What's good! It's your girl Shakur. For those who don't know me I was the lead in Drake's "Best I Ever Had" video and I'm the Eye Candy for the September issue. As well as an upcoming rap artist.

I'm constantly on the move and grindin' like some bad breaks! Sleeping is the cousin to death, so I make sure to stay productive and keep things pushin'. It's essential to do so, while I have my youth. I'm a jack of all trades...ur modern day renaissance woman. I started in the entertainment industry when I was about 13 yrs old, doing commercials and print work. My momma pulled me out of the entertainment world because she wanted me to focus on my academics. The most imperative thing for her was education. So I continued with my curriculum. I graduated at 15 with a full ride academic scholorship to a university. I had a major in bio med and a minor in business. Yes folks, I was going to college to become a Neurologist (brain surgeon).

After a few years, I realized my passion was still in entertainment and being in front of the camera. So I got back into the industry. I've been studying film and theatrics under private coaching, as well as modeling, and being a rap artist. My single drops in a week or so. It's featuring and produced by the musical genius will.i.mm. It's entitled "Nada Hoe." It's on a real Euro, urban, pop, London swag. It's definitely a club banger and ear candy. So make sure ya'll listen out for it! I'll be on here blogging this week, giving u a piece of me so u can get to know me a lil, so feel free to holla. Ciao!—Shakur