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I know. Mention Drake’s name and people get their panties in a bunch. But there was a point when Drizzy could do no wrong…. And then he did – you know, that “Breast I ever had” video, the underage girls dancing on stage and the tripping – and everyone got on him like crazy. I’m still giving the kid a chance to show and prove. He’s released one great mixtape and already has a song with Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, which is uncharted territory for a new rapper. Plus, music wise, he’s not dropping a freestyle or multiple mixtapes every 60 seconds, all up in my grill.

The question now is can he deliver? We’re at a point where it’s hard for an “unknown” rapper to come out the gate with a classic. In other words, we probably already know all the artists who have the ability to produce one because they’re all over the blogs. My homeboy and I were discussing Drake’s classic-opus prospects and he thinks the homie can do it. Why? Because he has yet to prove he can’t. Everything he’s put out so far has been consistent, with no universal bricks unless you’re steadfast on hating him, which means you could care less what his first project sounds like.

For those who do care, I’m curious if you think he has that potential to make a near-flawless album. I think so. Then again, people expected a lot of Asher Roth and Kid Cudi, right? These young cats have had a lot of time to think about this – their debut project – so it would seem that they have an advantage. That’s the reason so many first albums are considered classics, because they’re so long in the making compared to projects that come out later in an artist’s career. Jay-Z pointed this out in his interview with Oprah, saying: “That first album, Reasonable Doubt, is my favorite, because all the emotions and experiences of 26 years came out in it. That was the record I had 26 years to make.”

Well, Thank Me Later is the record Drake has had 22 years to make. If he does deliver a classic, that’d be a great thing for hip-hop. With that said, this is my last blog post, folks. It’s been real! Hope you enjoyed. –clovito

“Treat my first like my last and my last like my first and my thirst is the same as when I came.”

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  • X

    Why is it misconstrued as hating if we just don’t like Drake’s music? Can one of you who says we’re hating just to hate please answer that?

    • Oneofthemyo’s

      its considered as hating because most drake detractors dont just say they dont like him. People go as far as calling him a fag,jew-fag,canadian pussy, ole light skinned degrassi nigga etc…its one thing to not feel his music, but when u insist that the only reason he is liked is because the media stuck him down peoples throats even though they r some who has been listening to him for years. Thats when people consider it hating…

  • MidWest Grindin

    Are you serious, XXL? Are all your staff writers under 25? I’m 29 and for the life of me i cant find anything to like about dude. He is AVERAGE to me…he took Kanye’s flow and Weezy’s flow and meshed them together to get his flow. He has witty bars here and there, but to me not enough substance or quality to be talking about a classic album. Wait, ya’ll are the same cats who thought Asher Roth would be the next superstar. LOL. All i got to say is, if these cats are Generation Y’s hip-hop legends (Wayne, Drake, Kanye), then HIP-HOP IS IN TROUBLE.

    • westcoastaggie

      Well Drake is an artist I can relate to on some levels which is something I can’t do with alot of artists out now and of the past. I can’t relate too much to the “street reporting” of the slangin’ and the “reality of the streets” because I am not a product of that enviroment. So I don’t relate to Rae, Ghostface, or mostly any other artist that raps about “the street” which by the way is mostly glolirifed (sp.) lies over a bumpin beat.

      With Drake, amongst a grand cast of artists 25 & under, I can relate to because their flows & rhymes speak to things I can relate to: growin up, searching for an identity, being the underdog, dealing with girls/women etc…

      So while you say that “HIP-HOP IS IN TROUBLE” I say a new generation is taking over so get wit it or stay away!

      • NAWLEDGE

        Not everything from the old school was “talking about the streets” or any of that crap. As a matter fact, most of the music TODAY reflects exactly what you’re saying. Contradict much?

        And stop with the whole “it don’t relate to me” crap. It DOES relate to you, because ALL of it, is HIP HOP. Period. I bet Wayne, Gucci, and Jeezy relate to you right? ALL are artists who glorify the streets.

        Ghostface, Rae, Nas, and an assortment of other rappers spoke about growing up, searching for an identity, and everything else that “relates” to you.

        I’m not putting down the new generation. It just excessively lacks quality & substance.

        A whole bunch of witty one liners doesn’t mean anything was actually said.

      • El Tico Loco


        You talk as if Rae and Ghost came in the game old as hell, YOU might not be able to relate to the street reporting, but that’s real shit they talk about, the first person point of view in some cases may come off a little far fetched, but you haven’t lived in the Tri State or you can’t say is lies, hell if you watch news you know is not lies is all part of the struggle that dudes like Drake or yourself never had to experience but still goes on, some come out of it others are stuck in it others never went thru it. So before this all the softies had to leave the subdivision to experience hip hop and put up a front to get accepted to later find out what they really made of when shit hits the fan, Drake Kanye and the douchebag crew comes in to make it safe all over again.

    • Brahsef

      Exactly, you’re 29. Current popular music regardless of era almost always appeals to the 14-25 year old fan base(of course there are objections). When you were listenin to the Chronic in high school, I’m sure 30+ year olds were hating. You’re just getting old. It happens.

      And Kanye would be a legend in any generation. His first two CDs cemented that.

      • Pierzy

        I think Lil’ Wayne is overrated but Carter II was a really good album. I can’t get down with Drake…even after listening to the So Far Gone mixtape. I’m not hating, it’s just not working for me at this point.

        But I really do think Kanye is a genius, just based on his production record. And, to me, Graduation might’ve been his best disc. That shit was excellent. Again, just my take on things…

  • ?

    Drake is so fake to me.
    Every time he speaks it just sounds so forced, like he’s a nervous white boy trying too hard.
    He’s an actor and this is just another job for him.

  • Pierzy

    Well done, Clovito.

    But no, I don’t think he can make a classic. It’s so difficult for anyone on a label to make a classic these days and despite his talent and hype, I don’t see him as a once-in-a-generation artist. I just don’t.

  • where is HiP HOp

    C/S like a muthafucka!

  • where is HiP HOp

    C/S like a muthafucka! @ ?

  • Detroit P

    So Far Gone is a classic mixtape…so he already has classic material…so as far as a classic album, I think he can do it..if the song “Fear” is any indication of the quality of music he’ll be putting out…I’m sure tho, that no matter how good his first album is, there will be people who don’t like it(but that’s a given with anything) and there will be people hating (but that’s a given nowadays)…But those voices don’t affect my ears so..

    • General

      Co-sign Detroit P…

      Drake has already put together a top quality mixtape, which I won’t go as far as to call classic, but he does have the ability to make a classic CD because of his diverse talent and ability to reach different people…

      The thing is that this is a guy that I do believe no matter what he does there are gonna be so many people that won’t acknowledge his contribution…

      Funny thing is, if it was a New York rapper that was doin what he is right now there wouldn’t be as much argument, everybody would be callin him the second coming, which I don’t think he is, but he is still capable of makin a classic

    • DetroitDraper

      I just wanna point out the fact that you are the same guy who cosigned Ross on album of the year…now Drake? Man I just turned 23 and I hate the way Rap is today. I own a copy of So Far Gone and like the 29y/o above said he has some decent tracks but thats pretty much it mediocre at best.


  • Detroit P

    and P.S.

    Asher Roth was never “Next”…he was always wack and Only the people running the internets knew or even cared about him…Kid Cudi is meh, he’s hit or miss to me, but I fucks with the hits.

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    So long, Clovito! It’s been nice having you around.

    For Drake, I think the real question is, what do we,fans, define as new classic. I think he can deliver, this is a world made for human, anything can happen. Especially when you’re talented. But there is a key when considering classic that we forget most of the time: how will the hiphop heads respond……

    And since so many outlets and personalities and what have you are permanently shoving this guy down our throats, we might throw him up at some point. Then even if technically, he can deliver a real masterpiece, the audience will reject the “classic” aspect of his work. It would be unfortunate, but what do you expect ?

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Nobody’s panties get in a wad over Drake talk–it’s just that you bloggers shoot wads in your panties when you talk about Drake. That’s what’s happening, get it straight.

    If there were a person who could make a classic (marketed to women), Drake will be the one to make that classic (solely for women). If that’s his lane, fine. Just quit fronting like homey has universal appeal.

    He’s an herb without the “z”.

    His upper lip looks like he gives mustache rides to indecisive record execs.

    Does homey even have any male fans? Is a male Drake fan an oxymoron?

    I don’t care WHO he has on the track, the homey is a softy. Kanye is the king of that niche right now and he’s about all I can tolerate. Drake can make songs with everyone from T.I. to Mobb Deep and he still won’t come off as anything other than a sissy.

    Give me a hundred years of Blueprint rehashes before you make me cop a Drake album.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • DetroitDraper

      Lmfao “an herb without the z”. Dude said you could put him on a song with Mobb Deep and still sound pussy lmao but a very true story.


  • Jamal7Mile

    Drake is average to me (w/o hate). His BUZZ is amazing. Well… that’s it.

    • Jamal7Mile


      It’s been real, man. Good luck in all future endeavors.

  • Avenger XL

    I cosign OG Matt Herbz and peirzy. Blogs and hip-hop sites overhype this dude. He appeals to folks transitioning from hannah and the Jonas brothers to more edgy pop (note: the future is going to be weeeeaaaak if this is the edgy stuff). Drakes flow is meh, meaning it is solid with some clever punchlines but if that made a classic sluaghterhouse album should be considred a classic (natch). Drake is lil zane with a better celebrity cosign and A&R team. He had a chance to show some substance on that successful song and did not deliver even the lines about his mom were throw aways(see I examine this ish before I critic). I know he is going to do ok because of girls and tweens plus adults who relate to tweens(Somebody keep an eye on robert kelly)

  • Mario

    clovito i’m with you on this shit i’m riding strong With Drake’s music Bumping the whole time this dude is going to make a classic just like Kid Cudi
    fuck all you who say he stole his flow cause i’d like to hear yours not read it.

  • nabz

    nobody hate on this dude as much as the bloggers think people do.

    no hate but this dude is just way overhyped and overrated.

    and the only reason hes able to reach so many different people is because he came into the rap game with money in his pocket.

  • Tony Grands

    I think most classic Hip Hop albums were classic because the artist had a point to prove. To themselves, as well as the fans.

    The fact that people say he’s already delivered “classic” material can work for him or against him. He already has the fans susceptible to his ability, but, if he truly believes he’s achieved more than previous rappers who were in similar situations, then that will undoubtedly affect his hunger.

    In any life circumstance, hunger &/or thirst is the main driving force to achieve.

    I’ll use OB4CL as an example. Rae was thirsty; no video hoe-filled videos, not a million cameos spinning out-of-control, no over saturated internet exposure. Dude had nothing to lose. Drake does.

    Ability-wise, I truly don’t see why not, especially with the definition of a classic album being so loose these day. It’s not my cup of tea per se, but leave it to millions of younger cats & girls to prove me otherwise.

    • westcoastaggie

      Rae did have a video with some video hoes: ICE CREAM

      • Tony Grands

        True, but I think it was in an attempt to bring in a level of fans that he wasn’t aiming for, as opposed to it being a direct compliance of the fan demographic. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, I was just using that example to allude to my base statement regarding hunger, thirst, & drive.

        So, before you go in on me for “hating”, re-read my initial post. That “video” reference was a small piece of a bigger picture I painted.

      • OG Matt Herbz

        Actually Tony, he’s right. Ice Cream is my favorite video of all time and there were some fine birds in that piece, but I bet you they didn’t have to pay much to get them there. There is a video for Criminology, too…shot at the Hoover Dam in Nevada, I think…both videos are banging.

        But definitely not over-publicized by any stretch.

        –OG Matt Herbz–

    • P. Harris

      and “Glaciers of Ice”

      now that’s my shit.. I you tube that shit like once a day… that’s raw shit…

  • MidWest Grindin

    @ Mario
    No problem…i have several copryrights registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP, for those who dont know). I would be more than happy to let you hear a 16…or sell you some.
    I aint gotta get with shit i dont like. My dad raised me not to trust a nigga wit a pussy for a mouth (no moustache) unless he was forced to be that way for employment or military purposes. Other than that, YOU’RE FRUITY if you rock a pussy mouth.
    Popular music is POP Music. Hence the name. And yes that is for ages 14-25. So because i’m not in that bracket, does that mean i dont deserve to listen to good music? That nigga SUCKS BALLS.

  • Apollo Moses

    I’ve listened to two of his mixtapes…a few good songs but wouldn’t call either classic…his choice of production is pretty keen and at times that Kanyesqe-Jiggawayne influence drops some good lines. He has a lot of support for the project so I think it will spin, just not classic…sorry…but hey that’s what “they” said about Tha Carter 1 and 2…it’s also not hate if a many are not fans, his flow doesn’t alter and can seem predictable, and every song he tried to sing sounded like the same damn song…see how long the hype continues before numbers go out.


    Wtf?cant u stupid mofo write something else other than drake.what is next,drake has got d biggest dick in hiphop no homo.
    Fuck outta here
    Damn i’m starting to hate that nigga.

  • http://xxl ryan

    I really dont understand why if you dont like drake you are consider a hater. Drake has to be the most overrated artist of all time next to vanilla ice. XXL is a fucking pop site. J.Cole is easily the best rapper out of this new class of rappers but XXL rather give props to fool cosigned by wayne because he is a fucking idiol for little girls and fools who only like verses that consist of only meatphors.

    • General

      Not that I disagree with you on J Cole, but his problem is that Jay ain’t out there pushin him like Wayne and others did Drake…

      Shit in interviews Jay will mention other artists whether it be rock or something else, but don’t ever put J Cole out there and thats his artist. If your label ain’t even pushin you why should XXL???

      • AvengerXL

        Yeah and J cole is signed to Roc Nation aka Jay-z’s vanity graveyard don’t expect him to release any artists until his album goes plat(if it goes). Then he will give them a half assed push and take all of the credit for their success(see his interveiw in this months XXL)

  • james dean

    As long as “Thank Me Later” has quality music like the FEAR track…….Then this Californian will enjoy it

  • Shawty J

    I think Drake’s cool, but I don’t seen him releasing a “classic” album.

    I heard his mixtape, and it wasn’t great, it was just okay. I had a problem with the singing. While the writing was on point, his monotonous voice wasn’t enough to carry an entire song. The beats weren’t that great either, he worked the beats, well but I swear I almost fell asleep listening to the mixtape.

    Drake’s already said that the album is gonna be similar to the mixtape, so I definitely have my doubts about him dropping a classic. But he has branched out a bit more on newer songs and has expressed interest in working with different producers, so I’ll try to be optimistic on that end.

    I expect his album to be solid, I expect it to be good. I’m think 3.5 or 4.0 in the Source and maybe in XL in XXL, but I’m not expecting a classic.

  • Phlip

    So let me get this right…

    Hip hop is now on some fucked up bell curve where “extra average” is the new “classic,” and to not be willing to take average, smile and pretend it is that shit makes one “old,” and they are “hating”…

    Man, this shit is fucking confusing.

    • General

      I agree, lord knows when you say that Jay’s new joint is average (which it is) or not his best work (which its not), people go apeshit and call you a hater or say that you don’t support real hip hop….

  • giantstepp

    The word “classic” is being used too loosely within Hip Hop.

  • Federal Ranga

    Happy 23rd birthday to me!!!

    On to business… Drake could (COULD) release a classic

    Thank Me Later wont be it. Period.

    E9 w/Curtis75Black still banging [||]!!!


  • El Tico Loco

    x & ? Cosign

    But I guess somebody had to bring something to the table for that type of crowd, not everybody’s built for Cuban Linx, some are just built for herringbones. Now the industry always wanted a safe negro rapper with decent skills who’s on some “shit you can relate to” type shit meaning middle class shit, and you can tell this cat is trying real hard to fit in, there’s no edge behind him, I bet he gets sonned daily behind closed doors. Hating? Whatever I guess I’m president of Hata phi Hata then, come with something better that’s a cop out. Point blank son is cheeks, Assy Mcgee.

  • avon

    asher roth can rap and asleep in the bread aisle is was not a wack album but yeah i thibk drake can make a classic and im ridin with cudi cause im from cleveland and here any shine we can get we got to hold on tight as hell too im really waiting to hear what the homie j cole gon hit us with im diggin kid daytona also


    how can we say if dude album has not been released…

    take juvie…

    400 degrees is a classic…

    but i wouldn’t have thought them him and manny could create a classic…

    carter 3 was weezy = massacare period!!!

    u need to ask can wayne make a classic cause dudes has failed thus far…

  • Golden

    take his “latest” song FEAR as an example..if Thank Me Later is an extension of that song – which he completed AFTER the rise/fame of So Far Gone then we will indeed be blessed w/ a classic!


    i mean look at all the hype over slaughter house…

    i will say it like this an elite lyricist rather group or solo needs a great producer…

    from dmx to 50 to jigga to juvie all of them had one maybe two or three producers and thats why they have classics…

    check my tracks out on Reverb nation Topofthelineproductions…

  • Ben

    Serious homie? Drake is gonna put out a classic? The fuck? Am I missing something, I’m 23 and I should be feelin’ Drake flu, but he is subpar, he has talent no question, but rap is so far gone,(pun intended) that if someone could half ass rap we think their the savior. Why must he have a classic first album any way?
    The Drake sheep will be dissapointed when his album eventually leaks and its not the fuckin’ best.


    drake can’t make a classic because i think he already set the bar for himself to high. he can’t get past his pervious work. how he going beat “best i ever had” “successful” and “fear”. why you think he re doing the so far gone mixtape and making it a ep. he buying time to try to come up with more monster hits

    • Semaj Raff

      co-sign man, ive had this talk with the fam about his ability to make a classic and his longevity in the game. i agree he set the bar ridiculously high, of course i enjoyed it tho haha. but i think thats how it is now, seems like back in the day you could put out a song and follow with better material. everybody n anybody can put out a tape and call themselves a rapper. therefore you gotta put out the best first. just the way i see things if any one cares to reply

  • Victor

    Tbh people really need to stop sleeping. In 2007, Blu released better material than any of the freshman 10 or any other young emcees released in below the heavens. I personally think its a classic. So Far Gone is not on that level so i dont consider it classic.

    In the past handful of years the only LP’s that hit that level are BTH, Fishscale and probably OB4CL2. There have been a lot of albums that could be looked at better with time e.g. Elzhi’s Preface and Q-Tip’s Renaissance.

  • fatDAN

    His shit is very very weak. I can tell he likes hearing himself speak. He is pop. Pop isn’t rap. He needs to be gone already. We will see him on Dancing with the stars very soon. These comments are not “hating”, just true facts, I have a crystal bong and I saw it in the smoke.

  • Milliano

    Everybody keep hyping this dude up! Why? Fear is lackluster. So Far So Gone is not a classic mixtape. As someone mentioned before when he had a chance to prove he wasnt shallow on Successful he choked and gave us a bunch of throw aways. Trey Songz actually makes the song listenable. Do co-sign the fact that J. Cole is a better artist and the Warm Up is better than any mixtape Shopping Bag Drizzy has. Lights Please may be better than any song Drake has. Dudes dont feel Drake for real because he comes across forced and fake and he pretty much did swagger jack Wayne and Ye. Drake has yet to make a song that i can even listen to for a week , I thought i had found it with “The Winner” but he really isnt saying much and it gets old. That really much explains all of his newer music, he isnt saying much. There was a point in time when it seemed like his heart was in his music but I guess he sold his soul….


    “the rap game needs change, and i’m the mf’n cashier”

    witty lines like that subtle creativity mixed with double entandres make drake a great emcee. I don’t think he bit anybody’s flow or style. he is multi talented first, as in his hook singing and writing ability. most imporant, dude writes good lyrics. I don’t think he set the bar, his music spoke for him. If anything, with waynes history, Drake prob influcened waynes flow because wayne flow has changed several times and wayne jacks and gravitates to any style. Drake doesn’t talk about how life is hard or political issues or things to help the community, but he does drop some jewels. his lyrical ability and song making quality is one reason why he could make a classic album. its not gonna be some hard core music tho. is hip hop just about hard core lyrics and hard beats? if so any fool should get a contract and start yelling over a beat.

  • Thomas

    I don’t like Drake. I don’t see what the big deal about him is. He is not making music we haven’t heard before on the mainstream and he isn’t really doing or saying anything that isn’t currently being said and down by every other hip-hop artist out right now. No one needs to look further then his album to see that this is true. Look who is featured on it and who is doing producing for select tracks. This is the typical rap/hip-hop album that this new generation of artist love to make. There is nothing interpid or bold about this. There are ZERO surprise collaborations (Drake and Paul Simon for example) and from what I’ve heard from the album and his other stuff…nothing worth listening to right now much less 5 years from now.

    Drake will release his album. He will make a lot of money, but eventually he is going to have to solidify himself completely as a guy who has gone beyond the hype and actually make substance. I am not saying this guy is going to be the ‘savior’ of any musical genre or even that he is in a genre that needs saving, but in all honesty I see him for what he really is and that’s a: ringtone-song-of-the-moment rapper.

    Already got enough of those out.

  • crisis

    there is a lot of argument about how music relates to age and generation, but seriously i think its bullshit
    it is about learning to listen to good music, and young’ns just never had the chance to LEARN to listen to GOOD music
    even if they do listen to good music, they do it ADD style, different shit every minute just cause its HOT
    old heads just need to keep teaching and spreading the knowledge and love that is hip-hop
    i have a 16yo homie who’se favourite rapper is muthafuckin BIG L
    kid used to listen to weezy and jeezy and shit, but i stayed kickin knowledge, playing true hip-hop, and teaching him about this culture
    hip-hop is so much more than any other “genre” of music, and we all have a responibility to hip-hop

  • Escobar9300

    Glad to see XXL is censoring comments. Give yourselves a pat on the back for being lame as hell on that one.

  • oskamadison

    I know I’m late as hell but I just heard the So Far Gone joint for the first time 2 days ago. I don’t know if it was the whole thing or not (the CD I heard was 16 tracks long.) My opinion: when he gets away from the singing and moaning shit and just spits, dude is nice. I’ve noticed one thing, though. All the stuff I’ve heard from him recently (that Jamie Foxx joint , the new Mary joint and the “Forever” joint) isn’t quite matching up to that “Ignorant Shit” freestyle. Is it safe to say that he’s already peaked artistically or maybe he has something up his sleeve for “Thank Me Later”? Time will tell.
    Will TML be a classic? Probably not but I do think that it will probably be better lyrically than most other albums from new artists, which brings me to this question: I’ve been hearing Drake’s name ad nauseum for months now but why is no one speaking on J Cole? Dude is just as talented as Drake, goes harder on his bars and has way more substance in his joints. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • jaefatal

    1st of all- so far gone is not a classic mixtape

    2nd of all- Drake IS better than 80 percent of his mainstream peers

    3rd of all- You motherfuckers are overanalyzing the situation.

    If drake can maintain his buzz in the game until his album drops then i’m pretty sure that his first offering will be worth the wait

    but until then….SHUT THE FUCK UP

    enjoy the music he has put out, or hate on it w/e…but dont speculate on what u don’t know about because you might end up feelin real dumb
    when ur wrong

    my problem with Drake is that he’s too soft…i like to listen to dudes that go in, and its one thing to be creative with your subject matter, but that doesnt absolve you of that creating agressive lyrical content we all love

    dude seems real pop-ish to me

    • Tony Grands


      No disrespect, but first you come on the thread, defending Drake with some quasi-valid points….

      Then you tell basically 90% of the cats on here to shut the fuck up…

      & lastly, you turn around only to reiterate damn near the same sentiment as the majority of the commentors…..


      Pick a side & stick with it before you get the gumption to disrespect folks without having enough balls to have an adult conversation when court is in session, chief. All that nonsensical tough talk is unnecessary, unless you genuinely lack the cognitive oratory skill to express yourself without spazzing. In which, if that’s the case, head over to with that rambling.

      • Escobar9300

        Co-Fuckin-Sign @ Tony

  • GO-Getta’

    He has the ingriedents on makin’ that lasting album,ya dig?

    He needs no motivation i mean dude is surrounded by work-holics & perfectionist like ‘Ye,Weezy & Jay so is up 2 him 2 take it 2 the top.