Man, after that long weekend…I was down for the day. I hit the ground and the first free minute I got, I went and bought one of those Louis Vuitton jewelry cases. I ain’t looking forward to anymore airport checks for my jewelry again. Seriously though, I think ol’ girl just wanted to look at all my pieces. Real talk. Burr! Oh yeah, I ate that tuna casserole on the plane too! People lookin at me and shit – nope, I ain’t sharing! I’m at the crib now. Sittin in the yard, watching my dogs play and trying to catch up on my blogs. It was a long week, but I enjoyed sharing it with ya’ll. I hope ya’ll ejoyed it too. And I’m out! Young Juice, 32 ENT, Texaco Shawty, Bouldercrest Shawty, Sun Valley Shawty! aye aye aye ok ok aye ok aye well damn burr aye aye!