Meeting the God

I had a really long night mixing down Lloyd Banks Vol 5 mixtape. I have an early interview with a legend today and his publicist! I have many questions and beefs with this legendary artist. I want to ask him how he can sit back and let the essence of hip hop that he created slip by with these temporary ringtone hits! It’s been like 20 years and I still remember his verses, his swag and his movement which transformed me to who I am today . This legend is Rakim!! “What the fuck happened!?” will be my first question. My twitters demanded that I track him down for an interview. Let’s see how this goes down today.

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  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Damn Whoo! We can’t get a long coherent thought brah?

    It is what it is. At least stream that Rakim roundtable…

    • Pierzy

      Yikes. If an XXL commenter wrote this, I would yawn. From a guest blogger, it’s downright awful.

      Tomorrow’s blog:

      “Met Rakim yesterday. He’s a cool dude. Now back to the mixing the Lloyd Banks mixtape. See you on Thurs!”

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        “Met Rakim yesterday. He’s a cool dude. Now back to the mixing the Lloyd Banks mixtape. See you on Thurs!”

        You just hooked him up! HA!

        • Tony Grands

          Was that WhooKid or BeerGangsta?

  • General

    Another classic blog from nada dj


    One paragraph. That’s a real informative blog…

  • Moving Sideways

    Bumper stickers are longer than this, but I’m not even mad. I just hope XXL knew what they were getting when they asked Whoo Kid to do this.

  • woops

    I think Whoo Kid ain’t got enough time to do this blogging thing

  • Enlightened

    Would niggas please stop calling that nigga Rakim “The God”?

    What the fuck is the problem?

    I’m a fan of that nigga too but stop it. If he’s the god what the hell is Big Daddy Kane?

    And somebody should have stopped that Hova bullshit a long time ago too

    • Mr. North

      I agree with the Hov comment

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Kane’s the God as well.


      Psalms 82:6

      “I have said, ye are gods. The greatest honour was thus put upon them; they were delegated gods, clothed for a while with a little of that authority by which the Lord judges among the sons of men.”

      • L-Y, NawfWestSide

        Another vers. of Psalms 82:6

        “I have said, Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High, But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes.”

        John 10:34

        “Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?”

        Anyone not knowing who God iz needz to do heavy intense discerned research b4 they come out the side of they nec about blasphemy.

        Here’z a good starting point for you Smart-dumb niggaz -

    • Isee

      Man, How can somebody called enlightened call Rakim a nigga so freely. That elder had the whole hip hop community searching for who GOD was and know many KNOW who GOD is. Big Daddy Kane, cannot and will not ever hold a torch to the brother. I agree on that Hova shit though.

  • P. Harris

    Whoo Kid obviously has a lot to shit to do…

    and this blog isn’t at the top of his list…

    • capcobra



    the fuck is this? what is a whoo kid aka nada dj (LMAO @ General) twitter post doing up here.

  • EmCDL

    Damn man I thought this was suppose to be a guest blog post not a twitter update….SMH

  • Tony Grands

    I wonder how XXL picks these guest-bloggers? Do they somehow think that these are the people we want to hear from? Didn’t Vanessa ask us WHO (no Kid) we would like to hear from?

    I know I didn’t request TwitterKid.

    If a “real” blogger posted something like this, he’d get his account hacked!

    Ugh. It’s only Tuesday. I’m done with this for the week….

    • capcobra

      what up chizzamp..the guest blog might be a perk for being in the actual magazine..i think we should at least get a sneak peek of the next 4 so we can vote on who {no kid) we wanna hear from?..afterall we’re the ones that’s gonna be reading and commenting.

      • Tony Grands

        That’s a good fucking idea.

        Let us know who’s up next, because I’m still not sure if this is the good idea it sounded like before. I’m sure cats (the readers) had a different caliber of artists in mind though, as opposed to Shaker & Nips (you had me ROLLING that week!), & now Whoo Kid.

        Maybe “they” don’t think that niggas like to read. Shit, thats all we do here…

  • HNIC

    Who kid, since you apparently lack the ability to blog anything remotely insightful, aside from your constant meetings with celebrities, perhaps you can relay a message to your boy, Yayo, for me.

    Tell him that he should step permanently step away from the microphone… no, seriously, he should never even contemplate on recording another song, let alone full length album, ever again in life. Quite frankly, he sucks.

    Yayo is to G-Unit, what Bleek is to the Roc. Or better still, Yayo’s recording talent = your blogging talent… or lack thereof. Sometimes I wish that life had a fast forward button, just for times like these.

    Much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    How can ya’ll expect so much from ol ride on the coat tails? Did you see the video of him speaking about meeting MJ that was posted a few weeks back? Dude can hardly talk.

    At least 50 Cent picked up a self help book or two and uses a few big words… (Well for him)

    1. Position
    2. Actual
    3. Actually
    4. Retail
    5. Active
    6. Reactive

    That sums up 50’s vocab.

    And before his defenders come and say “he’s rich”…so is Paris Hilton.

    • General

      “And before his defenders come and say “he’s rich”…so is Paris Hilton.”

      Amen…Thats exactly what I’m talkin about

    • DV8

      you forgot “the record”

  • El Tico Loco

    Guess we get a good guest blogger every other week.

  • ChiquitaB

    WOW…I’m speechless and not in a good way. Your blogger swag is turned down to negative a million big homey. Not to mention your little dig at Olivia rocking a solo on your microphone was just immature. How old are you? I don’t know if you did that to get a pat on your back from your “pals” at G-unit or what, but it was an EPIC FAIL! I feel sorry for Rakim because I wonder what kind of unintelligent gibberish will spill out your mouth while “interviewing” the god MC. One word to describe you right now…FUGAZI

    XXL is gonna need a step your blog game up section pretty soon..AWFUL

  • beaver

    hahaaha week its ross haha..
    damn but dude just stick 2 djing an mixing an shit..



  • 3rd eye clear

    Can’t believe this! could of just texted me this ish…

  • Hanch

    So did this fool not even do 1 for Wednesday. LOL WTF this is horrible omg!!!!

  • macdaruest

    Whoo Kid seem lame. I couldnt imagine working with dude and this blog is an exercise in the art of bullshit blogging. This blog is a big ass tweet. And I dont give a fuck about what Rakim is doing, let that man live as a legend. His enthusiasm to interview Rakim seems phony. Whoo Kid is a video ho

  • brand-new

    what up whoo kid? i’m looking for another copy of automatic gunfire, the one with the ja rule duets skits on them. your website say’s they sold out… how can i get another copy?

  • drox

    what a buncha hating xxl-blogger wanna-bes in this bitch!!! Jus mad that u commented more than the blog??? What the fuck u want? xxl prob got it for free and slapped whookid’s name so u want this nigga to sit for an hour and write gibberish for what?? Either u read it or u dont…

  • giantstepp

    WhooKid, you betta step it up son. XXL commenters live to kill guest bloggers. I warned OJ Da Juiceman and right out the box you seem to be cut from the same cloth as that fool. Step it up or be lambasted….Son! You’ve been officially warned.

    Da fuck is Killer Mike when we need him?

    • Pierzy

      You’re late, dude. Whoo Kid was from before OJ. For some reason, they just reposted this…

      • giantstepp

        Good looking P. I always skipped the “guest” blog because outside of Mex and Bol I didnt care to waste 3 to 5 minutes of my life reading BS. Them Niggas still cut from the same cloth tho!

    • Pierzy

      Yeah man…Whoo Kid had about 3 days of one-paragraph posts and then fell off the site.