Nada Hoe

All I can do is laugh! These comments are uber hilarious and definitely entertaining. Thanks for the laughs guys! I see why Kanye goes so hard on ya’ll.

Positive energy and focusing on myself is how I’ve maintained! Music in today’s society has changed immensely. There have been many cultural breakthroughs and racial stigmas that have let loose. Music is global and international, from the production, to the vocals, the artists, etc… Through music is how Michael Jackson influenced the world, and addressed the topics of equality, peace, charity, and love…just to name a few. He is responsible for many people’s careers in the music industry.

I didn’t choose to do music, music chose me, and I’m lucky that it did. I’ve been fortunate to be around such motivating and talented musicians such as and Kanye, as well as many others whom I admire musically. It’s artists like them that inspire me. I listen to satellite radio around the world to get some of that flavor in my ear. But mostly I stick to my iPod. I like going against the trend and launching new futuristic sounds that are for the world, not just domestic for the United States. U have to think outside the box when it comes to the music game. My sound is a combination of urban/pop/euro. I can’t say that I sound like anyone because I’ve created my own lane. I’m a trained dancer, so I do a lot of choreographed routines. I look at myself more as an entertainer than a “rapper” because I definitely give u a show. It’s all about giving your audience an incentive to watch u and keep coming back. I pay homage to artists in this industry because of their talent and the constant scrutiny they have to endure from a bunch of nobodies.

Anyways, here’s my single produced and featuring For ya’ll haters, keep hatin’ cuz it makes me feel good with the attention you’re showing me…I must be doing something right. Lol! For the rest of ya’ll real ones that recognize real, thanks for the love and support! ;-) Ciao!

Shakur ft. “Nada Hoe” (Produced By

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  • yoprince

    remix that with snoop… he would sound smooth on that joint

    • thabiggdogg

      fa shizzle.. get m-, i mean the big snoop D-O-double gizzle, on this shit, you got a hit cutie, do whatever you have to do to get him on this..

      ..and i mean whatever..

  • CrunchyBlack187

    take time to write about something interesting(example: a topic not related to yourself)

    • shawnb

      dat was pretty good

  • Syler

    “I pay homage to artists in this industry because of their talent and the constant scrutiny they have to endure from a bunch of nobodies.”

    For all her comments of, I love the hate, I laugh at this, I must be doing something right, hater’s keep hatin, she really tried to slip in that bitter comment above.

    Maybe if you stopped talking about “me, me, me” and all the things you say you are for one second, and actually talked about things of substance the reaction in the comments would be different. I understand you are guest blogging to promote yourself, but simply talking about how you are this and that doesn’t give someone incentive to take you seriously as an artist.

    I’m not hating, it’s just my opinion.

  • Around and Around

    Wow again…count the “I’s” in this post….

  • MidWest Grindin

    Got Damn if i hear you say the word “I” one more time in your blog, i’m going to blow my top. Thats the problem wit you hoes nowadays…ya so self-centered and think the world spins on your pinky, that you give good women humble women a bad name. There’s a million bitches in this world wit ass-n-titties bitch…WHAT MAKES YOU SPECIAL? You coulda kept that song to yourself, fa real. And why is a person labeled as a hater because they dont ride your coattails? Bitch you LOST.

    • HNIC

      COOOLLLD BLOOOODDDED! But, it was a double-dose of reality that’s surely needed by Ms. Shakur.

      The track was definitely Pop-ish. Even with it being produced by, who is undoubtedly, undeniably pop. Basically, you’re not built for hip hop, Ms. Shakur.

      As others have repeatedly stated, you should definitely consider providing us with something insightful, regarding your views on hip hop, the culture, current hip hop events, past experiences within the hip hop industry, interactions with hip hop celebrities… etc… Etc… Something of substance, other than how great that you believe that you are. Confidence is a great thing, but, there’s a thin line between confidence & arrogance. Relax & take notes.

      • Monstarr.

        MIDWEST GO INNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!.

        Plz read his post over and over again Shakur.

        Will.I.Am won’t ever call you a hoe if your song actually makes him the doe. Keep trying. Just stay out of a hip-hop site next time..I think thats why your “euro” shxt’s not being accepted.


        (SHOUTS to COMMISSION !!.)

  • nyshock

    song blows. do you have some sort of add or something, i can never keep track of the ridiculous rants you go on. how’d you go from talking about haters to mentioning mike jackson? fascinating. and the industry heads that you seem to know wouldn’t be who they are if it weren’t for those nobodies supporting them and actually

  • Pierzy

    Since I’m a “nobody” and a “hater,” I’m going to give everybody a synopsis of this post:

    “I….me….my…..I….my….me….I….I…. I….me…me…my….I…”

    I can’t decide if the writing in the 3rd person would have been better or worse.

    • Detroit P

      Wow….you’re just dying for a attention aren’t you…. yea, I’m pretty sure she specifically had you in mind when she wrote this blog. …smh

      • Pierzy

        Still on my dick, I see. I told you last week that I have zero respect for your opinion so you should really move on.

        • Detroit P

          lol..I don’t know what you’re talking about but quit cryin faggot

        • Detroit P

          I don’t know what you’re talking about but quit cryin faggot

      • Pierzy

        It’s funny how I always ignore you and what you write and, as a result, you feel the need to comment on everything I say, quote me, and then call me names.

        If only you were “Nada Hoe”

      • Pierzy

        It’s funny how I always ignore you and what you write and, as a result, you feel the need to comment on everything I say, quote me, and then call me names…

        If only you were “Nada Hoe”

        • Detroit P

          Lol…yea you constantly ignore me by responding to me…Lol…the funniest thing is that you’re talking like I’m on here 10 hours a day like you…homo, I have enough time to be on here like you but I have better things to do…lol damn, now you have to imagine that someone actually cares about you like that. Your mom didn’t give you enough attention did she?…lol@ this homo Pier crying over someone disagreeing with him.

        • Pierzy

          I just wish you would find someone else to stalk. Now we know who was posting under my name hoping someone would notice him.

          Thanks for the love [no Detroit P]

        • Detroit P

          The fuck are you babbling about? homo this shit is’re a faggot hater and I’m gone. til next time…oh and I get what you’re doing, you’re basically begging me to keep on responding to you whenever you post so you really can have a stalker. Then you’ll feel special or somethin..idk…but if you keep sayin dumb,corny, lame shit, Imma keep calling you and anyone else on it.

        • Pierzy

          No one here likes you. So, it’s just like the home you grew up in, the high school you went to and the Chuck E. Cheese you currently work at…

  • Syler

    “Through music is how Michael Jackson influenced the world, and addressed the topics of equality, peace, charity, and love…just to name a few. He is responsible for many people’s careers in the music industry.”

    Sidebar: Throwing in that one abstract comment which has nothing to do with anything does not give you a pass to run off on your “I” tangents.

  • these posts are racist

    Don’t sweat these haters who are threatened by your independence. Theyre only expressing their insecurities the best way they know how: verbally abusing a woman trying to make it.

    Keep your head up.

    • Detroit P

      Co-Sign….and the song is cool…when u said u were pop I thought it be more of a hype type of sound, but its on some chill shit, cool.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      Independent? Her last post just told how she slobbers all over industry types to get in the game, plus she sucked the dude Drake’s dick to get in HIS video. What’s independent about that?

      Hell, she even sent me an email talking about, “Your post hurt me, but you know I can’t stay mad at you, daddy. How about we call a truce and have some make-up sex. Didn’t you say you know Puffy?”

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • these posts are racist

        Matt Herbz,

        How many times did your wack self have to ride around your cul-de-sac on your BMX to come up with this post? You created a complete comedic fiction to degrade this woman you have never met. Wow…really, is that how you spend your time? Is this how you validate your pathetic existence?

        People: In between these posts, Matt Herbz stands in front of the mirror in his bedroom and says the “N” word, wishing he could say it out outloud, in real life, in front of real people. He then raps “aint nuthin’ but a G thang” and pretends he lived in an inner city…

        You are no Menace to Society, but I feel sorry for your motha.

        • OG Matt Herbz

          And how many times do you have to wipe away the tears and yell at yourself in the mirror to muster up enough courage to come back to this site? You get burnt every day, homey. Check your drops: you start hounding Bol because you wanted him to interview you. Are you trying to get put on, too? Maybe you should go speak to Shakur about whose dick you should suck to accomplish that. Do you need that internet appreciation to validate YOUR existence, fuckboy? Check it, nobody gives a fuck about mergers and acquisitions, who’s campaign you worked for, or how many snotty noses you wipe. What, you want a cookie for your efforts?

          No training day, but I’ll take that dick and stick it up that funky little ass of yours, bitch.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

        • these posts are racist

          Wow. Muster up enough courage to post on a website? You really do live in a fantasy land. Hilarious. This is what separates bitches like you and woman like Shakur…You stay in fairy tale land, Literally! You make up stories! Shes actually doing something.

          Compare you to Shakur, now tell me whos the trick? Whos the bitch? You should seek guidance from Shakur, maybe you could actually live out all this bull you type about.

        • OG Matt Herbz

          Here’s the comparison:

          She and I are both entertainers, but:

          I write funny shit.

          She shows off her tits and ass.

          I create my own stories.

          She shakes her tits and ass on cue.

          I get your dick hard.

          She causes you to spontaneously ejaculate.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

  • kart

    those artists you pay homage to wouldn’t be where they are today if those nobodies you mentioned didn’t look for them and actually buy their shit. know your role bitch, the industry puts you on but the fans whom you seem so eager to disregard as haters eventually have their own say. simply not agreeing with the rambling nonsense you write up here doesn’t make us haters, it makes us literate beings that don’t stand for bullshit. as far as the scrutiny goes, what scrutiny? all i know of you is that you’re an idiot that i love to call out, that isn’t scrutiny. holla at jayz and ask him what scrutiny is.

    basically, ease up on the self love and give people content.

  • Brown Suga

    I am a female and I hate when men say sit there and look pretty, but in this case please just sit there and look pretty because you make no sense at all.

  • MidWest Grindin

    @ these posts: Nice, bro…i used to play the sympathy card when i was trying to get in a girl’s panties too, but i dont think you stand a chance.
    I love independent women, but i HATE a woman in which the only interesting topic of discussion she can exude is HERSELF. “We call them hoes bitches”. Maybe if she was actually a neurologist, like she says she was in school for, i would find posts about her work more interesting. Seeing as though i cant tell the difference between her and say a Superhead/Buffie the Body/Tahiry/Melissa Ford/(enter Eye Candy of the Month here)-type of female, i just “call a spade a spade”.

    • OG Matt Herbz

      I, too, used to do the sympathetic thing. Until I realized that most these women who get themselves into some fucked up situations, got there by their own stupidity. You sit them down on the couch, get them a drink, and try to talk some sense into them…and 3 hours later she’s talking about doing the same thing over again. You lost that one. You simply cannot save someone who doesn’t wish to improve themselves. But I wouldn’t expect the little homey TPAR to have realized that yet. He comes on the blogs everyday wearing his white suit of armor and doesn’t leave until the shit flung at him is thick enough to blind his sight. He’ll be back tomorrow, though: Same mission, same bitchassness, only his suit will be a little less white.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Nike Addict 707

    I’m not a hater, but you aren’t good at rapping.
    you look good and all, but this just isn’t your talent.
    you should just stick to being in videos or modeling or whatever else you do.
    and how you said “for the rest of y’all real ones that recognize real, thanks for the love and support”

    i don’t know how someone that doesn’t like your music would be fake or less real. and i hate how if someone doesn’t like someone else’s song they’re labeled as a hater. there isn’t anything to hate about, the song just wasn’t that good.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Ahh, shit, I feel so relaxed…

    I don’t know what the fuck happened. I was here at the office listening to Wu-Tang’s “What You In Fo” when I decided to hit up

    I clicked on some big booty ho’s song and next thing you know, I was fast asleep. I had a crazy dream about fucking this bitch named Shakur or Shakira or something in my space ship–zero gravity and everything!

    I had never even met her before, but she floats over to me, goes down on me and the head game was so precise, so exact in the method that I quipped “Damn, shorty, you mad nice with the brain game–if giving head were a profession, you’d definitely be a brain surgeon.” She just giggled a little and started to tell me something about college, so I shushed her with my finger and brought her ass around.

    She liked getting a pounding and she was letting me hit it raw and shit, talking about “Just because I let you hit it raw, doesn’t make me a ho.” I said “Yeah, whatever ho,” and just kept knocking the tang out.

    After I flipped her and popped all over her tits, someone behind me starts applauding! It was Will.I.Am standing there with his dick out–he had been watching the whole thing!

    I awoke with a startle at that thought. A little uneasy, but feeling fully rested. The ho song had finished and the comments section needed me to freak it…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • yoprince

      classic shit..

  • produnkgirl

    the beat and hook is popping………….this a downtown club type music. I like but i’m a chick what do i know.smh

  • these posts are racist

    AT Midwest Grinding,

    Nice Bro,

    challenge my intentions, rather than my content…that’s a sign of an honest discussion. Why do you think she is on as a guest blogger at XXL? To promote herself. She is not hear to discuss you or some abstract issue that you and the other haters/insecure mark busters feel is important. Shes an aspiring artist and promoting ones brand/getting her name out there is what she is supposed to do hence, doing anything but promoting herself through this blog would be bad business. Until I saw her post on XXL, i didnt even know who she was, no I do. As such, she has succeeded.

    Again, you and other haters calling her “hoe” and a “bitch” are expressing your own insecurities because you are not creating and making things happen like she is…shes actually taking control of her own destiny and it bothers you. Why? Because thats what haters do.

    Keep doing what youre doing sista…promote your brand and do it well. Ignore the haters, they will always be…

    • OG Matt Herbz

      You want an honest discussion? This girl right here just played herself as a video ho. She might make a few bucks and get in a few videos, but ultimately, she will not be the next Mariah Cary…maybe Mary Carey. See the problem is, bitch turds like yourself, instead of giving her your honest opinion on whether or not being a video-ho is a good look, you’d rather gas her to keep her in a good mood, then try to work your fuck game on her. You’re too blinded by her beauty because you can’t control your desire to bust a nut, or because you have never busted a nut (with a woman). So, me, I see through all the pep talk because she don’t faze me. She’s got a nice body, but she’s already come off pretty stupid in the things she’s been talking about. HONESTLY, that’s a bad look skipping a good education for a few fast thrills in the music industry–but that’s her decision to live with.

      You front like you’re the most intelligent dude on this site when you grace us with your presence, but I see the same things you see and know the same things you know. I know how you will react to a “hater.” I’ve seen how you react when someone questions your “authenticity.” I know the game, son…and the coolest part?

      I choose not to play fair.

      You can call me the dark side if you want, but I’m not here to make friends, or gain your respect as if I needed that from people I’ll never cross paths with. (You on the other hand?) When I feel like my work is done here, I’ll bow out no lesser a man than I was before. You won’t do that though. You’ll stay taking losses, trying to inspire video-hoes to do “their thing” and not worry about the “haters.” You might make that a goal in your life, but how will you know when you’ve succeeded?

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • these posts are racist


        You sound shook right now…real shook. There’s nothing really to respond to here. Your opinion is that she’s “video hoe”, whatever that means, but shes featured a song she created on this very post. So…she’s refuted your accusation that shes just a video girl by the very fact that shes writing on this guest blog and posting a song she made.

        Logically and factually, you are inaccurate. I wouldn’t expect a fiction writer like yourself to recognize such inconsistencies. Now do what you do best: create some fictitious funny story about how you came to the Chi with Dub C and Mac 10 and hoo rided on me. (No Matt Herbz)

        • OG Matt Herbz

          You sound presumptuous right now…real presumptuous. The only thing I can respond to is the G-Unot Killa reference. That wasn’t me. I never posted under that alias, period.

          Logically and factually, you are inaccurate: My response to your bitchassness refutes the accusation that I am shook.

          The song was ass. You know it. This early in her career, I’d say she makes a better video extra than a pop singer–whoa, excuse me–RAP artist.

          I’m sure she’s a nice girl in person, and if one thing is taken from my views is that lamentably, women don’t make it far in this occupation and if she threw away a career in the medical field for a career that famously exploits pretty faces and bomb asses, she sold herself short. That is my opinion–you are a lawyer and you know it is my right to express it, though you are a pussy, so you will probably still contest it.

          And please, no more presumptions. You are WAY off…sincerely.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

        • these posts are racist

          No. You said shes just a video girl. She posted a song on this site. Therefore, shes also an artist. You can dislike the song all you want, but you bashed her before you even heard the song. You called her a hoe and a bitch because that’s easy.

          Just like the kid in “White Boyz”…when your in beef with an african american male, do you drop the nuke, do you call him the “N” word? Thats the equivalent of what youre doing here.

          Now your just using the song and claiming you dont like it to justify all your disgusting insults…Don’t try to battle me homey.

        • OG Matt Herbz

          I still don’t see your obsession with making this quibble a racial one. Thus far, you are still the only one to mention race in our discussion. I don’t know if you feel you need to turn the black audience against me because I’m white or something, but it’s not working.

          You’re really stretching with the N-word theory, but I like how you assume that’s what I’d do so that it paints me as a racist in front of all. It’s not working.

          I said yesterday that I’d never heard her rap and I knew it would suck. Today I heard her song and I stand by my opinion.

          I say she played herself by being in the Drake video, and I stand by that opinion as well. Time will tell if I’m right or not, but I can stand to be corrected.

          You seem to have learned all you want to know about “Whites” by watching a documentary. Do you think that was a smart move? After all, documentaries are known for their objectivity, correct? See Michael Moore for example.

          One song does not an artist make. That term is thrown around so loosely in this time it makes me sick to hear you even refer to that trash I just listened to as the work of an “artist.” But if that’s your feeling, roll with it.

          Now, I’m just letting you dig your own hole: I’ve given my opinion, and defended them, responded to all of your accusations, and when you had nothing left, you used the race card.

          You, sir, are the Henry Louis Gates of Portraying a difference of opinion as a race “battle.” Today, you are the one who’s making us all laugh.

          –OG Matt Herbz–


      GTFOH with this hating bullshit.
      The bitch song is called NADAHOE for muhammed sake!
      Just cuz a nigga call her out dont mean we hate.Truth is Truth.
      Blog-emotion is a female should feel ”no” way,disgust or not,take that shit to mediatakeout

  • Silly Willy

    OK !!!!!

    The song was average, IMHO.

    And yes, I gave you a chance to prove yourself. Now I have to say, if you NadaHoe, you mos def NadaBlogger (word to bboycult), and MehRappa, but it’s all good. If men could get airplay for shitty music, I guess you can , even if I don’t agree with shitty music. Yours ain’t that bad, need a lil remix with a dope MC and it’s good money !

    Do your thing, sing, rap, dance, but pretty please…..with sugar on top, STOP BLOGGING!!!!! Just, Stop! Like right fuckin’ now !

    Frankly, someone who’s making music who considers the peoples it’s supposed to cater to as nobodies, in my book, is a dumb bitch! Callin’ a spade a spade…….

    “OK! Lady! Fine! You are Nadahoe…..but you wearing a whore uniform, I tell you that right now!!!” Dave Chappelle

    And I’m fuckin’ out……..

  • Moving Sideways

    Capt. Save-A-Nada Hoe

    • Around and Around

      That is the remix featuring TPAR and the Save-a-Hoe Gang

  • General

    I read the blogs the first couple of days and didn’t comment, because I didn’t feel the need to, but after reading todays blog and then the comments in reponse to it, well here it goes…

    I can’t believe how many ignorant people are on here commenting/whining that she is talking about herself in the blogs…WTF???

    What did you think she was going to post about? When Nipsey Hussle had a blog for a week, what did he talk about??? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t about social inequalities in the new global economy…

    There is a reason XXL is giving the blogs to certain people and that is for them to introduce themselves and make people aware of who they are and what they are doing in the game right now…

    I think “these posts are racist” hit the nail on the head with his comments that there seems to be a lot of insecure people who want to drag people down with comments that are juvenile in nature…

    If you don’t like the music or you don’t like the way she handles her business then try constructing some criticism in a intelligent way. I know this seems to be challenge to most and from reading Matt Herbz comments I can only assume that one, he must be an adolescent (13-17 years old), and two that his racial views are more in line with the Fox News’ of the worlds than with the hip hop community…

    The funny thing is at the end of the day not one of the ridiculous comments is going to make or break a career for these artists, but instead you do have the power to offer perhaps some construcitive cricism that may help to change the way some of them look at the game. I guess that is asking too much

    • Pierzy

      What’s up Gen…

      I actually partially agree with you. I thought Nipsey Hussle’s blogs were average at best and while Skyzoo mentioned himself, he did so in the tailend of his blogs, not throughout.

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but my issues here have nothing do with hating independent women or being insecure. I work for a female supervisor I go to school with some brilliant women, so wanting to hold a woman down socially is not my thing.

      Honestly, I was hoping she would write about her views about the controversy surrounding things like misogyny in hip-hop or why there is currently a dearth of talented female emcees in the game that are on major labels. Something to tie-in her own experiences and her viewpoint as a woman with topics and ideas that we, as fans of the hip-hop culture, want to read about.

      Let me put it another way – if Jean Grae was guest blogging, do you think it would have the same tone as this?

      • General

        What up P?

        I feel what your sayin and everyone has the right to their opinion and expression. Its just amazing to me how negative the comments on this blog have turned and not negative in a constructive way either. In my opinion a lot of that has to do with how women in hip hop are viewed and treated in general. Part of that is how they market themselves, but I do find it amazing that anytime a woman in hip hop gets some shine it is automatically assumed that she got that from being a “ho”. I guess having a daughter of my own and watchin her grow up has opened my eyes to a lot these things.
        I do agree with you that I would have liked to have seen the blogs touch on some different and maybe a little more in depth topics in hip hop, but at the end of the day these guest blogs are really here for that person to promote themselves and let people know what they are doing.

      • Silly Willy

        Co-sign !!!

        I mean, seriously, when nearly everyone was hating on the first post, I was among the few who gave her a chance. It’s not hate for me. It’s just that I don’t feel it. You know ? Like, OK! Talk about yourself, but don’t tell me what your favorite color is, tell me what you think. If you say you nadahoe, and you are such and such, don’t tell me about it, just show it to me. When Skyzoo spoke about how he can be considered as wise, he didn’t say “You know what? I’m a smart muthafucka ! Far from being ignorant”. He just spoke about his grind, his influences, his taste and his personal views about hiphop, all of which led us to believe that he actually IS a smart muthafucka ! I’m not going to XXL to understand how the tunneling microscope of Cornell University actually works, I just want something interesting hiphop-wise…… If that makes me a nobody, then so be it and fuck, might I add, her !!!

        • Silly Willy

          The cosign was for my man Pierz below, my bad….

    • Pierzy

      So we’re not that far off in our view. If anything, I have viewed this week as a disappointment because when someone gives you an opportunity, you take it. Skyzoo probably gained numerous new fans last week with the way he presented his thoughts and words and, in the process, gave his input on the state of hip-hop.

      You said, “In my opinion a lot of that has to do with how women in hip hop are viewed and treated in general.” I agree and that’s what I wanted her to touch on. Speak on it. Why is it that way? Is it because that’s the only way women can get viewed now? Or is it just easier?

      I always find it interesting to hear different people speak on the same topic because they have different backgrounds and experiences. A white person and a black person will often view the same thing in different ways, sometimes slightly, sometimes majorly. Same with men and women. As a Hispanic woman, I would like to hear her thoughts. Is she a fan of hip-hop or pop? Was she familiar with XXL? Does she have a favorite artist? Does she have insight about videos that the general [what up] public does not?


      • General

        lol at the “anything”…

    • OG Matt Herbz

      @ General

      Wrong, and wrong. I’m closer to 30, and Fox News can burn in hell.

      I think I have found a very creative way to express my views and opinions. Some people get it for what it is, and others (like TPAR) don’t understand the half and presume to have the REAL me figured out. He can keep stabbing in the dark, but I’m standing way over here.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      • General


        I took at shot at you for one reason. I know you ve got your own way of puttin your opinion out there, which is original, but as I stated in my comments, what isn’t original is the tone of not just your comments, but the comments in general in response to this blog. Its not about looking down on you or seeing myself as above, and I’m sure you could give a fuck less regardless, but as I stated I do have a daughter and that experience opened up my eyes to trying to not come at anything involving woment and hip hop at the same tired angle that has been around for decades. Is it any wonder that we don’t have any prominent female MC’s in the game right now???
        I also think that the females who get into the hip hop game have to be held responsible for how they market themselves too and understand that they have to live with the perception that they create too…

        No hate, just a discussion

        • OG Matt Herbz

          I see you, General. Really, it isn’t my intention to dump on girl simply because she’s a female. I’m trying to make the point that whatever career pops off for her right now will be based off of our first impression–her shaking her tits and ass on the screen.

          That video was pure objectification of women and any fuckin woman with half a brain would have declined that shit. She wants to bounce around on screen? Well, guess what? My thoughts and opinions are exactly like those of thousands of guys watching that video: They don’t want to hear her sing, read her blogs, or even have a conversation with her. They want to fuck her and violate her and do some nasty shit to her. She should know that. So, for her to appear after the fact and say, “Hey, I’m a real artist. I’m intelligent, too. I went to school to be a brain surgeon” is irrelevant. Trust me, most guys will take a girl for the lowest common denominator (the body) before they’ll probe to see if she’s really got her mind straight.

          To me, that girl don’t have her mind right with some of the things she said, and the entryway that she chose to enter the game with so it’d be a waste of time trying to holler at her and change her mind. It’s funnier just to talk about her titties anyway.

          I’m not trying to be a saint or come across like I kick knowledge in every post. I know what I’m doing when I say the things I say, but for real, she was expecting us to engage in proper conversation with her when bouncing her tits in our face? Nah, she wanted to take it to that level and I’m pointing out what goes on at that level.

          –OG Matt Herbz–

        • General

          “To me, that girl don’t have her mind right with some of the things she said, and the entryway that she chose to enter the game with so it’d be a waste of time trying to holler at her and change her mind. It’s funnier just to talk about her titties anyway.”

          I hear ya on that. I appreciate the replies and the discussion…

          I think we all cross lines at times, but in the end I always appreciate those who will engage in the discussion and add to it…

          I think we would all like those who have the chance to do these blogs to bring a little more to the table

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma


  • MidWest Gridin

    @these posts: you can big-up this hoe all you want. in the hood, we call your type “ENABLERS”, meaning you will tell a woman she’s pretty and sexy and smart and funny and independent 100,000 times just to get some trim. In the end, a no-good no-job having slutbox ends up thinking she can become an ambassador for NATO because of lames like you.

    I’ve read people who have been guest bloggers, and yes it’s a method of self-promotion no doubt, but normally they also provide SOME sort of intellect, or insight about hip-hop. The things this chick is talking about can easily be found on a number of reality shows (Tiny&Toya, Real Housewives, Kardashian, etc.) This is a Hip-hop site and blogs are meant to spark interesting convo about HIP HOP. Period. And until this bitch offers any of that, or anything not involving herself (BORING), then she will continue to hear it from real niggaz. Thanks for your time.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    “I like going against the trend and launching new futuristic sounds”

    Were’s Ron Mexico when you need him, can we get a “video hoe please on this one”?

    I like the song. Although that has more to do with the fact that FM radio has pounded the BEP’s into my head for years now. Not “Shakur”…, or what ever her big tittied, fat assed name is.

    This sounds more like a Fergie throw away, than anything fresh and new. Fucking for tracks


    Why you always whining and bitching like a woman?what is your purpose in life?
    Everything is racism,classim,erotisim or whatever the fuck you call it.everyone here is entilted to their opinion much less you.
    If some one opinion differs from yours,either classified the point or just shut up!

    • these posts are racist


      Is english your first language? I have no clue what you said: “is some one opinion differs from yours, either classified the point or just shut up!”

      Someone please translate.

      • OG Matt Herbz

        He wants to know why do you express yourself with decidedly feminine emotions, like whining and bitching. (Meet a female and maintain a long-term relationship before you call me sexist) He wants to know what is your purpose in life since you seem to have it all figured out. He thinks you categorize everyone’s feelings because to social rejects like yourself, it’s the only way to understand the outside world. Then, he brings up a point that I’m sure you’re familiar with: Everyone has their own opinion like they have assholes, so why must you stick your nose in their opinion like you stick your face in assholes?

        Got it?

        –OG Matt Herbz–

        • chillin mayne

          jajajajajaja…DOOOP…yea im late, but this is comedy at its finest.. jajajajajajaja, OG dey should have let u take over the chappelle show wen Dave left,(no nut ridin)…but that ish was HILLARIOUS

      • Hanch

        Since you want to use grammar to show how smart you are, then why dont you learn to read first? His post says IF and you read it as IS. So maybe you should learn to read before you go on somebody about their grammar dumbass!!!!! Epic Fail you idiot.

  • capcobra

    next time just post pics and get a ghostwriter.

  • Syler

    I am sensing some tension in the comments. This may be a bad time to ask XXL, but can I rock a guest blog?


    This aint no english class beside i’m typing from my blackberry fuck boy

  • El Tico Loco

    Is it that serious? I’m still visualizing the whole jiggalin, jiggalin of boobies over the keyboard (nipple typin) leave it at that. Is not like she got a Drake/50 Cent type deal for that single, so no pressure no high expectations; shit, surprise us. Not gonna knock ol girl but she gotta step it up, it was an uphill battle from the first typo on Monday and this is the online version of the Apollo audience, would you consider them haters? nobodies? Hell naw, bring out your star player or the sandman comes out.

  • P. Harris

    You talking about you, to get yourself known, that’s what the guest blogs are about, getting the artist known. No hate at all at you doing that.

    Honestly, the track is not bad, sounds like Estelle’s joint, but its not bad. 3/5

    As for the comments you’re getting? Maybe it’s your angle that you’re working? The whole “I’m not your average video chick” “I’m not hoe”
    thing… Which is cool, I have no reason to think you are or you’re not… Similar to other bloggers, before today I’ve never heard of you. Which with that being said you’ve accomplished something, you’re name is getting out.

    On the flip side, dave chappelle put it best, you wear the uniform and people think you are that, all the comments are hilarious. xxlmag bloggers go hard! LOL…

  • MidWest Grindin

    @TPAR: around the hood, we call your type “ENABLERS”. you will tell a woman how she’s so pretty and talented and funny and smart and independent 100,000 times a day just to get some trim. In turn, these nothing ass no job having video-ho aspiring dumb slutbox bitches think they can become ambassadors for NATO because of lames like you.

    I’ve read other guest bloggers on this site, and it definitely is an opportunity for self-promotion. However, this is a HIP-HOP site, and most readers would like some sort of insight about hip-hop, not some info you can get from watching a number of reality tv shows (Tiny&Toya, Real Housewives, Kardashian, etc.) And it isnt my obligation to give constructive criticism…look to your parents for that. I am a consumer of hip-hop and under my 1st amendment rights, if i dont like some shit i will voice it. Thats not being a hater.

  • fredMS

    who is this cunt?

  • Victoria Page

    The song is okay…the “hoe” references are a little 1999 for me and I would not call that rapping, but that is just this woman’s opinion. In the words of Common, “If I don’t like it I don’t like it, it don’t mean that I’m hatin’”

  • these posts are racist

    Matt Herbz and the other haters,

    Nobody is questioning your right to give your opinion. But Matt, you admit that you are writer who creates fictitious stories to be funny. Indeed, you are funny and a lot of your comments are funny. But then you hide behind the “i’m just stating my opinion” defense when it is convenient for you to do so. You can have your opinion about her music, etc. but you’re not a critic and you admit you are not.

    Your goat is to get laughs and you do so at the expense of your target. In this instance you took the cheap way out…you attacked this woman by calling her a Hoe and a bitch and made up a story about you having sex with her…that makes you a pathetic weirdo…you have not actually criticized her song, which I actually like and would love to hear in a club.

    The truth is, youre just an insecure nerd who feels like a big man by bashing a woman you feel threatened by. At the end of the day, she has a song out and i hope a promising career and you will still ride your bmx around your cul-de-sac wishing you could use the “N” word in public…until your mom calls you in for dinner. By the way, I loved your performance in the movie “White Boyz”, you killed it! Just dont come to the Chi like that again.

    • Hanch

      Bro are you the fuckboy from Cause you sound just like him. I read his 8page letter to everybody on that site the other day telling them that he was not coming back and trying to act all high and mighty like his shit dont stink. I think his name was like Bigup2nk or some crap. Yall check it out and tell me what you think cause i swear it is this Mofo. He done got ran off that site for being a bitch and acting like he is better than everybody so now he came to this site cause of his Addiction. Yes I said it! Either your addicted to writing in comments section to see how much of an ass you can make of yourself or your just Addicted to coming to hiphop sites preaching this high and mighty bullshit!! GTFOH bruh go back to I am sure they are missing making fun of you by now!!!!!!!!

    • OG Matt Herbz

      I listened to her song. The music had a dreamy/floating in space type feel to it–hence my reference to dreams and space in my post. Her lyrics stated that “just because she lets you touch it, she’s not a ho.” So, I flipped it into something a little more raunchy. I tied in the brain surgeon snippet and since her best assets thus far are her tits and ass, I made sure to over-sexualize the story. Will.I.Am was there only because he produced the beat, so naturally, he’s in the background the entire time. Get it?

      Really, if I have to explain all my posts like this then I’ll just call myself TPAR and pretend I’m THAT much smarter than everyone.

      –OG Matt Herbz–

      You’re still missing me, homey. I’m glad you are current with Caucasian cameos in shitty films, though.

    • Around and Around

      TPAR says,
      “Indeed, you are funny and a lot of your comments are funny.”


      Sheeeeaaat…stars, moons, qusars, motha fucka sound like Elroy Jetson.
      Look the song was okay for some club shit, her posts on the other hand fucking terrible… Who wants to read every paragraph starting with “I”???

      Check Sky’s guest spots last week, he brought something to the table. “Not I this, I that, I believe this”

      -Shakur get at TPAR he’s put in work on your behalf. (No save a ho-nada ho)

  • EmCDL

    Gotdamn its some mad hate in the building on this here post! Well as far as my opinion, I like the beat of the song, the lyrics are ok but you always got time for growth especially in this industry. As far as your blog postings (and I’m being honest), I don’t really care for them too much. I realize that you are trying to get yourself out there, but compared to the other guest blogs (Nipsey, Sky), it just really seems like you stuck on yourself; like General and Pierzy said, we’d like to know your thoughts on the industry and what else you may have in mind to change the game up as far as female emcees getting into the rap game. Then again, I could be wrong and its probably just the way you present yourself. Thats just my opinion though…but you are fine no doubt!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Wow! Done drank all of my coffee reading this!


    “and the constant scrutiny they have to endure from a bunch of nobodies.”


    The song gets a 3/5 *. Not my style though. It sounds like a Fergie throwaway.


    We all know it’s promotion for the guest blogger. But if you read the comments we are asking for you to share some of your music influences and knowledge. Why don’t you respond to that? Is it because you could care less about your “nobodies”? You know, the people who in a RECESSION you would like to purchase your project?


    And by the way, the “I see why Kanye goes so hard on ya’ll” statement is for BLOGGERS, not COMMENTER’S.

    It’s day #3. Who influenced you? Latifah? Mc Lyte? Lauren Hill? What’s the first music performance you saw that gave you the drive to seek to be an entertainer?

    I do see that a lot of guys on here saw thru the BS early and got at you.

    I was being diplomatic but after reading this drop SHAKUR, you are in a lane that has not been successful for MANY, APLENTY women that drove down it WAAAY, WAAAY before you even thought about it.

    Nipsey wasn’t great, but at least he did his promo and still dropped his thoughts on the game.


    Female or not, come to the table with a dish so everyone can eat. Don’t feed me off of your fork. I HAVE MY OWN.

    And the Michael Jackson stuff came off lame.


    Ever heard of Ice Cube? His second album, “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted”? He did a skit before a song called “No Vaseline”.

    The skit is very similiar to these comments…


    Call it hatred, bitterness, whatever. You’re sh*t stinks like everyone else, and YOU TURNED ME OFF.

    I tried people.


    • P. Harris

      good shit…

    • Syler

      $yk hit me up kid

    • El Tico Loco

      OOkay!! But did anybody notice the related stories on top right column? is hilarious.

      • P. Harris

        El Tico Loco

        LMFAO… Awww man, she’s even getting killed subliminally!

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          @ Tico


          @ Syler

          I got you.

          @ P. Harris

          Thanks. I see you doing your thing too.


          Brown Suga says:

          I am a female and I hate when men say sit there and look pretty, but in this case please just sit there and look pretty because you make no sense at all.




  • Master Cheef

    everyone that says tpar is not letting them express their opinions is doing the exact same thing they are accusing him of, and in the same instance, not allowing him the exact same freedom of free speech that they are using to call foul on.

    everyone’s got an opinion? let that nigga say his.

  • Brooklyn

    “I look at myself more as an entertainer than a “rapper”…” yes you do, because you aren’t a rapper, you sound like a broke ass cassie, sans the half-shaved head. the song was aight, it was the kind of shit that might be hot in the club, but it damn sure wasn’t rap. and if, like you said, you’re style is “a combination of urban/pop/euro…” why the hell are you on a hip-hop magazine site? take that shit over to or or some shit like that. really, what did you think, we’d see your bronzed skin and your suspicious looking eyebrow and be so awed by your mediocre beauty that we’d be nice to you just because you got titties and ass? i’m curious, how did she get a blog on this site, who’s dick did she have to suck for that? or did drake threaten to boycott this magazine and refuse them a cover unless his knobshiner got a blog?

  • Around and Around

    $ykotic/Don McCaine says:

    Female or not, come to the table with a dish so everyone can eat. Don’t feed me off of your fork. I HAVE MY OWN.

    Best line on this…very true.

    TPAR/AKA Save a Nada Ho – This okay? Or is this expressing insecurities????

  • Master Cheef

    she played herself on the whole neurosurgeon thing. so she’s not as much of an intellectual as we wanted our guest blogger to be? what the fuck ever happened to a bitch getting a pass? she really does not seem like a dirty ass slut-bag along the likes of a superhead of buffie the body.

    all bitches are hos, but she aint no dirty ass skanky ho; girl is finer than a motherfucker and if i was single, i’d fuck her brains out 3 times a day and give her a shot.

    as for the song, i liked the beat better when kanye did it on “american boy.”

    • render

      cosign master cheef…how yall moms raise you? Whatever foolishness you hear, unless a broad is on some flagrant ho’ery then you bite your tongue, flash a smile and go on with your business

      Girl prolly aint the neurosurgeon/doogie howser she claimed in the earlier drop but she aint too different from any number of rappers who’re tryin to get a lil promo. if yall are mad, get mad at xxl…they’re the ones who gave her this opportunity… she aint wrong for accepting it

      as for the track…production is cool and I aint a fan…purely constructive criticism but your rhyme game is flat. You gotta decide whether you wanna be a rapper or a singer and hone your craft at that

  • Enlightened

    Her delivery is worse than Domino’s

    • Oz

      “It’s all about giving your audience an incentive to watch u and keep coming back. I pay homage to artists in this industry because of their talent and the constant scrutiny they have to endure from a bunch of nobodies.”


      XXL is to be blamed for this. They could’ve just posted your shitty-ass track without all this nonsensical BS you type. (I’m still wondering how, why, and what Michael Jackson had to do with anything in your first paragraph.) I thank the lord you’re not a Neurosurgeon; a lot of lives have been saved.

      This might be a good place to promote your lame music but if the 60 posts above this haven’t clearly spelled it out for you yet, get up from the keyboard and leave right now, before your dig your hole any deeper.

  • Federal Ranga

    Didn’t even bother to listen so I have nothing to say… however, I’m going to do everybody on here a favor and plug 3 advertisements…

    Episode 4 of my vlog is up: Presents The Commission’s Federal Ranga – ON YO ASS!!!

    Tony Grand$ (smart enough not to post on this shit)… his latest post ties in…

    And go download that Power of Tongue mixtape from Paris Pershun –


    @ $yk,
    I know you seen it, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

  • Mutada al sader the king

    No one commented on her over use of the word “über” to seem more intelligent ? lol

  • render

    lmao at the related stories part tho…ironic as hell

  • JMack

    i think the shit is smooth.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    @ Oz


    I won’t get mad @ XXL because we asked for a female blogger, as well as more guest blogging. But homegirl “Shakeyour” ain’t that good. Point blank. I’m not mesmerized by beauty because it’s only skin deep.

    Dudes are practically begging her to have an intelligent conversation.

    I don’t like today’s sneak disses at the very same people you want to give an “incentive” to.

    It started with I could’ve been a doctor, so I’m no hoe because I’m smart, then told everyone “Everything’s natural. I’m blessed”. Which side you on?

    And what better way to promote yourself than showing the people you are one of THE people?

    “Shakeyour” comes off as one of THEM chicks who thinks their vanity is golden. Girl don’t you notice that most of them men never look you in the eye?

    AND IF IT WAS A DUDE, DON’T THINK WE WOULDN’T DO THE SAME THING!!! Hu$$le’s numbers significantly DECREASED over the week.

    It’s sad, because she could have came here with a forum(like she didn’t know she was on deck) and really helped a dying breed, THE FEMALE RAPPER.

    Mc Lyte did the damn thing real good on Allhiphop.

    And I can be wrong, but I think home girl got a hook up. Rich parents, bed relations, or later promises to be fulfilled, I don’t think she knows squat about the same game she’s trying to get paid from.

    And that hatred stuff is nonsense. You’re not qualified, you don’t get the job.

    In parting, just because she’s in the game getting exposure don’t mean she’s good as an artist or a person, or get a pass “just because”. How many people have come and gone in this industry?


    • Oz

      Whats up $yk/’Caine!

      I don’t like today’s sneak disses at the very same people you want to give an “incentive” to.”

      Maybe the incentive to see how much worse she can actually do after the first 3 days. I’m seriously rooting for this chick to be sacked..Straight up

      In parting, just because she’s in the game getting exposure don’t mean she’s good as an artist or a person, or get a pass “just because”. How many people have come and gone in this industry?”

      Word. Exactly like you mentioned, she’ trying to buy her way through this either through bed-relations/rich parents (them Egyptians are some real nepotistic bastards) or whatever the case is and hoping to get paid.. Homegirl needs to be schooled on how the game works.

      And that’s what really grinds my gears (Word to p.Griffin) This lady’s got some strict sense of entitlement she’ becoming straight delusional!

    • Pierzy

      What’s poppin’ $yk?

      I’m sayin’ – I would’ve loved to hear her thoughts and comments on the state of hip-hop. I was impressed by Skyzoo, not only because of the depths of his posts, but also because every day he had a different topic. He got better as the week progressed.

      Maybe I was expecting too much. I would love to have an MC Lyte-type person bring it with thoughts and words.

      Whatever…we’ll see what pops off on Thursday.

      By the way, kid, don’t hesitate to hit me up on the email link if you want to poly about something regarding hip-hop that’s not on here.



    well, well, look at how when a girl comes in the room, dudes start to turn on each other.

    it’s clear she playin the middle. she winkin at dudes like TPAR. dudes like Silly Willy (thanks for the shout) was tryin to let her ease into it, all optimistic. today she lost him. even the nice guys like $ykotic and Pierzy had to check her. we expected Herbz to do what he do… ITS WHAT HE DO. and has done for quite a while. and it’s been mostly MALES. so TPAR, cool out. you are not gonna win a date. she won’t even shout you out in tomorrow’s post.

    i told yall yesterday she was here to promote her agenda. she could give a shit about what we think. she thinks she has security in her associations. I own a studio, and i’m an engineer, so i can tell you that the song she has is like so many people i know who have songs by people they know. it don’t necessarily mean it’s for her. i record people on beats that get sold out from under them all the time. plus, it’s a rough mix. it needs a whole lot of work. FAR from ready for mastering. probably recorded at 44.1 khz, judging from the sonic characteristics. that means it’s low resolution. so, in the words of G-Rap, it’s a demo.

    but it’s unfortunate that her peoples is advising her to keep this up. because this is just going downhill. the fellas make a good point. can’t they see how the search engine is categorizing her posts? it’s suggesting links that equal her content. so is the machine “hatin”? it has an agenda against her? TPAR, does the computer mistreat women in hip hop? is it misogynistic? is it suggesting anything we’re not? and if her people know anything about the nets (and probably not), the search engine will tag her name as synonymous with poor content and continue this on other sites. good going guys.

    i’m gone hazard the opinion that Shakur is recieving such backlash because it is increasingly apparent (because she wrote it) that she really doesn’t care about the forum she’s expressing herself in. and, like most women, is choosin t stay in a fight she can’t win until she, like most women DON’T, just LISTEN. Will.I.aM is not subject matter here. neither is Timbaland. but most of but us, i think, will say he’s a hell of a producer. i’ll make that assesment based on the fact that he has his own style; he gives RESPECT to the founders; he doesn’t bite. see, that’s MY hip hop. and Grands’. and Sykotic’s. and Pierzy’s. and Dallas Penn’s. and even TPAR’s when his nose ain’t open. we just don’t know if it’s yours. you haven’t told us. but what YOU’VE written and what YOU’VE shown us is what got YOU behind in the polls. the South Pole mostly. cause your cold calculating has gotten you a cold response.

    my site got 1800 impressions in the last 20 days and the average stay time on my site is close to 20 minutes. numbers like those will have me on another level in 6-8 months, if i can continue to grow. but, i’m one of those people who are not important to you. we’ll see when i direct my traffic to view how much of a joke you became because you were unwilling to listen to the people you came to get feedback from.

    yesterday i wrote a thread on how responsible editorial fueled the expansion of good music in all genres. so i was ready to come over here to give it to XXL for lettin you rock. but then i thought, “they some smart people. they probably laughin they asses off everyday at your dumb ass!” these are the most comments i’ve seen in a long time regarding a single topic in a 24 hour span. so i bet they enjoying the sum of my impressions in 1 DAY. congrats tits, uh, toots. you made history!

    but will you listen? will you be an artist? or will you be stubborn?

    see ya tomorrow!



  • Pana


  • Mpho

    Is this bitch serious with this shit??.. wack beyond belief, u already know the reason is producing for this hoe.. I guess he ain’t a faggot after all, if i was in the music biz as a producer i’d also do shit like this.. get a braod that believes she can sing, rev her up, and give her some beats in exchange for some pussy..

  • Ali

    Snoop WOULD sound pretty good on this….Kanye is perfect tho, he’ll flow like he did on American Boy……….Lupe maybe too

  • Monty B.

    Kanye West called. He wants his flow back.

  • Mr.Bean

    I think that this girl should remember that the “bunch of nobodies” that she speaks about are the ones that buy her music and who will make up her fanbase.Also on a more serious level,also remember that when you are driving down the road and crash in your(insert expensive car) and were to crash that you might actually need a “nobody” to help “somebody” like you because when its all said and done,people are people!

  • Hypocritical

    The song is maybe a 3-4 out of 5. Perhaps with a Snoop Dogg or Kanye add it would receive a lot of spins, as they would sound good for a feature on this track. She is rapping but it has that popular vibe, but who would not want to make popular music? At least she is rapping about whats real to her, correct? She is a class beauty and obviously there are more talented female rappers out there, but these days its a mixture of talent and impression. She made an impression with her looks, so she has gotten people to take notice, now she’s using the attention to start releasing her material. If anything, it is smart business. However one issue is the “I was going to school to be a brain surgeon,” anyone who knows about medical school in America, knows that you do your undergrad, then get accepted into med school and then complete you med school training before you specialize in a given field. Neurosurgery is not a major that I know of but Neurology is. Although you wanted to sound intelligent as most people view you in a lustful way, there was a sense that you were a little naive. Well keep up the music, because at then end of the day, people will say you portray objectified women, but how many men actually hang up posters or give them the intellectual attention they deserve of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Amerlia Earhart, or Mother Teresa. Far and few between.

  • Seattle Slim

    Not a bad song, but your attitude kills any intention to buy it. Download it for free, yes. Buy it? Hell no.

  • Smel

    Everybody’s complaining that Shakur hasn’t brought any substance to her blogs, but she DID post her song, and hardly anybody commented on it except vhingrhames.

    My opinion: This song is not hip-hop, except maybe in the most-recent-Kanye-album sense. The beat is amazing. I second the motion about Snoop. You claim you’re a rapper, but you sure do alot of singing. To me, your voice sounded a little nasal/thin, but that type of stylized singing/whining can be entertaining at times (think: Solange)

    As far as the content/lyrics, they completely turned me off. Thou dost protest too much. If you have to sing (or blog btw) about how you’re not a ho, it just makes everyone assume you are.

    I know nowadays, you really have to have a gimmicky single to break onto the scene, but being/not being a ho….surely you can come harder than that. I mean even the brain surgeon double entendre would have been better than that.

    This may come off as hating to you, but I’m just trying to address the actual topic of your blog and not just you as a person (since I don’t know you). Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  • Cooler than you

    Damn this chick is stupid…