Rap music fans have been treated to some rare air over the last few weeks. I've listened to the latest Raekwon the Chef and Jay-Z albums. I also sat in a session for the debut Kid Cudi CD. All of this music will provide something unique for their fans and people that enjoy good music. What came to my mind was that I could relate these albums to something else I am extremely fond of - Sneakers. Each of these albums reminds me a respective pair of footwear.

The Air Jordan XI pictured above is considered to be one of the GOAT's GOAT sneakers. The details and the materials used were revolutionary and trendsetting. The Air Jordan XI's were released in October 1995, a few months after the release of the seminal rap album Only Built For Cuban Linx. Both the Air Jordan XI's and the album OB4CL have stood the test of time to become regarded as classics in their own right. So what footwear would I use to describe these new albums being released?


Spiz'Zike boot - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2
The OB4CL2 sequel makes me think of the new Spiz'Zike boots. These shoes are going to knock the Timberlands and even the ACG boots off the block. The Spiz'Zike contains all of the dopest elements of previous Air Jordans but it is revisioned and updated for 2009 and beyond. OB4CL2 is classic Wu-Tang material that describes the highs and lows of street life. The wins and the losses. The joy and the pain. Kiss the ring, or the 6 rings.


Air Yeezy (tan colorway) - Man On The Moon: The End Of Day
If I could have copped one colorway of the Air Yeezy shoes it would have been the tan version. This pair had the best leather of them all and really showed off the details of this unique shoe. Kid Cudi helped KanYe West craft a classic album with 808's & Heartbreak, but it isn't an album that many boom bap rap fans can reach in their mental wheelhouse. It is a futuristic album that Cudi has shaped with his project. Many of the ideas he brought to the 808's project have been placed on his debut. The compositions are orchestral and the strings are highlighted nicely. The shoestrings on the Yeezy's have a sick lacelock as well.

roc boot

Roc-A-Wear boot? - Blueprint 3
The Roc-A-Wear boots look like a wild mashup of Timberlands and Creative Recreations with a faux fur lining to add that extra level of implied luxury. Maybe using the Timbaland influence wasn't the best idea for these shoes. Did I just say Timbaland? Oops. Freudian slip. I'm not sure if these are sneakers, boots, sandals or slippers. I don't even think renowned internets celebrity and blogging tastemaker Combat Jack would still wear these. I'm sure these Roc-A-Wear joints will be popular though. How can they not be? It's the Roc bitch!


Shallah Raekwon - 'Sneakers'