BLOG: Money Over Everything

M.O.E “Money Over Every Thing”. I know the world credits the homie “Chopper” aka “Young City” with this saying now but the 1st time I actually heard this saying it was from a Houston Texas rapper 50/50 Twin (what up my Ni**@). When I heard it, my 1st instinct was “ohh sh*t” that’s hard! It sounded like a Gangta’s morning Mantra. I can imagine Italian Dons and Capos, Black Goons and Thugs, Asian and Spanish G’s alike waking in the morning and instead of prayers they all would sit on the side of their beds, light Cuban Cohibas and slowly repeat M.O.E dozens of times gradually speeding up like Angela Basset doing Buddhist chants when she played Tina Turner. They would spin these words into motivating song before getting up. Money over everything. Money over everything. Money over everything. Money over everything….climaxing in a quick abrupt silence and a focused glassy-eyed stare. After they arose and did the morning rituals: sh*t, shower, shave, they would hop in there G mobiles and descend onto the streets like James Galdolfini as Tony Soprano and “Carpe Diem” or Seize the day. A day in which nothing mattered except the “color of money” the “good fella” codes and how many “dead presidents” one could amass in a day.

Now because I, like most young males, I know have been indoctrinated by our culture to know the rich guy ALWAYS gets the Playboy Bunny, and broke guys get….well broke guys get what rich guys have had…ask the men currently dating Juanita Jordan, The former Mrs. D. Wade or any dude dating 50 or Rick Ross’s ex-girls. Coming behind a rich dude in games of love and sex sucks dick (no homo). Rich guys drive dope cars, broke dudes girls drive them crazy. Rich guys do what they wanna and broke dudes do what they can…sigh. We all know money is important. But how important is having lots of money??? Hmmmmmm. If the money over everything is truly the “way” …the “way” of the rich, the “way” to completeness and happiness, why the hell don’t other people work harder to get rich? Because most of us don’t, we spend money on feeling good. Why epend ya last dollar on the club or even a gift for a loved one. If money is the Great equalizer and the almighty in a capitalistic society, “huh”, I ask? Because money don’t mean sh*t! It doesn’t. It never did and it never will. Paris Hilton knows this. So why do we squander it buying shit like gifts or get well cards or tithes to mega churches 4 Jesus, huh, huh? Paris had an opportunity to get a STOOPID inheritance from grandpa and she threw it away, partying, showing her snatch and sexing via night vision all the while charging a small fee (couple mill here couple mill there) so that she could live like the rest of us and enjoy the dispensable years (the 20s). She gave up an inheritance and earned her own money (1 itty bitty titty flash at a time) so she could LIVE. Money is a tool used to keep taps and measure debt. The less debt you have, the more money you can save, the more money you save, the less stressed you can become, the less stressed you become, the more your life can blossom. Say you make 100k a year, the old money model says you can afford a home that is worth the value of 2 and 1 half years of work. That’s 250k. That’s a couple grand every month for 20 or 30 years or so. Basically you become a slave to the house you “own”, cant miss a day of work, can’t retire, sure as hell can’t quit! As dope as it is to own a good looking home, when will you get to enjoy it and the people you bought it for (your family)? Now may I propose that there is a way to defeat the money matrix? Beating the matrix involves you adjusting your focus less on money and more on Life, Love and Happiness. What the F*ck?!!! Oh yes, I hear you now “this ni**@ Mike is crazy. And yup I a fox. Here’s my answer to money over everything……. LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS and you will have everything (travel, leisure, cars, clothes) although you must have game and get ya own girl doe. Playboy Bunnies ain’t free sucka ). What exactly does that mean? Well it means that you adopt the M.O.B mentality” Money Over Bullsh*t.” Since money is a tool, you should use it as such. Remember that 100k salary we just talked about? Let’s say you choose to take half of that year’s salary and purchase 1 HUD home to live in. The government gives you an 8k tax credit (thank u Mr. Prez). Live there, repair the place, write off all expenses regarding that place. Wow, 1-year, 50k minus 8k tax credit and you own a beautiful ranch style home in a decent neighborhood and because you repaired it yourself, has gained value. Also you never buy a new car, buy pre-owned and used only (most millionaires do) plus they put an extra 8k in the price of a new car. So you got a house, you own a nice, sporty 7 grand Honda and disposable income to start a biz (I suggest buying more homes and renting to former project residents), take trips or invest (now is a great time). This will also give you more money to bullsh*t in random clubs picking up the bar tab for your degenerate friends, etc. But always remember, keep the receipts, write it off as a biz expense. Having control over your wants and your money will allow you to truly have everything: happiness, travel, adventure and more. If you can forgo your wants of un-needed sh*t and save and spend with purpose, you can escape the rat race of “no money and debt.” If you are not in debt, you are RICH! If you own your property, if you have a small business, if you save money every time you can (even vacations should be planned for the best deal possible), you will always be able to do what you want when you want (with proper planning). When I ask people why they want money they usually tell me so they can do what they wanna do. I feel’em that’s why I rap. Couldn’t do the regular gig sh*t and wouldn’t wanna sell dope forever. I propose most people can already do all they want to do if they stop chasing money and trap the money they already earn. If you control your immediate and usually un-needed wants, you can save more and spend less (Clark Howard’s line), then you can do more and stress less (my line). Here’s a simple exercise I learned from (Neil Bortz) as a kid. Take 5s, 10s and 20s out with you when you leave the house. Every time you break a bill, put the 1s away in another pocket and save them. Not only will you save at least 50 to 100 dollars monthly, you will think about every purchase more b4 you fluke a 20 on a swisher, tater chips and a Faygo. Now you can treat yo self to a nice dinner at the end of the month (at a real restaurant) or save 600 to 1200 hundred and take an off-season vacation to Jamaica (girls are great at this sh*t). I promise you if you try this, it will work and you will adjust the way you think about and spend dough. With all that said, I gotta go do a show and make sum paper. I saw a house I wanna buy in an empowerment zone. I’m a few shows away. So everybody spend more time saying love, Fam, adventure, even life over everything and use money 4 what it should be used for, a tool to buy cheap tickets for travel and leisure and paying off student loans. Extra special “thanks” to Clark Howard, Dave Ramsey, Neil Bortz and Paris Hilton for helping me see the way. I’m out this beyyyatch. I got $$$$$ to make! But $ don’t make me. GTRG…BBB

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  • Killer Mike

    Sorry bout my typos…my Blog editor Publisist (Yeah Tamiko!!!) is fixing’em now. thank all who read and comment. wether its love or hate. Grind Hard and Prosper. GTRG…BBB

    • Pierzy

      Mike, thanks for the real talk!

  • Ali


    now THAT ladies & gentleman, is a guest blog lol I always say “money can’t buy happiness but it could put a down payment on it” whenever I’m feelin’ down but the truth is it can’t….I forget it all the time & I just got reminded again…..thank you Killer Mike,I look forward to more blogs

  • Pierzy

    Finally! Real opinions on real topics! Thank you for that.

    The love of money is bigger than hip-hop…it’s everywhere in a capitalistic culture. Remember it’s not that “money is the root of all evil,” it’s “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

    But, could I get a paragraph break in tomorrow’s drop? Maybe some punctuation? I felt like I was reading a comment down here.

    • Capital G

      Co-sign the “LOVE of money” comment. The paper itself ain’t evil, the lengths people will go to get their hands on some is. And as far as the punctuation… Seriously P, who gives a shit? After the OJ abortions (not abominations, although that’s also applicable) Killer Mike was the antidote to last week’s stupidity.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    It’s called the rat race…and you should stay out of it by any means necessary.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • William Lee

    This is one of the BEST write-ups I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading on this site. They should keep you around if these are the jewels you plan on delivering to readers.

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    Money don’t mean shit to people who have it, it does to a broke-ass nigga like myself. It’s not really an equalizer per se. Money don’t buy some genuine feelings that a human can have while doing or enjoying some of the simpler things in life: a baby kissing you telling you he loves you, the surprise of catching someone talk good about you in your back, etc….
    Bottom line is money ain’t everything, but it’s one helluva bargaining chip !!! The best evar !!!

  • P. Harris

    By Far… no joke… One of the most interesting and inciteful blogs I’ve read period. Not just on here… but period.

    I’m going to school (again) for heatlh promotions, we studied epidemiology and the socio-economic factors that apply to the health of populations… Now I feel like you… Money isn’t shit… But if you do the research, you can’t deny the truth. People who make more money, have more money, and keep more money, are all healthier, happier, and living longer lives. This research has been done and proved that as a fact. It’s crazy and I totally disagreed at first thinking that money isn’t a great factor, but it is.

    I’m saying in retrospect of the black community/culture period and not just the rap/hip hop community/culture, because unlike the subjects in the study, these people had nice shit but they weren’t splurging their money on high dollar hoes, cars, remote control chains and shit…

  • capcobra

    this the realest guest blog so far champ..good work and thanks for the game..i might try that washingtons in the side pocket trick..i still do the 20 a day to get the 560 at the end..hope you knock them shows out and get that crib too…1

  • Apollo Moses

    Great read bruh…learned a lot.

  • Moving Sideways

    Great read, it really highlights the differences between ‘rich’ and ‘wealthy’. Like Chris Rock said, “Shaq is rich, the guys that signs Shaq’s paychecks is wealthy.”

    Looking forward to more blogs

  • that nigga

    Incredible. I was givin the guest blog to Skyzoo as the best rapper/blogger. You just killed it, tho. O.J The Juice whatever should take head to this write-up.

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    The main criteria in Money Over Bullshit is the difference between needs and wants.

    Money is a wonderful slave but a terrible master, word to Aristotle.

  • sean blak

    ay better than that juice niggas ignant ramblins

  • these posts are racist

    The world has changed. The concept of “wealth” and “rich” are so illusive and most don’t understand what it means to be “wealthy”. My old neighborhood is currently feeling the change. Homes where working class immigrants once lived once costed 30,000 now run for 400,000. So a person has to earn signficantly more money to live in a home poor to working class folks could easily afford. The people on top have changed the game.

    The importance of having liquid assets and cash in the bank is lost on most. Over leveraged people “own” nice cars and flat screens but are one pay check away from being broke. Debt is bad, cash is good. Google the number of people who earn 100,000 a year and you will see that the numbers don’t add up…most people don’t make what they appear.

    At the end of the day, if you truly want to progress, save money and send your kids to good schools from day one. Get rich quick does not work and just because you drive a nice car, doesn’t mean you can afford it.

    Learn, read and think. Drop your ego and remember vanity will get you. Find a girl or guy who values education and family first and marry that person. Raise good kids who value school and push them to go to good schools and soon power will be in the hands of those who know how to use it.

    yall don’t hear me.

    • eddiesixes

      it’s like what chris rock said “shaq is rich…the old white guy that signs his check is wealthy.”
      “bill gates would jump out the window if he woke up with oprah’s money”

  • El Tico Loco

    Talking some real shit for any type of hip hop artist or person in general, Killa Killa may have taught some youngn a thing or two if they took the time to read.


      he did. & I did. i’m still trying to ‘digest’ it.

      p.s. i thought my dad & old white guys were the only ones who listen to Neil Bortz. i used to hate riding in the car while my dad listen to him. he (Neil Bortz) obviously be spitting some real talk.

      preciate the knowledge Killa.

  • Jericho

    It’s so nice to see a rapper keeping it “real” for once.

  • Killer Mike

    @These Post are Racist….

    Um yeah we hear you (in regard to money matters) and thats pretty much what i said. Save money, Live Below Your means, and LIVE for fam, friends, life and all its adventures not money. I also Gave them 2 Money Pros to check out Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey (please google’em). Im Glad u understand tho and congrats on being one of many with the common sense and good mind to see past petty wants and plan 4 a better future. I enjoyed reading yo comment, however i fail to see the racist edge in my post or any of the comments. That sounds waaaaay off base.

    • these posts are racist

      My brother, first of all, thank you for taking the time to respond, it means a great deal considering who you are… i’ve been a fan since day one, homey.

      The “These Posts Are Racist” name came over 2 years ago in response to a couple of anti-Muslim/Anti-Lupe Fiasco posts dropped by Byron Crawford and I continued using the name as that’s how folks came to know me. So it has nothing to do with your drop…

      Your post “is insightful and refreshing”…co-sign all day big homey.

  • Killer Mike

    Cool beans my man thank u. i too have been accussed of being a terrorist by Bol (for my pressure video) lol he’s a funny lil dude reminds me of the angry smart kids i went to Morehouse with (shout out to Mr. Crawford).

    Thank u 4 reading and the extra insight u brought. I apprecitate smart Hip Hop supporters more than u can ever know. You all r the reasons i still do this. GTRG…BBB

  • HNIC

    For the few people that inquired about why we hated on OJ & not Killer Mike, this is the reason why. His blog was like a seminar, filled with knowledge, compared to OJ’s, which was filled with ignorance. There’s a night & day difference.

    I appreciate the information, Killer! Real talk!

  • General

    Good drop Mike…

    Too many people get caught up in tryin to live up to an image that hollywood or even hip hop videos and artists themselves constantly portray…

    I ve known way too many cats that got a SUV with a great sound system and big rims, but can’t afford to do anything with it, and at the same time live in a rundown place they rent…

    You gave great advice with the living below your means and purchasing a less expensive house. Too many people miss out on the fact that you can have all the clothes, jewels, and other trappings, but if you don’t own a house/property, you don’t own shit…

    Thanks again for the insighful blog and I look forward to more

  • AZ40

    Good post, better than most guest bloggers something actually for the mind… been livin’ the M.O.B way homie

  • KS

    Great drop mike. Way to represent Atlanta and offset OJ’s terrible week

  • EmCDL

    Killer Mike is killin it! After reading this it looks like you need your own tv series dawg! Great insight about the money topic…as much as I have been stressing lately about money issues (Cali is expensive yall), at the end of the day, money is just what you called it on your post, a tool. Even though there’s guys out there that have all this money and can do whatever they want, at least us broke niccas can appreciate the simpler things in life you know? But I’m not gonna lie, it’d be nice to have that much bread too! Money over bullshit….a true mantra to live by.

    I’ma try that $1 in the pocket tactic too.

  • alderman j


  • Victoria Page

    Great drop today Mike.

    I agree, I think we sometimes get caught up on owning “things” that we forget there is a smart way to do things and a not so smart way to do things. The examples you mentioned are all ways to work smarter and not harder.

  • Enlightened

    “I live by the beat like you live check to check/ if it don’t move yo feet than I don’t eat so we like neck to neck” -Andre 3000

    I tell people all the time something like this, but it means a lot more coming from somebody with access to more money.

    If a certain rapper makes $50,000 per month and you make $5,000 per month. And that rapper’s mortgage is $8,000 per month. And that rapper pays a note on 3 or 4 different luxury cars and you own yours, etc…..

    Take away the Playboy bunnies and it’s not really much different in the “wealth” of those two people. Just the lifestyle and fringe benefits.

  • Tony Grands

    Good shit, Mike.

    Wants vs. Needs.

    I was raised being able to differentiate between the two. Seems a lot of these younger generations missed that imperative part of being raised & the community, especially the individual, suffers.

    It’s hard trying to explain to my youngers homies that money doesn’t make the man, & I have a couple who let me know via the State Pen that now they get it. However, it’s too late.

    Plus, I also think people in general don’t realize that doe is a luxury, if you have it or not. Shit’s not guaranteed. Without the proper ethics (hustle, work, the ability to save), it won’t last.

    It doesn’t help that 75% of rappers are the new “role model”.

    Keep up the good work, folks.

  • Phlip

    I forgive the typos, I make them all the time in my own blog.
    I applaud the content and actually SAYING some real shit. Even more so in that commenters are actually getting responses in the comments. I bet they bring OJ, Whoo Kid and Shakur back for a round-table discussion to REALLY fuck with us next week.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    @ Detroit P

    Now do you see why we were so happy yesterday??? Some of us “nerds” knew this was the real deal.

    @ Killer Mike

    Good drop. I always was told by my dad “If you have Cadillac $, buy a Ford.”

    When I hit the bank I always get $50 in singles, split it up in 10′s and that’s my 5 day budget $. Split the bills in 4(for the weeks of the month) and stash all big $ faces. About the time it gets to the weekend, I still have the 5′s and tens in the drawer to spend(even for ceelo time!).

    I stay telling the youngin’s that the hardest word in the English language is BUDGET.

  • Jamal7Mile

    “Mike’s the man. His blogs will be enjoyable and informative, believe me. My people at CNN can vouch for that.” – Jamal7Mile, yesterday.

    I told yall!!

    “LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS and you will have everything…” – Mike.

    I wish I followed this advice 12 years ago. I’d be in better shape today.

    As expected, GOOD POST MIKE! Never knew Paris Hilton turned down that inheritance (Damn!!) but it seems to be working out for her.


    Mike, good text, save for one fact:

    If you make $100K a year, you are not eligible for the government’s 8K tax credit. The credit is capped at $75K salary, then precipitously decreases before exhausting at $95K.

    Other than that, I respect your knowledge about the ways of the world, and I appreciate your efforts to spread this type of information to the impressionable youth.

  • Killer Mike


    Well actually Grandpa jus cut her ass off once she ultra embarassed him and the Hilton name but she she was at least 10 million to the good on her own efforts by then. Smart Girl that Paris.

    P.S. Ya’ll check that Clark Howard out and Dave Ramsey No BS it will help u change ya life!

  • Killer Mike


    There is a loop hole tho. i will work at finding it and getting it up if possible. Thank u 4 being a Resource. I appreciate all good direction.

  • “The Party Killa”

    I had to use this as a FB stat…—->If you control your immediate and usually un-needed wants, you can save more and spend less, then you can do more & stress less!

    This was so rite on the $$ especially me being a 30yr old black male who has money management issues…. Especially in these trying times! Good Spit big HOMIE…. I need a show here in MILW, WI…. Hell I need a show period wit Killer Mike on the Bill!

  • chillin mayne

    JAAAA, good looks on that shout out to 50/50 twin, he one of my favorite rappers that nobody heard of…

    basic….if you dont have the money dont spend it a.k.a spend below your means…the pastor at my church preached almost the exact same message bout 3 saturdays ago(Seventh day adventist)…now if i could give my homeboy the link to this article, cuz he stay workin all the time, but he aint never got no money…yet he got all these dvds, and tv series on dvds, i-phone etc. etc…..but aint got the dough to get sum dollar menu items sumtimes….all unnessary items..

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    Actually, I don’t think that Paris turning down an inheritance proves that she’s smart. She didn’t turn it down anyway, she just didn’t to live up to the conditions her parents required about the inheritance, i.e. no party and bullshit.

    I think that has more to do with the “making a name for oneself” situation when you’re in such a position. She still want maaaaad money, but HER money, not daddy’s money. That way she can keep showin kitten, cam hoo-in (word to Byron), and party and bullshit. The fact that it’s working right now, non-obstant the permanent stank display, is more of a lucky coincidence (like gettin a tax refund check in the mail while down to your last dollar) than being smart. She could’ve gone the Maia Campbell route….

  • Killer Mike

    @Silly Chilly Willy

    Indeed bruh in deed….Please note tho the That naming Paris amist the list i thought you’d get the fact she was the comic relief (lol). Next time i’ll “lol” lol. but hey u gotta admit turning down hundreds of millions (or blowing) it and “survive’n” off the few petty mill u hustle your self takes a certin amonunt of “live below you means” determination and a basic common sense intellect if nothing else…….lol…but 4real doe.

    P.S. i love the Fact ya”ll r smart on this page its been real and i look 4ward to more 2morrow. thanks bruh.

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      Nuff respect, big homey !

      I got the comic relief, of course. It’s just that I could sum up my Killa Kill experience to you spittin on wax and me bumping that shit in the crib. This here is the closest interaction I’m havin with you, so just to be on the safe side, I made a point.

      Have you seen Death Proof, from Tarantino ? There’s a girl in that movie who’s a stuntwoman and they nickname her the cat because whatever happens, she never hurts herself, always falling on her two feet. Paris makes me think of that. Whenever you feel she hit rock bottom, she always stay on top. It mos def takes determination and common sense. But still, some people are just lucky like that, I presume.

      Thanks for the response, fam ! Appreciate it!

  • macdatruest

    hell naw, yall picked the right dude for the job this time as far as guest blogging. Killer Mike got some of the hottest mixtape shit I heard EVER and has always been one of the most slept on and insightful lyricist- in other words, nigga got shit to say, which he just proved on this blog. You dont even find shit like this in XXL regularly, it’s usually Yung Berg got smacked or some gay ass XXL Freshmen (A title which now bears shame and disgrace)

    Comes off as a guy a label is scared to sign as an artist because he’s a little too informed- so good work Grand Hu$tle for not being intimidated by intelligence. Wit that said keep the shit coming. I started college and instead of buying a bunch of ipods and leasing a car with my refund check I bought a house off campus and now I rent to college students who pay rediculous fees! Mike got it right, avoid those un-needed wants and look a little further. Have faith in yourself too- it’s too many “Puffy made my dreams come true” type shows wit niggas lookin to get handed a chain and a contract. Get Rich INDependent people!!!! You can be buying souls instead of Puff!!!!! lol

  • Viski

    You are by far the realist dude and best blogger i have ever read ,nh. Great job I lood forward to the others. I feel that society places unfair boundries on people and attempts to make it so that the only people that can truly live are the ones with money. Whehter you have money or not, the whole point is the ability to live and and ability to recognize that money is not the only thing allowing you to live your life. As you said with your Paris hilton example, at least that girl lived regardless of whether we consider it proper or not.

  • macdatruest

    Killer Mike responding to Blogs is hip hop right now. This is an example of hip hop stepping into the future as far as reaching fans and cutting out the middle man. This is smart grindin as we speak on the low lol

    • Jamal7Mile


      It’s gonna be a good week! For those of you who enjoy Mike and MC Lyte, you’ll LOVE Killer Mike INTERVIEWING MC Lyte on 2 weeks ago. You can get it off of HHDX too. The posted date was 8/27 and 8/28, I think. Google should pull something up if you can’t find it. Check too (Clyde A, what’s up bro?).

      • macdatruest

        Good lookin on that info but on a sidebar: Why do everybody use Google?? Im a Yahoo Nigga myself shit maybe I need to get wit the times huh?

        • Jamal7Mile

          Actually, I think “Bing” is the new thing. Google is just a good catch-phrase that I use nowadays for “go look for.” Bing got Google scrambling to keep up with ‘em.

          *sidebar* Hello Firefox, goodbye Explorer. I just made the switch today and I have no complaints (so far).

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Don’t forget to click on the ADD-ONS in the TOOLS drop window. You can hook up the Firefox browser.

          I always say “Bing that”.

  • Dr Flav

    I just finished listening to an interview with Professor Griff on, I think that is something that might interest you Killer Mike, I would like to hear your interpretation of some of his ideas on a future blog. I mean some of the stuff he was saying really bugged me out. Worth the listen.


      YES! i watched that yesterday & was blown away. but, u know the video got cut off about 75% thru it (it always does that w/ long videos).

      i recommend everybody go check that out.

  • maximus 32

    This was a good post. Tired of mindless bullshit. Another thing that I got from Russell Simmons that stuck with me was the fact that in whatever you do, make sure you are trying to help people or make some sort of difference. I took that as saying that you should at the very least not feel guilty about how you make money. Compromising your self for money seems to cause much more humiliation in the long run versus the pain of being poor. A lot of people in our society don’t value pride and integrity anymore…I mean look at TV (reality tv). In this microwave society, there will come a time where those same reality tv stars, athletes, gimmicky rappers etc… will have to slow down and only time will tell if they will be able to look themselves in the mirror.

    With that being said, I appreciate the food for thought.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Best blog I’ve read on this site in years. Keep um coming !

  • Killer Mike


    i got intro’d to google watching that will smiff movie…lol

    i only use google cuz its easy and i like the factt the front page is ever changing.

    What? Dats it………lol

    P.S. ERRR BODY HIT UP UNN And u can see alotta interviews i’ve done shouts out to the Homie TORY!!!


    “When I heard it, my 1st instinct was “ohh sh*t” that’s hard! It sounded like a Gangta’s morning Mantra. I can imagine Italian Dons and Capos, Black Goons and Thugs, Asian and Spanish G’s alike waking in the morning and instead of prayers they all would sit on the side of their beds, light Cuban Cohibas and slowly repeat M.O.E dozens of times gradually speeding up like Angela Basset doing Buddhist chants when she played Tina Turner.”

    mike you killing it homie this sounds like the opening to a gangsta flick or something. good stuff holloywood might steal that from you. i feel your post big time homie because the dollar thing. i was doing that all the time when i going to strip clubs like that. also another thing you can do and it almost never fails. is to never spend more than what you make if you get paid friday you should not be broke on monday. if you got problems with cash you should put cash in the bank once you get paid. that way if you blew all your cash you already saved some. i got millions of tips to save cash mom and dad didn’t raise no fool.

  • killer mike

    Thanks Big Nat umma try LA next see what the boy can get out there….yo yo yo i got dem scripts nugga! lol.

    Really doe, men gotta start sharing saving tips with one another thats what the “conservertives” do. God bless they old and stingy asses. Well any way Please post a few more savings tips so the other homies can use’em and go and buy the New Killer Mike/GTO albums…..and um out! GTRG…BBB

  • Dee El


    You know that you’re gaining fans, right? Many artists don’t get the fact that interactions with music fans work. I’m sold off the music, but even more so off the blog…Dope shit man. No hate but this was needed after the last guest blogger as you can tell by the comments.

    Dee El Sends

  • these posts are racist

    Killa Mike,

    You got your cake and ate it too…you’re audience has been extended by your blog and you earned the respect of the truest hip hop heads in the game…XXL commenters. Good work homey.


    Most defintely the most Interesting Blog I’ve Read in a while. Thanks Killer Mike, Oh Your Cousin Kelsey Davidson, said ” wha it Do? “

  • boi-dan

    Ha, you know 50/50 Twin. His album M.O.E. has so many gems, that guy is a hustler. One of his albums is titled; Grind 20 Sleep 4.

  • Mike Jordan

    Morehouse for the win.

  • GO-Getta’

    So the last shall b’ the 1st.
    Hey dude nice drop lookin’ 4ward 2 a xcitin’ & thoughtful read!

  • Brooklyn

    that’s real talk indeed, people do tend to spend money foolishly in an attempt to “keep up with the joneses.” i myself have been guilty of spending above my means to impress other people, looking good in expensive clothes and jewelry but not having enough in my pocket to buy a mcchicken sandwich for lunch. i’ve always said that buying property is the way to go, and buying run down property cheap and fixing it up is probably the best option. you pay 50,000 for a house that needs work, put about 10,000 into it, and you still paid less than you would have for a brand new house that costs over 100 g’s. and if you rent it out to others, you’ll recoup your losses mad quick.

    like biggie said, “more money, more problems” and that’s the truth. when you’re wealthy you have more shit to worry about than when you aren’t. but i don’t think that most people want to be rich, i myself don’t. i just want to be comfortable, live that cosby life where i own my own crib, my own car, got a fine ass wife, and have enough saved up to send all my kids to college, or at least to help them out through college, hopefully they’ll get scholarships. i think everyone has a duty to do better than the previous generation. my parents did better than their parents did, i intend to do better than they did, and hopefully my future children will do better than i did.

    saving money is important, something that i learned long ago. i got this thing where every time i got change i put it in this big ass soda cracker can. i’ll carry that shit to duane reade and pour them in the coinmach machine and get my money and then i’ll put that shit in the bank. most people throw away change, but that shit adds up, trust me. i didn’t realize it until i had about seventy five dollars in loose change saved up in cans around my crib.

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