Benzino and The Great Spear

Nore as a journalist and “hip-hop historian” clearly ushers in a new day. [Miss] Katie Couric better watch her shit out here. Niggas got cameraphones and Blogspot!

Better than any ridiculousness that comes from Benzino’s mouth is Nore’s “Woo” every 10 seconds. Nigga soundin like Romello’s pops in Sugar Hill.

“Come here, Ray! Tie this shit up good for your father!”

“Oh, shit. Oh—oh, shit! Woo!… Wooooooo!!!”

[Blogger's Note: Give Clarence Williams III his due, goddamn you! ...and Michael Wright while you're at it!]

As for Ray Ray Benzino, can you believe this character used to run a hip-hop magazine? In the era of vanity labels, businesses and publications, I guess it’s not so hard to fathom. Hopefully you were as suspicious as I to see Made Men get a 4.5 mic rating.


But we’re not here to challenge Benzino’s ethics or business practices, right? Let’s get back to him tearning niggas’ assholes out. Pause.

Clearly Slaughterhouse has been a pain in his assholes. As we’ve already established here on and on my podcast, Slaughterhouse got a vast majority of their promotional run on the interwebs. In the real, disconnected world none of Slaughterhouse’s components are household names, so to speak. Joe Budden’s had the most exposure, but he’s far from famous.

Where does Benzino get off calling a bunch of guys trying to pool independent resources and make a name for themselves collectively “overrated”? Does he mean “too many nut huggers in the comments section of [insert fan blog here] that i wish was writing about me instead” overrated?

He can’t possibly mean “4.5 mics in the most popular rap magazine on the planet” overrated, can he?

Wooooo! Wooooooooooooo!

Aspiring rapsters, take notice. Benzino conducts this interview with a blunt in hand. Consider the on-camera blunt an enemy of public speech. It is the great spear of intellectual and rational death, only to be used during periods of recreation and/or relaxation.

The great spear made Benzino use a video blog to denounce Joe Budden’s video blogging. The great spear made this man condemn haters just moments after throwing some unprovoked, salty, Buc Nasty hate on a laundry list of bystanders.

The great spear also caused Benzino to say Made Men could defeat Slaughterhouse in battle. I guess that’s how overrated the blunt has Benzino thinking Slaughterhouse is. Even with Edo G. (or Ed O.G., or whatever he’s calling himself these days), that’s a 1-on-4 cage match. Z-no must not be talking about rap here. Nigga gotta talking about a round-robin backgammon tournament or some shit.


I’ll give Benzino hater points for his one-liners and pseudonyms. If he’s ever had a talent in life, it’s making up hurtful nicknames for women. Kim Oh-Sorry-Ho is gonna be a broken record in my brain like “Slutmonkey” was a few years ago. I actually say that shit around the house from time to time.

[Blogger’s Note: I almost feel the need to explain the meaning of the expression “broken record”. I realize some of y’all have zero vinyl experience and might be thinking of Usain Bolt or some shit.]

I assume Nore’s 57th Ave being “where the real niggas blog” gives all participants—bloggers and viewers alike—a license to be ignorant as fuck. Granted, I haven’t been to 57th Ave since it first opened, but last I checked, all the hood niggas were at World Star Hip-Hop copying and pasting comments 750 times in a row. Ironically enough, I think Nore’s really trying with this whole video blog thing. For example, sometimes the greatest pearl of wisdom forms in the mouth of a babe. Nore calls World Star Hip-Hop “the new BET of the internet”. Maybe he doesn’t mean that the way I think, but it’s still genius, even if unintentional.

Kinda like how one can appreciate the beauty and intrinsic social commentary in a coontastic Newport medallion.

If Nore rolled the blunt and gave it to Benzino himself, that’s like a triple word score. Way to disarm and decimate your subject, Mr. Flynt.

Right. Like Benzino’s a thoughtful, sensible person without the THC in his system.

Questions? Comments? Requests? How many mics?

[Blogger’s Note: These ignorant niggas ain’t from the south, is they? Wooooo!]

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  • Syler



  • John

    Yo Ron when are u gonna talk about Chris Brown on Larry King last night. Nigga went around them questions like he was Bo Jackson.

    • Ron Mexico

      hmmm… you know. i watched that shit and didn’t think i should…


  • P. Harris

    Made Who? Made Men?

    Weren’t they the “Almighty R.S.O.” too?

    Fuck’em… I’d love to see slaughterhouse slay them in a battle. Ever watch a battle where one dude slays the other and your just shaking your head like “Dayummmmm” I think it would be like that…

    • Ron Mexico

      you are correct. they changed their name to made men.

      and i feel like hangmen 3 made its way into the mix. though, i haven’t listened to enough of those niggas to know if that’s them or an affiliate or somethin.

      • Pierzy

        Hangmen 3 were their producers. I’m mad at myself for knowing that…

  • miles archer

    Yo, son… TOO many qoutables for me to list. “Nigga gotta talking about a round-robin backgammon tournament” might be the funniest shit I’ve ever read on here.

    Hilarious(say it like Dave Chappelle’s kid talking about Nick Cannon)

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    The best ever look to check out Made Men is “Tommy’s Theme” off of “Belly”, which the LOX ate that food on the track.

    Funny blog though.

    Not as funny as Mexx’ dart at the end…

    • Pierzy

      “N*gga we made/Touch more n*ggas than AIDS/Bust my gun at the sun just to sit in the shade…”

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Smoking a blunt while giving conversation is the worst mistake you could ever make if you’re trying to come off as intelligent.

    I used to smoke weed EVERY DAY–either by bowl, bong, blunt or zig-zag…and to this day I can’t recall a single conversation I had while I was getting lifted. That’s not to say I never had any conversations around the circle, it’s just that dammit if I can remember what the fuck we were talking about.

    We’d be smoking on shit that would zone you so far the fuck out, somebody’d have to say your name really loudly and nudge you just so you’d come back down to Earth and pass that shit to the left after the 2nd puff.

    If you ain’t smoking shit that makes you wanna shut the fuck up and chill, then you need to find a new connect, Benzino.

    –OG Herbzino–

    • giantstepp

      LMAO!!Ayo, thats real shit OG Matt Herbz…lls!

    • BIGNAT

      herbz is not lying if it’s not getting you faded you need some new shit. either that or you just smoke to much you tham pot head

    • P. Harris


      I swear on everything I love. I smoked with my peoples in college one time and I was thinking about something in my mind and I swear I was only thinking it. And my nigga after I passed him the blunt…. fucking answered the question………

      I was bugging the fuck out like… Yoooo… I didn’t even talk and you answered my question. But the ill shit is… we were so fucking high… That nigga said he really heard it in his mind…..

      I quit smoking about 7 years ago and dude is still my nigga to this day… we’ll never forget that shit… LOL…

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    And as usual, XXL is slow to report Max B catching football numbers in jail time.

    75 YEARS.

  • the bollocks

    WSS really IS the new BET of the internet! Three cheers for unintentional hilarity!

    Or maybe just one cheer: WOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    AYE, Mex, damn burrr damn AYE WOOOO, these cats are making it TOO EASY.

    (and LOLz at the broken record shit. HA. You mean music existed before mp3s and Fruity Loops?)

    • the bollocks

      ….and by WSS I clearly mean WSHH.

      (musta had some sizzurp in my OJ this morning. AYE!)

  • sean blak

    nore’s more like a hip hop borat than a katie couric. the nigga can barely speak ( wha wha )let’s not get carried away. ( leans back turnz banned from tv waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy tha phuk up)

  • sean blak

    as for benzino i kew mics were sold a soon as i bought that made men bullshit. mase had 8 barz that mercd everything else on the album. yes it was that bad. that year i picked up xxl

  • Shawty J

    Benzino is a joke! His magazine is a joke! His group I never heard of is a joke! And the idea that he’s calling an indie group overrated but then claiming he wants to battle them makes him an even bigger joke.

    Seriously, Benzino, If Slaughterhouse is so overrated and wack, what would you and your crew of imaginary friends gain from battling them?

    Benzino needs to climb back under the rock he crawled from and tend to his pathetic excuse of a magazine or tear niggas assholes out, or whatever it is he does in his free time (which I’m sure he has plenty of).

  • shone jones

    Both Mays’ Men (Made Men) and Slaughterhouse can go jump off a fucking bridge.

  • Mr. O2theC

    ha ha ha yh i seen this vid, BENZINO WTF???
    Theres no need 4 the whole slaughterhouse 2 get at this butt nugget, Royce shud jus do him like Eminem did on The Sauce, Nail in the coffin or any other source dis track u care 2 mention.
    The shit people’ll talk just 2 get anuva taste of the spotlight. He’s raggin on Joey 4 vloggin’ an he doin the exact same shit, fuck benzino & his ‘made men’ fake gangsters,
    Representin tha true hip hop

  • Bobo D

    Benzino is still rapping? Somethings should remain a hobby with your friends in the back yard.

    Ron, I just read a disturbing interview of Lil Boosie involving ecstay being used in a new way. You might wanna check it out to be used for tomorrow or your radio blog.

  • Detroit P

    [Blogger’s Note: These ignorant niggas ain’t from the south, is they? Wooooo!]
    wasn’t the deal to keep this up for 2-3 weeks or something…I can’t see that happening tho so..

    • Ron Mexico

      p., i never made a bet with you.

      and this shit ain’t about the south. it’s about who’s saying/doing dumb shit on a day-to-day basis.

      though, i must admit. the juiceman defense is a new level of baffling.

      • Detroit P

        p., i never made a bet with you.
        oh i know….I was refering to the dude you threw a shot at in the end…He said you couldn’t keep not targeting southerners for 2 weeks or something…I didn’t expect you to agree to those terms, but when you mentioned at the end, I thought “oh he must be going through with it then”. As I said…I can’t really see that happening tho…unless you just kept going after the bum ass east coast rappers that contiously bicker on Worldstar about dumb shit. Part of that may just be because there are more Known mainstream southern rappers at the moment, than east or west coast one’s

        part of the Juiceman defense is that he didn’t do anything really dumb per se…All you really did was insult his blog and the way he talks…you didn’t really have anything that big to “negro please” about him.

        • Ron Mexico

          i hear ya. without giving away too much of whatever mystique or enchantment there may be for the reader, i must say the attack is directed at the bigger picture than one isolated incident for sure.

          and yea. i don’t see why i should not talk about southerners just because they’re from the south. it’s never a personal affront to southerners en masse. it’s not even always a personal attack at the artist getting the hate sauce. sometimes it’s just your day and we gots to point out the tip drill.

          sometimes it really is, though. and i can’t control what people take from what’s put out there. that’s actually a big part of what makes the process so special.

          and for what it’s worth, i know you don’t always agree with what i say/do but i appreciate and respect that you usually express your concerns in a thoughtful way. some of these niggas don’t seem to think before they fire their darts.

  • GIBZ

    lol when niggas HATE, it’s close to being OBSESSED. And whats similar to being obsessed? LOVING that person. So in reality HATE is LOVE. He hatin on Slaughterhouse cus THEY the top dogs right now, and when u tryin to create a BUZZ for uself, u gotta go at the top dogs. But then to contradict yaself and say “stop hatin” when u doin the SAME thing, just shows ur state of mind, or LACK thereof. lol and NORE keeps this feeble attempt at staying RELEVANT. But its OVER NORE go get a job moppin floors or suttin lol

  • Tony Grands

    We collectively talk about Jay-Z being old, or calling him over-the-hill, but I’ll be damned. By my calculations, Benzino’s @ least 47-48 years old.

    Niggas like the Hip Hop Holy Grail. The Indiana Jones of Wack Rappers, always chasing some shit that really ain’t there; fame, a career in music, Eminem, success, acceptance.

    As much as I’m not a Joey B. fan, I’d watch WorldStar once if he serves up Grandfather MC & posted it.

    & what’s a Benzino? I’ve literally NEVER heard any sel-respecting person call their Benz anything close to that. It sounds like something to clean your jewelry.

    • P. Harris

      “what’s a Benzino? I’ve literally NEVER heard any sel-respecting person call their Benz anything close to that. It sounds like something to clean your jewelry.”


      Benzino? That shit sounds like a childrens birthday party magician or something… Pulling rainbow colored handkerchiefs out his ass and shit…


      • Ron Mexico

        i could definitely see the late great billy mays selling some BENZINO at 3am when you get home from the party and shit.

        or better still…

        “gather ’round, children! THE GREAT BENZINO is about to make balloon animals!!!”

        bwahahaha! y’all crazy.

      • Hanch

        LMFAO your killing me!! Hilarious!

  • latino heat

    the real sad thing in all this is that Edo.g joined the Made Men. come on Ed, it’s over homie. a bad publicity stunt like this isn’t gonna help you get back in the game. it’s just gonna ruin your status in history.

  • tronthadon

    Ron u a bitch and tha funny part is that u live down here if you dont like it then fly away bitch boy..Goodie mob said it best

  • capcobra

    benzino should be retired…from everything.

  • Worley

    “Nigga soundin like Romello’s pops in Sugar Hill.”


  • Brooklyn

    benzino? didn’t that nigga die? i haven’t heard about him since kim oh-sorry-ho sued him and the source for sexual harrassment back in the day. oh, so this is his new tactic of getting his name back out there, bashing a group that’s better than his was? benzino has a history of getting at rappers better than he, remember that whole eminem episode? he wants the publicity. but anyway, ain’t this nigga like 65? he was pushing forty when he made “pull your skirt up” and that was nigh on 10 years ago. man, somebody put this nigga in a retirement home.

  • Jack Tripper

    “Better than any ridiculousness that comes from Benzino’s mouth is Nore’s “Woo” every 10 seconds. Nigga soundin like Romello’s pops in Sugar Hill.”

    Say Ron, you know you dead wrong for that reference. LOL! That shit goes into the Playerhater’s Hall of Fame.

  • BOSS D.R.E.

    He might as well jumped after saying that dumb shit. And his diss track was wack.