License to Rap

I swear, some of these rappers’s egos wouldn’t recover if they heard me and my co-workers poke fun at them. It gets pretty harsh sometimes.

Anyway, so I’m here at the office looking through emails and stuff, when I suddenly hear some foolishness coming out of Rob the Music Ed’s speakers. To his defense, I doubt he was listening to it for pleasure, but more as his duty. You see, Rob is one of the few if not the only dude I know who literally listens to EVERYTHING. He always gives it a shot.

In any event, that awful song reminded me that rapping isn’t for everybody. Some of us need to get those fries, be magazine editors, work at hotels, whatever. I think you should earn the right to rap. You should have to get a license to rhyme in order to be a rapper… Maybe we should make it like a driver’s license.

First, you’d have to get a learner’s permit. Instead of that book where you learn all the stop signs, there’d be some kind of book teaching you rap’s history, dos and donts, codes of conduct and stuff. No 5 hour class here, the class would last a few months, at least the length of the school semester. Lastly, you’d have to take the rhyme test (road test) where you’d spit for the rhyme instructor in order to get your rap license.

There are still bad drivers out there, so we’d undoubtedly still end up with questionable rappers, but the ratio wouldn’t be as bad as it is now. What do you guys think? What other criteria should we enforce for aspiring artists to get their license to rap? More importantly, what current rappers would get their license revoked?—Jackpot

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  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    You must be hearing an OJ song & reading his blog Jackpot.

    Make dudes take a rap S.A.T. See if they know the craft to represent it.

    • General

      “You must be hearing an OJ song & reading his blog Jackpot.”

      I was thinkin the same fuckin thing when I was reading this blog…

      Its a pretty ironic topic the same week you got OJ or Grapefruit Boy or whatever the fuck his name is as a guest blogger

  • Philip

    If that’s the case then rappers like OJ da Juiceman, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy and insert any other wack Southern n*gga need to have their licenses suspended and revoked immediately!

    • HNIC

      Co-Sign! Don’t forget to include Ron Browz, Maino, Plies & Tony Yayo on that list.

    • Lucifer276

      Philip u a clown,a hater at best, I’m a west coast nigga n i dont hate on my folks they making money thats what this shit about..we didnt start out with a license you white washedout mothafuckas…Lucifer276

      • El Tico Loco

        i dont hate on my folks they making money thats what this shit about.
        The logic that killed the game.
        So by what you’re saying if you have a job and you bust your ass to show you’re the best to get that raise or promotion and when that position opens up and you apply and the slacker with poor attendance gets the gig and now they making more than you, would you still be sayin “don’t hate he gettin money”?

  • Phlip

    I wholly agree with this one.

    I would say more, but I said enough on another post earlier.

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    This post is dripping with juice,….yes Juice!!!

    A very nice way to put it, Jackpot. Really!!!

    Kudos, champ!

  • John Cochran

    You know, I been ryhming and making beats for a minute and I must say there is, or was, a critieria. Its called the “cipha”. Ever heard of it? Its when bunch of spitters get together, beat or acapella, and spit for eachother and others. When I start rhyming in high school, there was the lunchtime cipha that everyone gathered around. If you were wack, they let you know. If you was hot in school, you went on to bigger ciphas all around the area, eventually start battling, then get the money up to hit the booth. You couldnt get to one stage without being hot on the latter. This was the DMV(DC Maryland,VA)where I lived for a while. Down there niggas dont cosign just cause they know you, you gotta be hot, shouts to Wale.

    • DetroitDraper

      Wale and that go-go music is the worst bs Ive ever heard.

      • Brass Tacks

        No! GO-GO Sucks ass period… Wale rhyming to GO-GO influenced beats, scratch that-any beat for that matter straight HEAT!

        • BOSS D.R.E.


  • DetroitDraper

    @John Cochran Wale, D.C the city as a whole, and the whole go-go movement or wtf ever youd call it(HOMO) is the worst bs ever.


  • Truthfully

    Is it me or are the recent blogs by Carl Cherry and Rob the Music Ed getting more catty and bitchy? C’mon Jackpot you know you tried to be a rapper and FAILED and stuck to talking shit about rappers living their dream!!! Dont be hateful and jealous towards artists tryna make it. Its tacky and a little sad

  • John Cochran

    I said nothing about go go you idiot, the post is about rapping. I dont care for go go much myself. My piont in shouting Wale is because he got the kind of flow that I can tell he developed through ciphas and open mics where people told him what was wack and what was hot. Wack rappers dont just appear out of thin air,there’s people along thier paths that should’ve stopped them, or been honest with them. As for your comment about gogo, that’s DC culture, they’re not selling it so noone really cares if outsiders dont like it, its been going on for years.

  • qp

    they did this same idea on allhiphop awhile ago. Sounds cool. You got to the emcee school to learn the whatever aspect of hip-hop you wanna learn: conscience rap, hood rap, alternative rap, party rap……MCs cramming on Hip-Hop history isn’t a bad idea.

    “Dumb rappers need teaching….” – B.I.G.

  • abdulnasir

    the criteria should be the commission

  • Tony Grands

    Freestyles would be extra credit. If you could pull it off [||], then that would help some of the other courses one’s not as proficient in.

    Maybe KRS-one or Rakim could hold summer sessions, to help the lesser skilled improve.

    That said, every 3 years, the license has to be re-evaluated. So, no slackers would slip between through the cracks, & if one is caught “rhyming without a license”, they should be subjected to being the opening act for Bow Wow for a six month period, or having their next album ghostwritten by (a sober) Coolio.

    • EmCDL

      Wait Grand I got a name for that…I call it….The Commission Detention

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Revoke Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, the niggas that made the “Stanky Leg”……do u see where I’m going with this?

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Revoke most southern rappers!! Sorry that’s just how I feel. If I don’t like it I don’t like it, doesn’t mean that I’m hatin…..thanks Common.

  • Incilin

    Who the fuck would be running these tests and what would the criteria be?

    • BIGNAT

      exactly what i was thinking. also you would have to have different versions of the test depending on where you live.

  • Brooklyn

    that’s a great idea, but niggas should have to get a rap degree. there should be universities dedicated to teaching aspiring rappers how to rap just like there are schools that are dedicated to teaching painters to paint and actors to act. the students should be forced to sit down and study a dictionary in order to expand their vocabulary and get a better understanding of the language in order to be able to successfully manipulate words.

    the criteria should be no dance songs, no songs that jack nursery rhymes, no auto-tune, and not putting on nigga just because they’re your brothers, cousins, nephews, niggas, duns, weed carriers, or what have you.

    furthermore, there would have to be a class where you’d have to listen to, study, and analyze old school rap. prior to your taking the rhyme test you need a six month apprentinceship to a seasoned rapper like krs-one, rakim, nas, redman, them niggas from empd, wu-tang, or black moon. in order to get your degree you’d have to compose a solid 16 bars off the head that has no ad-libs.


    Licenses REVOKED:

    Soulja Boy
    Tony Yayo
    Gucci Mane
    OJ Da Juiceman
    Shawty Lo
    Young Herb oops I mean Berg
    Lil Gayne oops I mean Wayne
    Lil Boosie

    Licenses EXPIRED:

    Bow Wow
    Lil Romeo
    Master P
    Charlie Hamilton(WHERE’S THE ALBUM??)
    Fat Joe

    • Lucifer276

      What u fools fail to comprehend is all those on the list n not on the list contributed to our upliftment as a collective. Get a life… say some positive.. hate is a empty plate, stave to death then bitches..if u never done it dont speak on it.. and if u speak on it show your self.. might be the same lil devil fucking shit up from the beginning. This is tired.. Lucifer276

    • BOSS D.R.E.

      Co-Sign. And Charlie Hamilton career ended as soon as shorty rocked him!

  • capcobra

    kane should’ve opened up a school for mc’ he said on “ain’t no half stepping”.

  • Lord Sin 7-15-4

    Peace to the Gods and Earths,

    everything is an add-on, one mans trash is another’s treasure, just listen to what you like and what you don’t fuck wit shouldn’t even matter


  • DJ Postman

    It’s funny that the topic of this blog is rapping licenses and who should have theirs revoked. Wasn’t that what XXL Magazine was going for with the July 2009 cover? “Welcome To Icey City–Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo, and OJ Da Juiceman”

  • Shawty J

    If rappers actually had to have a license to rap, I’d still listen to the radio.

  • Jero

    Speaking of a license to rap; this underground emcee from Boston needs one!!

  • GO-Getta’

    Dumb rappers need teachin’

    Shawty Lo
    Lil wayne (only when he’s usin’ auto-tune)
    Flo Rida
    Wale (listen 2 his verses in chillin’)
    & u surely r welcum 2 add……..

  • nicholasdelorejo

    I think it’s no so much a matter of skill and training as a rapper but a love for it that should be concidered. I’ve always loved old school rap because there was a love for what the rappers did even if the lyrics weren’t that complex. The reason rap sucks now is because no rapper really loves rap as a music but as a way to get rich or famous. That’s why rappers like wayne and OJ sound uninspired. What the point in being the best if your in it to get rich? Any rapper can work on their word play and lyrics. But how many of them are willing to make a song that’s deep and not about bitches, rims, or drugs.

  • Jamal7Mile

    Read a motherfuckin’ book!

  • bob

    Truthfully says:

    Is it me or are the recent blogs by Carl Cherry and Rob the Music Ed getting more catty and bitchy? C’mon Jackpot you know you tried to be a rapper and FAILED and stuck to talking shit about rappers living their dream!!! Dont be hateful and jealous towards artists tryna make it. Its tacky and a little sad

    I co-sign that!..