t like this shit that much either. His last joint that he did in 24hours was better than this…

    Ain’t gonna help improve his chances of getting his supposed “classic” CD released though

  • AZ40

    Gotta agree he has some really good music but this is his worst release to date

  • MaxPayNe

    Malcom ofcourse u wouldnt like cookies and milk and for some pussy cuz you a in the closet homosexual that dont get pussy…U cant feel whut u dont live faggot… XXL smokes big cock and ull be smoking saigons again soon trust that.

  • Mr. 306

    Saigon is one of the sickest rappers alive. I’ll admit some of this tape is lackluster. But get your shit right man…Sai isn’t on Cookies and Milk. E1 stuck that in to promote new artists. Be On Time has a fire beat..Fuck Hoes I Pee On Mine!!!!!

    • Pitbull1213

      Just to let you know Saigon is on Cookies and Milk… he raps in the beginning… and how i know is that the one who recorded this song and made the beat is my boy… so know ur facts before u start defending someone…. hes in the beginning of the song…

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    XXL must get off Gucci’s sack.
    Howcum Sai got (M) 4 lyrics & Gucci got (L) rating.
    Nowadays sh*t don’t add up!

    • alderman j

      Try to break down what GUCCI is saying before you criticize. GUCCI is WAY BETTER THAN SAIGON. Saigon aint got shit nobody down south wants to hear, the nigga is dated! Fizzy womack wanna be!!! The nigga is overrated and he isnt even rated high!!

  • latino heat

    come on Alderman J. Gucci better than Sai? i’ll admit Sai’s time has past but at no time ever has Gucci been better than Sai or anybody for that matter. Gucci is a one dimensional coke and pussy rapper. at least Sai kicked some real knowledge. that’s the main reason we never saw GSNT. cause like you said ignorant ass people ain’t trying to hear real shit, they only want b.s. party music. some shit they can dance on graves to. word to Ron Mexico.

  • keith

    yo this mixtape is hot fuck the hatters

  • Tracy

    Love Saigon’s shit, but this mixtape/album was underwhelming. Fans looking for some good shit from Saigon should look for Moral Of The Story, Return Of The Yardfather or the 1st Warning Shots.