ye vma

Another KanYe West award ceremony outburst has the TWittter streets all aflutter tweeting. The truth is that KanYe's statement was on point. BeYonce's 'Single Ladies' video is well designed and choreographed to the tee oh pee. I'm sure the Taylor Swift video has good visuals too but BeYonce is a fux'n specimen. KanYe and his muse lady Amber Rose were reportedly escorted from the building after his outburst. Who knows? And at the end of the day who the fux cares?

What I did want to talk about was the bottle of brown truth juice that KanYe is advertising on the VMA red carpet. Since 'Ye Tudda is the Louis Vuitton Don and since Louis Vuitton is the owner of Moet (mo-way) and Hennessy I think it would be naive of us not to think that there wasn't a corporate placement for this shot. I mean, a man of KanYe's tastes and means would surely prefer Martell to Hennessy, no?

I was chopping it up on FaceBook with a fellow Commissioner, Jamal7Mile, when the homey pointed me to his weblog site - You Damned Right I Farted!!. By the way, J7M that is the funniest name of all time for a website, kudos. The homey's latest drop talks about the state imposed timeout he is starting later on today. That is some pill to swallow when you know you are gonna be on lockdown. Your mind goes over all the shit that you could have done to not be in the position you are facing.

I think Jamal7Mile is already on the right path to getting his mind right in the long run. I wish I could say tha same for myself. I am an alcoholic. This doesn't mean that I get drunk all the time because I don't, but it does mean that I will seek out opportunities to be intoxicated and make decisions based on those opportunities that affect me long after I have placed down the bottle. I've dealt with counseling and rehab before for drugs and drinking. You learn that addiction is a lifelong process. You also learn that you have the power within yourself to overcome your demons.

I wish Jamal7Mile the best on his journey. He can definitely overcome this. No matter where you go brother there YOU are. Keep believing in yourself and keep your head to the sky. Peace.