All I can do is laugh! These comments are uber hilarious and definitely entertaining. Thanks for the laughs guys! I see why Kanye goes so hard on ya'll.

Positive energy and focusing on myself is how I've maintained! Music in today's society has changed immensely. There have been many cultural breakthroughs and racial stigmas that have let loose. Music is global and international, from the production, to the vocals, the artists, etc... Through music is how Michael Jackson influenced the world, and addressed the topics of equality, peace, charity, and love...just to name a few. He is responsible for many people's careers in the music industry.

I didn't choose to do music, music chose me, and I'm lucky that it did. I've been fortunate to be around such motivating and talented musicians such as and Kanye, as well as many others whom I admire musically. It's artists like them that inspire me. I listen to satellite radio around the world to get some of that flavor in my ear. But mostly I stick to my iPod. I like going against the trend and launching new futuristic sounds that are for the world, not just domestic for the United States. U have to think outside the box when it comes to the music game. My sound is a combination of urban/pop/euro. I can't say that I sound like anyone because I've created my own lane. I'm a trained dancer, so I do a lot of choreographed routines. I look at myself more as an entertainer than a "rapper" because I definitely give u a show. It's all about giving your audience an incentive to watch u and keep coming back. I pay homage to artists in this industry because of their talent and the constant scrutiny they have to endure from a bunch of nobodies.

Anyways, here's my single produced and featuring For ya'll haters, keep hatin' cuz it makes me feel good with the attention you're showing me...I must be doing something right. Lol! For the rest of ya'll real ones that recognize real, thanks for the love and support! ;-) Ciao!

Shakur ft. "Nada Hoe" (Produced By