Just My Thoughts: “What You Talkin Bout”

Five things that occurred to me while listening to Beanie Sigel’s Jay-Z dis record.

With all due respect, past and present, and without further to do:

1) Beanie Sigel is just broke, right?

The first thing I thought, when I saw on Twitter a few minutes ago (I slept in) that Beanie Sigel put out a Jay-Z dis record, is that Beanie Sigel must be broke, looking for a handout. Like Jaz-O, Damon Dash, etc. This was before I even got to the part where he started talking about how doesn’t want to sit on Jay-Z’s lap, because Santa Clause isn’t real, let alone is he black. But it hadn’t occurred to me until just now that “What We Talkin’ About” from the Blueprint 3 must be all about the bums he had to let go, when he left Def Jam for Live Nation. When he said he wasn’t talking about Game, Jaz, etc., he meant it. He was really talking about Sigel and the rest of those guys from Philly. Remember they all supposedly got let go on the same day, via courier? Jay-Z knew better than to call them into his office and explain to them that their services wouldn’t be needed.

2) We don’t believe you. You need more people.

Beanie Sigel claims he’s been the fly on the wall in the Def Jam building for so long that he could expose Jay-Z. He even has information that could make Beyonce look at him differently. Oh, really? I took the line about Beyonce to mean that he’s either seen Jay-Z banging other broads, or maybe he’s even seen him banging other guys. Maybe one day he accidentally walked in on one of Jay’s heated phone conversations with that guy from the Kansas City Chiefs with whom he shares an apartment, who, I’ve been informed, was recently suspended from the NFL for calling someone a Christopher Street boy – Christopher Street being the street in New York where all of the fruits hang out. How would he know? Also, where is this apartment he shares with Jay-Z located?

3) Stop snitching, Jay-Z.

Presumably, Beanie Sigel wants Jay to cut him a check, before he lets the world – and, by extension, Beyonce – know what he accidentally saw. But he’s gonna come right out and tell us that Jay called the cops on him. Maybe he saw where Jay cut a check to the Pigs in a Blanket Foundation, to make it alright for him to exploit the victims of 9/11 to help promote his new album, and he figured that informing people that Jay doesn’t just call the cops when he wants to give them money wouldn’t cause sufficient. I’m not as familiar with the code of the street, but it could be that Jay-Z has priced himself out of the stop snitching policy. It sounds like Beanie Sigel may have been coming to visit Jay during the recording of Blueprint 3, and Jay may have thought he was coming to rob him. Which is certainly understandable.

4) What does he want from Jay-Z, anyway?

Beanie Sigel claims that when he got of the joint (which time? – zing!), he went to see Jay to request out of his deal with Rocafella, to go somewhere else where he could make some real money. Jay spent some time playing with a tennis ball, which is how he made all of his important business decisions, then decided that no, Beanie Sigel had to stick with Rocafella. Which begs the question: where was Beanie Sigel about to go where he could make more money than he did when he was on Rocafella, and how come he can’t just go there now, since he’s been let go from Rocafella? He should just admit he wants Jay-Z to cut him a check. He thinks him and his crew from Philly were responsible for a lot of Jay’s swag/street cred in the late ’90s – early ’00s, and now he’s had all of this success, and they should be able to share in it. It’s not even that bad of a point. It’s too bad our public schools aren’t the sites of socialist indoctrination Glenn Beck says they are.

5) Sigel may have spent too much time in the joint.

Things got kinda homoerotic towards the end there, didn’t they? (Nullus.) Maybe one of the reasons Sigel keeps claiming he doesn’t want any money from Jay is that what he really wants is a hug. Those lines about how this isn’t an invitation to dis Jay-Z, it’s just him taking his brother in the yard for five minutes, cuz he’s got a knot in his chest that needs to be loosened, and how only real friends leave footprints on your heart, and Jay-Z’s is starting to fade in the sand, sound less like a dis record and more like a love letter from a jilted teh ghey guy to his ex. Remember that video where Beanie Sigel was trying to shove his tongue down Peedi Crakk’s ear? I’m just saying.

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  • Brass Tacks

    Damn Bol, LMAO!

  • kid video

    Where can we go to get yesterday’s post.

    • Worley

      Combat Jack posted a link a while back to a site with Bol’s lost posts. I believe that was also the name of the site but I haven’t been able to find it since. The TIs at XXL probably had it pulled on some “intellectual property” BS.

      Bol might be on the money with #5, but for a different reason. At one time Jay was walking around saying Beans (Mack Mittens) was his favorite rapper (that must have hurt Bleek bad). Only problem is Jay was out making millions and Beans just wanted to be a thug. A man can only tolerate that type of fool for so long. But hey for all we know Beans’ claims might have some merit. I’m curious to see how this will play out.

  • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    *Hits the [save-screen] button*

    Whew, ok…

    *scrolls up to read post*

    • GIBZ

      HA!!! u a fool for that one J7M! ROFL!

  • sealsaa

    “The first thing I thought, when I saw on Twitter a few minutes ago (I slept in) that Beanie Sigel put out a Jay-Z dis record, is that Beanie Sigel must be broke, looking for a handout”

    Sounds about right. Jay spoke on it in last months issue of XXL (i.e. the Roca-Wear fall catalog). He basically said that when people gripe about him, its more about what he hasn’t done FOR them,as opposed to anything he’s actually done TO them, and I can get with that. Nothing wrong with trimming the fat. Lord knows if people like MC Hammer and Antoine Walker had done this sooner, they’d have more to their names than the shirt on their backs. I seem to recall Foxy Brown making similar accusations toward Jay in an earlier issue of XXL, whining and what have you about how Jay could’ve helped her out, but turned his back on her. I swear, I don’t know why he’s allowed Memphis Bleek to hang on his nuts for so long.

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      I’m starting to see it the same as you, Sealsaa. If that’s the case, Jay ain’t gonna do shit for Beans. Didn’t Jaz-O have the EXACT same gripe with Jay? And Foxxy? And kinda-sorta with Dame and Biggs, but more complicated?

      Seems like Kanye’s the only survivor of Jay-Z’s recent transitions, but Kanye got his own money anyway.

      I want to say more on the subject, but I might fuck around and get Bol’s post pulled.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Man listen.

        Just because certain reasons are obvious doesn’t make them accurate or stick.

        Remember I got the text about this song last nite b4 it aired…I will say this:

        Every single cat(except ‘Ye AT THE MOMENT) that man has worked with has the same argument/disagreement.

        And Bleek just spoke out like last week…

        • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

          Bleek too? Definitely a pattern here.

          Oh yeah $yk, thanks for showing me how to get those Firefox add-ons way back (not sure if you remember that). After Bol’s post disappeared yesterday I installed something called FireShot. Still trying to get used to it but it worked on today’s post. Turns out it wasn’t necessary since we’re still here.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          I remember. No doubt. That FireShot works too…especially for you putting them blogs together ya know?

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    poor, dear, sensitive sigel.

    • phd


  • Jay stone

    Lmao at beans robbing jay z

  • that nigga

    Maybe one day he accidentally walked in on one of Jay’s heated phone conversations with that guy from the Kansas City Chiefs with whom he shares an apartment, who, I’ve been informed, was recently suspended from the NFL for calling someone a Christopher Street boy – Christopher Street being the street in New York where all of the fruits hang out. How would he know? Also, where is this apartment he shares with Jay-Z located?

    Funny Bol, I posted the same thing on the Bean’s diss song a min ago. And the Apartment I read was in the Trump Building.

  • bongolock

    ha ha nice work. best post of yours i’ve read in a while…..

  • AZ40

    The line about him calling the cops was in reference to him calling 5-0 on Beans at powerfest to have him escorted away cuz he was shook this past week. And sig has spent too much time in jail but lets face in Jay has done a lot of questionable things in the pursuit of money…would you drop you crew so you could get out a contract and get a new one and never be able to sign them again? maybe u would maybe u wouldn’t

  • broad street bully

    This was loooong overdue. Bean’s fought a lot of Jay’s battles and played his role. He took Jay trying to change his style because it wasnt “commercial enough”. He even held out dissin Jay when he got no call, letters, or visit while in jail. Then he goes on record on some subliminal ish…….C’mon Jay had this comming. This was a REAL track, no corny rick ross/ 50 cent diss. The last few minutes of him talking went HARD. Ain’t nothing homo about a nigga saying how he feels. I respect Beans hearing this. I like Jay too and I think if he responds with a simply apology that’d show that Jay’s a “real” nigga. Just my 2 cents…….

  • latino heat

    Bol, you should publish a book of all your deleted XXL.com blogs. call it, Too Hot For XXL.com, or The Lost Posts. i’m pretty sure most of us would buy a copy.

    as for Beans, this just really hurts my heart to see it come to this but i seen it coming about 2 years ago when his last album flopped and him and Freeway were on G Unit radio blaming the label for not pushing either of there albums. they didn’t come out and mention Jay-Z by name but i knew eventually that’s what it would come down to. now i’m just waiting on Freeway’s diss at Jay.

    “i teach them about fishscale niggas want me to fish for them” – Jay-Z

    • Smel

      I just posted the same thing on Bol’s site:

      “Sidenote: Why don’t you post your deleted posts from XXL over here on your site? You joke about never having saved them, but I think we all know that’s not really the case. Are you not allowed to? I’m genuinely curious, and would love to see the deleted material. Maybe you should publish a book. They can’t stop that, right? Your deleted blogs book would get ALL KINDS of negative press, thereby making it a best seller.”

  • sealsaa

    What’s good $yk?

    “Every single cat(except ‘Ye AT THE MOMENT) that man has worked with has the same argument/disagreement.And Bleek just spoke out like last week…”

    And on the flip-side, the only one out of the group (besides Jay) making real money is ‘Ye. Key word: MAKING. Its sink or swim, and Kanye might as well be Michael Phelps. Seems like the only one’s complaining are the ones in dire need of career support (i.e. fame by association). I heard Beanie’s interview with Charlamagne today, and I thought one of the more interesting things he touched on was his comparrison of G-Unit to State Property, and how 50 “pushed” his group harder than Jay did, to which I respond, so what? So 50′s given these bums a pass, thats him. Those guys had their shot, but never took off. That’s his fault? Is it Jay’s fault that Bean’s couldn’t stay out of the bing long enough to do something notable with his career? C’mon.

    As for Bleek, how many tax write-off’s did Jay allow him to put out before realizing that no one gave a shit?

    Even Bean’s admits that Dame was wreckless with money, and kind of a snake, but most of his barbs seem to be aimed at Jay, who just so happens to be getting paid, hmmmm…. There’s nothing wrong with trimming the fat, and letting people sink or swim on their own.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      sea! You’re killing them today!

      Yes that will be an exposed argument. Even through my experience I know cats should have focused more on their careers. Instead of Jay’s $.

      But I am saying there’s more to it than just disgruntled former employees.

      ‘Ye has been throwing darts here & there also, remember he’s a douche-nozzle©…he takes producer & writer’s credits on Jay’s stuff…Jay gets no burn on Kanye’s stuff.

      Timbo even said he be slumming Jay. Dude did something, besides make $, to receive all of this backlash.


      • FlapJack

        Wale and J.Cole better take notes.

        Jay been mistreating his artists.

        h to the izzo anyone?

        It seems like his real beef is with Dame. If he really did steal all that money from him, he should be worried about that, not the hug he feels Jay owes him.

        What darts have Kanye been throwing? Must have missed that.

        Ye makes money off Jay now anyway. What % do you think is left from Run this town after paying Ye for the beat and verse, and Rihanna for the hook?

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Wale’s on Interscope Flap. And he too is an industry insider BTW(his cuzzo is Gbenga Akinnagbe, an actor).

          J.Cole’s the one who needs to take a good, long look @ his contract & status. Is he even touring w/Jay? Someone let me know…

          “What % do you think is left from Run this town after paying Ye for the beat and verse, and Rihanna for the hook?”

          So minimal that Jay’s “Off That” & pushing “Empire”. Small time producer, Isaac Hayes sample, Alicia favor to help her RCA/Sony label debut jumpoff…I caught the fact that Swizz & Alicia are on BP3…Like that wasn’t B’s part. Switch the voices.

          The n*gga’s so slick with it he got a buzz off using Ri-Ri, who got 2-pieced & coat-tailed “808′s”.

          ‘Ye can fall back for a year & eat off of Jay, having 7 beats & 2 verses on this album, flipping the script on the Roc days. Speaking up for B when her hubby wouldn’t. “Big Brother” was a dart. Even the title states it. His many of times defending Beans comes off as a warning to me…

          Anybody else ever wonder how/why Young Chris always looks like he’s eating? Staying quiet? But Neef gets no love @ all?

  • megagavelli

    50 was the one that put a bunch of money on the table for beans when he got out the joint–and jay wouldnt let him go… jay offered beans some money as a handout and beans refused because he wanted to go make his own…. thats how beans is– even kanye has stated publicly many many times that beans does not care about the glitz/glamour and handouts… everyone knows that beans is one of the realest most stand up dudes that has ever been in the industry…

    everyone should listen to the song b4 making any judgements

  • Gerv

    Fuck Jay-Z and all his stans on this site.I guess he can do no wrong just like yall favorite white boy Slim Shady!

    • valdez

      ^^^ this!!

  • just 4 the record

    just for the record: “make b look at you different” has nothing to do with another chick or cheating.. it has to do with jayz relationship with larry johnson– yeah the football player that he shares an apt with in trump tower-the one that just got suspended for calling another player a “christopher street boy”–the one that was a model for rocawear- you know THE GAY ONE– yeah that one…

    jay has confirmed that they share an apartment in trump tower on columbus circle–his reasoning: “neither one of us are there much so it makes sense to share expenses” an nfl player and a damn near billionaire need to share expenses on an apartment?? word??

    two questions for you jay:
    1. why would u need another apartment in manhattan just 40 blocks away the huge brownstone u already have with B especially if you need to share expenses?
    2. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING COMING IN AN OUT OF THAT APARTMENT WHEN YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ON YOUR HONEYMOON WITH B???? that’s right–the whole damn city saw you– oh what you thought nobody knew about that? STREETS IS WATCHIN NIGGA!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    “It sounds like Beanie Sigel may have been coming to visit Jay during the recording of Blueprint 3, and Jay may have thought he was coming to rob him. Which is certainly understandable.”


  • sealsaa

    @ $yk

    Could be. It just seems like his biggest detractors ARE bitter former employees/friends, with Dame being the most vocal. Not saying Jay’s not capable of being a snake, but I have yet to see anyone substantiate these claims. When they DO speak out, its either about the things he didn’t do for them, or inuendo about how shiesty he is, and they all happen to be struggling. You’re right about Biggs though. He never seemed to crave the spotlight, so i’d put more stock into what he has to say than Dame.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      You ain’t lying with that.

      Maybe Larry Johnson will say something.

      Oh wait he’s actually a disgruntled employee now too…

  • JB

    Remember tho they say wen u have a problem wit one person understanble but wen everyone around you says the same problen its probably time to look in the mirror. Everyone who has dealt wit jay has had issues, on a lighter note imagine how many gay stories we’ll hear wen young money flops n breaks up…roffle


    “Jay-Z’s is starting to fade in the sand, sound less like a dis record and more like a love letter from a jilted teh ghey guy to his ex.”
    well kanye’s song big brother song sounds like he really wants jay to be behind his projects.

    also alot of people have hinted to jay being shady . on the real i think jay loved the success that the roc was getting but he rather it was all his success. like taking shots at jaz on the opening for bp3 really who the one has the salty feelings. beans kept saying it was not about the money because looking at the situation that is what the average person is going to think. the real once cam came and left the roc. i think beans wanted to be his own boss. that what was all that state prop stuff was about. just like 50 should have kept it banks and yayo. jay should have kept memphis and let everyone else fall in under dame.

  • james patterson

    You people not realizing whats happened.Sig kept quiet for a min on what was going on behind the scenes of roca fella. Sig dropped this for two recent reasons. Jay talked slick shit on that Im Already Home track and Jay had him escorted out of PowerHouse (in PHILLY… PHILLY, Sigels homebase). Jay was wrong for the Already Home track, thats a slap in the face,especially when Sig kinda brushed the situation off.
    Think bout it, when sig got released, yea he made sum references to the fact that promotion wasn’t there and things wasn’t the same but he never went in on Hov, he kept it in the inner circle, waited on Hov to address him like a man but Hov didn’t. Then Hov pulls two more grimey moves with power house and already home! something needed to be said, its about time. Sig was good for being quiet as long as he did.

  • Brooklyn

    the problem with being rich is that all the niggas you knew pre-wealth wants you to put them on. ok, that’s cool; you put them on, but once they’re on they have to have the ability to stay on, without you having to stand behind them and coach them. beans and bleek both had the ability to be among the nicest niggas to ever do it, but they counted on jay to stand behind them and coach them through it all. they didn’t take the initiative and beans was still on that street shit. at the end of the day, jay is about his money. and while that might be detrimental to personal and business relations, it damn sure isn’t detrimental to making the man as rich as croesus.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    And I’ll throw this in.

    This reminds me of one of them managers @ a 9-5. Who somewhat gets along with the staff yet slaves them while the execs love him, who listens to your ideas and implements them as his own, who cock-blocks the next employee’s advancement for the fear of his own job/stature being lost, who gets his payroll check cashed 1st yet makes all the rest of the team wait ’til later, who fires the employees for not liking the company or it’s policies, when in reality the employees just don’t like the manager.

    And a recording deal is a job, where EVERYBODY gets paid off of the entry-level employees(artists).

    • Chilly Willy

      Too many hypothesis about this one. It can be that, but it reminded of another work-related situation.

      Where I work, there was this guy whom I trained (for the job I did, at that time). We got along just fine. Some shit was popping in the office between me and someone else, and this guy rooted for me. I appreciated that.
      Later on, when I got a promotion and had to give him directions or such, here comes attitude. He acted like he won something because I got my job. I talked to him many times about all this and let him know that I appreciated the fact that he stood up for me, but that doesn’t mean he gets a lifetime pass. I reached my threshold when he insulted me publicly. I had to fire his ass.

      I’m not saying that happened between Jay and Beans. Just that sometimes, even some of those you consider friends, though maybe unwillingly, give you more problems than anything else. And being a friend’s boss is a delicate situation. Boss decision and Friend decision doesn’t go well together.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Real talk.

        I hooked up 3 people in my lifetime w/jobs and believe that I gave them their last checks sooner than later.

        But when a whole team falls apart, you gotta look at the coach/mgmt/owners.

        Maurice Cheeks was a consummate player & a horrible coach. The Blazers & Sixers had squads. Eric Mangini is on his 2nd destruction of a team. Both of his teams were borderline playoff teams. Norv Turner has no coaching skills yet always lands a job with a playoff team. The Redskins fell off soon after & the Chargers have their last hurrah in front of them this year.

        Let’s not forget that S.Carter was in charge of Def Jam, put William Roberts, Ne-Yo & Ri-Ri on, and alienated LL, Meth, Red, Fab & others(notice how these dudes JUST got to breathe again this year) to the way that LL wants no part of DJ. Scarface retired & gave his position up.

        There is something wrong with the way Jigga captains his ship. I know cats in Bed-Stuy now who own S.Carter Records Pelle jackets & never made 1 song & never will. And their rap skills are official.

        That break-up movie Roc-a-fella did was realer than ever, huh?

        Beans may not be the brightest business bulb, but he saw the business being done.

        And I believe Kanye’s the only one left because his skills are needed at the moment.

        • Chilly Willy

          “There is something wrong with the way Jigga captains his ship.”


          I think for success to be there, there ahs to be a talent, an opportunity to express it, and the circumnstances adding values to that expression of talent (call it good timing or whatever). All those have always been there for Jay.

          But I don’t think he’s naturally a captain. He could be a flagbearer. But no captain. He succeeds when he do him, he don’t really know how, and his formula don’t work for others.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          “He succeeds when he do him, he don’t really know how, and his formula don’t work for others.”

          For really real.

          The sad part is Sigel aired out his issues, & still said “this ain’t a green light for Jay-Z disses”. Still gonna hold him down.

          Wherever Jay is @, he had to feel like it was that “Ether” shock & awe all over again.

          He should/must/better address this immediately.


  • Chilly Willy

    “Beans I ain’t tryna change you, just give you some game to make the transition from the street to the fame…”

    That was 8 years ago.

    Beans always seems to me like a very reliable dude. He’s gonna get your back no matter what. Ain’t nothing about him suggesting sneaky. His loyalty is hard to question. But leave your fate to one’s loyalty only is just an unhealthy way to deal with your own insecurities. Notice how Beans didn’t even wait for Jay to ask before going to war for him. When you just try to survive, you go to war for your loved ones hoping they’ll do the same with you. But Beans wasn’t surviving anymore, he was living large and could take care of himself. So the kind of loyalty he have is a little misplaced. Don’t get it twisted, loyalty is a great quality. If you are loyal to your boss and leave your fate to his appreciation of your work, that doesn’t mean he’ll condone everything you do, especially if you happen to be a hothead.

    Unfortunately, Beans looks like someone who has a tough time handling his own life (business-wise and legally mostly). And when you keep fuckin shit up when someone actually put you on and tries to push you, even though it’s a friend, there’s gotta be an end to all that. Just being loyal doesn’t absolve you from the shit you do. A friend is the one who will try to help you make it, and put you on the spot to help you better yourself if you fucked up. A real friend doesn’t just let bullshit happen and give you a lifetime pass, just because.

    My guess is, what with the Roc Nation shit and all, Beans felt left off, saw Jay’s focus shift from him and his likes and felt bad. Just waited for a “legitimate” pretext to express himself. Then got it with the cops at the front and all. He can’t even state that Jay sent the cops, beyond a reasonable doubt so to speak. But it just validated his feelings and he jumped on it.

    Whatever happened in the past, if you and your friend aren’t in the same mindstate or the same level in your lives, and just can’t keep it as it used to be, it hurts, but that’s still life.

  • oskamadison

    Jay is really starting to look like the Michael Jordan of Hip-Hop…arguably the greatest statistically in his field yet shitty in the executive ranks.
    We’ll probably never know what really went down behind closed doors but from the outside looking in, it appears that Hov’s priority numero uno is Hov. Does anyone remember that when he first took the position at Def Jam in ’05, the very first projects that he dropped was Bleek’s and Young Guns. Going from (co)running the imprint to running the parent label, you’d think he’d give them a push like they never had. But both those joints came and went. Even Beans and Freeway’s joints in ’07 met the same fate and Beans is supposed to be your man? ‘Ye, to me, was to the Roc what Bootsy Collins was to the JB’s: too talented and way too strong of a personality to depend on the next man to make it pop for him. (if my Bootsy reference left you scratching your head, that’s why we have Google.)
    The list of broken friendships and dreams in relation to this cat is getting a little long, so long that I’ma pull out the OG of the crew that y’all forgot about: Sauce Money.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “I’ma pull out the OG of the crew that y’all forgot about: Sauce Money.”

      That’s my dude. He ran with my cuzzo heavy.

    • sb

      you are on point once again. i eventhough hov was a star player it took 7 years to find the next franchise player “kanye” why would def jam give someone that shot since he couldn’t mold and nurture his own roster into superstars…Also Sauce went back to Jay for a deal and he said no..That frienship was always funny to me..Also Jay z never wanted to do aint no nigga…Jaz-o told me that personally…I know the falling out between Jay and Sauce stemmed from Dame..And jay sising with him on a bad business deal…

  • http://myspace.com/blublack BluBlack

    Yo i feel you on that Brooklyn

    But its not about the money wit Beans, its about be a real person. When your a LOYAL person and you put yourself out there for someone you got love for, you cant just treat them like they aint shit, cause when its a street dude like beans thats surpose to see Fake nigga a mile away, its like him being played in his face, shitting in his mouth,its about sitting down and talking to him,and everybody dont get that talk, just the real ones do, and Beans should of got that. Yeah he was in and out of jail alot, but Jay had a real dude wit him that wasnt wit him cause he had doe, it was real nigga shit, You cant get that when you got doe,the only people around you are dudes that want to make doe off you, no real friends, no real love for you, Jay is all about doe.Yeah its the bizz, and jay the only rich one, but as you see he dont need them cause to Jay Fuck street niggas and goons, i got the FEDS to hold me down

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    So while cats catch up I’ma drop:

    Hov’s response is to clown Beans.

    “He had a record deal, record label, a clothing line, & never went platinum…” dart #1

    Like we the people are stupid Jay. All of that was tied into the Roc-a-fella/Wear umbrella. So when you broke it up/sold stuff you fukked his situation up.

    “He had 2 Bentley’s. I don’t know how he can drive both of them around @ 1 time…”

    How many cars you got Jay? Pot calling the kettle black????

    Saying his mom is in the sticks was uncalled for. No one needed to know that & fam never said a thing about your mom.

    “He’s mad I ain’t mad…”

    You called police & the feds on homie who wouldn’t be mad??? The man asked for a release & you’re holding him from eating!

    This cat Jay-Z is losing his smarts & scruples. Money can’t buy that.

    I can see other cats in the game beginning to keep this dude @ a distance.

    I can see Fif reaching out to Beans.

    I can see dudes airing out Hov’s hush-hush B.I.

    I can also see the slander campaign dude uses. Them white collar cats taught him well.

    20 gazillion dollars can’t hide the fact that a crab ass n*gga is a crab ass n*gga.

    • M5P

      He made a cold diss record, and that shit was a real diss record against jay, what did you expect him to say about Beans, nothing?

      He should just move on, try to focus on getting his shit straight. No matter what he ain’t going gold again (the climate is fucked up with record sells), but seems like if he put in some major hustle he can make 1 or 2 mili. The nigga need to start over. But at least he can tour like crazy, and maybe if he get his hustle and mind right he can drop a fucking album. You can’t live in the past, shit happens.

      And let’s be real, them niggas was never real boys. Jay was his boss, record label boss, not street boss. Them niggaz was a rap crew. A rap crew don’t supposed to have a street crew type of loyalty. That shit is buisiness. And as such you are only getting in trouble when you start to think you are living in some mob movie. And anyway, that whole loyalty shit is fake anyway. Mob dudes snitch, street crews snitch, brothers snitch on brothers…etc. You come into this world by yourself, and when your sinning ass die you get to go to your own personal hell (that’s all of us).

      So, my point is you loyalty is a cool virtue, but at the end of the day everybody need a heavy dosage of egoism to make it in this cruel ass world.

    • Che

      Saying his mom is in the sticks was uncalled for. No one needed to know that & fam never said a thing about your mom.

      I think what he was trying to say is Beans was so caked off that he was able to get his moms out the hood. I don’t think he was talkin shit about Beans mom.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        He couldn’t say “His family’s in the sticks…” ???

        Like he don’t know men get pissed off when another man mentions mom.

        Uncalled for.

        • Skilla

          Maybe your too Sensitive?

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Not @ all.

  • GIBZ

    SYK u on point in this thread!!! Damn good points all around by SYK, sealsaa, Chilly, J7M, latino, we just need a lil insight from Pierzy and Grand$. Where ya’ll at?? Good shit though I really cant call it. We just gotta wait see how this plays out.

  • Aries Walsh

    Beans is the only artist prior to Kanye signing to the Roc that was doing his thing second to only Jay. The man just wants to know what the hell is going on wit Hov, and why he’s trying to desert his character, in essence a man from the streets. Its obvious that Jay-Z of today only works with artists with eccentric personas, but wasn’t Beans as eccentric as it gets for a hood nigga? Ok, Kanye not only raps okay but he makes his own beats, let alone Beans good tracks and Jays. How can Beans compare with that? How can Hov himself or anyone of that matter compare. Beans was Hov’s golden goose, but now that Kanye is the golden goose more profitable, he doesn’t need Beans anymore. In which I gotta denounce that cause in my opinion Jay needs Beans more than ever. Hip Hop is in party central headed toward a brick wall and he needs artists that represent whats outside of that party or at least when it ends. I understand Beans, and I understand Jay. Maybe they need to converse and come up with a resolution, cause the game is in jeopaardy and it needs those two for now.

  • Brooklyn

    @blublack, it wasn’t about money with beans, but it was about money with jay. i know niggas like beans, nigga’s that’ll ride for you no matter what, because they were raised with that mentality that your niggas are your niggas and that you stand by them no matter what. and that was ultimately what fucked him up business wise, because he was expecting jay to look out for him and jay is all about his own self-aggrandizement. beans and bleek should have learned when jay cut dame and biggs loose, about what kind of nigga that he is. where would jay be without dame and biggs? jay had the skill, yeah, but dame had the personality that jay lacks, and that personality was able to take jay to levels that his music alone wouldn’t take him. when that shit went down, beans should have reevaluated his relationship with jay and realized that if he’d do this to these niggas that been down with him since before he became famous that grimy, what would he do to you?

  • Maximus 32

    You better stay in your efficency man. Beans going to fuck you up if he ever sees you. Also, how do you know about the Christopher Street shit…ain’t you from some Miwest shit kicking town?

  • http://myspace.com/blublack BluBlack

    Brooklyn smart ass dude

    But what makes me mad is that these corny nigga on the net is sucking Jay like he right for Being a Grimy nigga after he couldnt even stand op to his own BEEFS,Fuck the bizz side, if a nigga would take a bullet for you,A real man does REAL THINGS, fuck all those other corney niggas, YOU HOLD THAT MAN DOWN, NO MATTER WHAT,
    THATS LOYALTY. Fuck all that other shit, he aint want no money, none of his money, let him go so he can make his own money, and you DONT, Jay was worried about Beans going too 50, He wouldnt have to worry about 50 if he just would of BODIED his ass when 50 first started talking shit, but he aint use to that caUSE bEANS WAS ALWAYS THERE TO DO IT, So thats the dude you front on, FUCK THAT if 50 had Jays LRYICAL CONTENT, he would of bin Killed Jay, long time, DO YOU SEE ANY RAPPER GOING AT SLIM SHADY, HELL NO, THEY KNOW HE WILL END THERE CAREERS.They gave him a deal,His own line, and a Label, but to steal doe from him under his nose. I know bizz wise Beans should of know his shit, would youd OF thought that Big Brothers you look up too was INSECURE OF YOU CAUSE HE ACTED LIKE MORE OF A MAN THAN HIS OWN BOSSES, JUST FOR THE FACT THAT HE WAS AS NICE AS JAY, BUT WASNT A BITCH CAUSE HE CAN REALLY GO TO WAR, AND NOT NEED NO ONE TO STAND UP FOR HIM.SO BEANS, BODY JAY-Z AND TAKE YOUR SPOT,CAUSE AS YOU SEE IT WAS YOURS THE WHOLE TIME, LOYALTY IS EVERYTHING, STAY UP BEANS, GETEM.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      I’m glad y’all see the sh*t 2 call it sh*t.

      Camel did the same grimy moves to my dudes in the beginning. They were the Marcy movement, Jay was messing with them Harlem cats.

      And we all forgot(or may not know) Jay also did Big Daddy Kane dirty. Kane dropped a diss song but it’s hard 2 find, but GAME dropped that knowledge in “I’m So Wavy”.

  • Chilly Willy

    As it happened several times on these threads, polarized debate tend to make me a little suspicious. In my comments above I said what I fell about Beans. Now, what about Jay ?

    “I might cool off for a sec but expect me to bug it’s in my blood”

    This is far-fetched, but I think Jay-Z is scared shitless of Shawn Carter. Follow along.

    Whenever you see or read about his history, you’ll hear that young Shawn didn’t speak that much. And that shy boy, at 13, somehow shot his own brother over some gear (i.e. like your average Criminal Mind Unsub). Notice how whenever the real nigga in Shawn come out, the same that relate to Beans, it’s on eventful situations (stabbing Un Rivera comes to mind). And his own mom had to interfere to make him realize that he crosses the line with Supa Ugly, enough to make him apologize.

    I think the Jay-Z persona, that politickin, cold as ice calculator persona he created saved his life. He wouldn’t handle his own beef, ’cause he just black out and throw it all away for mindless bullshit. And he trusted this alter ego over the years when he makes decision. Unfortunately, you don’t calculate friendship.

    $yk mentioned something about Ether in the previous comments. I think the same ill-advised real nigga instinct (the one that will go all-out and don’t give a fuck) that made him talk about Nas’ babymomma and baby girl made him talk about Beans’ mom. It was utterly insensitive, but I think it was his way, a very clumsy way, to show that he’s hurt. But wouldn’t make any natural decision in regards to that, or else he could snap the fuck out again, so he sticks to boss talks of shit about labels and clothline and shit.

    The move is grimy, he probably even did that to get outta trouble way before it was documented, but that’s his nature. That’s what may have saved his life. So best believe he’ll stick to it. Take note, aspiring Roc Nation citizen !

    If we are fans of both their music, we should hope this won’t make any of them stop making quality music. As for their friendship, they’re at the crossroads, they’re hurt, but that’s life. And we seriously could’ve seen it coming (wasn’t it like 2 years ago that Beans dissed Jay?).

    I won’t take sides, no one of us knew what really went down, here’s hoping good music prevails.

    • sb

      shawn carter has insecurities…however jay z wont let you know that…ive been around him on several occassions

  • newyawka631

    What about the R.Kelly shit,wit Hov…..He should have had Foxy on da Roc too…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      My dude what it do…

      Totally forgot about them 2. The man makes smooth music, but has serious business, people interaction flaws real talk.

  • newyawka631

    As for GRands,me and mah dudez chased him ova to thisis50.com.So u gotta go to dat page(which is fucking betta then this)to go peep him………..

  • http://www.spitboss.com KLAP

    Whoever wrote this is a nut that should’nt speak on ish they don’t know about! JAY-Z called the Philadelphia Police and the FEDS on BEANIE at Power99 wusl’s POWERHOUSE where JAY-Z was the headliner…. JADAKISS brought BEANS out BEANIE did about 4 songs.. “Feel it in the air” “Mack Bitch” etc… then when JAY-Z was about to perfrom BEANIE was right by the stage wanting to see JAY’s pefromence JAY seen BEANS saluted him… next thing about 10 feds came over to Beans … Sigel thought they just wanted him to move back off the stadge…. truns out they made BEANS leave the building… THE SAME BUILDING WHERE THE SIXERS, FLYERS play! HOW JAY-Z gonna get the cops/feds to make BEANS Leave a show in his own city?!????!??!??? GOES TO SHOW YOU HOW SLIMY JAY-Z IS! I mean look at it like this JAZ-O put JAY on…. JAY dicked JAZ-O! JAY-Z Came up with DAME and BIGGS ….. JAY-Z dicked DAME and BIGGS!!! JAY-Z is a great mc…BUT S.CARTER is a SLIMY PERSON/FAKE FRIEND!