These are a few misconceptions I'm sure people have about me, as well as other shorties in the industry, because of the line of work I do:

1) I'm seen around with a lot of industry dudes, because it's my work environment, but people always assume its more than what it is. I get along with men better than women, and have more male friends, and people misconstrue a platonic friendship as something more.

2) I'm a rap artist and actress before I'm a model. People think because they've seen me in a video it makes me a video girl, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm a rapper who happens to have a good look for modeling. I've been an artist years before modeling. I'm blessed and fortunate to be able to do all three.

3) I'm not your typical girly girl someone would expect by looking at my pictures or seeing me in person. I love dressing up, being a fashionista, looking fly, and having my swag turned all the way up. I maintain my personal appearance very well, but I have an edge to me. I speak my mind and am blatant when I do so, but with tact and courtesy of course. I have an uber strong personality and don't let anyone get over on me. I call the spade of spades. I'm definitely a firecracker. I do not just sit around looking pretty and not voice my opinion when I'm adamant about something. I'm a lady first and foremost, but I will pop off at u if u test my gangsta. If u don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

4) People who don't know me have the perception that I'm running around with fake T&A. I'm blessed and owe my parents for my good genes and DNA. I'm 100% all natural. I don't knock cosmetic enhancements, just make sure u get a good surgeon and a good job. I might need a reduction and lift after I have kids. Lmao!

5) People think if I'm seen with a person that has a bad reputation or is always gossiped about, that I'm the same way. I can only do me. I can't speak on other people and their lifestyles. What floats their boat doesn't necessarily float mine. I'm not the judge nor the juror to convict anyone of their crimes and pass judgment on them. I deal with people on their merit with me. If the respect and loyalty is given to me, then I reciprocate it back. As long as their lives don't interfere with mine and cause me drama or complications, then we're good money.—Shakur