On Sat in Atlanta Ga. in the mist of a violent thunderstorm my secret prayers were answered. Before dying (some day far, far, far away from now, lol), I watched one more Goodie Mob show. I have seen many in my day. I always loved watching these 4 brothers together. Seeing them separately you may walk past them at a MARTA train and never think to look twice at them as individuals. However, together they form like Voltron on a Sprite commercial and become one of the greatest performance groups I have ever seen live. Goodie Mob can only be compared to groups like The Roots, The Fugees and OutKast live. Dressed in all red (no gangs Just the Ga. Way ya’ll) costumes, The Goodie Mob were and are Super Hero’s.

Khujo Goodie is the “Iron man” pun intended of this group. He is the inspiration of self determination and perseverance. Having lost a leg to a horrific car accident a few years back, he walked on the stage like the Terminator. Part-man Part-bionic and he smashed. Whether it was dropping Cell Therapy’s first verse over the timeless Black Sabbath song “Iron Man” beat played by a live band or getting on his knees to express times when he was “too tired to pray” on “Thought Process,” he was truly inspirational in flesh and iron. He seemed to defy the rain and wind itself.

T-Mo Goodie is the youth of the Mo B now and always. He still looks 20 years old. He bopped across the stage in a classic see thru tennis visor and dookey rope, two stepping and jigging to music that inspires the soul, feeds the spirit, rocks the body while uplifting the mind. He is the Robin of this group. He connects the young D-Boys then and now. His words were always near and dear to the teenage D-Boy’s in the struggle. “My ole boy from the Point but I’m from Southwest and every now and then I get put to the test but I can’t be stopped cause I gotta come tru I AINT GOT NO GUN but I GOT MY CREW!” I felt 15 again when he rapped that line. Every black, white and brown face in the packed crowd was elated when he dropped that verse.
Gipp Goodie is Goodie’s wise and intelligent statesman but he ain’t square. His costumes are outta this world! He has Issac Hayes thick southern vocals and Bootsy Collins flare 4 cool costumes. He was in an all red jumpsuit cape included and rocked the OG finger waves and ponytail, a style once worded by my D-Boy’s only in the south inspired by Rodney O and Joe Cooley from the West). He and Sleepy Brown did his solo classic “Stepping Out”. Rain be damned, people were grooving man. “Black Ice” however was what we all came for and he delivered. Thousands of soaking wet fans sang “SKY HIGH, SKY HIGH” in unison! AWESOME!

Cee-Lo Goodie, the Soul of the 4-man Super Show, still quirky and nimble, his voice was crystal clear as he rapped the “Cell Therapy” and filled with passion as he sang the verse from “Get up Get Out”. The crowd was entranced. At the shows half-time mark, he did Frankie B’s “Before I Let Go.” That moment felt more like Sunday at Cascade skating rink than the cold wet lot of Club Masquerade. When he sang the “Beautiful Skin” hook I saw women of all shades and colors glow in that audience. I was witness to a special moment. They ended the show with “They Don’t Dance No Mo.” I walked as that song started and told everyone that I left to get outta traffic but really I just never wanted it to end so by never seeing them take there final bows or thank the crowd that had been the rinse cycle, that show will always be going on in my mind and heart. Still Standing in this World Party eating some Soul Food. Ya’ll Know what it is (Gipp’s voice on “The Mainstream”)…. Fin.

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  • Theo Huxtable

    I wish could’ve been there.I would’ve broke out my Gordon Gartrell shirt and then it would’ve been jammin on the one.

  • General

    Dammit man, I wish I could have seen that show…

    I was a huge fan of Goodie back in the day and still listen to their Cd’s from time to time. Its too bad they ain’t put out a group CD for so long. Seems like when you have a successful group that shit always falls apart and OutKast and Goodie are too perfect examples…

  • Pierzy

    Soul Food was my shit back in the day!

  • giantstepp

    Much respect to Goodie Mob…always respected them brothers for the orginality they brought to hip hop. And they all have skills and they have something to say other than the BS.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Damn Mike! No footage???

    C’mon, son…

  • dusty boy

    Mike Bigga what it do???!!! Great blog playa!!! The Goodie Mob is the fuckin TRUTH!! I’m glad to see these boyz doing they thing!! The South need TRILL legends to jump back in the game and teach the youngin a thing or to on how to STAY TRILL!!!

    By the Way, I dig the new name potna, Mike Bigga!!!


    Dusty Boy

  • casey

    Yo Mike watup with the name change?

  • William Lee

    Goodie Mob and Outkast was Atlanta when i was ten. I love it. Glad they showed up as men and united as brothers.

  • El Tico Loco

    Hate to have missed but I already had a ticket for For Sisters (Milfs) only.

  • El Tico Loco

    Hate to have missed but I already had a ticket for For Sisters (Milfs) only. See if I had heard about a Goodie Mob show this weekend I woulda been there. Bet nobody knew Black Milk is in town for an aspiring producers type event today. Love uncommercial hiphop but don’t be so cheap with the promo.

    • Shawty J

      I’ve been seeing commercials for the Goodie Mob reunion for the past couple of weeks.

  • Enlightened

    That’s what’s up!

    A little while back, when they first reconciled, I read an interview with Cee-Lo and he said they had gotten back together but they couldn’t get a deal. I repeat, he said GOODIE MOB COULDN’T GET A RECORD DEAL.

    He said something about if they had been cool when he had signed his new solo deal (with Atlantic I think) he would have made the company include a Goodie MOB deal too. But since it wasn’t agreed on up front, they wouldn’t do a deal either.

    That told me all I needed to know. For all the people who think niggas be bullshittin about so-called “conspiracies,” when niggas who clearly CAN NOT RAP can be on 106 & Park, but Goodie MOB can’t even get a record deal, eyes definitely need to open.

  • Mr. North

    GOODIE Mob is my guys. Been on them and Outkast since day one. But DF is best the rap fam next to the WU. All of them super talented. Cool Breeze, Witchdoctor (American Witchdoctor is the sh*t), Yoda, Wade, Rube, Backbone, Slim Calhoun, Sleepy… I wish they would release more music.

  • westcoastaggie

    All we need now is for Mr. 3 Stacks and Sir Lucious Left Foot to get back on the stage.

  • capcobra

    when i first heard goodie mob i was like wtf..only nigga onbeat is cee-lo..but once i realized how original each member was it was over.

  • Diggsy

    This was one of those shows that turned out to be everything you hoped for. DUNGEON FAM-IL-Y!!! I could only afford to make it to one concert this summer and it was between this and the Lil Wayne tour. Obviously, it was a no-brainer.


    i got put on to the goodie mob a couple years ago not my faves but they do have songs. that i really can fuck with and of course cee-lo is the man either rapping or singing.

  • KFrizzle

    Yo Mike Bigga, now that you had this prayer answered, can you start a new secret prayer to get my dude 3 stacks back on his rap ish?? Man I think the last time Kast toured was for the Stank Love tour for the Stankonia album and I saw all y’all when you came to Milwaukee and it was easily the best show I’ve ever seen. Luda opened for about 30 minutes, then the 1st generation DF performed for another hour with Goodie Mob and then Kast kept bringing everyone back on and off for the next 2 hours. It was a real special show but after that Dre didn’t want to tour anymore. We need that right now!!! I still get chills when I think of when B.O.B. came on for the encore — that whole place shook!!

  • balaramesh


    intelligent rappers cannot get a deal. labels are only searching for commercial ring tone rappers.

    i am one of the biggest “haters” of southern rap. however, darts will NEVER be thrown in the direction of goodie m.o.b. it’s a shame that most folks do not know much about them. i was living in jersey at their peak and was bumping them heavy (along with mobb deep, outkast). i guess you can say they came out a few years too early.

  • Brooklyn

    goodie mob were the shit, they and outkast were probably top two groups to come out the south, lyrical and unique, they both had their own style. when people say that niggas from the east and west hate on the south, they convieniently leave out the fact that we’ve always rode with goodie mob and outkast, and it’s the wack artists like oj and gucci mane that we don’t like.


    “Soul Food” is one of the only albums I’ve ever bought thrice. Respect….

  • golden


    this is the most expressive and subsequently the best blog entry i’ve read EVER!…real talk man – your words did the show justice – although i didn’t get to witness it myself you brought it to my imagination…i have all of Still Standing memorized my dude – down to my favorite skit…”sire, what is thy problem?”…that album set me on a course to be better than i was…funny how music can do that – no wonder you’re supposed to pay for it…Killa keeps it honest because reality is perception with a weak stomach (3 Stacks voice on “Akshon…Yeah!”)…ice cold/

  • Victoria Page

    Great Blog Mike!

    While we are on the subject of Goodie MOB, Im going to need an Outkast reunion to go down too! I saw them in VA about 8 years ago and the show was EXCELLENT!!!!!! I miss them as a duo and would love to see them together one last time.

  • DV8

    “so put some fiyah on the ass end of that weed/ cuz in the S.W.A.T.S. red hots dont drip or bleed”

    the name of the song excapes me right now but I know Ceelo ripped that shit. It was on the 1st album. I personally was saddened when they broke up but I saw it coming once that “Get Rich To This” song came out. That song just did not sound like Goodie Mob to me and I knew something changed. Hope they find a deal soon. I bet with Ceelo back in the mix they got a ton of game to bless us with. Actually I wish the entire DF would get on they shit and start doing mixtapes or something. Hiphop needs “The Mighty Mighty Dungeon Family”

  • ricosuaveATL

    I was at the show and was in heaven….Goodie Mob music is ATLANTA…