Blame It On The Alcohol…

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Another KanYe West award ceremony outburst has the TWittter streets all aflutter tweeting. The truth is that KanYe’s statement was on point. BeYonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ video is well designed and choreographed to the tee oh pee. I’m sure the Taylor Swift video has good visuals too but BeYonce is a fux’n specimen. KanYe and his muse lady Amber Rose were reportedly escorted from the building after his outburst. Who knows? And at the end of the day who the fux cares?

What I did want to talk about was the bottle of brown truth juice that KanYe is advertising on the VMA red carpet. Since ‘Ye Tudda is the Louis Vuitton Don and since Louis Vuitton is the owner of Moet (mo-way) and Hennessy I think it would be naive of us not to think that there wasn’t a corporate placement for this shot. I mean, a man of KanYe’s tastes and means would surely prefer Martell to Hennessy, no?

I was chopping it up on FaceBook with a fellow Commissioner, Jamal7Mile, when the homey pointed me to his weblog site – You Damned Right I Farted!!. By the way, J7M that is the funniest name of all time for a website, kudos. The homey’s latest drop talks about the state imposed timeout he is starting later on today. That is some pill to swallow when you know you are gonna be on lockdown. Your mind goes over all the shit that you could have done to not be in the position you are facing.

I think Jamal7Mile is already on the right path to getting his mind right in the long run. I wish I could say tha same for myself. I am an alcoholic. This doesn’t mean that I get drunk all the time because I don’t, but it does mean that I will seek out opportunities to be intoxicated and make decisions based on those opportunities that affect me long after I have placed down the bottle. I’ve dealt with counseling and rehab before for drugs and drinking. You learn that addiction is a lifelong process. You also learn that you have the power within yourself to overcome your demons.

I wish Jamal7Mile the best on his journey. He can definitely overcome this. No matter where you go brother there YOU are. Keep believing in yourself and keep your head to the sky. Peace.

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  • Tony Grands


    Alcoholism is real,, in case you don’t believe me.

    1 year, 6 months & 13 days sober.

    Everybody say a prayer for J7, & yourselves for that matter.


    • Tony Grands

      Btw, Kanye West just pulled a Joe Budden with that move. For all thw white folk ass kissing he does (no Amber Rose), he just pissed off all the surburbanite tree-huggers that bought his & Taylor Swift’s music.

      Really though, I just lost a little respect for him. He could’ve let that broad have her moment, but he wanted the world to see his new haircut & his spaceman suit.

      Is that really a Chicago accent, or is he putting it on extra thick (yes hetero)?

      Riding for his Big Brother, I guess…..

      • Pierzy

        Jamal’s blog is great, especially his latest honest post. Alcohol is a beast that most people don’t discuss. I’ve had alcoholism in my family and best friends killed from drunk driving so when I’m at happy hour, I’m always aware of the powers and temptations of the bottle.

        Kanye may have been right but you can’t do that. When Jordan didn’t win the MVP, he didn’t grab the mic from Karl Malone and I don’t remember Peyton Manning rushing the stage when he finished 2nd in the Heisman.

        In the end, Beyonce won the most coveted award – Video of the Year – and, in the process, showed class and dignity. Kanye should take notes from his big sister-in-law.

        • SickMind


          And like 50 would say, “Kanye ani’t above the avarage human being”


  • kid video

    Tru post…

    Especially that end part about defeating your demons…

    Kanye got a bad bitch.

  • thoreauly77

    its not called alcoholism if youre irish.

    seriously though, good luck jamal. that sucks. i had to do ninety days some time back for alcohol related bullshit.

  • GO-Getta’

    Ms Amber Rose & Lady Gaga r badass (Whoa).
    I will give a kidney 2 spend a day n night with hoth.

    Look at that Amber’s attire from head to toe i swear i will lick that.

    Not wifey material though but she does’nt seem like she will just lay in the bed like say Beyawnce or Alicia Kiss my ass Swizz Beats.

    Blame it on the alcohol b**tch is still fully dressed & Ye’ is still homo & not tapping that ass.

    • DV8

      Lady Guy Guy was a dude in case you didnt know.

  • nicholasdelorejo

    Get the fuck outta hear. Let me say that I don’t listen or know much about Taylor Swift’s music but how can anyone be upset for not winning an MTV VMA award. Is it anywhere near the status of a grammy? And didn’t Beyonce’s album sold well? I could care less if I was an artist in Beyonce stature and I didn’t win a VMA. 50 cent hasn’t won one in a few years yet dude manages to make it in the Forbes list each year. Plus how in the hell are you going to defend another man’s girl on shit she probably didn’t care about anyway? I’ll defend my loved ones but if your man ain’t going to say shit why should I? I’m a fan of Kanye but dude needs to just ignore shit otherwise he’ll ruin Jay, Be, or his own career.

  • Master CHeef

    let me propound that kanye in that picture, holding that bottle of hen, is just doing his best tupac impersonation.

    hen is my shit, though.

    man, big up to jamal7mile. dude’ll be back fo you know it.

    *leans back, blazes L, and cranks tupac’s “white man’z world” way, way, way, way, way, way, way, the fuck up*

  • latino heat

    Kanye pulled a bitch move once again trying to kiss his “Big Brother’s” ass. i guess it seemed like a good way for him to earn brownie points with Jay by “sticking up” for Bey’.

    good points by Grand$ and nicholas…
    Bey’ didn’t give a shit about that award and now he just pissed off his white fanbase. Kanye must have been hitting Saigon’s self ether laced toilet paper roll bong before the show.

    Amber Rose = ultimate butterhead.

    why isn’t anybody saying anything about Lil Mama’s wack ass jumping on stage with Jay and Alicia? that was a d bag move too yet nobody has mentioned it yet. it was a huge case of one of these things just dosen’t belong here.

    @ Grand$ congratulations, one day at a time homie.

    @ J7M hold your head.

    here’s an idea. what if while J7M is gone instead of saying Pierzy instead of first you change it J7M? no disrespect to P, just a way to show the homie he ain’t forgotten while he’s away. what do ya’ll think?

    • Pierzy

      I think that’s a great idea. Since we can’t make him Executive Producer, that’s the least we can do.


      • GIBZ

        latino heat q lo q??? i’m glad u noticed that Lil Mama incident cus I thought I was the only one. She def didnt belong up there and she even posed at the end. I like how Jay completely ignored her though and I think they were even laughin a lil about how crazy her ass was for goin up there just cus she from harlem.


  • caino

    You could maybe forgive Ye if this was his first time, but it seems every year he is up on that stage, bitching about he didnt win or somebody else didnt win, dude needs to be given a seat near the back not the front row, lol.

    Plus Amber Rose is weird ass looking chick, dont get me wrong l would tap that, but then be confused afterwards!


  • Dallas Penn

    I like your style homey.

    I’m gonna lead off all my drops like that for the next 30 days while sonn is in the belly of the beast.

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    Damn, Ye ! Samuel Jackson warned you!

    It’s too strong! You’ll get too drunk! You’ll fuck a bald bitch in no time! You might even throw a bitchfit or two! Hmm-hmmm bitch !


  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    kanye is a true life uber homo for dat shit!! he makes the whole mid-west region look bad wit’ dat’ gurl embracin’ fudge motivation he be on! I sincerely apologize on behalf of the whole mid-west for the tom foolery this buffoon wit’a mishaped shape up pillin. Ain’t no defendin that type of retardation, do you know how many Grammy’s B got in her closet?! you truly think she stuntin an Mtv award? Nigga she ain’t even show up extra dope! she threw on on a throwback dress from “Crazy in Love” and came thru. Somebody need to put hands on that nigga for misrepresentin. All in all FUCK KANYE WEST!! or as they call him the hood “Gon’Gay Suspect” !

    • Enlightened


      • GIBZ

        and was it me, or does that bottle look the same at the end of the show? He took a cple swigs and it made him act like that?? lol i swear i saw a pic where he was leavin and the shit look the same, like he didnt even drink any. lol

  • capcobra

    kanye stole the show last night without performing or winning an award…mission accomplished..”we can leave now amber”..real simple..mtv keeps inviting the dude cause he’s good live tv..if you can’t see that then you thought the bruno/eminem stunt was real niguz mad at kanye?…fuck taylor swift…odb ran onstage..50 walked up..that’s why they fear and love real hip hop…cause of moments like that…that unpredictable rebel against the grain shit..will i am wouldn’t do that and neither would jay z or lil wayne…but kanye would..and that’s why mtv allows it..where’s security?…security didn’t even stop lil mama from hopping up there with jay…it’s been a good week for the roc…GOOD WORK!!

    • enlightened

      No nigga, that’s not good work.

      ODB got onstage to defend the Wu.
      50 walked through to make a point for his music.

      Kanye got up there and pulled off another gay ass publicity stunt.

      That ODB shit was from the heart.

      That Kanye shit was from the ovaries, or uterus, or some other parts of the pussy.

      Fuck outta here gay ass dude. Since when you been walkin around with a bottle of Henn?

      • capcobra

        all 3 interrupted the program is my point..the next day you gon be in the headlines why is everybody buggin off it..we know what kanye do like we know what shady gon rap about..this ain’t new…and he got the henny bottle out walking into radio city music hall on the red carpet..come on now..that should let you know it’s a publicity stunt…me you mtv and everybody else seen the crazy shit kanye done in the past and it got him this far and this why stop now?..taylor swift gained fans and kanye gon use the backlash as motivation.

        • Enlightened

          You know what…
          I gotta back up, you absolutely right.

          I guess the difference is, I’ve been calling him a bitch, and I always hated him for doing all that gay ass shit.

          I never even listened to his music AT ALL besides when he was on the radio or video, because I could never get passed his bitch-ass antics.

          So, you’re right. If niggas usually fuck with Kanye and consider themselves a fan of his, they shouldn’t be surprised and shouldn’t say shit.

          But for niggas like me who been hatin that nigga, I’m only saying what I’ve been sayin

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn, a DP confessional. We always knew you were the alcoholic type, DP. Like that one time you were feeling 808s and Heartbreaks. Yeah, we spotted it, but we were hoping you’d find your own way out of the thicket. Used to be that all your reports about these parties would spend more time hyping the free alcohol. But now like Drake, You’re “Off that”…hopefully

    Now, like the next man, I like my drink, too. I’ll fuck with any beer, foreign or domestic, and any drink…as long as it contains 80-proof or better alcohol. I saw a friend of mine damn-near kill herself of alcohol poisoning drinking Peach Schnapps of all fucking things. Sick. Anyway, alcoholism is a beast of a disease. I’ve gave up smoking weed, but I don’t think I’ll ever give up my drink. Not that I’m a heavy drinker–it just goes well with certain situations.

    Anyway, I’m not passing judgment, but a lot of men’s moral fibers are weak, son. Weak. They don’t recognize the error of their ways and even if they did, they couldn’t correct themselves. I try to warn cats, but sometimes they need to take that L…and take another and another…

    Look for me at the next award show with a six-pack of Budweiser 16oz in a mini Igloo cooler–I’ll show Kanye what being classy is all about.

    Congrats Tony on the accomplishment, but counting the days only makes it seem like you’ve put drinks on hold temporarily. No offense or nothing, but it’s like if you’re counting days, eventually you might reach the rationalization that you’ve been sober for X amount of years and that you deserve a drink or you feel that you’ve proven yourself too strong to get hooked again or something…I’m just saying…I hope if you really are applying yourself to staying sober then the wall you need to build is already up, and not still being laid one brick/day at a time.


    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Tony Grands

      Good look Herbz.

      I’m not sure what/when you count, but I count to recogize the amount of something, like money, so I can fully see it’s potential. You don’t know how much your wallet’s worth, or bank account for that matter, until you count what’s in it. In rehab/therapy, “one day @ a time” is the general mantra, & add that to the adage “don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been”, it’s a basic formula designed to avoid a back slide.

      I don’t think moral fiber has anything to do with bad decision making. Even priests & angels made bad decisions, so my alcoholism, which you yourself referred to as a disease, wouldn’t hinge upon what I was/wasn’t taught morally.

      I took my L, like a man, & corrected my errors, like a man, so I’m good. My foundation might be stronger than most things the average man endures & succumbs to, like copious amounts of sex for no reason or popping pills out of peer pressure. It’s good that you didn’t have to go rock bottom, because most dudes wouldn’t make it back alive, but I did, & accepted responsibilty for what I created. Now, I’m just here to lend a helping hand for those of us who aren’t are untouchable & invincible.

      If nothing else, God exposed me to something so other’s don’t have to, if I can help it. I’ll take that heavenly nod all day.

      & for the record, walls don’t usually go up in a day. It’s a time-lapse process, & those they are installed quickly, without understanding the basis of what tools are needed, & what foundation must be in place are doomed to collapse. So, I’ll stick to one day @ a time, for something that’s going to affect me for the rest of my life.

      Slow & steady wins the race. Brick by brick. Fuck a wall though, I’m building a house.

      • Silly Chilly Willy

        What’s poppin, Tony !(no pills)

        I hear ya on th whole counting thing. But there’s also another aspect to it, I think. You mentioned bank accounts, and wallets. I think the real value of what’s in your account is not the number of figures, but the amount of satisfaction it could give to you. That’s the reason rich people say “money ain’t a thing”, because the satisfaction they get is not enough for them. Jay said “I had more fun when I was pissed-poor”. I guess my point is that I can understand how in rehab you had to grab something and hold on to it. Counting gave you a sense of self-empowerment. But since you made it, the real focus now can be shifted to the satisfaction you got since you sober up. How many happy occasions you shared with yo kids because you were able to. How many people you helped because you were able to.

        Anyway, I commend you for that. For what it’s worth, I think there’s no tomorrow. We live the same fuckin’ day, lights on lights out, and the present is what matters most. It’s a gift, homey.

        • Tony Grands

          @SC Willy

          Whaddup fam!?

          I do want to clarify that if you’ve never been through the entire ordeal of drinking for years, to the point of harming yourself, then going through rehab & therapy, & being able to live, sober, in a completely diferent world, dealing with your own arrested development, then it may be something that’s not easily grasped.

          As far as counting, it’s not just counting sober days. It’s also counting all the things you mentioned. It’s counting the days since I took control of MY life back. @ some point, I probably won’t count anymore. I don’t wake up & ‘X’ off the box on my calendar or anything like that. For this drop, I wanted to wear my achievement on my sleeve, for myself if no one else.

          Cats deal with drinking problems, but only a few will admit it.

          As far as counting the people I helped on my personal journey, thats impossible, but I got one email this morning from that link from some nigga I’ve never met, won’t ever meet, but he said “thank you”. So, thats one person today.

          You’re right, though. The present is what counts, & I’m the type of dude who appreciates where I came from to get to where I am.

  • Phlip

    Best wishes to the homie J7M, but he already got that direct from me the other night.

    Kanye has been a comedy of bitch moves as of the last 2 or so years, and the sad shit is that I don’t see it getting any better.
    It used to be that he would do it up and get the free promotion just short of alienating people, but here he puts out Taylor Swift, AND leaves Jay and Bey-non-sang to have to cover up for his shit.
    No, I am not a fan of Beyonce once she opens her mouth (though she IS quite a specimen physically), but what she did was damned classy.

  • Avenger XL

    I need bol to speak on ye’s outburst for some true comedy from a low rent haters perspective. But on the real Ye is a marketing genuis this is all in suit with his crazy character they have to love you or hate you. But people like to love somebody for a while and drag them down or watch them collapse just to see if they rise up again. I call it the rocky complex.


    damn shame about the homey J7M, hold ya head bruh. & congrats to you Grands. DP this was a good post. & while i only drink on the special occasion, i smoke weed almost everyday. so, i feel where you coming from.

    co-sign latino heat. Amber Rose = ultimate butterhead. indeed.


    Fuck outta here NOBODY what of cared about that wack ass award show if it wasnt for that moment.Like dude pointed out ODB did the same shit ya’ll niggas was probably like mann he crazy hmm maybe cause he got up there to interupted another nigga (puffy) shit but oooooooo since kanye interupted taylor swifts shit some lil white girl its soooooo wrong lol ya’ll niggas kill me But kanye is dumb the cause if he was gonna do it he should of did it at the Grammy’s that would of made a statement and htfoh that chick he got is bad

  • biggamike

    Everybody is playing right into MTV’s evil hands. That shit was staged just like the Eminem/Bruno 69 fiASSco. Kanye had on Black and Taylor had on White…good vs. evil. Then her and Beyonce had on the same color dress when she invited her up on stage. Showbiz is a big movie produciton and somebody has to play the villian. Think about it. MTV’s last show sucked and they are obviously desperate for ratings and attention now. I think over a million people were tweeting about this crap. MTV=WIN, Whole World=FAIL

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Gave up weed for good about 3 1/2 years ago. Had slowed down to once a week, prior to. But came to a realization that I would get lung cancer if I did not stop (fuck what people say, if you smoke blunts you WILL GET CANCER).

    Never liked to drink much, but tried it as an alternative. I liked wine, reds, Pino, Mascato etc. After a few months I found my self wanting a glass everyday. So I stopped cold turkey about a year ago and never went back. Drinking and drugs are a beast, and I hope anyone with issues can shake the beast. It took serious help from God and a lot of will power on my part to break the weed habit.

  • Brooklyn

    i’d put a bag over amber rose’s head and hit that, she’s got a bad body but a weird face. but on the real though, like enlightened said, odb jumped on stage to defend wu-tang. kanye jumped on stage to protest something that really didn’t have shit to do with him. beyonce isn’t his woman, she isn’t his kin, what the fuck was he protesting her not winning an award for? that bitch cleans up damn near every award show, she’s looking for an oscar (not that the bitch can act), fuck an mtv award. he’s just a mad emotional dude and he hasn’t learned to keep his emotions in check. he probably got a pair of ovaries pumping estrogen non-stop. furthermore, if you can’t hold your liquor, don’t fucking drink. i hate when these niggas get a little liquor in their system and start bitching out.

  • Incilin

    1) Kanye was in the wrong because the award had nothing to do with him so he shouldn’t have shit to say.

    2) You know what’s really bothering me about all this, the one thing that no one points out, how can Beyonce lose in the “Best Female Video” category but still win “Video of The Year.” If she had the video of all, then she must have had the best video among females. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

  • Federal Ranga

    God damn, I’m surrounded by drunks…. To each his own I guess… I’m cool with the whole J7 idea… I’m never first anyways.

    What can I say about Kanye… AGAIN? I know my bros in the squad want me to tear him a third asshole on my vlog, but… I think EVERYBODY’S done that alone. Just not Federal Ranga style. E10 up!!!

    I’ma go check out J7′s vlog now. Chuuuch.


    jamal7mile good luck homie

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I see I have a lot of catching up to do.


  • Tony Grands

    @ Everybody

    J7 sent me an Email this morn, & said he saw the drop but couldn’t comment because he had to go, but he said to tell cats thanks for the support.

  • geico lizard

    Stay positive and hang in there DP.