I had two shows in two different states today – Charleston, SC and Daytona, Fl. That damn Daytona airport…never again!! I got caught up in airport security. They held me up forever shawty. And you already know why…the jewelry game sick! Aye! The security chick went all through my stuff. I had all my jewelry in my Gucci bookbag…yeah, she went all through that. LMAO, she tried to take the back off my damn jewelry, talkin’ about it looks like there’s a secret compartment behind the medallion! LMAO and SMDH. Seriously! Done with the airports…where’s my tour bus?!!

Oh, man…these two girls got in a fight at my show earlier today in Charleston. Now, in no way do I condone violence, lol, but that ish was funny as hell! One if the girls was a big one…security came to break it up and she grabbed dude by his dreds and pulled him to the floor. LMAO, they maced her ass…not laughing at that though – it did NOT look like it felt good. I’m mad about that fight though, it cut my show short cuz they shut it down. “Gots to be more careful!”