Sex Education With Mr. West

“Let me explain something to y’all. There’s no such thing as a bisexual guy. If a guy is bisexual, that makes him gay. Don’t try to like, re-term it or something like that.”

-Kanye West, Hard Knock TV

Sigh. Put a pin in that pearl of awesome from Dr. Kanye Westheimer. We’ll come back to it.

I don’t have to reintroduce my stance on hip-hop and homophobia. We’ve been there. If you’ve been rocking with me long enough, you know that I’m vehemently opposed to the shit. Many of you don’t agree with me there. That’s fine. I’m not even talking to y’all right now. Take the XXLevator one flight up. Come back tomorrow, maybe. Have a dick sandwich and a smile in the meantime.

Hip-hop fans are used to the default attack on sexual orientation as an attempt to discredit and emasculate. We’re also aware how aggressively Kanye West’s heterosexuality has been attacked, as if being a homosexual makes you any less human or somehow unworthy of respect. There are unfortunate stereotypes, stigmas, biases and general misconceptions attached to homosexuality that make understanding, loving and respecting one another loftier goals than they should be.

West, being the great bastion and proponent of human rights that he is, makes clear that he has gay friends in an interview with Hard Knock TV. Surely this alone absolves him of being a homophobe. I mean, I’m always a little uneasy about white folks’ perception of my blackness until they make it a point to make me aware that they have colored friends. That shit really puts my mind at ease—as it should everyone.

On the same token, gay people appreciate that you’ll stand next to them on the street and contain your repulsion. That’s really awesome of those who dare to.

[Blogger’s Note: Token. See what I did there?]

I mean. You can have gay friends. It’s cool. You can like, play tennis with a gay dude. Then when you’re done with the game, you can be like, “I’m going to get a beer. What are you going to do?” He can tell you, “Well, I’m gonna go suck some dick”, because that’s all he could possibly be doing. And you can go your separate ways relieved that you’re going to enjoy a nice cold beer.

[Blogger's Note: Eddie Murphy: Delirious is one of the greatest, but most dated and homophobic stand-ups of all time. Hence the reference. It also may be the most ironic, given the body condoms he used to wear onstage and the--you know, traffic incident.]

Despite his inherent criticism of those who look down on homosexuals, West finds the need to assure the listening public he is not gay. Mr. West’s defense is that he is secure enough in his heterosexuality to dress like a homosexual—whatever dressing like a homosexual may entail. I wasn’t aware pink and pastel polos were part of the official gay uniform, but okay.

Instead of taking a moment to breathe and swallow, no nullus, ML the K just tries to freestyle his way through conversations that require actual thought. Case in point:

“The gay people that I actually know, that I would like, hang out with are so genius and bring such incredible gifts to the world… The only gay people I know are some of the most incredible people on the planet, actually.”

The Confucian philosophy I’m trying to make sense of lies in the above quote. I would think such qualities as being “genius” and bringing “incredible gifts to the world” to be a gold standard of sorts for any group of people with which one elects to spend time. On the other hand, is it then acceptable to hang with less-than-awesome heterosexuals?

I’m just taking notes for my forthcoming research project. It’s called “The Rules of Awesome”. Kanye West is my first and most prominent reference, of course. I’d ask him myself, but I’m afraid he’d go on a tirade about his legacy, being a man-beast like Kobe Bryant, and wearing wild ill Cosby sweaters when he gets older. Unfortunately, I only have a limited amount of time to get everything straight before I must hand this to my professor.

Did I say “straight”? Sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. Where was I now? Oh, right. I was about to remove the pin from earlier. Word.

“Let me explain something to y’all. There’s no such thing as a bisexual guy. If a guy is bisexual, that makes him gay. Don’t try to like, re-term it or something like that.”

Before all of this human rights philosophy West drops seemingly for the sake of hearing his own voice, he delivers the above classic.

I must make something clear before we go any further. People who are only sexually attracted to people of their own gender are called homosexuals. People who are sexually attracted to people of both genders are called bisexuals. In Jamaica they call them all-sexuals for some reason. That’s as if to say they’d fuck a goat or a table leg if they got their hands on one.

Then again, they also chase and burn people like witches down there. So I should take what my people say with a grain of Blue Mountain Curry Powder.

In West’s appeal to quell hatred for homosexuals, he does the most harmful thing he possibly could. By shitting on the nature of homosexuals and bisexuals and how they identify themselves, he promotes the very ignorance that fuels hatred and keeps us all from a peaceful coexistence. And we all know how much Kanyeezy loves it when people don’t agree with how he defines his natural genius.

Thanks, Brother Martin. That’s quite awesome of you.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Still hate that uncle who brings “his friend” over every Thanksgiving?

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  • Pierzy

    Really, Kanye? Really?

    I know there are going to be a ton of people on here quoting scripture and yelling “no homo!” but this is ridiculous.

    Kanye – we don’t want to hear from you if there isn’t a beat machine anywhere around. Don’t worry, you’re not alone…there are plenty of people we don’t want to listen to without a soundtrack, but you’re #1 right now, homeboy.

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    One awesome fact about Ye is he speaks his mind.

    Problem now is that for some time, he doesn’t seem to able to think straight (oh, my bad!).

    So this Confusion-ism philosophy don’t surprise me from him. After all, this man said once that he’s the best-dressed nigga right next to “the faggots”…..

  • Apollo Moses

    cosign…please Hip Hop grow the f*ck up.

  • Shawty J

    Ha, Kanye’s interviews are becoming less and less coherent. I mean this brother is quickly approaching Jeezy and Wayne status with his interviews.

    Furthermore, it would be one thing to contradict yourself in two separate interviews months maybe weeks apart. But damn, two minutes later? Wow…

  • Enlightened

    I will say that I fully agree with Kanye’s first statement that made you go in on him.

    It is just an opinion, but I tell people that all the time.

    I don’t think so-called “down low” dudes are “bi-sexual.” I think they are flat out gay and force themselves to be with women just to conform, avoid criticism, look like others around them and keep their standing in society (like the main character in E. Lynn Harris’ first book – I think it’s the first one).

    As opposed to some females I’ve known, who have actually been “turned out” or have experimented with women like many women will tell you they’ve done.

    I don’t think men experiment like that and I don’t think men get turned out like that.

    I also believe Kanye West is gay.

    But hey, like I said, just my opinion(s).

    • these posts are racist

      your name is ironic.

    • Smel

      I think you’re confusing the terms “bisexual” and “DL.” They’re not synonymous.

      • *BLOCK*


        I think you may be wrong smel…..down low guys pretend they arent gay….so they continue to date/have sex with women to pretend to be straight….bi-sexual men date/have sex with women…so see they are somewhat synonymous…atleast on the parts that make them what they are

        • Smel

          Understood. Men on the DL could be considered bisexual, but if we’re having a conversation about bisexual people, you can’t assume that they’re all on the DL, which is what “Enlightened” did.

          I don’t think Kanye was necessarily referring to people on the DL. Assuming Kanye even knows to whom he was referring.

        • Enlightened

          I guess now that’s getting more around to my point.

          I’ve NEVER met a man, or saw a man on TV who SAID they were bi-sexual. Never.

          They either said they were straight and looked gay as hell, or they just said they were gay.

          Just look at people’s status on social networks…maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know any men who claim being bi-sexual, but I’ve known (and seen on TV – i.e. Tila Tequila) plenty women who claim to be bi-sexual.

          That’s the only reason, i assumed they would have to be DL, because I’ve never seen anything different.

        • Smel

          Ahhhh….I see your point. But I don’t understand how you make the leap from that…to saying there’s no such thing as men being bisexual, only females.

          And that’s really only true of Black men. Plenty of white dudes, both on TV and at the college I attended are out and bi.

          Wow. I never intended to go this far down this road in this exchange.

        • Enlightened

          Exactly. Let’s just shake hands and walk away from this subject real quick!

  • Brooklyn

    i think kanye was talking about himself when he made that statement, which was why he was able to make it with such conviction. i always wondered why he went with that bald girl and then i realized that while he’s hitting her from the back he can run his hand over her caesar and imagine he’s with dude.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “i always wondered why he went with that bald girl and then i realized that while he’s hitting her from the back he can run his hand over her caesar and imagine he’s with dude.”

      Comment of the day, BK.

      • Tony Grands

        I second that.

  • Tony Grands

    I understand what Kanye was saying, but he has that disease where one feels the incessant desire to continuously stick one’s foot in their mouth. All the rambling for the sake of sounding intelligent only maximizes one’s minimalist point(s) of view.

    He could have said, “People are People, gay or not, it’s about what they have on the inside that makes us all unique & special”, or something to that effect. Although, we would have attacked his sexuality just as quickly with that, but he wouldn’t have sounded like a tongue-tied bigot.

    This dude’s literally a walking one-man show, & sometimes I’m not sure to laugh my ass off or sort of feel sorry for him. Fuck it, I’ll just laugh for right now.

  • fatDAN

    Kanye may very well end up being a closet homosexual. And if he is shame on him, He could be doing more for the gay community “out” than not admitting it. I mean, who the fuckety fuck fuck gives a flying fucking fuck about the labels they have on their fucking clothes. Honestly, does it really matter. Shouldn’t we just be glad that we have clothes on our back, food on our table and weed to blaze? Also, this is 2010 goddamnit, who the fuck still hates on homosexuals? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about illegal immigration, shitty ass marijuana laws and a broke ass government? Oh yeah, I heard Drake be blowing Kanye’s balls all buzz buzz!

    • Smel

      It’s 2009, just fyi. But I totally agree with everything else you said/typed, including the buzz buzz.

  • The W, formerly known as WarriorMentality

    nigga, don’t think i didn’t notice that you plagerized Eddie the M.


    otherwise, this nigga’s a fag. which is ok.

    he’s also a huge asshole. which is not.

  • capcobra

    it gotta be something else going on besides kanye west.

    • Tony Grands

      Hell yeah, juice….

      Killer Mike changed his name to Mike Bigga. He credited it to his fans questioning his lack of “success” because of his name (i.e. comments throughout his guest-blogging on XXL, I’m sure). The full story’s on AllHipHop.

  • Enlightened


    I commented up there on your blog Ron. I hadn’t even listened to the interview until now.

    I can’t believe what I just listened too.

    That kinda make me feel sorry for dude. If that don’t convince people that he is gay and drivin’ himself crazy over how to deal with it, nothing will.

    Nigga, just go ahead and carry that flag then. Be the representative for that movement then and stop trying to walk that line. Because I think that shit is literally driving him crazy.

  • these posts are racist

    Awesome drop.

    I don’t even know where to start with this dude…maybe his gay genius awesome friends will kindly play his “no homo” verse from Jay Z’s “run this town”. On another note how are you so hard and running the world, but Chris Brown hasn’t gotten his ass wooped? Real talk, fo sho.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      I was looking 4 you. Next time.

      • these posts are racist

        What’s good Syk?

  • caino

    Whats with all the Kanye news !!!!

    Anyhow, he really knows how to put his foot in mouth(probably learned how to after all the dick in his mouth), but anyhow, like someone posted above me !! why the hell is people still hating on the uphill gardeners(homosexuals), its 2009 people, it aint the 50s or somthing!! people need to get over it and grow up! Enlightened posted that guys on the down low are actually gay not bisexual as only girls can be bisexual , is also a very immature comment! maybe cos us guys just like the fact of a little girl on girl action!

    • Enlightened

      Actually, I don’t think it’s immature at all.

      Seriously, let me know if you’ve seen different things.

      I know men, including friends, family or whatever, who seemed to be gay from an early age…and they got teased and all those type of things, and once we were older, more often than not, they really were gay and eventually came out.

      I know women who liked boys, loved boys,grew up to like men, grew up to have children, and later be “turned out,” in some cases later to go back to men or just continue to be with both sexually.

      Have you honestly ever known any men like that? What man do you know went with a man, and later was back in a straight relationship. I’m just saying. If you say you have or you do, then you’ll expose me to a new way of thinking.

      Would you not agree that a man, especially Black, would feel the need to hide the fact that he’s gay by pretending to like women?

      Once again, I’m not an authority (on this). Kanye West obviously is. I tend to defer to people who are authorities about things.

      • chitchat

        I understand what you’re saying. I think the point everyone is tryna make is that you dont have to be “turned out” to be bisexual. Some people probably just always liked both and are “out” with it. The same way some people were always gay or always straight.

        Also, ignorant or not, I dont buy that “turned out” thing. If you ever had an interest in doing smthg sexual with someone of the same gender you have bisexual tendencies, just cause you waited until college to ACT on it doesnt make you any more straight. I dont believe a fully straight person would entertain the idea of sexual acts with a same sex person, regardless of the circumstances. Jail, college, whatever..

        • Enlightened

          Hmmmm….you may very well be right,


          I know a girl I grew up with who was an absolute nympho, but she looked so good that all the niggas in the hood still hit it, even though we knew who many niggas she was going through.

          When she told us she liked girls too, it was so surprise.
          When she pulled up in the car with one of my homeboys girlfriends (and it wasn’t innocent), it was a surprise.

          Now maybe dudes girlfriend was already bi-sexual and hadn’t come out, but… I’m just saying. I’ve known a few cases like that.

  • whats CraCCin

    how the fuCc can the same retards post, but you wont post my shit. Knowing xxl you will post this you stupid fuccs yellow nigga held this shit down everybody else is wacc

  • macdatruest

    I can appreciate what Kanye as trying to say. I mean, you fuckin guys. How many sub-divisions of fuckin guys is it. “I look at girls, fuck guys, dress in drag, play football, and wear panties- Imma 3/4 homo-closet-bi-transexual thug” GTFOH!!! In the words of Riley,”……nigga, you gay.”

    Thats basically what Kanye said. I feel him cause if you supposedly bi-sexual, that still means dual sexualities, one of which is homosexual and the other one being “straight” which I dont understand as even being a sexuality. Man was created for woman, and vice versa. Saying people are born gay is like saying a) God is imperfect and b)you can be born bi-sexual if you can be born gay. Now how likely does that sound???? again GTFOH!!!

    That bi-sexual shit is a gay ass trap. Thinking point for you niggas: If being bi-sexual does not make you gay but in fact in between then which way is a bisexual most like to go from there? being fully “straight” or just plain flat out gay? Bi sexuals is gay nigga’s apprentices that what I think. True shit!!

    • Dub Sac

      Point A.
      So if people are born gay, then God must be imperfect. But when people are born with mental and physical retardation, God can still be perfect? Are you really saying that being born gay reflects more poorly on God than a child born without full functional use of their body?

      Point B.
      It sounds perfectly plausible that somebody could be born bi-sexual as well as gay. If somebody told you they enjoy both watching TV and going to the movies, would you tell them, “Hell naw, it’s one or the other, and if you go home from the movies and watch TV, you must only really want to watch TV.”

      Why would sexuality be the one area of real life where there can only be two options, instead of a range of possibilities along a spectrum?

    • Smel

      “Saying people are born gay is like saying a) God is imperfect”

      No, you saying that is YOU saying God is imperfect.

  • EmCDL

    Kanye needs to put duck-tape over his mouth…or at least act like its there.

  • Worley

    Kanye is a fruit now let’s move on.

  • bollocks

    RON FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!

    As for the comments…well….

    “Whoa, yeah that was fukked up of Ye to say, but holy shit, Kanye West is totally a fag!”

    Pierzy started the comments off strong, and as you go down the page, shit just gets dumber and more hypocritical.

    calling someone a fag = denying the existence of bisexuals = homophobia.

  • bongo

    ‘oh shoot! get a load of that fruit!’

    just deal with it ye

  • louie mo

    I mean. You can have gay friends. It’s cool. You can like, play tennis with a gay dude. Then when you’re done with the game, you can be like, “I’m going to get a beer. What are you going to do?” He can tell you, “Well, I’m gonna go suck some dick”, because that’s all he could possibly be doing. And you can go your separate ways relieved that you’re going to enjoy a nice cold beer.


    eddie murphy is gettin 25 percent of this blog credit ……. now ron you know you can’t sample jokes for your blog

    • Ron Mexico

      seriously, though…

      who DOESN’T know that’s an eddie murphy joke? why niggas actin like i’m trying to get over? the shit is like… verbatim. i sneak shit like that in all the time for niggas who be knowin where i’m coming from.

      why today must i be a “plagerist”?

      stop the madness, people.

      • Dub Sac

        You gotta start fuckin’ with that MLA citation, Ron. I wanna see them footnotes, works cited, date of publication and all that.

        • Ron Mexico

          well.. maybe i’m showing my age expecting everyone to know a 1982 standup. duly cited… with video, as i see it was getting to be a problem.

        • these posts are racist

          Shout out to the old heads and witty folks. I felt you Ron.

          1979…is in the building.


    i agree with kanye on that one. wow that rarely happens but once a guy starts messing around with a dick. that is not his own you have reached the point that you are gay. no matter how much pussy you get after that you are a pole sucker.

  • Eric

    I don’t think Kanye is gay, he just has opinions, like everybody else. But, like everybody else, he needs to keep some opinions for the correct platform.

    By the way, if a man likes another man, he is gay. no matter how you slice it. and fuck the double standard. if a woman likes another woman, her ass is gay too. nothing wrong with it, at all.

    we have to get over the fact that homosexuals are a part of this world. hell, some of your favorite athletes may be homosexuals. are you gonna stop rooting for them if they came out?

    somebody already said this, but man, hip hop needs to grow up.

  • GIFT

    I feel like opinions are just that; opinions. Kanye has proven time and time again, that he will say whatever comes to his head without thinking first. The irony in this situation is that many people have that same state of mind or have expressed that view before. It’s looked at harder when kanye expresses this sentiment because he is a public figure, as he admitted, and being in the public eye can be damaging, depending on the behavior. I personally feel that homosexuals can do what they want. It’s 2009, and some things just are how they are. people may not agree with the lifestyle, but in this country we have freedoms, and who we decide to love is one of those freedoms, so kanye can have an opinion, just like anyone else. He should just be more aware of who’s watching him.